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Polarity protection for mobile multiplus

Hello everyone,

the manual states(Multiplus 48/3000), that the Phase from the Grid should be connected to the Phase-In from the Inverter. Due to the mobile usage of the Inverter, the Inverter shall be connected to the Grid with a Schuko plug However the right plugging of the schuko plug is not always ensured, because you can plug the schuko plug in two ways (Not turned Phase to Phase, and turned Phase to Neutral). Does somebody know a device, that stops the current from follwing when the device is not connected properly?

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Prioritize Solar over Shore Power

I have read what I could about this, but have not seen a simple solution. I have 1000W of panels with Multiplus 12/3000/120, 150/85 MPPT Charge Controller and CerboGX / Touch50, 3 x 200Ah Lithium. I shut off Shore Power completely Late Spring thru Fall and all is good, but during the winter months I want to take advantage of all Solar, when available. Shore Power powers all AC, and solar kicks in for the DC demands. I have currently limited Shore power input to 12 amps. Should I lower that even more and find a balance, which will keep the batteries up, or is there a setting where Solar can be utilized to its max whenever available, and Grid/Shore to take up the balance. I know I am being simplistic here, but I am looking for a straight forward solution.

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12/1600 Easy Solar slow shore charge

After 10 months of use with no problems, my EasySolar unit has run into problems when trying to shore charge at home/campsites.

I have a 200ah Victron LifePo4 battery, BMV-712 Smart and 16/1600 Easy Solar, connected to three 175w Victron Panels and controlled via a Multi-Control unit and the victron app.

A few weeks ago when on shore power I noticed that the charge was incredibly slow. (1-2% per hour). I suspected the campsite might have limited amps, but have encountered the same issue now at home and elsewhere. It seems to be constantly stuck in Float on the multi control panel.

I read in the manual that you can kick the unit into forced absorption by flicking charger only on / off four times which I tried and indeed the unit will then kick into a higher amp charge (40amps) but will tail off over the next 20-30 minutes.

Therefore to get a full charge I have to force absorption 5/6 times in order to get the battery up to the required voltage. This is impractical as it requires staying in the van and is obviously not best practice for the system.

I have the setting a for lithium battery and haven’t changed any other settings via bluetooth, but cannot tell what the issue is or how I could connect to the multiplus to change the settings.

I have no issue charging via MPPT or with the Orion, just when I plug in.

Feeling a bit stuck!

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41' Boat Upgrade...Need Advise

My wife and I took the plunge and bought a 1984 Roughwater Trawler for live-aboard (Semi-retirement). It needs a major upgrade when it comes to the electrical side of things that's for sure. So far I have made a list of the upgrades I'd like to make.

MultiPlus II 12/3000

Orion-Tr Smart 12/12-30A (360W) Isolated DC-DC charger

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 150|70

Lynx Distributor

Victron BMV-712 Battery Monitor

Smart Battery Protect 100A

Galvanic Isolator VDI-32

Cerbo GX

GX Touch 50

6x 200W Solar Panels

3x 200Ah AGM Batteries

Now the List that i'm going by currently is from 3000w INVERTER | 400-600Ah | 400 TO 1200W SOLAR-CAMPER by website. I have noticed some wiring diagrams with a battery Isolator and some without when it comes to the Home battery and starter battery. With me using the Isolated Orion do I need to get the battery isolator as well or no?

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Adding additional 50A plug to MultiPlus II

I have a MultiPlus II 2x120 in my RV along with solar and 10.4kWh of LiFePO batteries. This system is incredibly flexible and provides a lot of benefits including the ability to operate for extended periods of time without hook-ups (shore power) and the ability to operate as if I had 50A service when I only have 30A.

I have added a PHEV to my vehicle line-up and would like the ability to share 50A service with the other electronics in my RV. I would like for the PHEV to have "priority" on the electric service if that makes sense -- it wants to draw 7.5kW when plugged in and I have a Level 2 charger with a 14-50R plug.

My thinking is that I will install a 14-50R receptacle in the RV that I can plug the Level 2 charger into. My question, though, is where to draw power from. One option would be to add a breaker and pull off of the same 50A service (shore power). If I do this, one issue I could have is drawing too much current from shore power unless the MultiPlus II knows about the Level 2 charger. I do have a current monitor but have never used it. Could I connect the current monitor on the main feed from shore power and then parallel the MultiPlus II and the 14-50R for the charger. Would the MultiPlus II restrict it's current knowing how much total current is being drawn and the limit in the MPII?

