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MultiPlus II AC-OUT 2 programming w/ VEconfigure3 Assistant

I have had my pair of Multiplus II 48/5000 (240V) running in Parallel for a couple of weeks now, and they are working fine.


Like a lot of people, I am still a little confused about the potential uses of the AC-OUT 2 !

I keep coming back to this video "Victron AC OUT 2 programming for Hot Water Diversion"

I'd like to run more than just a hot water heater.
The list of things that I'd like to run, once the main house batteries are full, is endless. everything from spaceheaters or fans, to charging a second auxiliary battery bank.

what's the best way to trigger this. should I just use Battery state of charge ?
on at 99% and off at 98%
or is there a way to trigger it on excess solar ?
if I am exporting more than 750 watt, then on, and off again if less than 750 watts

"and a feature request to Victron... being able to switch them independently, so I could have one load off the master and a second load off the slave would be nice :)"

thanks in advance

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Programmation de relais selon le principe OR

Bonjour a tous , je viens échanger avec vous concernant la programmation des relais du Multipus 2.

je viens de lire la phrase suivante :

une condition ON est toujours prioritaire sur une condition OFF - les critères multiples dans la liste ON ( ou OFF ) fonctionnent selon le principe OR

ce qui signifie si je ne me trompe pas :

il suffit qu'au moins l'un des critères de la liste soit satisfait pour que la condition globale soit considérée comme remplie.

je me pose la question suivante , cette règle s'applique t'elle quand on crée un assistant de relais a critère multiple.

dans ce cas qu'en est il du comportement de plusieurs assistants de relais a un seul critère ?

suivent ils la même règle ? si un est validé, alors il le sont tous ?

merci a tous

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5KVA Quattro programmable relays and assistant

Hello I would like to start using assistants primarily for use with K1/K2 relays on a 5KVA Quattro. Is there a guide that can help with this somewhere?

Please point me in the right direction. Thank you :)

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Quattro Assistants

Need some help with assistants on my Quattro. my objective is to have AC 2 OUT power when SOC is greater than 98% and turn off below 90% SOC when I'm at anchor. However, I want AC 2 to power ON whenever Genset or Shore is connected regardless of SOC. Below are the assistants I am using but when on shore or Genset AC2 OUT is not powered until above SOC 98%. I thought multiple conditions were OR not AND statements. Any help on how to achieve what I am after much appreciated.

1st assistant

  • Use AC Out 2 relay
  • Set relay on
  • when any AC available for 10 seconds
  • when SOC higher than 98%

2nd assistant

  • Use AC Out 2 relay
  • Set relay off
  • when any AC not available for 10 seconds
  • when SOC lower than 90%

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AC Thor 9S / 15000 Quattro - not frequency shifting

Morning all,

ive recently had a new system commissioned and I am struggling to get the Quattro to frequency shift for the AC Thor to kick in, we added the PV assistant in VE Configure and left the default settings, batteries are 100% and sun shining bright, I have 12.7kw of Solar panels with two 250/100 MPPTs.

Batteries are two sets of BYD 13.8.

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong, AC Thor is set to frequency mode.






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How to start a Dump Load (AC2 out) MultiPlus-ii

Hello, Thank you for reading this.

My system is:

Color Control GX

MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 (50A ext sensor)

BMV-712 Smart

SmartSolar Charger MPPT 150/60

10kW of lead batteries.

I am trying to create a dump load when the SOC is full (nearly full). To switch on a small under counter water heater (approximately 15ltrs)

This Victron video says that it is possible.

I went onto the professional Victron page but couldn't find any videos where it showed how to do it. Although I did find other videos confirming that it could be done! Just not how to do it!

I found this video

Which explains it really simply. I believe I have managed to follow this video (as I can modify the assistant files and confirm they are uploaded as I can then download the modified assistant file) but my AC2 doesn't seem to come on. I have followed the comments below the video and tried turning the Multiplus ii off and on a couple of times yet that doesn't seem to sort the issue.

I am at a loss to know what to try next. Any ideas please?

Could some one please help. Please try and keep it simple. I can see there are some very very clever people in this community... I am not one of them! Don't feel that you are talking down to me! I was want this thing to work.

Thank you.

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Virtual switch versus assistants

Hello everyone,

I've a question while using VEconfigure and configuring a Multi plus.

Why virtual switch and assistants.can't be used at the same time?

Technical restriction ? Software limitation ? what's the reason ?

Thank toy for our answers.

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VE Config Assistants programming

MultiPlus-II configuration 48 | 5000 + MPPT charger + PYLONTECH5000 I want to use the grid in case of high demand and bad weather or low SOC to keep the batteries but not fully charged. Virtual switch cannot be used because the inverter does not have SOC data from the BMS. There is a problem with assistants because they overcharge each other. I've also tried NODE-RED, there so far I haven't been able to find how to control ignore AC input 1 My demands should look like this (test example):

do not ignore AC input1 if load is > 1700W or ignore AC input1 if load < 1000W

do not ignore AC input1 if AUX input1 closed or ignore AC input1 if AUX input1 open

charge limit 1A if AUX input1 < 1V

charge limit 50A if AUX input1 > 4V

Cerbo - turns on Charge current control if SOC < 20% set Cerbo relay1 on

if SOC > 25% set Cerbo relay1 off

How to solve it? I don't want to swallow ESS because of overflows.

