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Virtual Switch Settings Help Needed please

Good day All

My setup as follows:

Victron Multiplus 48|5000|70

MPPT 150|35

SunnyBoy1.5 ( On AC Out L1 of Multi )

Newly installed:

Venus GX

2x 48V 100Ah enerSol LiFeP04 With CANBUS BMS

I used to have LA batteries and used the following assistants:

General Flag for AC Ignore

Generator assistant

Self consumption Hub V2 / 3

The setup ONLY went to grid when batteries were "flat" so to speak.

All worked well until now....

After installing the new batteries and VGX I had to change things up a bit.

Because the Self Consumption V2 / 3 Assistant DOES NOT have an option for CANBUS

LiFeP04 batteries I can no longer use it.

The Problem:..............................

How do I set my inverter to frequency shift to control the SunnyBoy's output if my battries are full? I can't connect it to the grid side of the inverter as we have a prepaid meter which deducts kWh if I feed into the grid.....

I found this section under VS options The part with the rectangle around it, I thought this might be for frequency shifting but am not sure as I can't find much documentation on the VS option.


Any advice welcome.



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SMA Frequency Shifting with feed-in energy limitation

I have a SMA Sunny Boy 1.5 with Mulitplus 1600 working perfectly, frequency shifting works like a charm. I was wondering if it is possible to change SB 1.5 to SB 5.0 (way to big) but with setting up the "Maximum active power output " limitation of the SB 5.0 inverter to 1500 W to keep the 1:1 rule.

To have this working the questions is:

Does SMA's frequency shifting take into consideration the "Maximum active power output " ?

Why ? Because I just have a free SMA SB 5.0 which has two inputs (SB 1.5 has just one), I'd like to make it work again. I can't find this info anywhere, thanks for any info.


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Victron Multiplus 3000 + Solar Edge Single Phase Inverter Error: F-L1 Max


Config Docs:

Victron Inverter: Multiplus 3000

Solar Edge Inverter: Single Phase HD Wave 2.2KW

Solar Edge Inverter Error 'F-L1 Max'

Hello all.

I am hoping to get to the bottom of a high frequency error which is triggering my Solar Edge inverter to disconnect. My Solar edge inverter has been configured in APS mode (AC-Coupling) using the above documentation.

When producing power my Victron inverter is charging successfully in "absorption" before my Solar Edge inverter disconnects. From viewing my Solar Edge SetApp "status" page app i can see the error and a frequency level of 53hz.

I believe the frequency bandwidth config for my SolarEdge inverter and VE.Bus Config is the reason for this disconnect.

When contacting the Solar Edge support they said:

The error shown on the inverter display indicates a Voltage Value too high from the AC.
When the PV is generating more energy than the consumption, it starts exporting energy to the grid. What happens is that if the grid cable is not big enough, this energy flowing to the grid let the AC Voltage raise.

There is also the below note on the above docs which i am no sure is still relevant. My Solar Edge inverter firmware is 4.16.19

Note: In addition to the settings above it is important to contact SolarEdge Support to change a parameter in the backend to allow the frequency shifting with APS mode.

Can anyone help me figure out a solution to this issue?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Need some help defining "Frequencies" in ESS for SolarEdge PV inverter

I could use some help defining the disconnect frequencies in ESS for my PV inverter shown here; any help is appreciated!:


I live in the US, my inverter is 60Hz first off, these are default values I have not modified yet. My Inverter is a SolarEdge HD10000-H US. Active Power control via frequency is defined here in the manual, and can be set by the user:


It would seem that "P0 in my inverter relates to "The solar converter will start reducing its output power at XX Hz", I am guessing that P1 would be the next setting "Output power will be reduced to minimum when frequency is at XX Hz".. I am not sure what to enter for the final disconnect value though. The full manual on Power Control can be found here,

Can anyone provide any recommendation as to how I should configure this in ESS and which values should be selected for P0 and P1 in my inverter?

