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Second SolarEdge Inverter on Victron 3ph Multiplus II ESS

I would like to expand my system (3 MPII, SolarEdge SE8k, Pylontech Batteries, Cerbo GX) by one more SolarEdge SE5k.

Is it possible to get both LAN (Modbus) connected SE Inverters recognised by the Cerbo? They obviously have different local IPs, but will have the same Modbus ID, as suggested by victron.

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Switch as group with split phase Multiplus 24/3000

I have two Multiplus inverters with a Venus GX setup in a split phase setup for a couple years now working well.
I have a solar inverter that has a backup single phase 2kW outlet I'd like to use if we have a long power outage.

Is it safe to just disable switch as group so I can use the backup single phase outlet? I've seen some posts on the forum saying there may be unexpected behavior but haven't found what that behavior would be.

Edit: Including drawing of setup

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Multiplus Pass Through

I currently have two Multiplus 3000 12v, one on each leg supplying power to my RV. We have been running for slightly over one year with no issues while running both generator and shore power.

Now AC-1 IN is working on shore/generator power no issues. This Multiplus is the charger.

AC-2 IN is showing voltage and HZ but will not pass through. This multiplus is only inverting.

Does the multiplus 3000 have any internal fuses or contacts which could be the problem?



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Separate systems


Currently exploring the options of have a sort of hybrid/two separate systems connected to one BYD 30.8 LVL battery set (2x 15.4 lvl units)

The reason for this is the DNO will only allow the current 6kw wind turbine and 2kw Pv system to be seen or connected to the grid

A application was made to add 2 x 5000kva multi plus 2 to the above to add a ess system to the installation. With the grid being connected to the input of the multi and going through the multi’s. So there would be power if the grid failed. The 2kw sma inverter was going to be installed in the output side of the multi and the 6 kw wind turbine which is a grid connected sma windy boy on the grid side of the muilti’s accepting in a grid outage the windy boy would be lost. But the DNO add all of these units together and the total is more then the 8kw they will allow

A ideal has been put forward to have this systems set up as a offgrid system with a suitable sized multi to run the house loads and have the 6kw windy boy and 2kw sma inverter (possible be changed to a fronuis) ac couple to this system.

So the above would change and discharge as a off grid system.

It’s also been suggested to add a multi only connected to the grid ( so the DNO see that sized inverter) on to the same BYD battery set for solely Battery charging. With this a scheduled charge off the installations cheap over night electrical tariff can be used.

just wondering how this will all play together?

my first thoughts are it wouldn’t work

but fill it could if there are two separate gx device and they were both able to allow to communicate with the ByD LVL at the same time

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Can I have two Multiplus II in parallel to increase inverting capacity?

Does anyone know if I can wire two Multiplus II 12/3000/120 in parallel to get 6000w of inverter? And if so what else would it affect and that I need to change on the settings?

Here’s my set up:

800Ah 12v battery bank

1000W solar panels

60amp dc-dc charger (30amp Orion x2 parallel)

30amp shore power.

Gonna be running a couple of 1800w appliances at the same time so needing about a 4000w inverter.

Or would anyone have an alternative they may know of? Already thinking I should just get the 12v/5000w Quattro, but wanting to see if two multi pluses would work.

I would really appreciate some insights.


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Coastal installation

We are totally off grid and on the coast (100 yds from the sea). Either a Victron EasySolar 24v 3000 or a Multiplus has been suggested. Would either be suitable for our house considering the problems with salt corrosion? Also, we have installed our current system inside the house to protect it. Could either of these be installed inside?

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Anzeige mehrerer PV-Inverter am CCGX


ich habe 2 Balkonkraftwerke die jeweils über einen ET112 angeschlossen sind, im Display wird aber nur ein PV-Inverter angezeigt mit der Summe der beiden PV-Inverter, ist es möglich diese einzeln im Display zu sehen.

Viele Grüße


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Can you parallel a multiplus and a pheonix

Just wondering if I could run a multiplus and phoenix in parallel? Both the same specs.

