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I just bought a battery protect 12/24 65 to ensure my inverter switches off a load if my lead acid batteries go below 12V. I haven't installed it yet because I noticed the amperage is 65 amps. So if I am drawing for example 1000W from my house then this will generate a current of 83A. Will this trip off the load also? My guess is I've screwed up and not allowed for a big enough current. I see there's a BMS system which can handle 200A but that costs a small fortune. So far I just keep an eye on the battery bearing in mind the weather and our usage but would prefer to have more peace of mind.


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Victron Smart BatteryProtect 220A failure?


I bought a Victron BatteryProtect 220A on recently (stated as new other).

I received it a few weeks ago here in Ukraine (by using a forwarding company), but only yesterday I've decided to try how it works.

Visually, it looks new but I noticed a few marks of use on the mount holes. So, I'm not sure.




I did a test wiring to the 12v 3w bulb. Positive from the battery to IN. Then OUT from SBP to the bulb +. Negative from battery to GND and directly to the bulb -.I connected it to Bluetooth. It works perfectly by itself. I can configure low/high voltage limits. I see a "P3 under voltage" warning when the voltage drops below the limit. But the bulb is still ON. The load is not disconnected. Yes, I wait for a while, much longer than 90 seconds.

I've tried to disable the load manually via BT. Stills the same problem. The app says "disabled" but the bulb is still ON.

Here is a quick video:

I did another attempt with small water pump

The noise of the pump is a bit different in the "OFF" state.

I've contacted the seller, he asks me to get support from Victron first.

Can anybody help me? Is it already burned, or maybe I did something wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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Smart BatteryProtect BP-100 Remote doesn't work

I recently installed my new Smart BatteryProtect BP-100 for a pure resistive load (Orion-Tr 24/12-20 and a bunch of 12V lamps and a small fan for a toilet, max load about 6A).

I have a ElectroDacus SBMS0 BatteryManager that controls the Remote input via an optocoupler.
When testing the system in a testbench at home everything worked as planned, BP-100 switched off at 2.9V at one of the LiFePo4 cells

Now the BP-100 is installed with a Ground wire to the negative Busbar, The IN to the positive Busbar, via a 100A fuse. The Remote contacts are connected to the SBMS0 optocoupler output.

Testing the function by disconnecting the Remote plug reveals that the load is still On (batteries are fully charged so the output from the SBMS0 is not a viable way of testing).
Testing via the VictronConnect App by deactivating the Load Output yields the correct result, i.e. Load is turned Off, activating Load turns the Load On.

But the removing/replacing the Remote plug doesn't do anything.

Tested the various settings A, B and C in the App, no change whatsoever.

The BP-100 is NOT used to control my Victron 24C1600 Inverter.

When removing the power to the SBMS0 (BMS) the inverter is disconnected (separate optocoupler that opens) but the BP-100 is still on.

// Patrik

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How to Battery Protect against Low Discharge with Inverter

I have a Victron Multiplus 12/1600/70 connected to a Champion LiFePo4 200Ah. The object is to provide uninterrupted power to a small apartment. So next step to wire it into the DB.

However when testing the battery discharged all the way to 8V in a single night (the mains power interruption was longer than expected) Now the battery is either ruined or in sleep-mode and I cannot fix it. I have another battery but too scared to use it now.

How do I guard against this in future??

I ordered a Victron 12/24V-65A Battery Protection unit but how do I wire it?

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Is BP-200 bi-directional

I'm having some issues with the system I install last summer. My converter is tripping my shore line GFI. I'm not sure yet as to the cause, but I'm hunting it down. My question; is the BP-220 bidirectional? The dealer I worked with okay'ed my drawing, but I'm thinking now there was an oversight somewhere? Due to wiring pull restrictions my converter (battery charger) output is connected to the load of the BP-200. The orange arrow is the output of my converter. I'm thinking now this isn't going to work. If the BP-200 is bidirectional it should work.


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BP100 won't re-connect

Hi all

Look for some advice in regards to a fault of the BP100 not wanting to re-connect once the voltage returns to the upper threshold

We are looking to implement the BP100 into a fleet application and have been doing some bench testing to evaluate its suitability

Test 1: Setup the BP100 as per the instructions in between a battery and a load simulator. Load simulator is on and battery eventually falls below 10.4V and BP100 kicks in and isolates the connection. No issue here

Test 2: Same setup as above but the battery is replaced with a variable power supply and load simulator replaced with a small LED load of approx 150mA. Power supply is set to 10.4V and turned on, BP100 is closed and LED lamp is on. After 90sec the BP100 isolates the load as expected. Power supply is then raised to 12.1V, but BP100 does not reconnect in full. It attempts to re-connect as can be seen with the LED lamp turning on for a split sec, then off, then on again, repeating while the BP100 displays the Error 1 code.

Setting is the default 10.5 -12.0V so the parameters are correct for the test and we can see it attempting the re-connect, it just fails

LED lamp load is approx 100mA. Is this not efficient enough to allow the BP100 to reconnect? What is the minimum? Is this defined properly?

I have seen issues with capacitance loads, but this should not be the case with the LED lamp load and in-rush

Any advice in this area is appreciated

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BatteryProtect 220A & Bow Thruster

At the weekend I installed a new bow thruster, 2 new batteries and a BatteryProtect 220A.

The bow thruster does not work, I just get a clunk from the solenoid. If I bypass the BatteryProtect, the thruster works fine.

I was expecting the BP 220 to work OK, it has a peak current (30 seconds) 600A, and the 6HP bow thruster has peak current 530A, fuse 400A, and would only be operated for 5-10 seconds at a time.

