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Assistant for generator cooldown

I will soon be installing 2 MP2 2x120 in parallel and a cerbo gx along with a few other components. I intend to use the generator start stop function on relay 1 in the cerbo and am contemplating using the relay from the cerbo in series with the aux input on the master mp2 in conjunction with an assistant using flag to ignore ac input to provide generator cooldown before shutting down. MP2 master Aux relay output would be controlled by the assistant to start and stop the generator based on the mp2 aux input value being switched by the cerbo relay. My question is...would I need to load the assistant on both the master and slave mp2's or would the slave unit simply follow the master in regards to the ac input switching on and off as the assistant specifies state? Hope that makes sense.

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Ve.config ESS mit weitere Assistenten kombinieren

Hallo Leute!

Ich durchforste gerade das VE.config. vor einiger Zeit habe ich den ESS bei den Assistenten akitiviert. Das klapt ja schon mal gut, meine Überlegung ist, kann ich weitere Assistenten z.b. imput current limit hinzufügen oder zerstöre ich hier meine Anlage?

Ich habe immer noch das Problem das in den Nachtstunden meine Batterien entleert werden da ich das Sollwert Netz im ESS auf 20W gestellt habe um tagsüber die PV efektiv zu nutzen. ESS lauft auf optimiert mit Batterylife. SoC ist auf 90% ich hoffe das ist korrekt also max 10% entladen 90% speichern.

Im System laufen:

Multiplus Compact 24/1200/35

Cerbo GX

MPPT 100/30

Smart Shunt

4x Bleiakku 12V 150Ah (24V 300Ah)

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Programmable Relay Assistant not working correctly

Hi there,

I'm trying to realise a two-phase load shedding functionality for overload situations. It should work as follows:

  1. Turn AC-Out-2 off when a Pre-Alarm exists for at least 2 seconds
  2. Turn AC-Out-2 back on 60 seconds after Pre-Alarm has been cleared
  3. Turn Primary Programmable Relay on as soon as a Pre-Alarm occurs
  4. Turn Primary Programmable Relay off 300 seconds after Pre-Alarm has beed cleared

Assistants 1. and 3. seem to work as expected, but 2. and 4. are executed way before the configured timeouts of 60 and 300 seconds.

I'm very grateful for any suggestions!


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3-phase load shedding on AC-Out-2

Hi there,

I'm trying to configure load shedding using relay assistants for AC-Out-2 on a 3-phase Quattro-II system. AC-Out-2 shall be dropped on all three phases/Quattros as soon as a device goes into an overload alarm or when a pre-alarm exists for several seconds.

For this I configured the wizards shown in the screenshot. However, a test with Overload Pre-Alarm on one phase did not drop AC-Out-2 of all or even the affected phase.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks in advance!


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Programmable relay - relative thresholds

Hi I use battery life functionality and it works really well.
I have heater connected to AC-2 and I want to turn it on only when excess energy available.
Now programmable relay assistant allows to on/off relay based on absolute values.
For example it can close relay if SOC > 40%.
However after cloudy week my SOC active limit can be 60%.
In this situation relay will be still closed, while system will get energy from grid, what I wanted to avoid.
In order to respect battery life settings, assistant should allow to define relative thresholds instead of fixed values.

Example rules based on SOC:
Close relay: SOC > active SOC limit + 20%
Open relay: SOC < active SOC limit + 10%

How to do it?

So in general I would propose to use any system parameter
(of course if it has the same units like percentage or wats) in formula with additional offset.
Logical expression would be also acceptable.

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Grid Assist without ESS with only HUB-1

I have several 5kVA and 3kVA inverters all of them standalone. How can I setup grid assist without having to shell out a lot of money for ESS? HUB-1 should be able to do exactly what I want to do but I can't seem to be able to force grid assist to work. Do I need external HW even with a simple HUB-1 assistant?

I know HUB-1 is "depreciated" and I don't really care.

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Problem with Quattro 48/5000 Power Assist

My Quattro 48/5000 is connected to AC 1 with a Honda 2000i –AC1 current limit=15amp.

If I have a load of ~1400 W and my refrigerator starts, the load momentarily exceeds 15 amps and the “Power Assist” cuts in as it should. However, instead of AC1 supplying 15 amps and the balance coming from the battery, it splits the load approximately in half with ~ 750 W being drawn from the battery. This is a problem when the battery is in a low SOC because it drags the battery down when it should be charging. Also, even when the AC load reduces to below 15 amps, the “power assist” is still activated and stays activated –and taking power from the battery--until the load is significantly reduced to say ~300W.

Is there anything that can be done to correct this problem?

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Welchen Assistenten verwenden wenn das Netz nur bei zu wenig Batterie genutzt werden soll

Welchen Assistenten setzt man am besten ein Wenn das Netz nur noch

nutzen will wenn die Batterie unter eine bestimmte Ladung fällt einsetzen will.

Einphasiges Netz

Mit 2 Mutliplus II

Und 24kVA Batteriespeicher

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AC OUT 2 assistants

I have an AC inverter connected to AC-Out-2 on a MultiPlus-ll.

A generator is going to be connected to AC-In-1

I would like to turn AC-Out-2 off when AC-In-1 is active and when Aux-Input-2 is open due to a BMS high battery voltage signal.

