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VRM grid lost alarm will not clear

I labelled my Quattro AC input 1 as ‘shore power’, then set up an alarm rule on my CCGX where all input labels (not available, grid, generator, shore power) were enabled.

When I disconnected my shore power, the CCGX and VRM gave me ‘grid lost’ alarms. I acknowledged the alarm on the CCGX and reconnected shore power but it took a reset to clear the CCGX, and I can’t clear it on the VRM.

I’ve tried deleting the rule and setting up a new one, re-labelling my input as ‘grid’ to see if that’ll clear it - no luck.

Any advice appreciated - would like to clear from the VRM.

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dual muliplus II wont connect to shore power

I have had 2 Multiplus II working in spit phase 180 for almost 10 months. Recently I bondocked for a couple of days then when I got to a rv park and hooked up the Multiplus's wouldnt connect to shore power but still work fine on inverter and my solar is still recharging batteries. I have a cerbo and overrule by remote is switched on but dont see any reason the cerbo would not allow the multis to pass thru. I can see my incoming power of 124 both legs at the multiplus and on the cerbo. but no connection i checked all the settings in the multis with the dongle and have changed several settings to no avail. I want to ask if anyone has a suggestion and if the i could of changed the communication mode in the cerbo by accident? would that cause my problem Thanks

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Multiplus shuts down while plugged into shore power on “charge only” mode

I have a Victron Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80 inverter/charger.

I use it in my travel trailer with solar panels and battleborn batteries.

I wired the inverter’s “AC out” into the trailer’s breaker box and the shore power cord on the trailer into the inverter’s “AC in“ in order to take advantage of the built-in automatic transfer switch.

I only plug into shore power when I need to use the trailer’s air conditioner. When plugged into shore power, I switch the Multiplus to “charge only” mode as my battery bank and this Multiplus will not power the air conditioner if shore power is lost. It’s start up requires around 4,000 Watts.

However, sometimes when I’m plugged into shore power, the Multiplus will turn off for a few seconds, killing the AC power, and then turn back on again even though shore power was not lost.

This is inconvenient when trying to sleep as I have to jump up and turn off the air conditioner before the Multiplus turns back on and is suddenly tapped for the large load required by the air conditioner. This results in a loud buzz from the Multiplus and the error light flicking on for a second before it returns to normal functioning.

I’m guessing this happens because the Multiplus has parameters to shutdown temporarily when the shore power current, voltage, and/or frequency drops below a certain amount—something one would not notice if the shore power was not entering the trailer via the Multiplus. I do understand these parameters are in place to protect whatever load device you have plugged in, but for me, it’s a inconvenience.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to change these parameters in order to prevent this from happening.

Please point me in the right direction so I can fix this. I have the VE bus. If you could help me with this, I would be very grateful.

Thank you,


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Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 not charging on shore power and no led light charging only


My Multiplus Compact is not charging when I'm connected to shore power.

I cant find any solutions and am not sure if I have to look to "hardware" or software issues.
My setup
Multiplus compact 12/1600/70,MPPT,BMV 702,AGM 12v/220

I specially wondering if the software settings are correct and if I should update the firmware ( and which version ?)

Maybe the charging is not been activated because of wrong settings ?

Hope someone can help me !








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Shore power is available - can I still make use of solar?
Hi. I have boat moored in open water with all power currently being supplied by solar:

  • 9kW solar panels
  • 3 Victron MPPT 250/85 charge controllers
  • 30kWh lithium batteries
  • Quattro 48/15000 (firmare version 430)
  • No generator

The boat is going to a marina which can supply 16A of AC power (220V), so I propose to limit AC Input power to 14.5A, which I am told is the lowest maximum AC input current that is possible for the 430 version firmware Quattro 48/15000.

However, as I understand it, that would leave my 9kW of solar panels as being entirely redundant - basically no power would ever be captured/used from the solar panels, so I might as well disconnect them. That seems a waste and also would of course mean a larger power bill from the marina than is necessary. I am hoping I could have the system set up such that it captures/uses all solar that is available and only uses the shore power when solar is not available, or at times when solar is insufficient to supply all loads. Is that possible please? And do you agree that 14.5A is the minimum upper limit on AC input current for the Quattro 48/15000 please?

Thank you for your advice.