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Replace APS YC500I ?


I currently have two PV arrays at home:

- 6,7 kWc with Fronius Primo 6 kVA

- 1,2 kWc with two APS YC500I micro-inverters

I try to add AC-coupling ESS functionnalities with a Multiplus II 8 kVA + Pylontech US2000C batteries...

System works with Fronius (MG50 profile) but not with APS micro-inverters. APS micro-inverters are not injecting power correctly...

It seems that they are not compatible with micro-grid mode.

Do you have advice/recommendation if I decide to replace the APS micro inverters ? Enphase ? Other model ?


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Growatt grid tied tl-x inverter

Anyone know if the growatt tl-x grid tied inverters support frequency shifting.

I can't spot it in manual and manufacturer responses are slow. Anyone tested these inverters.

Is there a list of supported inverters or a way to tell from inverter manuals. Or Is there another word other than frequency shifting that I might have better luck searching in literature to determine if this inverter is supported.



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Large scale system design

Hi there everyone.

I have been involved in the renewable energy sector for a number of years now, and have installed many small scale systems but have been asked to be involved in the design and install of a large scale system. I understand that 6 x 15kw multiplus II units can be connected in parallel totalling 90kw for one phase, and that three sets of these can be connected together for a three phase installation. So that would be a system totalling 270kw for the 3 phase installation.

This would be sufficient for the first stage of the project, but as the project is expanded in years to come, is it possible to add another independent 270kw system to the existing installation on a common three phase bus supplying the facility?

Thanks in advance,


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light on inverter

Hi there,

I just switched my 5th wheel over to 800 amp hr lithium batteries and now my mulitplus inverter light only comes on when the toggle is in charge invert mode. Any ideas what could be the problem?

Thanks for the help,

Jodi Sheets

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Victron Multiplus 3000 + Solar Edge Single Phase Inverter Error: F-L1 Max


Config Docs:

Victron Inverter: Multiplus 3000

Solar Edge Inverter: Single Phase HD Wave 2.2KW

Solar Edge Inverter Error 'F-L1 Max'

Hello all.

I am hoping to get to the bottom of a high frequency error which is triggering my Solar Edge inverter to disconnect. My Solar edge inverter has been configured in APS mode (AC-Coupling) using the above documentation.

When producing power my Victron inverter is charging successfully in "absorption" before my Solar Edge inverter disconnects. From viewing my Solar Edge SetApp "status" page app i can see the error and a frequency level of 53hz.

I believe the frequency bandwidth config for my SolarEdge inverter and VE.Bus Config is the reason for this disconnect.

When contacting the Solar Edge support they said:

The error shown on the inverter display indicates a Voltage Value too high from the AC.
When the PV is generating more energy than the consumption, it starts exporting energy to the grid. What happens is that if the grid cable is not big enough, this energy flowing to the grid let the AC Voltage raise.

There is also the below note on the above docs which i am no sure is still relevant. My Solar Edge inverter firmware is 4.16.19

Note: In addition to the settings above it is important to contact SolarEdge Support to change a parameter in the backend to allow the frequency shifting with APS mode.

Can anyone help me figure out a solution to this issue?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Multiple inverters on one GX and battery

I am looking at installing a system for 5 property's on the some site but have separate energy meters but are owned by the same company, they have panels already installed, they are wanting one battery back and backup genset, can you put one multiplus 48v 5kva for 4 of the properties and one quattro 10kva for the main house on one battery bank with one GX device. Thanks in advance

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Ripple warning on batteries and shore power

When running high power devices such as a microwave or air conditioner, the inverter restarts, showing "Battery Voltage Ripple" warning on the VictronConnect App. This happens very consistently for high power devices. The inverter turns off and then shortly restarts. I don't think the issue is related to the battery because it happens when using battery power and when battery is disconnected and connected to shore power. I think there is an inverter issue, but not sure how to fix it.

This other post mentioned getting some help and changing some settings to make it work correctly, but the steps are not listed in the post:

The device in my system is:

- Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120v VE Bus

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