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No Connection to Remote Console, Reset every 1-2 days

Hi ,

i have to reset my Cerbo GX every 1-2 days because I get this fault and cant connect to Remote Console from VRM:


Has anybody a solution?

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Multiplus frequency shifting: stuck at control range maximum


I use frequency shifting by a MultiPlus 48/3000/35-50 (firmware v430, off grid) to control electrical heaters via an AC Thor controller. The idea is to maximize PV power consumption. Layout:


My MultiPlus setup is the following (full settings attached):

Charger settings:

Absorption voltage 55.50 V (absorption voltage of set MPPT = 57.4 V)
Float voltage 55.10 V (MPPT float 55.2 V)

PV inverter support assistant settings:

*) The solar converter will start reducing its output power at 50.10 Hz.
Output power will be reduced to minimum when the frequency is 51.00 Hz.
The converter will disconnect when the frequency is higher than 53.00 Hz.
*) Total installed PV inverter power is 1500 Watts.
Total installed PV panel power is 1500 Watts.

The issue is that the MultiPlus frequently gets stuck at the maximal value of the frequency control range, i.e. 51 Hz. So not at the "disconnect" value of 53 Hz, which seems to be reset according to what is written in the documentation of the PV inverter assistant (at a voltage equal to Float V - 5.2 V).

An example of this issue is shown in the graph below. At time = 0 h (midnight), the system is already stuck at 51 Hz from the previous day (green curve), despite the fact that the battery voltage is 49 V or lower (blue curve), which is well below the charger absorption voltage setting of 55.5 V (dotted blue line). I had switched off the AC Thor loads the previous day, to avoid battery draining.

In the morning I remotely reset the MultiPlus to get the frequency back at 50 Hz.

At around 12:00 pm, the system did what it should: when the battery voltage increased above +/- 55.5 V (blue curve), the frequency shifted. I switched on the loads again, and AC power was sent to the heaters by the AC Thor controller (red curve). I have two sequential heaters of different power controlled by the AC Thor, explaining the variation in AC power consumption.

One can also see that at the end of the day, around t =18 h , the system again was stuck at 51 Hz (and so power consumption maximal at 1500 W), despite the fact that there was not enough PV power available and that the battery voltage reached values as low as 48 V. This is far below the absorption (and float) voltage set for the MultiPlus charger, so one would expect the frequency to be shifted back to 50 Hz. The battery was drained to 80 %, at which time the AC loads were switched off automatically by a Multiplus relay that I programmed for this purpose.

The problem is of course this behaviour drains the battery unnecessarily.

Weirdly enough, the issue does not always happen. Many times it just works as it should (see bottom graph). I did not find any regularity, except that it seems to happen on days with alternating sunshine/clouds, and after the Multiplus returned from the "disconnect" frequency, 53 Hz in my case. Similar behaviour has been reported a few times before on this forum (mostly in the context of frequency shifting for AC coupled PV charging) but a definitive solution was not given.

Can this be solved by changing the settings somehow? I tried many charger voltage/ frequency range settings already, but always the issue pops up. Or is this inherent to the way the frequency shifting is programmed?

Thank you.


Multiplus settings: MP_settings.txt

A good (sunny) day - example of how it should work:


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Getting Genstart to trigger on excessl load on 3 phase using Genflag

Three phase multiplus system (6 x 3kva multis) Wish to self consume, have the multiplus only charge from grid on battery level or excessive load. There is solar PV on AC out so PV Assistant is also required, and driving need for system to be group switched. Grid AC (3 phase) is avialable to AC IN .

Do not want to use ESS, as I do not want to put in grid code and risk feeding any of my power into the grid.

If I load Genstart and Genflag on phase 1 then that works for low battery and excess load on that phase , only. Excess load on L2 or L3 cause Multis to overload. The Genflag seems to be distributed somewhat to the other phase multis since they dont start charinging, probably via group switch function. I cant get Genstart to trigger for overload on L2 or L3. IF I load the assistant on another phase , nothing happens. If I load the assistant plus another instane of Genflag then I lose function on L1 too.. seems the Genfag on L2 or L3 is Or'd with L!. I can prove if I put both assitants on L2 or L3 then the genflag does control the Ignore AC flag on that multi.(changes from 1 to 0) . but when triggered nothing happens.. presumbably because it is still 1 on L1 and that is charge / phase master.

Any ideas how I can use these assistants and genflag to trigger for overload on L2 & L3?

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Transfer to AC IN on one phase in 3 phase system

1. 3 phase system with 6 3kVA Multiplus in off grid config. To maximise solar consumption I have set up assistants (general relay plus either programmable relay or gen start / stop will do this) to transfer to AC IN once the battery discharges to a certain level. This is set only on the master on L1 and will use the chargers on all the Multis. Works well.

2. But when inverting again an overload can occur on L3 due heavy loading. I dont have time to rebalance phases just at the moment so was hoping to emulate the assistants above to solve this too. But it does not work.

If Ioad the logic on L1 Master.. it does not affect L3 (unlike the voltage sense/ charging assitant in 1. I tried either the programmable relay or gen start/stop relay on the L3 master , plus the general relay assistant, but nothing happens.

Note the PV assistant is in place on all masters.. and is the last assistant.

Is it possible to get L3 to transfer to AC on overload condition during inverting?

I had no problem setting this up on a single phase system to test.. so my assistant logic works.. it just does not in a 3 phase set up.

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Kein ESS Assistent gefunden

Moin liebe Gemeinde, ich habe einen Easy Solar-II GX montiert und versucht die ESS Einstellungen zu machen. Im Remote Control zeigt er aber nur kein ESS Assistent gefunden. Was kann ich jetzt machen?