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Why do we have shorts and stray voltage while on shore power?

We are operating a sailboat with a Victron Multiplus 24v 3000Va charger/inverter onboard. We have recently been hauled out of the water for work and we now have some strange things going on. While we are on inverter power everything appears to be ok. When we plug in and switch the shore power on (3 pole switch/breaker) then we have 75vac between hot and ground, and 48vac between neutral and ground. There is 48vac between the grounded components of the boat and the dirt. This is happening regardless of if the multi-plus is active or not (when on shore power and the incoming 3-pole switch is closed). There are no shorts between hot & ground or neutral and ground on the plug side of the shore power switch. There are also no shorts between hot and ground on the boat side. This was determined by turning everything off and testing with a multimeter. This is perplexing and I am thinking that the multi-plus has failed or that there is a problem with the shore power. However the shore power tests just fine as well with no shorts and voltage only between hot and neutral, and hot and ground. Currently the chassis of the Multiplus is not tied to the ship's ground I will be working on that today, it is bonded however through the ac input line. We have an ELCI after the multi-plus which does not trip. The Multi-plus is wired directly inline from the switch for shore power, and is wired directly to the ELCI, which then goes back to the distribution busses.

Update: grounding the chassis of the multi-plus to the ship's ground has not resolved the issue.

Thank you.

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RCD Test fails when connected to shore power

Hi all,

I have a Multiplus compact 12/1600/70 installed in my camper van.
There is in RCD and fuse right after shore power entrance which is wired to the fridge and the Multiplus input. Another RCD is mounted behind the Multiplus responsible for the power outlets in the van.
If shore power is disconnected the RCD is triggered correctly by test device as well as RCD self triggering test and also the test device readings are as the should be.
As soon as the Multiplus gets connected to shore power and starts inverting the readings of the test device get screwed and neither one of the RCDS can be triggered by the testdevice. The RCD self triggering test works for the RCD on the shore side, but not on the inverter side.
Any ideas what might be wrong here?

Test without shore power on inverter


Test with shore power connected


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115v (United States) and 230v (world) - Sailboat world cruiser


Looking through the blog there are bits and pieces but I can't see to get a clear picture. Here is the background:

I need to setup my boat for both 115 and 230 V AC input. I currently have a Multplus Charger / Inverter. I want to install an Isolation Transformer.


1. Will the Isolation Transformer stepdown the voltage from 230v to 110v ac so the Multiplus will consume 115v AC during battery charging?

2. Will the Isolation Transformer pass through 230V and the Multiplus Charger switches from 110v to 230v AC during battery charging?

3. If I am connected to 230v shore power and I run my 115V Norther Lights Generator. Is there going to be concern especially if #2 is the expected operation. I would think there will be but I will let the experts chime in.

4. What happens to the isolation transformer if I draw more then staining 32 Amps?

Thank you in advance.


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Victron Quattro Power assist configuration problem ?

Hello guys,

I'm living on my sailboat, equipped with a Victron Quattro 12V/220V/3000W and a marine Genset. I'm actually trying to find a way to start my diving compressor, which is a 220V single phase motor 2.2kw, his starting current peak is about 45A.

My genset is a small model, and himself He's not able to provide enough to compensate the Starting peak current demand. So i connect the genset with the Quattro and in theory the genset power + the power assist should be enough to start this diving compressor. But it's not working, i first believe it's because my genset is really to small, but in fact not. See below another test i did and please if you have any suggestion don't hesitate to answer.

When i connect this diving compressor directly to the 220V/16A outlet of the harbor, the diving compressor start and run perfectly.

When i connect this 220V/16A outlet to my "AC in" of the Quattro and the diving compressor is connected to the "AC out", the diving compressor is not able to start! If I'm right, the Diving compressor should be able to start as the Harbor outlet is able to do it, and at least if a little Amps is required for the starting peak, the Quattro should be providing it and the total of this both current should allow the start of the diving compressor. But it's not doing it, I can just hear the Diving compressor motor "growling" but not more!

Do you know if there is any parameter(s)that i should adjust in the Quattro, to allow the full Shore outlet going into the AC out, or if there is a "protection timer" to adjust or something like that ?

