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zwei Speichersysteme im Haus, funktioniert das?


bei mir läuft z.Z folgendes System.


Im Dezember soll nun an die Fronius WR eine B-Box HVM 13.8 angeschaltet werden. Außerdem sollen die WR mit einer Netzumschaltbox notstromfähig gemacht werden. Funktioniert das?

Zum Hintergrund:
Ursprünglich war nur die Fronius-Lösung geplant, Da aber BYD ewig nicht liefern konnte, habe ich mich selbst um das Victron ESS System gekümmert, welches auch super läuft. Jetzt bin ich mir nicht sicher, ob es da zu Problemen kommen könnte. Da ich eine Förderung genehmigt bekommen habe, muss ich das System schon so nehmen, oder eben verzichten. :-(

Viele Grüße

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Fronius throttled by Quattro despite being needed (AC/DC coupled system)

Hello all,

I have an AC/DC coupled system as seen below:


Half way through the day, the batteries got to 100% and I had a low load of around 1000W, which the DC coupled system handled while the AC coupled is throttled down to 0. Load eventually got higher than the capability of the DC coupled system, and yet the Fronius remains throttled.

BYD BMU raised the CCL a while ago and yet the Quattro didn't change its behavior:


And here's the Quattro throttling the Fronius:


I have two questions:

1. Obviously something is wrong here, Fronius should kick back in when CCL is above 0 to recharge the batteries

2. Why isn't the AC coupled prioritized when the batteries are full over the DC, given that would be more efficient for the AC load?

EDIT: toggling the dc switch of the Fronius didn’t help. Turned on my generator for few minutes then the Fronius started pulling power from its array. Turned off the generator and it is still going strong. A barbaric workaround though…

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Fronius Primo 3.0-1 alternative?

Hi all,

I have an EasySolar 24/3000/70 (with batt, bms etc.) already installed and with some extra solar panels (3330 Wp) I'd like to have the possibility of a microgrid. Fronius Primo 3.0-1 with MG50 fw seemed to be a good choice AC coupled inverter for these extra panels (complies with the 1:1 rule). Unfortunaltely the Primo is no longer available. Now I'm looking for a good alternative AC coupled inverter, suitable for microgrid, for this 3kVA system. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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Victron and fronius AC couple light flicker

I did 3 offgrid systems with DC mppt solar and also added fronius Gridtie inveters and im getting bad light flickering

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Victron Multiplus II Fronius Symo und Fronius Wallbox 2 smart Meter

Für die folgende Anlage suche ich eine Lösung.

Victron Multiplus II 3 phasig

Solar Wechselrichter Fronius Symo

and das System sollt die Fonius Wallbox angeschlossen werden diese sollt das Überschussladen


Dann muss ich doch sicher den EM24 für das ESS System als ersten Zähler anschließen.

Dann den Fonius Smart Meter als Verbrauszähler an den Ausgang hängen.

Sehe ich das richtig oder hat irgend wer andere Erfahrungen gemacht.

atne asked

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Can't use the battery

Hello everyone,

I have a Fronius + Multiplus connected to a grid.
The Fronius is connected to the AC input of the Multiplus and to the CCGX via EM24 + RJ485 to USB.

It worked without problems for a few months but now the system can not read the batteries as they remain charged at around 50V (also I have installed a SmartShunt and it keeps reading 99-100% SOC).

I tried changing the meter, the cable, the CCGX, I updated the firmware and re-installed the ESS assistant but with no effects on the system.

How can I manage to fix it?


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PV Leistung vom Fronius WR hat 6 Sekunden Delay

Hallo liebes Forum,

Ich habe einen Cerbo mit einem EM24 SmartMeter (Eingang Grid) und einem Fronius Symo 8.2 am laufen. Der Multiplus ist noch nicht in Betrieb, da mir noch der Speicher fehlt. Ich lese mit einem Raspi+FHEM die Daten aus dem Cerbo über MQTT aus. Funktioniert eigentlich alles prima.

Die PV-Leistung erhält Cerbo über Ethernet vom Fronius (hat den Fronius sofort nach der Installation im Netzwerk erkannt). Die Leistung vom EM24 (Netz-Eingang) erhält der Cerbo über die RS485-Schnittstelle und das RS485 to USB-Kabel von Victron.

