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Lynx Shunt wrong Voltage value

Im using the victron lynx shunt with a 3pase system (48/8000).
But the smartshunt voltage readint is 0,5V!!! To low.
is there a possibility to adjust or do i have to replace the shunt?

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Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500

Has Victron-energy not considered supporting 3rd party battery makers on its lists via can-bus link. Such as pylontech, so that this could be apart of a lynx bus bar system. Instead of as I am planning having too use the lynx smart shunt.

As the lynx smart bms can be firmware updated but not the other!

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I have a MultiPlus II 48/8000 connected to a Lynx Shunt and a Cerbo GX running firmware 2.92.

I have charged my 280 Ah LiFePO4 battery to 100% (as reported by the BMS) but the Lynx Shunt is only displaying ~ 70%. Previously the Lynx was measuring in agreement with the BMS reading, but after a few weeks this discrepancy has arisen. My problem is that I am unable to reset the Lynx SOC (via the setting in the remote console "synchronise state of charge to 100% - press to sync"). When I click on the interface button or use the keypad nothing happens.

Any suggestions please? I have tried resetting the Lynx to factory defaults. Thank you for your help.

regards from Northumberland in the UK

Max Whitby

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Lynx shunt V.E Can. Not showing in Victron Connect App?

I just swapped my 500a Smart Shunt for a Lynx shunt. I made all the connections To the Can with a good Ethernet cable. I was able to configure it in My Cerbo GX 50, but am I supposed to be able to see it in the Connect App like the smart shunt? The Cerbo definitely sees it and its reporting properly to the Cerbo GX. I have it connected to the Lynx distributor - the RJ cable ( I didn't get one with the distributer working on a replacement) I don't think this should affect it showing in the app. Attached is a screenshot of what I can see - the Shunt. The solar controller crossed off in red is not mine it's someone close to my camper. Just trying to figure if it's a missing feature in the Lynx shunt? I know it doesn't have BT connection I thought it would still give me data in the app thru the Can network.


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Lynx Distributor Red LED - But Fuse Not Blown.


Hoping I can get some help here, I am installing 2 new Multiplus-II in parallel system and all seems to be working well except i get all LED lights as red on the lynx distributor when I have AC power on and the inverters are charging. I have tested all the new fuses just via continuity test and the batteries are getting charged.

The even stranger thing is this: When I put the 120x2 3000 12v 50a Multiplus in standalone operation, they light will be green, then turn red after a period of time, then green again, but as soon as I put them in parallel and they are both charging the batteries from AC power, the led's on the lynx distributor stay red.... I have the battery protect connected to one slot on the lynx, 2 inverters (multiplus-II) each in its own slot, and the final slot is taken up by my BIM to chassis battery/alternator. The batteries are connected to the Lynx shunt via the end posts (where most people would connect the lynx power in). All the components have shutoff switches in between them.

Any help in understanding the Red LED's when under load would be greatly appreciated. As soon as I turn off the load the led's go off, and only the one green in the center of the distributor is lit. The lynx shunt stays green in any scenario.

Update - Even in standalone when the lynx distributor is under load the lights turn red. I have taken everything back apart and verified every connection but no matter what, under load, I get red lights on the lynx distributor. @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) - Either load from chargers or load from the coach, ie when I turn on a microwave and a heater, it happens every time. I have ordered another lynx distributor to see if maybe it is a hardware board fault? I can't think of anything else it would be... Thanks for any advice in advance.

I have raised this with my retailer (CR for multiplus, and another company for the lynx) and they stated they would open a ticket with Victron, but have heard anything. I think this is an odd one, but maybe Victron staff have ran across this before?

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Lynx shunt not displaying DC consumption

Have recently replaced a BMV712 with a Lynx shunt.

We run a Cerbo and the 712 was working perfectly. Since installing the Lynx we have lost DC consumption from graph data in VRM, any help appreciated

Wayne asked
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Monitoring Lynx distributor without lynx bms

Is it possible to monitor lynx distributor (fuses status,etc) without lynx BMS but with a Lynx Shunt connected?

i will have lithium batteries with integrated bms and i will not need a Lynx BMS but i will iconnect the battery bank (pylontech batteries bank) to the Lynx Shunt directly. I see that Lynx Shunt connect with GX device via Ve.can but i doubt if lynx shunt send lynx distributor status to gx device too.