Because actually i don't understand if the Quattro is absorbing power of the outlet shore and from that the AC out is not strong enough to start my compressor. Or if the Quattro is stopping the current by the configuration of a thermical protection, timer protection or any "protection" that limit the AC out !

Thank you very much for all the suggestions and ideas that you can offer.

Best regards.


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CerboGX, ET112 and Shore power


I have a setup with the Cerbo GX, ET112, BMV712 and a Quick 12v battery charger in a boat. I have the ET112 in-line on the shore power to monitor load. No inverter or Victron charger in the setup by now.

On the GX I can see the ET112 and the power passing through it, and it reports itself as grid. Is there any way I can change this to shore and configure an alarm/notification if disconnected?


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shore power pass through

I'm trying to configure my Multiplus 3000 to allow shore power pass through to my AC loads, without necessarily having the batteries charged by the Multiplus. There are several threads on this question in the Community suggesting that the charge current control assistant and an external switch on an Aux input can be used to provide this functionality, but there are few details. I cannot find any description from Victron, other than the general overview, about how to actually use the charge current control assistant.

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Interconnect 2 separate off grid Victron 3phase systems 100m apart

I want to connect two existing systems together

System A:

3 x 15KVA Quattro

4 x 250/100 MPPT

2 x 30kWh Freedom Won Lithium

1 x 45KVA Generator

System B:

3 x 10KVA Quattro

2 x 250/100 MPPT

2 x 15kWh Freedom Won Lithium

1 x 30KVA Generator

These two system are 100m apart and I know they can complement each other with excess power by sharing it between each other via an AC cable acting as a 'grid'

Maybe connect output1 of system A to input1 of system B and vice versa. Then both generators to input 2 (separately per respective inverter)

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Multiplus turn load off when shore is disconnected

I'm working on the electrical system for an off-grid RV. I have a multiplus 2000 compact and a Dometic Brisk II high efficiency (11.5btu). The multiplus will handle the AC but my battery bank will not. I intend to only use the Brisk when connected to shore power. So, can the Multiplus be programmed to disconnect the Brisk when grid power is lost (in case of outage or if my generator runs out of juice) or would I be better off just adding a 15A breaker ahead of the multiplus on the shore connection side to power the Brisk when plugged into shore only?

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Connecting shore power, and it electrifies vehicle. No shore power, everything is fine.

Victron Multiplus Inverter/Charger 12 VDC - 3000W - 120vAC w/120AMP Battery Charger -

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Connecting shore power, and it electrifies vehicle. No shore power, everything is fine.

Power coming in is fine.

Victron multiplus turns on, works fine.

Connecting shore power up (worked find before), but now electrifies vehicle.

Where to start?

Thank you!

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EasySolar12/1600 and LIFEP04 with internal BMS keep tripping RCD

Hi, sorry if already covered but I have a camper van with an Easysolar 12/1600 connected to a lithium battery with internal BMS, the camper has:

hook up

orion 12 | 12 30 from starter battery

270w solar panel

victron bmv 712 Shunt

(UK based)

Any other details needed let me know

When the van is on hook up the battery charges until it gets to 99-100% charged then trips the house RCD. Any help to stop this would be greatly appreciated.

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Multiplus or Quattro in parallel cascade - How do they operate to cover increasing loads?

Just for the sake of clarity... ( i thought i understood this - but as ever the info is grey or not specific)

Multis or Quattros working in parallel for a larger output capacity. (single phase)

Do the paralleled units mirror each other and operate in the same fashion


Is it a cascaded arrangement, where the master is loaded up first, then the second unit starts to come in to cover the load... and so on....?

And then so.....

Shore / generator AC input

Can this be connected to the Master alone , or does it have to connect to each paralleled unit ? (there are schematic examples for both arrangements - ie. two AC sources, but then other information "infers" symetrical connections required.) There is the note about the shore power setting needs dividing by the number of conencted units.



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Multiplus - adjusting shore power limit

I expect to adjust the shore power limit on my Multiplus (3kva) fairly frequently.

Q1: Can I adjust the shore power limit using Victron Connect app & Cerbo?
Q2: Can I adjust the shore power limit using Touch 50 & Cerbo?

I am aware of the DMC, and how easy it would be to adjust the shore power limit using it, but would rather purchase the more fully featured Touch 50 over a DMC, if the Touch 50 supports this. And I would prefer to use the Connect app and not purchase either DMC or Touch 50 if the Connect app supports this.


