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add RS 48/6000 to EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32?

I have an EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32 with 12x 320W nominal solar panels, 8x 12V sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle batteries and a BMV-700. We are 100% off grid in northern New Zealand.

The inverter component struggles when using power tools (we are building a home off grid) despite a soft start device. I also wonder why a soft start capability is not built in to every solar system?

The system also struggles when the sun is shining and I use excess power to charge my electric vehicle (standard mains charging unit, draws ~1800W continuous). It raises high temperature alarms which (if I don't disconnect the EV charger in time) result in a shutdown. I don't understand why this should be given that the load seems well within the advertised parameters.

So my thought is to add a more powerful 'compatible' inverter to the system that gives us much more reliable power draw- short term for electric motor loads, and also sustained to charge the EV when the sun is shining. As I understand it the RS 48/6000 would be DC coupled (connected to the batteries in parallel with the EasySolar) in this circumstance but would need a data connection back to the GX component of the EasySolar.

I am keen to hear

* whether I am trying to solve the wrong problem, or

* what would make the RS 48/6000 not a great fit to the situation?



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Enabling forced Export to grid with 3 phase Mutliplus 2. UK

I am considering installing a 3 x 48/5000/70-50 multiplus 2 in 3 phase configuration (UK) with a large battery to enable profitable export to grid at times of high income. My understanding that this is difficult without NodeRed, but possible with NodeRed. Am I correct in this assumption? Further, does the NodeRed flow work with a 3 phase setup? I currently use NodeRed, but cannot play with the Victron flows as you need a physical inverter connected to the VenusOS to progress. Thanks in anticipation.

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Are Quattro 12/5000 and Phoenix 12/3000 inverter able to be wired in series?

Hello all, I am looking for some additional available wattage on our canal barge. The boat was wired in 12 volt with a 12/5000 Quattro. We are close to maxing out the inverter now that winter is here in central France and the heat is on non-stop. Is it possible to add a 3000 watt inverter, say the Phoenix 12/3000 to the system without issue? We have 4-200ah victron lithium batteries and 4-305w victron solar panels. Thank you for your input.

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Overload Warnings - Multiplus 48/5000 during electric motor start. Should I be worried?

Good morning everybody,

I have an off grid system with Multiplus 48/5000/70-100 and 4x Pylontech US2000B plus solar panels etc

The overload warnings come while I am using an electric log splitter with a motor rated at 2300w. I assume that it is the initial inrush that lasts a few milliseconds, but I don't have anything sensitive enough to measure that: What I am seeing is 1400w on start up and then 600w or so on idle.

The motor of the log splitter drives a hydraulic pump to action the jaws of the machine - the way it is set up is that the motor has to be started with one hand and then the hydraulic pump controlled with the other (in order to prevent one putting a hand in with the logs). This has to be done for each log, so that the motor is started 4 or 5 times per minute. Therefor a lot of overload warnings. (No overload alarm or shut down).

My question is: Is this over stressing or damaging the Multi or shortening its life?

Would it be a good idea to fit some sort of "soft start" device?? If so, what?

Any thoughts would be gratefully received...

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Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/2000

Hi, I am thinking of buying a phoenix inverter smart 12/2000, l am not sure if l am able put it side ways there is not enough room in the van to put it upright, hoping someone will be able to help am out. thanks

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1 Cerbo Gx with 2x multi plus 500 and 1200?

Good day.

Can I connect a Multi plus12/volt 500(alarm system) with a multi 12Volt 1200(camera system on 1x cerbo gx?

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Can I be notified if I left my inverter on after 11:00pm?

I'm living in a camper full time. I have no need to run my inverter at night. I usually remember to turn it off if needed but sometimes I forget. I'd like to maximize my battery, especially this time of year with low solar yield in the northern hemisphere.

I have a MultiPlus connected to a Raspberry Pi running VenusOS.

Is there any way to set some sort of alarm/reminder to go off at a preset time (say 11:00pm) if the inverter is not set to Off? And by Off, I mean in the VenusOS UI, not the physical switch on the MultiPlus.

I'm not afraid to make customizations if that's what it takes. I just need to be pointed in the right direction.

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System Design build and settings question (help)

Hi ,

I am getting a bit confused over my design and I wanted to get some help with a few questions . I hope someone with some expert knowledge could help me further ...

My current setup :

1. House AC IN has 3F+N (25A) + ET340 meter

2. 3 times Victron MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-35 230V

3. 1x Victon MPPT RS450/100 for battery bank charge

4. 16 * (2x280Ah parallel lifepo4 cells 3.2v) - 48V battery bank with REC-BMS

5. 1x Victron smartshunt 1000A / 50mV

6. 1x Victron EV charger & 1x chinese brand EV charger on AC-OUT1 side

7. 1 x ET112 solar array 2.1KwP on AC-OUT1 Side

8. 1 x ET112 solar array 2.9KwP on AC-OUT1 Side

9. 1 x ET340 solar array 5.5KwP on AC-OUT1 Side


Question 1 : Somewhere in the manual of the Victron states that the neutral in a 3F setup of AC-OUT2 should always be connected. Can anyone explain me why if we do NOT use the AC-OUT2 at all.


