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Multi RS Solar hardware revisions for parallel


I've got an existing Multi RS Solar and I'm in the process of getting a second for another project however I'm mindful that at some point a firmware update may arrive for operating these units in parallel.

I know with the Multiplus/Quattro units, if you want to run them in parallel then the hardware versions need to be identical.

With this in mind my question is: Are there any hardware revisions of the Multi RS Solar that I need to be aware of when purchasing a second so that if the firmware where to become available then I could use both for the purpose?

My current units serial no starts with HQ2208 which I understand means week 8 of 2022. Is there a range of serial numbers that are identical hardware to this one?

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) , could you point me in the right direction? Not sure who to ask about this one?

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add RS 48/6000 to EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32?

I have an EasySolar II GX 48/3000/35-32 with 12x 320W nominal solar panels, 8x 12V sealed Lead Acid Deep Cycle batteries and a BMV-700. We are 100% off grid in northern New Zealand.

The inverter component struggles when using power tools (we are building a home off grid) despite a soft start device. I also wonder why a soft start capability is not built in to every solar system?

The system also struggles when the sun is shining and I use excess power to charge my electric vehicle (standard mains charging unit, draws ~1800W continuous). It raises high temperature alarms which (if I don't disconnect the EV charger in time) result in a shutdown. I don't understand why this should be given that the load seems well within the advertised parameters.

So my thought is to add a more powerful 'compatible' inverter to the system that gives us much more reliable power draw- short term for electric motor loads, and also sustained to charge the EV when the sun is shining. As I understand it the RS 48/6000 would be DC coupled (connected to the batteries in parallel with the EasySolar) in this circumstance but would need a data connection back to the GX component of the EasySolar.

I am keen to hear

* whether I am trying to solve the wrong problem, or

* what would make the RS 48/6000 not a great fit to the situation?



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Victron System + Froius Symo Hybid NON MICROGRID!


I would like to install a Victron system on my existing solar installation that is made with Fronius Symo Hybrid.

The project will be like this:
please see configsolar-victron-fronius.pdf attached file

GRID(3PhaseRST) goes to -> IN VICTRON x3 MultiplusII(RST)->(OUTs VICTRON) goest to Fronius Symo Hybrid

All inverters(Victron and Fronius) are set NOT TO INJECT IN GRID. So Fronuis inverter will be set NOT TO INJECT into Victron Outputs in this case because for Fronius inverter will see the Victron's Outputs and is like seeing the grid.For Fronius the GRID is Victron's OUTPUTS. Basically every system will take care of it's own job and will not communicate one with each other, NO MICROGRID here. Every Inverter makes storage of energy and activates it's outputs power when is necessary but WITH NO EXPORT of energy!

So Victorn inverter is coupled with AC GRID (is in sync with the network GRID) and Fronius is in Sync with Victron's Outputs. When the main network Grid fails ... Fronius remains connected to the backup Victron's Outputs. So Fronius will not even see that the main network is down.

In the other mode of functioning ... both inverters will not export enery to Grid and Fronius is limited not to export to Victron either. Like I've said every system will do it's own job not communicating with eachother.

again See pdf file with the possible configuration: configsolar-victron-fronius.pdf

Q1: I wonder if anyone tried any of that configuration and maybe not only with Fronius inverter ... but maybe with other types of inverters that are limited to export? in this case we don't need the Microgrid option activated.

I'm posting this question because I'm only afraid it will not work only of 1 thing :
Fronius is set NOT TO INJECT ENERGY into GRID(this case into the Victron Outputs) but somehow there will still be some leftover injected energy sometimes... like 100W or 200W (for about 1-2seconds) of energy leftovers that escapes the condition part of not injecting.

Q2: Will that phenomenon affect Victron inverter? since also Victron inverter will be set on NOT TO INJECT... ? will some protection be activated on the inverter? even though is such a small escape of energy?
Q3: Could I set Victron to store the leftover Energy into the storage Battery? and not have any issue with the minor escaped energy from Fronius?

Thank you!

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Inverter suddenly not charging battery

I bought a MultiPlus 12 | 1600 | 70 inverter 2 weeks ago with a 12V 1600 Lithium battery. Today it has suddenly stopped charging the battery but the orange light at the "Charging" label goes on and I can get output from the inverter, but the battery doesnt charge. Is there maybe a reset or procedure I can follow to fix it?

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Leaving the MultiPlus on during transit

Dump question: I just installed a MultiPlus 3K in our Winnebago Class B. We are getting ready for our first shakedown with the new system. We have a coach battery switch for 12v power to the refrigerator etc. It must be turned on for the 12v appliances. However, while driving, do most people leave the inverter on or off? I have a main on/off switch installed before the bus bar. Is it best practice to turn the main switch on when we depart on a trip and turn the inverter off using the Touch 50 or app while driving the vehicle? What’s the norm? Is there a best practice? The system doesn’t need to be turned on for the lithium batteries to charge from the alternator (Li-Bim) and/or solar. Do you normally leave the inverter off when not in use? Obviously, charging using shore or generator power requires the inverter to be turned on or set to charging. New user and sincerely appreciate the wisdom and knowledge of experienced users.

