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ac coupling

stable output of three phase AC output of Three Quatros AC Coupled

Three Quatro 8KVA inverters in Three phase configuration

with 27KW Fronius inverter (17 KW panels only will add more later )

with Victron MPPT 250/100 and 5 KW solar panels

when client does welding work with a AC welder 2KW single phase the AC Output is not stable and causes lights to Flicker

the load is mixed with lights and other electrical equipment on three phases

how can the output be made more stable

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Is it possible to AC couple an 8kva growwatt inverter with a victron 10kva multiplus inverter

I have an existing system, 10kw of panels going through a growatt 8kva inverter tied to grid, feeding back 5kw. I want to install a victron 10kva multiplus inverter and 30kw of batteries, to try and run off batteries at night and reduce bill dramatically. And be sweet if grid goes down. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance

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Victron Multi + Fronius Primo Hybrid system!


I am having the Fronius AC Coupled at Multi's AC Out1, and trying to set all for Grid Feed-in limited to a given value.

Should it be the Fronius discovered on the Modbus TCP device list? for me is not there. Scanning not helps.


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3 phase win turbine into quattro

HI gus, we want to install an hybrid off grid solar + wind system with Quattro systems. So our questtion is how to connect via ac coupling if the wind inverter have 3 phase output. Do we need 3 units of Victron Quattro or only 2 . The house sysyem in single phase. Regards.

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Why do we switch the AC Neutral ?

The contactors or relays inside Multiplus (and probably Quattro and others) show a circuit diagram for switching off the neutral conductor to AC mains. I wonder about the reason for doing this as is not used in all the remaining AC installations. Exeptions are for appliance behind „Schuko“ type connectors where hot conductor and neutral can be exxchanged depending from the plug direction. If the neutral switching to public AC grid is for regulation purpos only, what could be the reason for this rule ? For my experience, the neutral switching is a big danger for asymmetric loads in 3 phase grids. Anyway transfer switches have high efforts to reconnect the disconnected neutral to earth again using late break / early make contactors.

At least with the use of own grid transformer who produces non public neutral, I cannot see any reason on why not to connect all neutrals permanently. If there is any remaining neutral current, it will not be registered in any kilowatthours registration devices. If this is possible (or recommended) there would be the possibility to improve the resistance of the used contactor with parallel use of the 3 or 4 available NO switches.

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Phoenix 12/500. AC ausgang absichern weil mehrer steckdosen oder verteiler

Hallo welchen schalter/schutzschalter würde ich brauchen wann ich den AC ausgamg vom Inverter absichern will.

Zurzeit hängt manchmal ein 3er verteiler fix da ca 2.5 weg ein kabel zum 230v kühlschrank auf einzelne steckdose dor würde ich gerne 2er od. 3er hin hängen driekt am 3er verteilrr hängt meisten laptop, diverse lade geräte, stabmixer oder auch mal ein 2tes langes weg (wie bei kühlschrNk) nach aussen um mal werkzeug zu nutzen, ein licht anhängen ider evtl auch mal teil meines dj Equipment was auch innen vorkommen kann! Er war auch nie überlast der inverter alles im grünen berreich nur ist halt teilweise echt bisserl "kablesalat" mit langem kabel vom inverter 3er verteiker weg da dran wieder einen Verteiler weil ebem gerade so gebraucjt wird spontan! Das fahrzeug hat KEINE NETZVORANGSCHALTUNG und KEINEN LANDANSCHLUSS mit irgenwelchen umschalt Schnickschnack.....maximal im winter wird von einem benzin 4- takt inverter-stromerzeuger extra ein kabel nähe batterie gelegt (länge immer unterschiedlich)mal steht das aggregat direkt unterm bus u. Dan wieder weit um es nicht zu höhren) und an dieses kabel wird ein victron blue smartcharger 12v15a angehängt der meine batterie ganz klassisch nachlädt oder nichteinmal das sondern der stromerzeuger wird nur extern dazu geschaltet wo dan evtl Laptop oder anderes equip hängt was in regenzeiten zu viek energie frisst!

Wie gesagt ich würde voll gern bei Phoenix 12/500 AC ausgang einen schutz!!! Falls ich mal bei arbeiten das verlängerungskabel durch schneide oder doch mal paar tropfen wasser einfach wo falsch Hinteropfen eo nicht sein soltte naja gebe viele möglicjkeoten warum absichern!

Sooo langer text für eigentlich sehrbeinfach simplen aufbau

Bitte evtl kann mir jemand weiterhelfen und hätte einen tipp welcher FI/LI da sinn machen würde oder zumindest eien LI-schutz wann FI sowieso nicht das bewirkt was der bewirken soll! abb- schutz/schütz oder ähnliches

Für anregung bin ich offen doch die spontane verwendundndurch Verlängerungskabel irgenwo herum am bus und spontan mal einen 3er verteiler dazu weil nötig innemnoder aussen wirds nicht ändern ansonsten offen für alles besten dank

Sonig hitzige Grüße


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AC Coupling - Microgrid Total Output Capability with Foronius

I am having a brain fart with a simple question and cannot find the answer anywhere. If I have a Multi 3000Va paired with a Fronius 3000Va unit connected on AC output 1, is the total theoretical output 3000Va or 6000Va?

flip-flops asked
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Quattro AC Inputs Fail - As in did work, then suddenly do not.

