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Random AC frequency too high error Microgrid 3 phase Victron MP2 - Fronius Symo Gen24 Plus

I have a three phase Victron system 3x5kva MP2, SolarMD 14.3KWh and a Fronius GEN24 5k Plus on AC out set to MG50, smartsolar 250/60 and smartsolar 150/35.

All seems to work fine except getting random error 1035 on Fronius (AC frequency too high). At that time AC out frequency is going up to 53.1 Hz. AC in is perfect all the time at 50.1 Hz. AC in voltage looks within normal values. I do not find anything in the graphs to suggest that something may cause the 53.1 AC out frequency spike. I have seen posts saying that one phase voltage drop can cause this. However this is not the case. It is random but is happening during the day when there is solar production. The PV inverter stops for a minute or so when the AC out frequency goes to 53.1. Any suggestions? Thank you!


Multiplus-IIAC PV CouplingFroniusmicrogrid
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