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common neutral busbar AC OUT1 and AC OUT2

Can I use a common busbar for the neutral wire of AC OUT1 and AC OUT2? In the diagram they seem to be connected inside the multiplus 2.

I have parts of my home wiring sharing the neutral wire but I want some loads to be supported by battery and some not in case of outage.

AC IN neutral will be separate.


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Multiplus ac out 2 not working

Hi there

I have a multiplus 3000/230v and I do not manage to get any voltage on the AC Out 2 when connected to the grid.

Is there any magic to get this to work??


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phoenix smart 24/3000

hi all,weve got a pheonix smart 24/3000 inverter, just wondering what size cable to get for the AC output, in the manual is says 26a short circuit output i cant see any other mention of AC output, also the output screw terminals arent very big so i doubt if cable bigger than 10mm2 would fit, thoughts from anyone who has this inverter

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AC-out-2 Doesn't output while charging the battery.

AC-out-1 works and the batteries are charging however while charging in bulk the AC-out-2 stays off.

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Quatro 5kW 110 V AC output 2 not active

Hi team,

I am looking into a strange item. The Quatro is connected to shore power and to a generator, the AC1 is going to my ship and I planed to use AC2 for the watermaker and heater.

All is setup and I can use the AC1 output. But I do not see the AC2 output.

I do not have the interface but I have a GX connected to the victron network.

How can I activate the AC2 and set limits to the input? or is this AC2 broken and should it always be activated? or is it only working when AC2 input is there and not AC1 input...


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AC OUT 2 assistants

I have an AC inverter connected to AC-Out-2 on a MultiPlus-ll.

A generator is going to be connected to AC-In-1

I would like to turn AC-Out-2 off when AC-In-1 is active and when Aux-Input-2 is open due to a BMS high battery voltage signal.

AC-Out-2 turns off when AC-In-1 is active but AC-Out-2 will not turn off when Aux-2 (BMS high) is open because it is still being driven to stay on by AC-In-1 not being active.

The idea of this is to avoid using a contactor on the AC inverter.

Can these two be done in combination?

Hopefully makes sense!

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Using AC-out 2 while ignoring AC-in.

Dear experts,

I'm using a 48V solar system in an area where there is sometimes grid power. Because in general my solar capacity is sufficient for my loads, I set the virtual switch of my Multiplus to only charge when the voltage of the batteries drops under 50.0V. Unfortunately AC-out 2 appears to be dependent on the same AC input relay and cuts the power when AC-in is ignored through the virtual switch. However, I would like to be able to use my AC-in via AC-out 2, for certain equipment, while not charging the batteries. Is there a way to program the Multiplus for this or should I just make a bypass of the AC-in before it enters the Multiplus?

Kind regards,


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1phase in (charge) , 3phase out _charging not working


I'm configuring a system with 3 MP2 , in a 3 Phase out setup. As per the instruction video's etc. this should not be any problem, but the charging doesn't start when the phase comes up at the master L1. The 3 phase out put works fine.

So I have checked the forum, and checked the training video's again.

In the training video's its shown in the following diagram. The inputs of L2/L3 are seemingly connected with a 0V, therefor I tried to have the null connected to all three inputs, this didn't help.


Anybody an idea what I have done wrong? Are the connected nulls at input needed (electronically I can't imagine it's needed, but the screenshot shows something there)?

Best regards,


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Paralell multiplus ac-out breaker tripping


I have 2x EasySolars 24/3000 (basicaly Multipluses) configured in parallel.

The problem is that from time to time the main ac-our breaker tripps (one or the other inverter). How can I identify the issue?

Seems sporadic to me with no special events..

Thank you!

adco asked

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Multiplus 24V 3000, AC 220 V output consumer board configuration


on the attached schematic there are two AC outputs. I am confused as to how the daily consumers should be connected. I do not want some consumers on AC 1 and others on AC 2. I have designed 6 AC circuits needing separate MCBs and i need them to be supplied from either shoreline and the inverter output seamlessly. Can anyone help my understanding of the two AC outputs please? Thanking you all.


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Multiplus 12 3000 AC out ports

Why are the second AC ports on Multiplus 12 3000 not active?

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Ignore AC and DVCC

I have recently installed solar panels on my motoryacht. I am now looking for the most economical use of the solar panels, also in order to reduce the cost of shore power. The electrical system has mainly Victron components, except the panels and battery: Quattro 8000/200, Venus GX, MPPT 100/30, 720 Ah tubular plate batteries and 2 x LG Neon R 370 Wp panels, latest firmwares.

I have studied all the manuals and looked for answers on the community site. Although I see similar setups, I still do not have the ultimate answer on how to use the panels the most economical, either by using Ignore AC, DVCC, lower float voltage or a combination of these.