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No ESS Assistant found nach Firmware v2.86 update


ich bin am Einrichten des MP II GX 48/3000, parallel zum Netz. Hat schon 2 Tage funktioniert.

Nach Update auf Firmware v2.86 kann ESS nicht mehr aufgerufen werdn

EM24 per LAN, LiFePo4-Batterie per CAN werden erkannt und angezeigt.

Der MP II bleibt immer in Status "off"

Mit VE Configure 3 nochmals den ESS Assistent entfernt und neu installiert.

Alles ohne Erfolg -> No ESS Assistant found

was kann ich noch tun?

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Orion and MultiPlus - Disable charging at zero degrees (Celsius)

Hi All. I would like to disable charging on an Orion and MultiPlus when it hits zero degrees Celsius.

I have a Cerbo GX and Touch 50 as part of the system, and a temperature sensor on the Cerbo GX.

For the Orion - To the best of my knowledge, I have set up the configurations correctly on the "Relays" option on the GX to work off "Temperature", and activation/deactivation settings.

Where I need advice is:

1. How do I connect the NC/COM/NO relays to the Orion Remote L/H? I have tried various combinations without any success.

2. What assistant can I use on the MultiPlus if I ran wires from Relay 2 of the Cerbo to AUX of the MultiPlus? And which NC/COM/NO wires do I need to use.

Thanks in advance.

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Trigger a dump load when your batteries are full (opportunity loads)

After browsing the docs and this forum for a while I’m still a bit puzzled about the fact that Victron doesn’t provide an easy way to manage opportunity loads. In this recent video it is said everything should be possible, but I couldn't find any information about how to do it. There seems to be no specific webinars in the professional portal.

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Fonctionnement de l'Aide convertisseur PV


Je dois faire de la régulation du PV pour éviter les surcharges des batteries Lithium avec l'assistant "Aide convertisseur PV", mais je ne comprends pas le fonctionnement.


Quelles sont les conditions de changement de la fréquence des QUATTRO?

Es-ce à partir d'un seuil de tension batterie? d'état de charge des batteries?

Pour info, l'installation est composé de 3 QUATTRO 8kVA + 1 SYMO 15kVA.

Merci de votre aide.

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About Charge current control Assistant

If I have understod it right. The Charge current control Assistant ads current linearly to the voltage on AUX input (0-5V). Meaning more volt more current. And if so a trimpot to control the voltage on AUX input would leed to more or less current passing thrue. Or not?


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Comment connaitre la quantité d'energie (Kwh) transitant par les batteries ?


Dans la cadre d'une utilisation domotique, je récupère un certain nombres d'informations sur Home assistant via Modbus. Je souhaiterai récupérer les quantités d'énergie stockées et déstockées bar les batteries (en kWh, en Wh, ..., je connais déjà les puissances "instantanées" de charge et décharge en W)). Ces informations sont à priori disponibles mais pas avec le Bus-can.

Pouvez vous me confirmer, comme je l'ai lu sur le forum anglais, qu'il est possible d'installer un SmartShunt de le connecter en, de récupérer les informations sur les flux d’énergie mais de ne pas l'utiliser comme BMS ?

Existe-il un autre moyen d'accéder à ces informations ?

Ma configuration

  • Multiplus II 5000
  • Cerbo gx
  • Batteries pylontech


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where can i find "dedicated ignore ac input" in the assistants?

where can i find "dedicated ignore ac input" in the assistants?

because i need to add safety off to the system, untill now i used dedicated ignore ac input in the virtual switch, in order to use the assistants i need to select don't use VS.

I need to use the same action but in the asssistants.


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What's the lowest inverter operational DC input voltage of a 48V GX controlled ESS?

After several issues with a firmware update stopping my ESS working with a connected 40A sensor, I am finally getting the system work work as intended but one sticking issue is the voltage will not go below 41.2V, regardless to any settings I adjust.


41.2V happens to be the minimum inverter restart voltage set out by the ESS assistant and is the only thing I can think is the issue, but why does the inverter cut out at the voltage the inverter should be restarting at, if my assumption is correct. If the DC input low shut down is 37.2V, why does it show down at 41.2v?

To test my assumption, I have set every voltage I can adjust to its lowest setting so see if there is any change, and still no change. Dynamic cut-off all set to 36V & sustain set to 36V in the ESS


assistant. DC input shut-down set to 37.2V, DC input low restart set to 41.2V (the same voltage the inverter cuts out at???) My ideal minimum is 38V to maximise the useful energy within the battery whilst maintaining battery longevity.

I have even turned off Battery monitor in the remote console, as well as setting th minimum SOC to 0%, Ive turned off BatteryLife (set it to Optimized (without batterylife), DVCC off, Low battery voltage alarm disabled, still it will not go below 41.2V

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PV Inverter Assistant - unbalanced PV


In the PV Inverter Assistant it says 'Each phase must have the same solar power installed'

So what happens if it is not balanced? If the 1:1 rule is adhered to on each phase will it be ok?


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How to set the battery voltage where PV Inverter Support Assistant starts rising frequency

I'm using a Multiplus II offgrid setup with cerbo gx and pylontech batteries and want to add a Fronius Symo to AC-OUT 1. Pylontech has a absorbtion at 51V and float at 52V. According documentation of the assistant ( the assistant will start rising frequency at 54V. With this configuration it will never rise frequency for Pylontech batteries.

How can I reduce the voltage at which the PV Inverter Support Assistant will increase the frequency appropriately for Pylontech batteries as well?

Is it possible to configure via DVCC?

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