Das einzige Problem was ich habe ist folgendes:

Die PV-Leistung vom Fronius scheint mit ca. 6s Verzögerung im Cerbo anzukommen.

Wenn sich eine Wolke vor die Sonne schiebt und die PV-Leistung rasch sinkt, sehe ich (bei annähernd konstantem Hausverbrauch), wie die Messwerte der PV-Leistung ca. 6 Sekunden zeitlich später sinken wie der Wert der Netzeinspeisung. Da der EM24 ja nicht in die Zukunft schauen kann gehe ich davon aus, dass die Messwerte vom Fronius mit 6s Zeitverzug eintreffen.


Da aus der Differenz zwischen PV-Leistung und Einspeise-Leistung die Leistung der Verbraucher berechnet wird, ist diese auch nicht korrekt zu den Zeiten wo die PV-Leistung sich schnell ändert.

In diesem Fall berechnet der Cerbo natürlich kurzzeitig eine sehr hohe Last der Verbraucher (Consumption), die real aber natürlich gar nicht da ist.

Kennt jemand das Problem?

Würde es helfen bzw. ist es überhaupt möglich den Fronius über RS485 an der Cerbo anzuschließen?

Was natürlich möglich wäre ist ein zweiter EM24, der die PV-Leistung misst. Aber ich dachte eigentlich darauf verzichten zu können, da der Cerbo ansonsten ja sehr gut mit dem Fronius WR kommuniziert.

Für einen Tipp wäre ich sehr dankbar!

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Unstable Microgrid Multiplus II - Fronius


Multiplus II 48 5000, Cerbo, Fronius 501 @ ACOut, no feed in,


Fronius: - set to MG50,

Multiplus II:

* programmable relay and general flag assistants are used to ignore AC In1 if SOC >50% not ignore if SOC <30%;

* PV inverter support at last position in assistant list.

Fronius is connected via WIFI to Cerbo and it looks as it should.


Cerbo is showing: Fronius 350W, AC Load 105W.

The issue is that the battery state changes from charging with 900W to discharging with 700W couple of times per second. BMS shows similar values.

In this stage ESS assistant is not an option.

Somebody has this issue before, is there a fix for it ?

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Quattro and 50kWh batteries in AC coupled Fronius on grid system

I want to make my grid connected property function during (extended) blackouts and use the existing solar system to charge the batteries. It is a complex installation and I am not planning to do the installation myself but want to understand the possibilities before discussing the upgrade with an installer.

Current system:

  • 3 phase grid supply

  • grid enters property at private pole, where meter box is installed

  • 10m underground 3 phase cable to shed
  • 100m underground 3 phase cable from shed to house

  • 3 x Fronius Symo 5kW 3 phase inverters + Fronius Smart Meter installed at the house

  • 12 x 270W panels per MPPT (6 x 12 x 270 = 19.44kW peak)

  • loads are located both in the shed and house

New system:

  • leave current system as is

  • in shed (logically, between the grid and loads)

    • install 3 x Quattro 48/10000

    • install 50kWh 48V battery connected to 3 x Quattro

A drawback of this new setup is that a failure of the Quattro and/or batteries system would lead to power loss. To avoid this, a (manual) bypass switch could be installed to revert back to current system. This will ensure power (assuming grid is up) when the Quattro/battery system is unavailable.


1. Will this setup achieve what I set out?

2. The battery system I am considering uses a PACE P16S200A (model DL21382-20A-K4EN-ZJ) BMS that is said to be compatible with Victron inverters. Is there any experience with PACE BMS in general or this one in particular.

3. Can the Quattro be configured to limit feed in the the grid? I am currently limited to 15kW feed in, but am considering adding a solar system to the shed which would take me over the limit when load is low. Note: I cannot use the Fronius feed in limiter because a) it is unaware of the loads in the shed and would throttle solar generation even when not required and b) there is no data cable between the house (3 x Fronius Symo) and the shed.

4.There are plenty of Victron dealers in the area, but who would be capable of tackling this in the Brisbane, Qld, Australia area?

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5kW MP2 + Fronius AC coupled - Not charging battery from PV



Hi Victron Community

  • I’ve got a 5kW MP2 AC coupled to a 5kW Fronius.
  • AC coupled at the output of AC Out 1 of Victron
  • All Fronius and Victron config has been completed (Grid codes, Modbus TCP, DNO is modbus priority, Dyn Power Reduction -OFF and verified that grid feedback limit is ON).
  • We check the PV wiring and happy with the voltages etc.
  • We checked Victron settings on VE Config (see attached).
  • We are using a SolarMD lithium battery.