I fully understand how Ignore AC in VEConfigure works and have now set it up according to below screenshot:


I have been to the yacht today and have tested it with several loads. When using heavy load, the Quattro will deliver the power instead of drawing it from the battery, so it does not unnecessarily drain too much, which would take forever for the panels to charge back into the battery. There is a certain amount of equipment that draws about average 200 W, so in a day I will loose 4.8 kW. On sunny days the panels will charge with about 4.8-5.1 kW. So on cloudy days and near winter time the batteries will slowly deplete and when voltage reaches 23.5 V, the Quattro will kick in and charge (with max 100 A) up to when bulk is finished (85 % SOC). I might change that in wintertime to when absorption is finished, as the batteries need to be fully charged every once in a while. So far so good.

The manual of the MPPT states that the DVCC function will result in the MPPT being an active controller in the system. "For systems with lead batteries, DVCC offers features such as a
configurable system wide charge current limit, where the GX device actively limits the
inverter/charger in case the solar chargers are already charging at full power". I have tried the DVCC feature (without Ignore AC) with a setting of 100 A for max charging and shared voltage, current and temperature sense.
I have observed the behaviour of MPPT and Quattro for a long time and my impression is that the MPPT does not always do what it should. I can see the Quattro charging with high amps and the panels with relatively low. When I switch off the shore power, the panels immediately jump to a much higher charge, so the panels are under DVCC not used with maximum capacity. I would also expect that when batteries are full and loads are low, while panels can produce more than the load, that the Quattro might stop charging all together.

An expert advised to lower the float voltage of the Quattro with 1 V, After lowering that setting to 26.6 V, I saw this morning at around 08.00 hrs that the Quattro stopped charging. Not completely sure why?

I have gathered my thoughts and I think I have to options: 1) use Ignore AC and 2) use DVCC. With option 1, it will deplete the battery more and I think the panels are used most economical, but I need to make sure the batteries are getting a full charge every once in a while. With option 2, the batteries are kept a full charge (100 %)., but I have the impression the panels are not used to the max and the Quattro will only stop charging when the voltage of the batteries is higher than the 26.6 V. Which brings me to the question do I also need to lower the absorption voltage in order for the Quattro to stop charging when in absorption fase in order to get the max charge out of the panels? I find lowering these setting in contradiction to the DVCC manual: "Limit charge current. This is a user-configurable maximum charge current setting. It works across the whole system. MPPT Solar Chargers are automatically prioritized over the mains/generator".

By the way: I use the AC out 2 of the Quattro for heavy users, with the intention that when I loose shore power (while sailing [do you actually sail, drive or operate a motor yacht?]), it automatically switches of the heavy consumers and I will not unnecessarily deplete the batteries. With Ignore AC while still in the harbour, I loose the heavy consumers as the Quattro needs AC on either AC In 1 (generator) or AC In 2 (shore power). I probably have to rewire the heavy consumers to AC In 1.

My questions:

1) Why does the Quattro stop charging when lowering float voltage when panels are charging?

2) Do I need to lower the float voltage in order for the Quattro to stop charging while enabled DVCC?

3) Why is DVCC not using maximum available charge from the solar panels?

4) Do I also need to lower the absorption voltage while DVCC enabled so the Quattro stops charging in absorption fase to maximum use the charge of the panels

5) Can I, or should I, use DVCC in combination with Ignore AC?

Any comment, suggestions, answers are welcome.

I have also published about the installation of the electrical system and the solar panels on my weblog (in Dutch, but has Google translate button): .

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I’d like to avoid using 2 AC outputs if possible on my Multiplus II x120

I have one 240V non essential load in my home (Air conditioner). It is in my breaker panel mixed in with all of my other 120V circuits. I am working to install a Multiplus II x 120 and am curious to know what would happen if my panel were supplied with 120V from the Multiplus during inverter mode (no 50A shore connection) if that 240 load would just stop working? Or what if I just flipped that breaker before initiating inverter mode….wouldn’t that accomplish the same thing as adding a whole sub panel supplied with AC out 2 for that load?

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Wiring AC output 2 on a Tiny Home Panel

I'm a solar installer in the US and new to Victron Products, as well as working on the AC side of systems. I own a tiny home and decided to design a system with a Multiplus 2 x120 3kVA. The reason I chose this inverter is because I have a heat pump system that requires 240V, also I have access to reliable 50A shore connection.

Below is a picture of my panel. Note I haven't installed anything yet. This is just a straight up shore connected panel, nothing special. Here's what I do understand... Coming from my AC output one, I'll have 6 G wire feeding this panel on a 70A breaker (I'll be making room for this breaker). What I do not understand is where and how the AC output 2 will land. The top right breaker (double pole 15A) is for my heat pump. But where do the wires from the inverter actually land? I read the manual and it recommended a 35 A breaker. Is that just it? If so I'll probably need a bigger panel.


Thanks for the help

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