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Configure ET112 as PV Meter on AC Out

Switched from a MP2 5000 Single-phase AC IN setup to MP2 5000 3 phase AC IN / AC OUT setup today. Using an ET112 on L1 as PV inverter meter usage. I cant change it from AC 1 to AC Out in Venus. When I select AC Out it jumps back to AC IN 1. Where my issue?

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Using multiple AC current sensors


I have a customer who would like to monitor multiple small PV installations using AC current sensors. My questions are:

1. Can multiple sensors be used in 1 installation?

2. What is the max length of cable run for these?

Many thanks

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3x Multiplus 3000 and Fronius Symo on AC-out wihtout Grid : How much power on every single Phase?


When I have 3x Multiplus 2 3000 and a Fronius Symo 5kW on AC-out and the grid is down, then the power from the Symo is usable for my essential loads > ok.

My question now:
When the Symo produces for exmaple 5kW, i guess that this power comes evenly on all 3-Phases, right?

So whats happening when battery is full an i need only on Phase one 3000W!?
The Multiplus only can do about 2400W,if the rest (600W) comes from the Symo then i have also 600 Watts on Phase 2 & 3 without a consumer... i think with full battery and without a "base load" on all 3-Phases, only the 2400W from the Multiplus are usable, right?

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Two PV Inverters & Grafana

Is it possible to get yield from both PV inverters (AC -In and AC-Out) separately using Grafana/Nodered ?


At the moment I have a Grafana query like below and it works if there is just one PV Inverter - AC-Out or AC-In side:

SELECT mean("value") FROM "venus_default"."pvinverter/Ac/Power" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval) fill(null)

This gives me, depending on wich on is faster, either yield from first or second one, but it does not sum up.
150W (180W at the moment of printscreen) + 120W should be 320W but grafana shows just one of them at a time.


sma-1.jpg(116.1 KiB)



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Fronius throttled by Quattro despite being needed (AC/DC coupled system)

Hello all,

I have an AC/DC coupled system as seen below:


Half way through the day, the batteries got to 100% and I had a low load of around 1000W, which the DC coupled system handled while the AC coupled is throttled down to 0. Load eventually got higher than the capability of the DC coupled system, and yet the Fronius remains throttled.

BYD BMU raised the CCL a while ago and yet the Quattro didn't change its behavior:


And here's the Quattro throttling the Fronius:


I have two questions:

1. Obviously something is wrong here, Fronius should kick back in when CCL is above 0 to recharge the batteries

2. Why isn't the AC coupled prioritized when the batteries are full over the DC, given that would be more efficient for the AC load?

EDIT: toggling the dc switch of the Fronius didn’t help. Turned on my generator for few minutes then the Fronius started pulling power from its array. Turned off the generator and it is still going strong. A barbaric workaround though…

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EM24 für PV-Wechselrichter zeigt nicht 0 an.


ich habe einen EM24 (Ethernet) als Zähler für einen 3-phasigen Modulwechselrichter (Hoymiles 1800 6t) im Einsatz. Er zählt auch korrekt, soweit ich das beurteilen kann.

Nun ist mir gerade aufgefallen, dass er in völliger Dunkelheit zwischen 3-4W anzeigt.


Wenn es der Standby des Wechselrichters sein sollte, müsste er es doch zumindest mit negativem Vorzeichen anzeigen, oder?

Hat jemand eine Idee warum das so ist?

VG Olaf

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Fronius Primo 3.0-1 alternative?

Hi all,

I have an EasySolar 24/3000/70 (with batt, bms etc.) already installed and with some extra solar panels (3330 Wp) I'd like to have the possibility of a microgrid. Fronius Primo 3.0-1 with MG50 fw seemed to be a good choice AC coupled inverter for these extra panels (complies with the 1:1 rule). Unfortunaltely the Primo is no longer available. Now I'm looking for a good alternative AC coupled inverter, suitable for microgrid, for this 3kVA system. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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EasySolar2 48/5000 not exporting when AC PV is available on input

I have an EasySolar2 48/5000 solar system coupled with 16 x 500W solar panels (4 in series, and the 4 series strings in parallel). Due to the fact that the Victron Multiplus2 inside the EasySolar2 cannot export more than 4500W even though the DC PV has plenty more power available, I have connected a Chinese brand 3000W inverter on the AC Input side via an Et340 Energy meter. The Chinese OnGrid inverter is tied now with 8 of the solar panels and pushes ~3300W constantly without any problems, the rest of 8 solar pannels (2 parallel strings) on the EasySolar.

The problem is that the EasySolar2 starts to export, it reaches a total combined power of 6500W and then it falls back to 0W export, it stays for ~60s tries again, and falls back to 0W.

I have validated that the input voltage does not go over 249V AC and 51Hz when it tries to export (at the peak export of 6500W).

I have also tried different grid parameters but without any luck.

Can somebody help me with this issue?