I could swap the BP for a contactor, but all contactors seem to require a momentary switch, and my fuse panel has on/off switches for each of the 3 battery banks, which I'm reluctant to change.

What are my options:

1) Is there an easy fix?
2) Parallel another BO 220
3) Installing a pre-charge unit?

TIA, Gary.

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Multiplus 12/500/20 overload protection

Hi guys, is there an internal protection mechanism which will protect the Multiplus 12/500/20 from overload? Or is there just this red LED indicator which will light up. Will this protection mechanism (if available) allow the Multiplus 12/500/20 to resume operation when overload situation is over? Thanks

I just saw, there is an overload protection acc. to the manual.
Anyways, second question is not discussed in the manual: Will the Multiplus start operation on it's own after overload situation is gone?

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Battery Protect BP220

Hi All

Help please... Yacht 12v System...

4x 330Ah in parallel to Lynx Distributor > Lynx Smart BMS > Lynx Distributor. All loads come off Distributor. After the distributor I have 2x BP220.

  • 1 is used for house loads (very low Amps)
  • 1 is used for 2 winches (which will draw much higher Amps).

Testing winches today - 1 winch alone is pulling 100A - and both on are pulling about 200A. With both on, for a short time (seconds), the BP220 cut out for a short moment - then came back on - and I could smell a slight burning smell. I can only assume was the BP220.

Question - is the BP220 suitable for high load winches ? Is it suitable for high currents for short periods of time ? The Amps rating of the BP220 would suggest it is fine.

Any suggestions please ??

Thanks, Tim

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Using the Smart BatteryProtect with a DPM8624 DC DC converter connected to Inverter


Im using a Victron mqtt 100/20 to charge my pylontech us2000c 48V Lifepo battery.

The battery is connected to a Joy-IT JT-DPM8624 DC DC converter which imits the output current to 12,5A, which is then connected to my Growatt 600tl-x grid tie inverter.

The dc dc converter is configured to enable its output on power up.

At night the battery is discharged until the internal bms switches it of, which is 0%.

Obviously discharging to 0% is not good for the battery so I was planning to use a Smart BatteryProtect 48V 100A Module between the DC DC converter and the battery so that it switches if off around 20% charge state.

The manual of the BatteryProtect 48V 100A Module states pretty clearly that is is not allowed to connect the output directly to the inverter.

In my case I would be using a dc dc current limiting converter between the BatteryProtect and the Inverter.

The input capacity of the dc dc is 1000uF.

Do you guys think connecting the BatteryProtect to the DC dc converter would be save?

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BP 12/24v/220v

Ive just bought this device, and reading the manual I have two questions:

  1. Paragraph 2:
    "Reverse current from OUT to IN terminals are strictly forbidden and will damage your device"

    When the engine is on current flows back from the alternator into the battery to charge it up.

    How do we do that?

  2. Paragraph 3:
    "The short circuit protection of the BP will be activated if you try to connect....inverters".

    I have a Mastervolt 220v inverter connected, together with a bunch of other stuff, to my battery.
    How can I do that?

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Low battery shutdown recovery

My search failed to find a thread on this. On my boat I have: 5 100Ah Victron LifePo batteries, a Smart BMS, Multiplus 3000, BM702 monitor, Cerbo GX, and Battery Protect relays for charging and loads. Also, I have a Wakespeed 500 alternator regulator linked to the BMS. I've had several occasions of loss of shore power causing the batteries to run down to BMS cutoff voltage. This happened again and I found battery voltage at 7.6V, much lower than past events. and well below cutout setting of 12.2V. Why this could be so it one mystery, but the larger question is recovery.

To recover I tried closing the normally open switch linking the generator start battery, this began lifting the house bank voltage. As V gain slowed I started the gen to keep it's battery up. This began an hours long process to raise the LifePO as the rate of voltage rise was about 0.1 V per 45 minutes due to limited current available. At 11.8 V the alarm cleared and the Multiplus started bulk charge.

I need a quicker more reliable method to recover if this occurs. Raising house bank voltage to 11.8 V is key. I thought running the main diesel and charging from the alternator was the answer but, as it's field is held to 0 by the BMS, and any output would be blocked by the Battery Protect relay, this failed. I'm thinking a compact capacitive charger as used for roadside jumps might be an answer, I'm hoping others have suggestions.

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Probleme battery protect/ chargeur

Bonjour, je rencontre un probleme via mon battery protect.

Premierement celui ci m'indique une tension de 12,96v alors que mon chargeur m'indique 13,47v.

Deuxièmement, ma préconfiguration sur le BP est la 8. Donc arrêt à 12v et redémarrage à 13v. Sauf qu'il ne redémarre pas.

Si vous pouvez m'aider

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battery protect modules leaking voltage?

Hi I’m hoping someone can help, I’m using the battery protect 65A module with the remote function connected to a switch, on the out-side I have an circuit board for a speed controller with power indicator LED, the issue I’m having is after I turn off the Victron module my controller is not properly turning off and a warning light remains lit, I measured a 2.5v 0.3mA still passing through the Victron out terminal after the switch on the remote is used.

Does anyone have any thoughts? I was expecting the Victron to completely cut the supply when switch remote terminal was used.

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Is my Battery Protect up to the job?

My system currently has a BP100 to handle low voltage cutoff duties.

I am adding a 2000W Renogy inverter to the system. Will the BP100 handle the load if I am drawing heavily on the Inverter? E.g. if I am using a 1800W induction hob to cook some food, will that be pulling too many amps through the BP? Do I need to upgrade to the BP 220?

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