AC-Out-2 turns off when AC-In-1 is active but AC-Out-2 will not turn off when Aux-2 (BMS high) is open because it is still being driven to stay on by AC-In-1 not being active.

The idea of this is to avoid using a contactor on the AC inverter.

Can these two be done in combination?

Hopefully makes sense!

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Multiplus Assistant Logic

I hope someone can point me in the right direction regarding logic of MultiPlus Assistants.

I understand that when multiple things exist in a rule they use logic AND to deice, so if two checks exists then both are required. So for example if a rule has

  • load lower than 2000w
  • AC1 not available

For that rule to match both need to be true.

When multiple rules exists it is an OR so one needs to be true to enable/disable a relay. Further on has precedence over off.

This is my understanding from

Combining multiple Assistants

Multiple Assistants can be used in one unit. For example the Programmable Relay is often used multiple times. When doing so; this is how they are evaluated:

- an ON condition always has priority over an OFF condition - multi criteria in the ON ( or OFF ) list go by the OR principle

So when you look at my system... Rule 4, I am drawing less than 3000w and AC1 is available and AUX Input 1 is closed so my AC2 out relay should be on, it is not.

If I look at the office conditions.

Rule 6: Load Higher than 3200w (False) and AC1 available (TRUE)

Rule 7: Load lower than 2000w (False) and AC1 not available (TRUE)

Rule 8: AC1 not available (FALSE) and SOC Lower than 95% (TRUE)

Rule 9 Aux Input 1 is open (FALSE)

So if all conditions in a rule must be TRUE then I do not see how my AC2 output is off.

So my first question is how do multiple rules in a single assistant get processed, is it based on all criteria must be TRUE?

What I am trying to do is disable AC2 out depending on the load on AC1, and vary that depending on if AC1 is available or not. Therefore when running on battery the off load is less than when connected to mains.

Thanks in advance.


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When will VictronConnect on Mac support assistants?

Prior posts indicate Victron will not be making VE Configure available on Mac, and have also stated that their direction is to move the VE Configure functionality to VictronConnect.

Have just installed new Victron lithium batteries (plus VE BMS) on existing Multiplus-II/CCGX system and Assistant is required - seems like adding the Assistant this should be mainstream as all Victron gear and a common application?

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Programming a time delay for switching the Multiplus 24/3000 back to grid?


is it somehow possible to program a time delay for the Multiplus (in an ESS system) before it switches back from battery to grid in case of an power outage?

In case of repair works on the grid I observed, that the first few minutes are often not stable and so the Multi switches to grid, back to battery then again to grid....

Is there a way to program a delay with assistants(?) with the goal to switch back to grid operation only if the grid is present continuously for about 5 minutes?

I have a hardware solution in mind but a software solution would be much more comfortable.



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SOC releay assistent


I want to ask, is more detailed documentation available regarding assistants?

I have a network switch and would like to use a relay from GX to control switching depending on the SOC. If the SOC reached 10%, the relay would switch signal eg NC(or NO), using which I would send an impulse to the grid switch, which would disconnect the PV and connect the distribution grid. If the SOC was at 50%, the relay would switch NO (or NC) and send a signal to switch the grid, where it would disconnect me from the grid and connect to the PV.
I'm just missing the documentation so I don't screw something up :)
Basically it is no science… but the documentation is terrible...

Someone help me, please :))

I want to stay off grid as much and as long as possible, even if I have a stable and available distribution grid. I want to use the distribution grid as little as possible and practically only as a backup. From this case I don't use ESS . A little strange design :))

Or are there paid trainings for this? :))

Many thanks for help.

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Bulk never ends, sits at 85%, keeps charging from grid overnight

What is supposed to trigger the end of Bulk charging?
- Voltage reaching Absorption voltage?
- Low charging current?
- SoC?
- Some combination of the above?

I have a single-phase MultiPlus Compact 24/2000/50 which is AC-coupled to a 2kW Fronius MPPT. Batteries are 300Ah NiFe (nickel-iron).
The MultiPlus is the only device connected to the batteries. There are no other chargers or loads or BMSes.

Six months ago, the MP used to finish Bulk charging and occasionally go into Absorption as scheduled. All good.

But now it stays in Bulk forever (32V, 6A, SoC=85%), continuing charging all night from the grid.
Absorption voltage = 32V
Float voltage = 28.5V
SOC when bulk is finished = 85%
Assistant = Self-Consumption Hub-2 V3 (0182)

Could this be a bug introduced when I last upgraded all Victron software?

If I reload the Assistant, on the first day, it "Disconnects From The Grid At Night" at sundown and starts inverting as expected. From day two onwards it just stays in Bulk, charging overnight.


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ZWC 1301 Zanussi Washing machine not working on Multiplus 3000va 12v

I have a new Victron 12v 3000va Multiplus. Everything else runs on system except the ZWC 1301 Zanussi 1300 aquacycyle.

I have tried checking mhz for both 50 and 60 not a jot of difference. Tried the light bulb trick just the same.

However put my Honda 20i inverter generator onto system and it works fine. So to on shoreline.

I have plenty of domestic energy with four fully charged tubular traction batteries at 150amps each total 600 amps.

I see other folks have a similar problem. Is there a problem with victron invertors doing something silly???

I have had various qualified electricians, including a victron agent. No ideas on how to sort.

I had a Victron 2000 and this did the same.

Is there a fix???

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