Below are my concerns:

  • On a sunny day, the PV is barely generating a fraction of this full capacity and unable to supply the load which is typically 1.2kW.
  • The battery is typically slow charging. On the ESS we are seeing an ESS#5 and sometimes ESS#1 message and looks like it’s charging from the grid.

Are you able to help me understand where the issue could be?

solar365 asked
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Fronius Primo 5.0.1 voltage pulsating problem after new firmware (MicroGrid Multiplus 5000)




The problem was the new Fronius Primo firmware version! All you have MG50 setup coupled with Victron inverters please avoid doing firmware update to Fronius inverters to fro32482.upd version, or ask Fronius to downgrade to a version from late 2020 via SolarWeb interface.


I have a big problem with a Micro Grid system (OffGrid, Multi 48/5000 with Fronius Primo 5.0.1) MG50.
A few days ago I did a firmware update on Fronius and since then the AC voltage fluctuates a lot (see the image on the attached graph).

At 12:11 I did a firmware update on Fronius and since then the AC voltage is very unstable.

The inverters also make a pulsating sound.
The Multiplus has latest firmware version 2624494, Fronius Primo has the firmware version fro32482.upd (inverter), 3.20.6-1 (data source).

Please help me, it fluctuates so much that the light bulbs in the house flicker when I start the Fronius.
When only MultiPlus works then everything is ok.

Does anyone have an old Fronius Primo 5.0.1 firmware version? The new one completely ruined my system.

Thank You!

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Fronius Inverter does not appear on VRM portal, why ?


The Fronius inverter is shown on the Venus but not on the VRM portal or it does in advanded but now in the overview


Above shows the Fronius and VRM portal below doesnt show it :


but in theVRM portal i see following in Advanced :


and here it's not shown :


What could be the reason ?

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2 Fronius primo + 1 Multiplus II

Hello everybody

I have already a Fronius 4.6 and want to put more panels at home and a DIY -LiFePo battery

Will this work? can be configured and monitored correctly with the CerboGX?


Want to control batteries charging + power feed to the grid.

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Fronius Modbus "float" setting also working?


i just started my Victron installation for test purposes, and have not set up my Fronius Modbus connection correctly.

It is still on Modbus TCP "float" instead of the Victron-required "int+SF"

I wanted to change this later.


i can see my Fronius Inverters and all its data on all Victron Display, VRM, etc.

Seems to work fine.

So... is "int+SF" really required at all? Or does it work with "float" also anyhow?

If so it would be nice, because then i would not need to change all my other external modbus datalogging, etc. that already exists

Or are they some specific registers, that only work on "int+SF" correctly?

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Production photovoltaique plafonnée

Depuis la mise en place de notre système de batterie / multiplus 2, la production photovoltaique se limite nettement sans qu'on comprenne quel paramètre pourrait générer ce phénomène.

L'installation se compose de 24 panneaux 400 wc + 2 fronius primo 4 kw initialement adossée à un smart meter pour la zero injection et un ohm pilot alimentant notre résistance de chauffe eau elec.

et désormais 4 batteries Pylontech - LiFePO4 US2000C 2.4 kWh - 48 V 50 A + VICTRON ENERGY - MultiPlus-II GX - Puissance onduleur (W ou VA) : 5000 .

Nous avons scrupuleusement respecté les consignes de montage et paramètres d'installation.

Les 2 fronius et le multiplus ne sont pas branchés en cable ethernet mais via le wifi. Ils se voient, pas de pb mais on a vraiment l'impression que les Fronius se limitent dans leur production sans comprendre pourquoi.

En pleine période solaire, ils produisent uniquement ce qui est demandé par le réseau, les batteries ne se chargent pas. Parfois, en générant des appels de charges au niveau des batteries , cela 'débloque' la production PV qui augmente momentannément mais revient ensuite à une production = charge CA.

Quelqu'un parmi vous pourrait nous indiquer les paramètres sur les Fronius ou le Multi plus qui pourraient influencer cette situation ? On a passé en revue tous les paramètres de la console à distance Victron .... et on ne trouve pas, Vous remerciant par avance, cordialement, CG


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