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temperature LED flashing with frequency shift

Hi all
I have searched for an answer to this with no luck.
Been working on the off grid setup today and have been having some issues, since my battery got to absorption/float stage and made the AC Fronius go into frequency shift, every time something large was turned on the inverter went out of using frequency shift, but as soon as it was turned off the temp LED would flash several times and throw up a warning in connect until it stabilised and went back into frequency shift mode, it's not getting hot at all as far as I can make out and the fan isn't running, it just seams to be a bit of a random thing.
Has anyone come across this, and any ideas why ?
Setup is 48v 930ah traction battery
Victron 48/8000/110
Fronius 8.2-1
Smartshunt 500
Cerbo GX
Thanks for any help

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Frequency dip in the power grid -> ESS switches off

I am asking for support with a problem that I cannot solve on my own.

Two ESS systems are installed on two separate power connections:

System 1: 6x Multiplus 48/5000 3ph with 1280Ah OPZS, AC coupled PV inverter, the ground floor of the house is connected to the AC-OUT.

System 2: 3x Multiplus 48/5000 3ph with Victron-LiFePo4 400Ah, 3x MPPT 150/75, the upper floor of the house is connected to the AC-OUT.

Yesterday there was a drop in the power supply three times; the mains frequency went down to approx. 40Hz. The following happened:

- System 1 switched to "island

- Installation 2 switched off the AC-OUT power and restarted (three times).

My questions: Why did system 2 switch off? What settings are wrong with this installation?

In the screenshot you can see system 2.


Thank you very much for your support.


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Victron coupled to Solaredge WR - Shutodown caused by frequency coupling


I have 6 Multiplus II 3000 connected to a Solaredge SE17K with frequency coupling.

Today we had several power grid outages and Victron went to Standalone Mode. After some minutes the Solaredge WR shut down and stopped producing.

One hour later (grid was back online since more than 40 minutes) the Solaredge went back online also. In the error log I found:

- AC-Frequenz zu hoch (Linie 1)

- AC-Frequenz zu hoch (Linie 2)

- AC-Frequenz zu hoch (Linie 3)

So it seems that there is an issue with frequency coupling. I am using the proposed setup from the victron handbook:

  1. The solar converter will start reducing its output power at 50.2Hz
  2. Output power will be reduced to a minimum when the frequency is 51.2Hz
  3. The converter will disconnect when the frequency is higher than 51.5Hz

Is this maybe not the best possible setup ?

Can I make this setup more failure resistent with other figures ?

Any suggestions ?



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Frequency jumping at night

I had a off grid install completed December 2021 my setup can generate up to 10kw and consists of:

2 x Quattro 48/15000/200

1 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 250/100 rev2

1 x 6kw Solis

3 x 200a/10kwh Rosen power wall with inbuilt BMS

35 x 390w panels (15 connected to MPPT & 20 connected to Solis)

2.5kw dump load installed as attempt to prevent battery SOC reaching 100% to prevent frequency locking and needing manual intervention.

I have been having issues with the frequency jumping to 51 Hz or higher and remaining there which shuts down the Solis inverter. The only way to correct the frequency is to turn on the generator until the Quattro match the generator frequency. In reading the posts here I had believed it was a setting issue with the batteries combined with the configuration on the Quattro. However I am not so sure as the issue is not constant and I have had the system run smoothly during the day but then the frequency jumped to 51Hz at 1am and remain locked through to 2pm when i noticed the issue and turned on the generator. The batteries had not fully charged the previous day and were at 30% at the time this occurred.

I am not an engineer and am having difficultly getting support from my installer to address the issue. Since this is happening at low SOC and during the night would this be a configuration issue or a fault? Can anyone help me solve this problem?

thank you

alator asked
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AC coupled inverters that work with frequency shift (Solis?)

Hi Im after a list of brands that work with frequency shift to reduce output. Ive used fronius before that works well and ive heard SMA will aslo work, im wondering what other brands people have had success using, in particular im trying to find out if anyone has managed to use a Solis inverter as cost wise this would be great. Thanks

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Generators compatible with Fronius grid tied inverters.

We have a Fronius grid tied inverter connected to the output of a Quattro. Fronius grid tied inverters have a shutdown facility which utilises frequency shifting the ac by 1 Hz.

Suppose we have an ESS with a Fronius, Quattro and a generator. If the generator kicks in and the frequency is not exactly 50 Hz, the Quattro will frequency-track it and in doing so inadvertently shut off the Fronius grid-tied inverter.

Do we have to purchase a super-stable generator with exact 50 Hz frequency in order to prevent conflicts between the frequency of the generator and the grid-tied inverter?