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Socket spur length limit

Hi all - I’m wiring a 240v circuit in my van that comes from the multiplus 500 via my breakers. Im planning 3 x 2 gang sockets; 2 on the right where the multiplus is and one on the left. I had planned to make it all a circuit but am running low on 2.5mm arctic blue and wondered if I could just make the 2 sockets on the right side a circuit and spur off to the left for the remaining circuit, saving me a 5m return trip. I was just curious if this was bad as the spur is longer than the circuit it’s coming off. Thanks

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Frequency shift for 3rd party ABB inverter causes temporary power cut

I have an 5Kw ABB Uno inverter connected to the output of the Multiplus. The ESS has some reduce power and disconnection frequencies set. But when the Multiplus tried to limit the ABB power, the power temporarily went off for a fraction of a second (enough that all my electronics restarts), and I got a Error code: #39 - PV Input shutdown.

How can I start to diagnose the problem?

The output frequency momentarily goes to 51.8Hz


The settings on the ESS are here


And I have the what I think are the equivelent frequencies on the ABB

F>> Grid over-frequency (OF) threshold (extended range) to 52.7


F> Grid over-frequency (OF) threshold (restricted range) to 50.2

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Can I have two Multiplus II in parallel to increase inverting capacity?

Does anyone know if I can wire two Multiplus II 12/3000/120 in parallel to get 6000w of inverter? And if so what else would it affect and that I need to change on the settings?

Here’s my set up:

800Ah 12v battery bank

1000W solar panels

60amp dc-dc charger (30amp Orion x2 parallel)

30amp shore power.

Gonna be running a couple of 1800w appliances at the same time so needing about a 4000w inverter.

Or would anyone have an alternative they may know of? Already thinking I should just get the 12v/5000w Quattro, but wanting to see if two multi pluses would work.

I would really appreciate some insights.


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MultiGrid 48/3000/35-50 in parallel, generator circuit arrangement

Hello people,

I have a project with some lightly used MultiGrid 48/3000/35-50. They're too good to be scrapped, but didn't come with a manual, so I'm looking to power an off grid house with two of them in parallel.

I understand from the training we need to have them perfectly balanced with even length cables that aren't over rated.

I'm curious to know how to rate the circuit protection for a generator input and system output.

Each unit will pass through 50a but the existing generator will only be 20a total contribution at best.

Should the system have a 10a MCB for each inverter input?

With 3kW inverter output and surge rating to 6kW, each inverter could have a 32a MCB on the output, with a single downstream 63a main switch?

There will be a colour control and a 48/250-85 solar reg with 4kW PV as well. Would it be feasible to add a Fronius Primo at a later date?


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Multiplus 12/1600/70 alarm flashing. Charger on. what does this mean?

I connected a LifePo4 and the result is a blinking alarm LED and charging LED permanently on.

I have the settings on the minimum cut-off for the battery and somewhat higher charging current than default on the inverter (changed 50A to 70A - both within the range of the battery specs).

No load.

Why the blinking alarm?

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Multiplus with Storage + Grid - Inverter Efficiency DC to AC (Optimizer needed)

As we can see, the best inverter efficiency we get at about 50% of the whole Inverter Power (with a MP2 3000 it's a range from 800W - 1600W)

VRM Portal and Weather forecast in mind, exist a project that can dynamically limit the inverter power, to get the most efficiency (DC to AC) out here?

Efficiency AC/DC Inverter:

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DC couple Quattro + RS Multi

Hi everyone,

Would it be possible to DC couple a Quattro and an RS Multi?

My Quattro is acting up, not charging with excess (I have both Fronius on AC input and Huawei on AC Output with AC sensor). Right now, the Quattro is with my old lead-acid batteries (i hoped by removing the JK BMS from equation, it would start charging as it would see a "dumb" battery pack with only the BMV700 shunt). But what I hope to do soon, is expand the new LFP pack and leverage both inverters on the same pack (the RS alone might not be able to cover all my loads as I run exclusively on electric with 2kw boiler, 2kw heatpump, all electric appliances, etc.).

I think best would be to use RS with it's own 3kw array, DC coupled with Quattro, which would have the 5kw Huawei on AC Out and on quattro's AC IN have the Fronius between him and the grid.

Opened to advice :)


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Victron compact shutting down

Ok I know this has been sort of answered but hasn’t helped me. I have the 2000 inverter charger compact with a canbat 300AH lithium. The entire system is only about 6 months old. Recently the inverter charger will shut down the power for a few seconds then back on. Run for a few minutes then do the same thing. After a few times it will just run normal for days. I don’t think it’s a shore power issue as if shore went low it show either assist or switch to inverter mode which it doesn’t, just cuts all power. The entire system is victron so it shouldn’t be a compatibility issue. System ran fine every day for a good five months

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Precharge with AC input?

Is it possible to precharge the MultiPlus capacitors by connecting the AC IN to the grid and putting the switch to charge for a couple of seconds, then disconnect AC and turn on the DC switch to the batteries?

Using a resistor is messy..

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HV Battery on PV input from Multi RS Solar 48/6000

Is it possible to connect my 300V HV Battery from an e-Vehicle to the PV input from Multi RS Solar 48/6000? I want to make an onGrid zero regulation out of my eVehicle battery. I don't want to use an 48V battery at the battery input. Is this working?

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