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AC PV Coupling

Is it possible to have/get a "PV production tile" on the AC-in side in the remote control view?

If I couple my two PV systems that I have to "ac out" in the remote control settings, I will see a yellow PV tile on the remote control that shows PV production. If I configure them to be on the "ac in" side I don't get/see that tile. Is there a way to accomplish this or am I doing something wrong?

To make it clear: I do have a ET112 configured as a grid meter. Both PV systems are working fine and show up in the device list of the remote control. The (red) ac tile is showing the correct values when feeding in to the grid or importing power from it. The ac load tile (green) also shows the correct valuesthen. I don't have a multiples (yet) in my system. I just want to test out first the Victron remote console and VDM for now to see if I like it.

I would just like to have a tile on the screen showing what the production is from those two PV inverters. Is that somehow possible?

If I configure one of them to be on the ac out side it shows me a PV tile.

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Grid overvoltage causing issues with batteries ESS

I have a Multi II 48/10KVA 230V with a Fronius Primo (AC Coupled) and MPPTs connect to Pylontech US3000C batteries x 10.

The residencial area has a lot of solar and occasionally, the voltage on the grid gets to 253 which is the discconect limit on the Spain grid code so correct functionality. That is, at 253V, it disconnects from the grid.

The problem is this generally occurs when the batteries are fully charged and exporting excess power. Disconnecting causes the excess power to go to the batteries which are already fully charged and causing a battery overvoltage alarm.

It appears that the problem is caused because of the time it takes to ramp down the Fronius Primo and the 2 x MPPTs.

My feeling is that this is going to become an issue in many areas as solar grows and the grid is forced to up their voltages due to feed in.

I am thinking of changing grid code to one which accepts a higher overvoltage setting (UK for example) but wanted to know if anyone else has solved such issues and how it is solved. Suggestions welcome.

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Quattros frequency shifting

Good evening team.

I have a problem with Ac coupling system in Greece.

3 X quattro 48/10000 (502 firmware, cerbo 2.94 firmware)

Fronius symo 20.0-3 (latest firmware)

Two problems.

1) We have an assistant to ignore AC input.

When we reach the VDC treaty and we ignore input, quattros are stuck and shift the frequency every 20 seconds. 49.9hz, 50.1hz, 53.1hz and Fronius stayed off with 105 error.

To solve this we need to restart quattros.

2) We ignore input and Fronius charges the batteries, when the batteries are full quattros shift the frequency to 53.1hz and keep it there(Fronius is shut down with 105 error) even if we discharge the batteries and VDC is at 50v.

Any suggestion?

Best regards,

Kalogerakis Alexis

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Loads wrong with AC PV inverter


I have extended my existing PV (SolarEdge SE8k) system with a three phase Multiplus 3000-48 and 6 pylontech 2000 setup with a EM24 grid meter and Cerbo GX. After going live I see the following:


Two things puzzling me:

  1. AC Loads should be around 400W instead of 2504 (3488W production - 3086W to the grid)
  2. All my loads and the SE8k is connected to AC Out 1. so they loads should show up under „critical loads“ I suppose.

Going through the settings of remote console I couldn’t solve that.

I would appreciate any hints where to start.

Thanks a lot!

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pylontech multiplus ii cerbo en iq7

I want to build the following system for a completely off-grid house;

connect pv modules with iq7 to Ac out of the multiplusii; paired with the cerbogx and pylontech us 5000.

What should I take into account

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3-Phase Multiplus-II ESS with Enphase - current sensor placement

I am planning a 3-Phase ESS with 3 MultiPlus-II, a Pylontech battery and would like to attach an AC coupled photovoltsic system with Enphase microinverters because of shading issues.

As long as the grid is available, the diagram below should work and Envoy would sense battery charging like another consuming device. Due to the built in backup capability of the MultiPlus-II it is not possible to place the grid-side current sensors the usual way between battery system and cutoff switch As soon as the grid there is a problem with the grid and MultiPlus-II cuts it off, the current sensor (light blue in the diagram) is cut off as well, so Envoy has no means to control the supported Solar energy.


My concern is that the two systems MultiPlus and Envoy could counteract and hinder each other doing their job.

Can this sensor be placed that it works with and without grit?
Could Envoy get the current sensor data directly from the three MultiPlus-II?
Is there a direct way to control Envoy or the Microinverters from MulitPlus-II or Cerbo?

(This is my first post in an energy community and im not firm with the termIndology epecially in English)

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Fronius Symo GEN24 on AC in ESS

I have a question regarding on how I need to set the ESS if I have a Fronius SYMO GEN 24 on AC IN and Fronius can export to grid but Victron should not export to grid but it should be able to give power to local consumption. Thanks!

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Fronius Symo Gen24 PV point on AC-OUT possible?

Hello everyone,

I have Multiplus 2 3000 with pylontec battery (on phase 1) and a Fronius Symo Gen24 5 Plus.

  |----- Fronius 
  |----- Multiplus 2 ------- Pylontec US2000           

The fronius is connected to the multuplus on AC-IN.

The fronius has a separate power outlet for grid outages (it's called PV point). If the grid goes out it supplies up to 3kW on this outleg, if there is enough sun.

My idea is to connect the PV point to the AC-OUT of the mutliplus.

The idea is if there is an outage the battery can be charged by the PV point and/or supplied a load on AC-OUT.

There are some posts already that go in that direction, but none seem to be conclusive on how to set this up.

Is this setup even possible?