Question 2 : Should I add an additional ET340 with the setting AC LOAD right after the AC-OUT1 to measure the Current/Voltage created by the inverter ? This will lead me to question 3 ...


Question 3 : When I look at my dashboad I see wrong numbers (I think) .. What can be wrong :

- Case 1 and Set with following settings below :


I have this dashboard with following readings ... AC LOADS are not representing Grid load (should be more or less equal as charging battery slowly)


-Case 2 and Set with following settings below :


Then I have this dashboard with following readings ... Why do I have critical loads connected ? As none of my AC-OUT2 loads are connected ( only the neutral cable as per question 1)


I am getting crazy on question 3 as I don't know what I am doing wrong here ...Or maybe I interpreted it wrong .Would be good if someone could help me out here to understand the issue

Thank you


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on ESS in 3F during discharging: one MP2 doesn't inverting but second and third inverting

When ESS discharging from battery then L1 don't inverting, but L2 and L3 inverting. Any idea why? What can we check?


PV Inverter = 0W (snow)

Fireware: 497

PS. When there is no grid then all L1, L2 and L3 inverting from battery.

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adding a second multiplus ii as a generator backup

I rarely would need to go over 5000w with one multiplus ii, but when i do need more power, could a second multiplus ii be wired into the generator input to add more wattage when needed, but not consume idle power when not needed, this should reduce ide power to only one inverter but allow for twice the power when needed. is this possible?

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Calculating total number of minutes inverter was in off state.

Hi Community,

Is there a parameter one can use to calculate the total number of minutes the inverters or the entire installation was in an off state, say for a period of one month using the API?

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Autotransformer or MutiPlus-II 2x 120V

I am building a new home and I will be installing a 3-phase (230V/400V) using Victron Gerbo GX, 3 x MultiPlus-II, 12kWh solar array (with MPPT chargers) and a ~40kW (48V) battery, but I also need a little less than 2kVA at 120V, this is just to power my audio hifi equipment, for this I am planning to add an Autotransformer... but I was wondering, would it be possible to add another MultiPlus-II 2x 120V (US version) just to power my hifi equipment? This would provide me a standard 120V @ 60Hz instead of 120V @ 50Hz from the Autotransformer but this inverter will be connected only to the lynx 48V busbar.

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dedicated multiplus 3phase config for steering ?

The current setup is 3x5kw quattro to supply an AC bus and a 3phase AC bus ... this is used for many loads (like washer/dryer/fridge/etc AND steering pumps) ... lets call this the MAIN-INVERTER-GROUP.

I would like the steering pumps (which are 3phase AC) to be setup their own inverter group ... lets call this the STEERING-INVERTER-GROUP, this way the critical steering system is isolated from non critical things. I would also like the the option to flip the power source to the MAIN-INVERTER-GROUP in case one of the inverters in this STEERING-GROUP dies.

Basically some isolation and backup for steering.

Is there any issue/advice on setting up a system like this?

I have a few hand sketches which are not very good, but could add if that would help.

-- Thanks !

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DC couple Quattro + RS Multi

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to DC couple a Quattro and an RS Multi?

My Quattro is acting up, not charging with excess (I have both Fronius on AC input and Huawei on AC Output with AC sensor). Right now, the Quattro is with my old lead-acid batteries (i hoped by removing the JK BMS from equation, it would start charging as it would see a "dumb" battery pack with only the BMV700 shunt). But what I hope to do soon, is expand the new LFP pack and leverage both inverters on the same pack (the RS alone might not be able to cover all my loads as I run exclusively on electric with 2kw boiler, 2kw heatpump, all electric appliances, etc.).

I think best would be to use RS with it's own 3kw array, DC coupled with Quattro, which would have the 5kw Huawei on AC Out and on quattro's AC IN have the Fronius between him and the grid.

Opened to advice :)


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multiplus 12/1600/70 alarm light 'S on

hi every one , i have just a just inherited a problem with a multiplus compact 12v 1600 system it has a master and a slave unit , it was used to power 3 small cabins. now this it were it gets confusing the system used to have a 3rd multipus . but when the 3rdcabin got sold the multipus went with it,

now the system wont work, the normal green yellow flash then the constant alarm led are on . so far have a new battery bank plenty of power 13,8 v , have disconneted a.c output from the 2 units so no load , also have disconnected the slave wires between the two units so both are separate units but still constant red alarm light , i presume its upset that it has lost its mate,

any thoughts before i load it up and take to the agent 300km away?

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