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Connecting to 120 shore power trips breaker

Have a Multiplus 12/120/3000 with 4-100 amp hour Lithium batteries in series installed in our fifth wheel trailer. Everything has been working great and as it should, but I recently tried to plugin to a standard 120 wall outlet just to trickle charge the batteries while parked in a friends driveway and it would trip the breaker. I tried turning off everything via my breaker panel in my trailer that wasn't necessary to see if it was a load issue...still trips. I also played around with the current limiter settings on my victron digital multi control...nothing made a difference. Multi control was set to charger only. Has anyone else had any issues like this? Maybe something else I can look into to try. Please advise? Thank you in advance :)

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Why is hooking up to shore power throwing the GFCI?

I have a shore power input connected to my Multiplus. It works fine when I use a non-GFCI outlet in my house, but when I use an exterior GFCI outlet the ground fault breaker is thrown.

Have I done something wrong? Is this dangerous?

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Multiplus not switching back to shore power

My Victron Multiplus 12/1200/50 is inverting. When I am connected to the shore power and disconnect it, the inverter starts immediately. If I reconnect to shore power again while inverting the multiplus does not switch back to shore power and also the charging does not start. Could you tell me which configuration is needed? Best Kirsten

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Can you use large wattage appliances with a small multiplus on shore?

I want to install a 500W MultiPlus, but I have a hairdryer that is around 1500W that I'd like to only use when connected to shore power. Is this possible, and can anyone explain how this would work?

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Shore power limit on MultiPlus Compact 12/2000/80-50 120V keeps setting itself to 8.5 Amps

The MultiPlus 12/2000/80-50 has a minimum shore power limit of - 4.5A according to minimum shore current limits 07-2019.xls which I downloaded from victron. When I set the CCGX to 4.5 and exit the menu, the value pops back up to 8.5A. Why might this be happening and how can I get it to 4.5Amps? I also tried to set it via a bluetooth smart dongle. Same behavior.

Could it be that the rating/spreadsheet is not for North America at 120 Volts and only 4.5A for 220V? That would really be disappointing and should probably be mentioned on the spreadsheet. Also I can't turn off power boost, I need it.



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Multiplus Intermittent Overload alerts on shorepower

Hi, I've tried to word this question several times and never get an answer. I'll try again.

I have 3000/12/120 (230) MP connected to 400ah lithium bank and 2000W Isolation Transformer.

I'm getting an issue with high loads (well within the limits) when on shore power (I have the multi control limiter set to 8.0A to be conservative).

So for example 9 times out of 10 when the kettle (2000w) is turned on it's fine. However every now and then you see the red overload light flash and I get an email alert via VRM emailed to me.

I've tired with shore power off and never get this on just the inverter alone, so I think there is an issue with power assist, but no one can confirm or deny that, so I'm a little stuck.

Planning long term cruise on the boat, so don't feel happy with this - even though I won't be using shore power much. I would like to know the MP has no gremlins before I set sail.

Hope someone out there can help with this!

I've checked all of the maximum power inputs on my appliances and the highest is the microwave oven that can pull 2600W. I think the max peak on the MP is 6000W, so with shore power on I don't see why I'm getting this over load warning.



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Combine 2 inputs quattro

i have one quattro 8Kva, with AC-in-1 connected to shore power, AC-in-2 connected to a generator.
By default they transfer switch, preferring AC-in-1.

But would it also be possible to have it combine the inputs and sync?

betz asked
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Shore power RCD trip multiplus 12/1600/70 (Boat)

Hi all

I have a system setup on my boat where I have shore power coming in via onboard MCB (16A) and a RCD type C as specified in the Victron instructions. The earths are in separate terminal, so I’m separated from the shore earth. Then wired directly to the AC Input on the Multiplus.

After installation I plugged in the AC from shore and everything was fine but after the first time I disconnected I have a strange phenomenon where I have a RCD trip either in the shore supply system or the one installed before my inverter AC input every time I plug into shore power. At first I thought it was because there were another RCD type C in the shore supply so tried to Bypass the one installed onboard but with the same result.