Barry Clark asked

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Frequency shifting with Solaredge SE4000-16A

We have an existing grid tied array, with Solaredge SE4000-16A inverter (no battery) installed in 2015, which we get FITS payments for.

I'm in the planning stage of adding an additional 5kw array to a 6 x 6 meter garage roof, and 14.5Kwh of battery storage.

The current plan is to divert the incoming grid connection via the garage, so basically meter tails removed from the CU, and put in to a 100amp fused switch, then 25mm SWA out to the garage (21 meters in length roughly), where there will be either a Multiplus II 48/8000 or 10000, then 25mm SWA back to the CU. The new array will use Victron MPPT charge controllers.

This in theory should mean we have whole house back up in the event of grid failure, with both arrays still working and powering loads/charging the batteries.

My question is, in the event of a grid failure, and the batteries being fully charged will the Multiplus II be able to control the output of the SolarEdge SE4000-16?

I've read this so I'm thinking that we may have to replace the SolarEdge inverter with an SE3500H or SE3680H, but I don't want to do this unless necessary?

PS. The DNO has approved G99 export of a total of 13kW, so no problems there.

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My ESS is not working as expected. Some questions first.


I build my system like seen above. There are some things, that are not working. Before I get in to much detail, I would like to know, if the system is even capable of doing, what I want...

  • If the battery is fully charged, is it possible to feed the DC MPPT power to the grid or the loads?
  • Is it possible to tune down the PV Inverter to feed "0" Watts to the grid, even if more PV is available and the loads are satisfied?

Thanx in advance!

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High frequency issue when grid fails

I work in a hospital in Mulanje (Malawi). We have recently connected 6 Quattro (6x15kW) with 6 Fronius Symo (6x15kW) AC-coupled. We have 6 battery banks (29 batteries in total). Each bank has a BMV and battery capacity of 500Ah (5x100Ah). 1 bank is different with 400Ah (4x100Ah). It is in Malawi not allowed to feed back to the grid. The system is running pretty good but we are dealing with one issue.

When we have low voltage (<180v) the Victron will switch from grid to the battery. Then the frequency goes up briefly to 52,9Hz or 53,1Hz. The next thing is that the Fronius-inverters shut down because of high frequency (error state 105). We have the correct county-settings in the Fronius (MG50). I know that it happens when there is no place to store the energy. But it happens also when the battery is at 40% and the hospital load is 40-60kW. The Fronius-inverters try to start up again and again but gives error until the grid-voltage is good enough for the Victron to go back to the grid. Normally it happens, between 11-2, when the sun is very strong and we need the Fronius-inverters to charge the batteries for the night. In the ESS is the possibility to change the frequency range but the advice to leave it like it is. I added some pictures for clarification. What can we do to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance, Gerwin Habermehl




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AC Thor 9s Inselbetrieb funktioniert nicht

Hallo, ich habe bei meiner Inselanlage (1 phasig, 2 multiplus 5000, 2 mppt 250/100, byd box lvl 15.4) einen Ac Thor 9s verbaut um 2 Heizstäbe mit je 3kw zu betreiben.

Pv inverter assistant wurde konfiguriert.

Am Ac Thor 9s wurde alles richtig eingestellt.

Heute war der Akku voll und es kamen mindestens 7kw vom dach, aber der ac thor hat nur durchschnittlich 50w verbraucht.

Hat jemand eine Idee?

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Two fronius inverter connected to AC-OUT: 1.0 rule

Hi together,

I have two fronius Symo 15kVA with 36.5 kWp combined PV panels, currently connected at AC-IN, so they will be shutdown during grid outage.

In addition I have 3 Multiplus-II 3000 with 8 Pylontech US2000 48V and 4kWp via an MPPT-RS.

Everything is 3phase in my household (heat pump, oven, cooking, wallbox...).

If there is a long power outage (days to weeks) I'd like to have the possibility to rewire the fronius inverters to AC-OUT and reconfigure them to MG50 frequency shifting to also use the power that they generate.

Now my question: is it possible to use this configuration if I limit each fronius to max 4.5kW via Fronius Grid configuration? This should then be 2 x 4.5kW = 9kW distributed over 3 legs. So it should still match the factor 1.0 rule because there is never more then 3kW on AC-OUT on each of the Multiplus-II 3000.

Will frequency shifting still work in this configuration?

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