Another option would be to put the plug on the output of the MultiPlus II. I don't expect to be able to charge without any shore power (my PHEV has a 17.2kWh capacity and my RV only 10.4kWh so it makes no sense to let it draw down the battery if I'm not on shore power). My MPII is a 3kVA unit, but I believe this is just the rating for the inverter. If I was plugged into a 30A service (providing only 3kW of power), the MPII can only make up another 3kW so I'm shy of the current required to charge the PHEV, BUT my charger will allow me to lower it's current draw so I could set that at say 5kW and allow it to charge from both batteries and the shore power. This would allow me to quick-charge the vehicle (this would take about 3h at that rate), draining the batteries some during that time and then when I leave in the vehicle, the MPII would continue to charge the batteries in the RV from the 30A shore power.

Has anyone tried this? Any ideas on the best approach? I've attached a drawing of my current setup without the PHEV power connection for reference.

390RK Solar-11.drawio.pdf

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Should I find a way to mount this junction box?

Another possible mistake made by the installer of my Victron system. As I continue to dig into the work done I found the Junction box they used to splice into the 50a Shore power is just hanging loose behind the breaker panel. Should I worry about it bouncing around in there? It's probably going to bounce a lot when I am towing the camper. It won't let me attach a Google drive link to the video? Hopefully it can be accessed here.

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Can a 12v inverter output be used a shore power for a 48v Inverter/Charger?

I have an RV with 12v chassis and 48v Lithium house bank. 99% of 48v charging is from 2100 watts of solar. 1% is from the Charger on my Multiplus II. I want to add the ability to charge from my dual 12v alternators but Victron does not make 12-48 DC to DC and the alternative brand is only 700 watts.

If I were to add a Victron Inverter to my 12 volt side and connect the 110 volt output into the 110 volt input on my Multiplus II would the Multiplus II accept the current and charge the 48v bank. I would program the Multiplus II to limit the current to less than the 12v inverter output.

On a previous camper I had a Renogy Inverter charger and would connect to a friend's Class A with an Onan generator. If the generator cut off the Class A would switch over to it's onboard Inverter and it caused a fault on my Renogy. It did not work with the input coming from another inverter.

Thank you

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PowerAssist how does it work? Boosting starts well below Current Limit! Batteries cant charge! help!

Theres a foot of snow and its freezing out. I need to heat multiple buildings to keep pipes from bursting. And though my hydro (shore) power is producing ~30amps the "power assist" keeps turning on at about 50% of my current limit rather than as the description says, to supplement power demand after the 30amps! (Quattro: 2x10Kw (240V SplitPhase)

State A: Load near Limit - battery discharges at 2Kw! (1000Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Discharging

Input Current/Limit: 16/29Amps (3800W / 6960W)

Output Load: 6000Watt

State B: Load around 50% - battery doesn't charge! (2500Watt available load)

Battery State: 45% SOC and Float

Input Current/Limit: 18/29Amps (4500W / 6960W)

Output Load: 4500Watt

I've tried changing the power assist boost factor value from 2 to the minimum of 0.3 which I would assume is 9amps. Isn't it supposed to give me an additional 9amps? so I can boost up to 39amps but have a load of up to 30amps?

Well I have a consistent load above 15 amps and the quattros keep draining from the battery rather than using the available load!

Now that my batteries are below 50% the occasional load spike will shut off the quattro system! And the batteries are continuining to discharge. By the end of the weekend the system isn't going to work anymore! I would be better off without the quattros! (and this has been pretty much my entire experience w/ the product).

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AC Input limit weirdness


Quattro 120v/5000/24v running ESS (custom grid code).

10 Kw LiFe storage

7 Kw genset

Variable shore power options.

When AC input limit is 25A or greater, everything works as expected, with loads running off incoming AC, up to the limit, and any difference coming from batteries, until SOC limit. Perfect.

When it’s anything less than ~25A, it seems, the Quattro loses its mind and basically ignores that setting, or goes bonkers switching back and forth and back again between the battery and whatever the input source —often to the detriment of the input source.

Example 1:

Using a generator, setting the input limit below 25A essentially causes the generator to detect a fault on the line and eventually shutdown —right before constantly oscillating up and down trying to keep up with the inverter.

Initially, I just ignored this issue and wrote it off as a “weird” compatibility issue between an inverter genset and the Quattro. There are copious posts about “syncing” issues with inverter generators and these inverters.