I can supply the remote config file or any other system/install info.

(it is so frustrating that the high quality victron glitches when trying to export while the Chinese not so reliable and not so safe inverter does the job perfectly)

Update: if I set the maximum feed-in to 5000W everythigs works well, chinese inverter + EasySolar (but I am missing out on the remaining ~1500W)

Thank you in advance, regards, Darius (btw I am a license electrician and the installation is done by me)

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Generator to DC side of 3-phase grid connected system

Hi dear Victron community!

I have a grid connected three phase AC-out-coupled system with Multiplus-II, CerboGX, SmartShunt, Lynx distributor and battery balancers. Battery pack is 48V 600Ah made from 12 pcs of 12V lead acid GEL batteries (picture below).


I would like to connect a back-up generator for the wintertime to help the batteries when the electricity price is really high and the SOC is getting low. There is three possible solutions in my mind.

1. Generator and changover switch to AC in of MPII. That needs a very powerful 3-phase generator which is expensive and there are troubles with feed-in.

2. Generator and Skylla charger to the DC side. Not a big generator needed but there is no VE.bus communication with the system.

3. Generator and another Multiplus (preferred). This way I could have intelligent communication, more flexibility and even one extra 1 phase output from the extra Multiplus. Is it possible and logical this way? Red colour is for new equipment. Is there anything else I should add (generator auto start for sure)?


Any ideas, suggestions or examples are welcome...


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Multiplus 2 with ac coupling - max grid setpoint

Probably dumb question, but can't really find the answer..

Planned setup:

  1. Mp2 3000/48
  2. 2x mppt smartsolar
  3. 1.6 kWh growatt via ac coupling on ac out
  4. 0 charge limit for multiplus (deactivate ac loading)
  5. Ess activated in Ess mode 3


  1. What is the maximum power going from ac in to grid? (2.4 kWh or 4 kWh)
  2. What happens if the ess point is set to - 2000? (assumption: mp2 delivers 2kwh to grid, growatt delivers all it has to grid - so result might be 3.6 kWh going to the grid)



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AC coupling with Sofar for off grid


I have read the Victron document concerning ac-coupling and Factor 1.

I was wondering if the 1:1 ratio still applied in the situation below (see diagram) if the system is off grid and the batteries are connected to the Sofar. Thanks.

(It would be impractical to rewire the system to just use the Victron at the moment)

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5kW MP2 + Fronius AC coupled - Not charging battery from PV



Hi Victron Community

  • I’ve got a 5kW MP2 AC coupled to a 5kW Fronius.
  • AC coupled at the output of AC Out 1 of Victron
  • All Fronius and Victron config has been completed (Grid codes, Modbus TCP, DNO is modbus priority, Dyn Power Reduction -OFF and verified that grid feedback limit is ON).
  • We check the PV wiring and happy with the voltages etc.
  • We checked Victron settings on VE Config (see attached).
  • We are using a SolarMD lithium battery.

Below are my concerns:

  • On a sunny day, the PV is barely generating a fraction of this full capacity and unable to supply the load which is typically 1.2kW.
  • The battery is typically slow charging. On the ESS we are seeing an ESS#5 and sometimes ESS#1 message and looks like it’s charging from the grid.

Are you able to help me understand where the issue could be?

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AC OUT 2 assistants

I have an AC inverter connected to AC-Out-2 on a MultiPlus-ll.

A generator is going to be connected to AC-In-1

I would like to turn AC-Out-2 off when AC-In-1 is active and when Aux-Input-2 is open due to a BMS high battery voltage signal.

AC-Out-2 turns off when AC-In-1 is active but AC-Out-2 will not turn off when Aux-2 (BMS high) is open because it is still being driven to stay on by AC-In-1 not being active.

The idea of this is to avoid using a contactor on the AC inverter.

Can these two be done in combination?

Hopefully makes sense!

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Growatt grid tied tl-x inverter

Anyone know if the growatt tl-x grid tied inverters support frequency shifting.

I can't spot it in manual and manufacturer responses are slow. Anyone tested these inverters.

Is there a list of supported inverters or a way to tell from inverter manuals. Or Is there another word other than frequency shifting that I might have better luck searching in literature to determine if this inverter is supported.



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SMA Frequency Shifting with feed-in energy limitation

I have a SMA Sunny Boy 1.5 with Mulitplus 1600 working perfectly, frequency shifting works like a charm. I was wondering if it is possible to change SB 1.5 to SB 5.0 (way to big) but with setting up the "Maximum active power output " limitation of the SB 5.0 inverter to 1500 W to keep the 1:1 rule.

To have this working the questions is:

Does SMA's frequency shifting take into consideration the "Maximum active power output " ?

Why ? Because I just have a free SMA SB 5.0 which has two inputs (SB 1.5 has just one), I'd like to make it work again. I can't find this info anywhere, thanks for any info.


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