I've had TWO units fail in the last 2 years.

One was covered under warranty. yes we did all of the diagnostics to insure the unit was malfunctional. Victron DID honor their warranty. It was 2 days worth of labor to get it out of the space, and re-install the replacement.

So here we are, about a year later, almost to the day... The warranty unit has failed in the same way, first the generator input, and now the AC Input.

This is most definitely a design flaw.

I'll be engineering my own solution for AC Input to go straight to the DC Bus via some power supplies. But I'm SERIOUSLY disappointed in this product due to the design flaw. Had I known that this would be an issue, I would have definitely gone with something much more simple.

PKYS was the dealer, whom mis-informed me about the capabilities of the quattro 10K. He indicated I could go down to 15A, which it cannot, but only comes down to 19A. Furthermore, when the AC Input started to behave flakey (as in refused to take power in), instead of having a discussion about it, he'd rather argue. Also indicating that ESS was supported, but turns out that cannot happen here in the USA.

Thanks much to Victron corporate for helping me sort it out and troubleshoot and finally getting the unit replaced. That being said, here we are again... A year later, and the same problem, which is enough for me to conclude it is a design flaw, and not a fluke unit. As such I'll be designing my own variable AC->DC solution since even if it were to be replaced AGAIN, the unit would inevitably fail AGAIN. It's less labor (but more cost) to engineer a different solution which won't fail due to normal use, and modular in nature such that a single failure would not cause a loss of power such as is the case now.

I do love the Victron stuff. And the warranty and such is spectacular! Big applause there! I wish they'd look farther into this problem, and come up with a solution, and perhaps a new board without the desgn flaw. Replacing the board is probably a lot easier than removal/replacement of the whole unit. Yes, it's really crammed in there, safe and sound, plenty of circulation, and lots of protection.

This is my ONLY complaint so far... Unfortunately it's a big one. I wouldn't use these units anywhere you cannot have an AC Input failure due to normal use. When they fail, it's slow, and then suddenly.

It could be, and this is just speculation on my part, but it could be that the Virtual Switch is what causes the unforeseen problem that causes failure to surface. In both units, the virtual switch was enabled shortly before failure occurred. Virtual switch is used because ESS in the USA is not an option.

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MultiPlus II GX 48/5000/70/50 charger + VS settings (ignore grid) ?

I am in the learning phase

I have set the values in a fake file in Ve.config but have some doubts in the charger tab. Where you can choose that the charger should stop charging after the bulk stage, you can click in it and still select all four values in the Ignore AC input tab?

I want shore power when the battery is too low and / or load too high and ignore when the load is normal again and / or the battery has reached ca 54V or end of bulk.

It does not really appear in the PDF file in my opinion.

virtual-switch-ignore-ac-lesson (1).pdf




If something looks very wrong, I am grateful for help.

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Sunny boy sb 3000 manufacture 2012 ac coupling

I would like to buy a old but Nevers used sma sunny boy SB 3000 inverter manufactured in 2012 for making ac coupling. But how to know if thé fréquence shift work with this old modele?


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Multiplus-II 12v 2x120 overloading with nothing connected

I'm working on installing a M-II 2x120, and when I turn it on it immediately goes into overload mode (red light), which is odd since the other end of the 6/3 isn't connected to anything yet.

Removing the wires from the connection on the Multiplus-II allows it to work, and I've verified that the wires are not shorted together.

Any Ideas what may be going on?

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Multiplus II GX wiring to generator (AC-in)


In the MultiPlus II GX manual it is written to follow the instructions below when connecting the AC input:

Left to right: N (neutral), PE (earth/ground), L (phase)

In my setup I have a 3kW inverter generator as AC in, but I cannot understand which is the neutral and which is the phase as the output of my generator is a female plug, on which the plug can be inverted from time to time.

Which is the proper connection in this case?

Thanks a lot

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Consumption readings not accurate - AC coupled system

Hi there Guys

I have an off grid system.

With a Quatro 8 kW and MPPT on the shed.

and a AC coupled fronius inverter on a house sub board 20 meters from the shed.

It seems that the consumption monitoring on VRM is not showing the gross consumption of the loads. Just the net. (after the fronius inverter has fed the load at the house).

Do I have to install a meter at the house sub board where the fronius inverter is to get a more accurate reading?.

Thanks for your help in advance


Regards Alex

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Energy meter AC loads - PV = grid


I have two energy meters ET112's. Grid, PV array and loads both on AC in.

If the meter on loads is set to grid meter (wrong for mysetup) the ac loads is calculated as follow grid + PV = AC loads.

However it doesn't work if energy meter is set to AC loads ie AC loads - PV doesn't equal grid in VRM.

Is there a way to do this?



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ESS setup for fronius on AC IN side

Hi all. Is it necessary to add in the setup of the Assistant ESS. That I have a pv on ac out if the pv is on ac in ? I ask the question because I have a small problem.

System design 3 phase multi 48/5000/70 with fronius symo 8.3-2 ( 7.0 kw pv panels) on ac in side.

In the ESS Assistant I answered no acpv on out side.

During mid day the fronius is showing production on 8.2 kw even if the pv panels are 7.0 kw... can someone tell me where to look at ?


Can I set somehow to be 7.0?

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