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Fuse monitoring with Lynx distributor and Lynx Shunt

Hi all,

According to what I've read in the manual for the Lynx Distributor, it is not possible to get blown fuse information across VE.CAN unless there is a BMS in the system; i.e. a Distributor + a Lynx Shunt will not produce the required messaging to the GX interface panel. Is this really correct? What a huge missed opportunity if so.



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Lynx Shunts sometimes not showing on Cerbo

Hello fellow enthusiasts!

I am encountering a very puzzling error.

I have two Lynx Shunts connected to my Cerbo.

However either 0,1 or 2 of these shunts are being displayed in the Overview Hub on my Cerbo Display as tiles (DC Power) and in the menu, after everything has booted.

That situation is also constant and it only changes upon reboot, where again, it is like a "throw of dice" which shunts will be shown.

I can confirm that the shunt lights are constantly glowing green.

Does anybody know what that may be?

Could you perhaps supply the CAN matrix for the shunts?

Thank you so much!

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Why are my batteries discharging unequally?

3 206ah heated SOK Batteries connected to Lynx Power In

All battery cables of exactly same length

Power In connected to Lynx Shunt

Lynx Shunt connected to Lynx Distributor

Aims 3000W inverter charger connected to Lynx Distributor

Batteries discharge relative to position on Lynx Power In. Small system and only one and at times 2 batteries discharge at all while 3rd battery rarely falls below 100%

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Lynx Distribution with midi fuses?

Hi, I wonder if it is possible to use midi fuses on a lynx DC distribution system? So far I only can see the lynx only allows Mega fuses.


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Cerbo Battery measurement - duplicate shunt names

Hello, Under the CERBO>SETTINGS>SYSTEM SETUP>BATTERY MONITOR one can select "Automatic" or choose which BMS/Shunt to use for the systems SOC calculations. I typically use Auto, which then selects the Lynx Shunt. This is fine, until you loose the SOC on the shunt (ie. system shutdown), and the SOC cannot be reset to any value other than zero. So now the systems SOC is off (is the Lynx shunt gets set to 100%). I have a smart shunt on every pair of my battery banks (8) to monitor SOC & temperatures. They have names (Bank 3, Bank 4..etc) But, under the Cerbo settings, they all show up as "SmartShunt 500A/50mV on USB"!! So I have no idea which one I can use for monitor the system SOC, until they reset to 100% SOC through solar charging.

Is there somewhere else to name these shunts, so they actually have a name under the Cerbo settings?



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Temp Sensor plug for Lynx 1000

I want to add a battery temperature sensor to a Lynx 1000 shunt. The original installers of the shunt must have removed the green plug connector for the sensor and Victron do not ship a plug with the sensor as I'm sure it is used in different applications. Does anybody have the make/model number of this connector. Thanks.

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Lynx 1000 Ve,Can LED Power was ON now is off with 49 vdc?

I installed new Lynx distributor (As battery Combiner ) on left of a new Lynx Ve.Can 1000 shunt. The right side feeds the single load on the system, an inverter. Upon initial power on of the batteries, the LED in the Lynx started to flash and then settled down to steady green as expected. (It also powered on lights in Distributor, after hooking up J10 cable supplied)

. I connected the VE.Can port of the shunt to the VE.Can port on a Venus GX with terminators on both ends of the J45 cable connection. The Venus GX did not see the device, first checking with VRM. then directly connected using remote console on the Venus GX via a LAN port. I started checking and saw no vrm ID was listed on the VRM WEB PAGE!. I checked on the Can Port services,(on the Venuis Gx remote console) and correct protocl is there, but the "sub-menu" of devices did not show the Lynx Shut? The Lynx Shunt did initially show up on vrm site, but no longer shows up! I have not seen the shunt show up a device using remote console on Venius Gx?

I assumed a defective Lynx Shut, so I ordered and installed new one. Same sequence of events, Upon initial power up the Led flashed for a bit then it was steady green. Venus GX still dit not see the Shunt after about 1/2 hour the power LED was off. There is 48+ DC voltage across the buss bars inside the Shunt case and feeding the Inverter on the load side.

No fuses have tripped and the Lynx Shunt no longer is providing power over J10 interconnect cable to Lynx Distributor?

Any suggestions of why two failures after first power up of Lynx Shunts?

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Victron Lynx Shunt not found on Cerbo GX

I have installed a lynx Shunt to the right of my power in and before my distributor. I have a cerbo GX and have the ethernet cable from victron and the termination plugs installed. I can't get the shunt to show up in my cerbo GX screen. It can see both of the MPPT's. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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