Any help is appreciated.

cheers, matti

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Grid Tied PV CT Monitoring

I have a pair of Sunny Boy 5000 PV inverters without Speedwire/Webconnect modules. Is it possible to connect their output via a 100A/50mA CT to my Cerbo GX or Multiplus II? I have read that I need the Speedwire module, but don't believe this as all I want is a CT's signal named PV or whatever that's read by my Victron equipment.

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Fronius not producing ESS AC Coupled

We have a problem with our system for a client. The AC coupled Fronius inverters only supplies loads and doesn't charge the batteries. I've updated the firmware's on all Victron devices, batteries, and Fronius but still does the same.

I followed this guide as main setup: Victron Three phase setup
Then this guide after main guide: Victron Fronius setup
Then lastly the ESS setup with zero feed-in (4.3.11): Fronius Zero Feed-in

The system is up and running, all devices are detected and running as should, except the Fronius's are being throttled.

We first had the system off-grid (Client only later on decided he want's the grid as backup), the grid codes were set to Microgrid 50 and was only using Frequency shifting when throttling, when we tested it like this (About 3-4 days) the system operated 100% correctly, we switched off and left as site was still being established.
A month later the client pulled in the AC supply (from grid) cable and we went back to connect it, I noticed the system didn't throttle the PV when batteries are full because (obviously) the system stuck to 50Hz as it came in from the grid. I changed all grid codes to South Africa (NRS 097) and then I used the Fronius Zero Feed-in guide above to limit the Fronius inverters via TCP. This works and only feeds back minimally, but the PV throttles when loads drop, it shouldn't- it should charge batteries and then only throttle.

The system consists of:
Three phase setup
6x 15kVA Quattro's (2x per phase)
10x SolarMD SS4143 (143kWh)
4x Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S Inverters (1:1 rule was adhered to on DC side)

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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Current Transformer vs Current Sensor - differences in configuration

Dear community. I am planning to get a CT (the blue one, by YHDC).

Do I need to change any settings to activate it? In particular, do I need to install the Current Sensor assistant on the Quattro-II and/or check the external sensor checkbox in VEConfig?

I am unsure, as there isn't much in the docs - and not even all pictures of the Quattro-II show the necessary (3.5mm) socket. Some pictures do, and there it is labeled "Current sense".

However, there is a Current sensor documentation which says "This AC Current sensor (CSE000100000) should not be confused with the specific Current Transformer 100A:50mA accessory for MultiPlus-II (part number CTR110000500)."

So is this a completely different beast? Or just the same thing by different producers, the Sensor for the old MP/Quattro, the CT for the MP-II/Quattro-II? Victron seems to sell both.

Is the blue one connected and configured the same way as the Victron current sensor?

According to
it says there is an option "External current sensor connected" box in VEConfig, but adds "This option is only for the optional current transformer."

However, in this video it says at 2:10, that for the Cerbo it is not actually an "external" sensor, so in the Venus ESS settings it should not be set as such. So external for VEConfig, but internal for Cerbo... o...k....

And, finally, this answer suggests that one shouldn`t even set the checkbox in VEConfig, contradicting the comment two links above.

So what is correct?

Thank you!

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AC Coupled ESS minimum battery size


We are installing a AC Coupled 3 Phase ESS (Grid Connected) system with 15kW 3P Fronius connected on Output of 3 x 5kVa MultiPlus II. Were planning on installing approx 30kWh of BYD lithium, however i noticed on the Victron AC Coupling & Factor 1.0 rule page there is also a minimum battery size required. (in this instance it is 48kWh)

Can anyone explain this?

30kWh of BYD will deliver 30kW of power & accept up to 20kW of charge.
If the PV inverter was on the Input of the Multi the minimum battery size 3 x 2.5kWh modules acording to the Victron/BYD guide.



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Multiplus II Inverter is not working when current sensor is connected to AUX 1

Ich have 3 Multiplus 2 working in three phase configuration. When connection then AC currrent sensor(s) CSE000100000 to AUX 1, then the inverter immediately stops working. I have installed the Current Sensor Assitant on all three Multiplus 2 devices. Furthermore I do not see any PV-Inverter symbol on CerboGX. WIthout connecting the AC current sensors the system is working in ESS mode as expected.

My system configuration is:

3 Multiplus II - 48/5000/70-100 230V in 3 phase system

3 AC current sensors connected to the AUX 1 input of each

1 CerboGX

1 EM324 as Grid meter

1 LeFePO4 Battery connected

1 PV Inverter connected to AC out 1

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MyPV AC-Thor in off-grid system - settings?


the manual ( ) says that when using AC-Thor in an off-grid system frequency shifting (PV-inverter assistent) has to be activated at the Multi.

- Is this also necessary if only DC-coupled PV is used (no PV-inverter on AC-out)?

- what are the frequency settings in the "PV-inverter" assistent? Are the default-settings ok?

Best regards

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SMA on AC-Out disappeared


I have a 3 phase ESS system with a ColorControlGX, 3x Multiplus 2, Fronius on AC-IN and a SMA Tripower Inverter on AC-OUT.

Everything was working fine but a few days ago, the SMA on AC-OUT disappered from the CCGX and VRM portal. I haven't changed anything.

The device entry is still shown in the "inverters" menu but not in the "detected ip addresses" menu of the CCGX.

I checked the following:

  • TCP Server is enabled
  • UDP Server is enabled
  • modbus ID of the SMA is 126 (3+123)
  • ping is successful
  • telnet to port 502 is successful
  • inverter data is shown in sunny explorer and in a logging application with UDP communication
  • restarted the whole system
  • updated to the most recent CCGX FW
  • manually added the ip in the CCGX
  • did several inverter scans in the CCGX
  • changed all relevant settings in the inverter and ESS menu

Is there anything else I could try?

Thank you!

Best regards


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