I found a procedure that worked for connecting to shore AC supply but I does not seem right that I have to go through that every time. The procedure is as follows:

-turn off the main 12V distribution switch

-turn off my multiplus on the front or via remote

-turn off the AC output loads via the AC out MCB/RCD

-Pull my main 12V system fuse (125A) out

-then in able to connect the shore cable, turn the inverter back on, insert the main 12v fuse and reconnect the 12V and 230V loads from the distribution panels internally.

I can’t get my head around why this happens?

anybody have any ideas?

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Victron Blue Smart IP22 Bluetooth Battery Charger setup for parallel batteries

Hi Everyone - I'm hoping you can help with a question I have on the best choice of AC>DC charger, and the setup for my planned battery configuration in my van build

At the moment I have three 95Ah AGM batteries that are hooked up in parallel that i want to charge using a Blue Smart AC>DC charger from my shore power system, and i'm wondering whether it's best to go with the 30A single output charger, with the pos and neg going to the batteries at the opposing end of the parallel bank, or potentially go with the 15A 3 output charger with each battery having its own pos connection and the neg's all running to a common bus bar? All options with fuses at the battery end of course.

Are there any benefits or drawbacks to either approach?

Does anyone have a similar setup to either option and can provide any good feedback on their choice?



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Charging the Lithiums using a DC-DC charger, Connected to AGM batteries connected to Shorepower Charger?

Hi Community,

From the factory, the boat was originally equipped with AGM only, and the house was powered from one of the starter banks (dual purpose AGM). This will only allow my appliances to run for 12 to 24hr, so I have ordered an upgrade to Lithium. The original shore-power charger is connected to 3 independent AGM banks (Starter 1, 2 and thruster). The charger does not have any more independent outputs.

The yard is currently fitting the boat with 2 x Orion Smart DC-DC charges (+ MPPT 100/30, Cerbo GX, smartshunt +++), that will be connected from each Starter-banks and to the new Lithium house bank.

So my question is; if I use Volt sensing on the DC-DC, will the DC-DC charge the Lithium's when the Shore-power charger is charging the Starte-batteries (@14,4v)?

Will this work? Any major issues with this idea?

I know this is not the best set-up, but I would like to leave the original set-up as original as possible and rather add a Multi-plus inverter/charger for the Lithium bank next year.

PS!! the original shore power charger is a 20A Cristec Y-power 5-step charger.

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Split Phase System Configuration Advice

Need some advice on my setup please. The system consist of the following:

2- 48v 3kVA Quatros

50 amp 120/240 Split Phase Shore Power

7,500 Watt 60 Amp 120v Single Phase Generator

Cerbo and a bunch of solar ect...

The system is configured in 120/240 split phase with the shore power L1 going to the master Quatro AC-2 input and L2 going to the slave Quatro AC-2 input. The generator simply goes to AC-1 input on the master Quatro with nothing connected to the slave Quatro AC-1 input. This setup works fine but its a little lacking when running the generator when the batteries are low. I never see much more than 3,000 watts from the generator and the batteries don't see much of a charge when the slave Quatro has a load on it. This causes the generator to run hours on end not charging the batteries. Spending 12K on a new 240v split phase generator is out of the question. We need to keep the split phase for the 240v appliances onboard. Will a Victron auto transformer between the generator and inverters work for me? Or maybe two transformers so I can stack the inverters.. One after the shore power, 240v to 120v to stacked Quatros and then another transformer to get split phase off the Quatros. Any advice would be great thank you.


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Is it possible to use shore power as input for a SmartSolar MPPT charge controller to charge 12V AGM battery?

Hi All,

I am designing my electrics for my van. There is already a 230V AC, shore power, network in my van. I would like to add a 12V circuit for off-grid circumstances, for charging laptop, running lights and a fridge. I would like to mainly charge this battery with 200/300W solar power via the SmartSolar MPPT XX/XX charge controller. But I think it would be beneficial to also be able to charge it via shore power if solar power is no option. Would it be possible and safe to charge the 12V battery (AGM Deep Cycle 250Ah) using a laptop charger plugged in my 230V AC network connected to the SmartSolar MPPT XX/XX charge controller? I would add a breaker between my solar panel and SmartSolar controller and solder a plug on my old laptop charger to easily connect it. This way I don't have to buy a separate 230/12V charger.

Thank you for your help and advice!

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