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Multiplus 2 self consumption with pylontech

I have a Multiplus 2, Solar MPPT and Plylontech US5000. I previously had AGM batteries hooked up to the system and it was working fine. The batteries were being topped up during the day and then in the evening it would switch the grid off, use the batteries to a low SoC then switch the grid back on, leaving the batteries low on SoC until the next day for the solar to charge them. I have just installed the pylontech batteries and changed the settings in VE config to the LiFePo4 batteries including the self-consumption assistant. I selected the LiFePo4 with BMS option, using the default settings for voltages etc. Now when i turn the system on it just says Hub - Passthrough on the screen along with on VRM showing that it isn't using the batteries at all. current SoC is around 50% so there is plenty of change in there. For info the system works as expected with the Pylontech batteries if i leave the self-consumption settings on AGM batteries (although incorrect i know) so seems to be something to do with the settings on the assistant. On the remote console it shows the batteries along with the built in BMS on the device list. Any idea why it has now stopped working and what I can do to fix?

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Silent Fan mode with total Compensation

Hello everyone,

I am currently testing our ESS, that consists of 3 MP2 3000 24V (3Phase) and that is always connected to the local grid.

My current problem is, that the fan in the Multis are clearly audible at night. I now want to enable the "silent fan" mode at night, but I have a few questions, regading that mode:

On the Victron homepage it just says: "The result is that during invert the product will switch off sooner".

In Offgrid systems, it is obvious to me that this means, the multi will just shut down due to overtemperature. But what happens in a grid tie system? Does it just throttle down and invert less power, getting the rest from the grid? Or does it also just shut down? (This would be kind of dumb...)

Do you know anything more about this mode?

Thanks in advance!

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MP - Which assistant should I use?

I have a CerboGX, a Multiplus 24/3000 (old one, no II), a 24V/280Ah battery and some MPPTs (in total 2kWp Solar). Which Assistent should I use for the following use case?
I want to use solar energy first, then energy from the battery (if SOC > 30%), and last from the grid. Normally the battery should not be charged from the grid (AC input) but this should be possible by hand in exceptional cases.
If the power demand exceeds a certain level (i.e. 1800W), then Power assist should be switched on.

Up to now I have controlled this via a raspberry pi with my own software, but I think this should also be possible via CerboGX and the matching Assistant and may be a nodered flow?

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Can I use an assistant (timer) to control AC In on a Quattro?

Can I have 2 AC feeds into a Quattro (AC IN 1 & AC IN 2) and disable AC 1 between 04:00 to 23:59 everyday.

Basically use a second supply (attached to AC IN 1) on cheap rate between 00:00 and 04:00.

I know AC IN 1 will take precedence over AC IN 2 and I could put an external contactor / timer on it to achieve this but wondered if I can do it with an assistant?

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PV inverter support assistant and DVCC


I have been succesfully using the PV inverter support assistant of a Multiplus 2 to control an external heater (excess solar energy dump in off grid system) via frequency shifting. My system had lead acid batteries.

Now I changed to Pylontech batteries. Charge control is now done via DVCC.

This caused the PV inverter assistant to stop working. I can configure the assistant, and as long as I don’t plug in the VE.bus cable of the inverter in the Cerbo unit, it works: ac output frequency is increased by Multiplus, as expected.

However, as soon as I plug in the cable, and thus establish communication with the inverter, the DVCC seems to overrule the inverter and PV inverter assistant stops frequency shifting.

Is there a way to make this work?



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Problem with Quattro 48/5000 Power Assist

My Quattro 48/5000 is connected to AC 1 with a Honda 2000i –AC1 current limit=15amp.

If I have a load of ~1400 W and my refrigerator starts, the load momentarily exceeds 15 amps and the “Power Assist” cuts in as it should. However, instead of AC1 supplying 15 amps and the balance coming from the battery, it splits the load approximately in half with ~ 750 W being drawn from the battery. This is a problem when the battery is in a low SOC because it drags the battery down when it should be charging. Also, even when the AC load reduces to below 15 amps, the “power assist” is still activated and stays activated –and taking power from the battery--until the load is significantly reduced to say ~300W.

Is there anything that can be done to correct this problem?

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VE.Configure - Problem updating ESS assistant to latest with 501 inverter firmware

Hi All,

Decided to update VE.Bus firmware today from 2623497 to 2623501. This is a MultiPlus II, 48V/5000VA. Firmware update went fine (via latest VE.Flash).

VE.Confiure (which is the latest version) indicates that the assistants that were previously running need to be updated (specifically the ESS assistant). When doing the "update assistants from internet", VE.Configure says that the new ESS assistant needs firmware greater than 2623451, and cannot be updated (when 2623501 is obviously greater than 2623451).

Uploaded the previously running assistant to the MultiPlus, and it still works fine, so that is a good thing.

Possibly I should have updated the assistants while still running 497, instead of trying to update them after 501 was installed. Any answers for this, or is it a VE.Configure bug ? Btw. I have done this many times in the past with no problems.

Thanks, Steve.


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