Example 2:

A 20A 120v “mooch docking” option was made available (instead of a generator). This was intended to act as a constant drip of AC, at a very low draw, with the smart Victron inverter in between handling the balance.

Set input limit to 10A.

Utterly ignored. Everything was coming in from the “shore” plug, regardless. But, at least it was stable in its ignoring the limit.

Then, I figured out that SOC was below set-limit, so that made sense. It was essentially running in pass-thru mode. So, I adjusted the SOC limit to well below battery’s current SOC. This should allow it to make up any deficit from the batteries (which had plenty of capacity remaining).

That’s when things got even more weird. Being allowed to actually draw from the battery caused the same ping-pong effect I described in example one above, with the Quattro constantly swinging wildly on input power and battery draw, and then eventually it fully exceed not just the 10A limit I set, but the full 20A limit of the plug, and blew the breaker.

So, I’m confused as to what to expect from that input limit. It seems to be essentially worthless below 25A —even though the UI very clearly lets one set it that low.

And not only that, but it seems to make things considerably worse for the input line, whether that’s a genset or (otherwise stable voltage) input from shore power.

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MultiPlus 12/1600/70 - Inverting Whilst on Shore Power

I have a MultiPlus 12/1600/70.

On the seperate control panel toggling left charges the battery and provides 240v to the 3-pin sockets when connected to shore power. Toggling right Inverts when not on shore power. The middle position is off.

Whenever I am on shore power and do not want to charge the battery I leave the Multiplus off (middle position). The problem I have is that when I want to invert (toggling right) whilst on shore power the unit provides 240v as expected but it also charges the battery (the 'Inverter on' lights up for a few seconds on the right side and then turn off, the left lights on the control panel light up showing 'Mains on' and the current state of charge and the battery begins to charge).

If I can harvest some good solar power during the day I do not want to use the shore power to top up my battery when I need 240v.

I could disconnect shore power to resolve this but is there a setting in Venus or on the Multiplus that would prevent this happening?

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Gx device doesn't show shore power.

Yesterday, I connected shore power to my campervan for the first time. I've been running my Multiplus II over summer with the MPPT 100/50 as my sole power source. With land power connected, the Multi charges the battery with >100A but the AC in current does not show, nor does powerassist work. Anyone can suggest a possible cause? With land current disconnected, the shown AC load power is correct, but with the relay closed all AC shows zero regardless of the actual load. In below screen shot I was drawing at least 1500W AC


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How to setup multiple chargers connecting simultaneously.


I have purchased the following devices and I am starting to setup the system on my Boat, where I have a Starter Battery and a House Battery:

  • Blue Power Charger 12 30 3
  • Smart solar MPPT 100 30
  • Orion-TR Smart 12 12 - 30
  • Smart Battery Protect 12/24 100
  • BMV-712 Smart
  • 2 x Victron 12V 175W Mono Solar Panels

My question relates to situation in which these devices will all be working at the same time.

The AC/DC and DC/DC Charger, will rarely do that, as I will either be on Shore Power or on Engine Power, but there could be very rare instances of the engines being run while on the dock for a few minutes when also still connected on Shore power.

My main concern is the MPPT Solar Charger running at the same time as the DC/DC Charger when under way and in daylight. But technically, if I am in the situation described above at the dock, all three chargers could be working at the same time, for some short period of time.

Can this damage the devices or the Battery? At present the Battery is a AGM 100Ah Deep Cycle but I will soon be replacing it with a LiFePO4.

Can someone please recommend the best way to setup this system? Am I better off switching manually things on off based on the usage? Or can I setup the devices parameters in such a way that they will automatically stop working at the right time based on the voltage produced by other devices?

I would appreciate some guidance and help.

Thank you in advance,


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Can shore power add to a multiplus if it is already supplying maximum output?

If for example i have a Multiplus that supplies a maximum continuous of 1300w and i draw 1300w which is being supplied from a battery bank. When shore power is connected will this allow further draw? perhaps 2000w?

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No power at all, please help!!

Hi, I have a vitron power inverter with a Multipass compact unit. There is no power at all inside the camper van. The Multipass unit has a solid red alarm led and a solid amber charge led. I cannot even Bluetooth into the console. Absolutely no power, everything is down. I am using the same power cord as I used before. Also, when I start the camper van, engine running I also get no power, even the driver console is not working. Please help.

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Plug for Shore Power Inlet

Does anyone know a UK or German supplier of the female plug to fit an SHP301603000 shore power inlet. Looks like a variation on the CEE plugs, but I can't find one to fit.

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