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Hello everyone,

I have a 24Vcc system (lights, nothing big) and I was thinking of getting a SmartSolar MPPT with Load support.

The question is: can I install a MPPT without the load output and simply connecting a SmartBattery Protect to handle my system?
Next year there will be a Multiplus too.

Many thanks,


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Battery protect 220A, voltage drop

Have a BP 220 unit. IN-pin connetcted to plus on Li bat with fuse inbetween. Also connected to IN-pin there is a multiplus and a smart solar connected.

When I add load through the BP I got voltage drop when turning on smal consumers from 13.4 to 12.9v (lamps). When using bowthruster och windlash the system shuts down totaly.

If I remvoe the BP everything works fine, what is the problem?

I have bought a second BP and I got the same behaviour with that one.

Best regards


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Anyone Connect a LED/Buzzer to Battery Protect?

It appears you can't just post a general share, instead you have to ask a question that others may or may not answer. So I'm posting my question and will turn around and answer it.

Ok, has anyone connected a LED/Buzzer to their Battery Protect?

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Victron Smart Battery Protect 12/24 |100 placement question

Hi Folks,

I have a two fold question about the best placement for Victron BP for my VAN build that has LIFEPo4 560Ah 12v house battery bank, REC BMS, Cerbo-GX, Orion-tr DC-DC, Multiplus 3000, and pair of MPPTs 100/30. Originally I purchased the BP thinking of protecting the car battery, when using Orion Dc-Dc charger, as for my indented off-grid travel, starting the engine would be #1 priority over any house loads. However while doing my research I found that almost no one using it this way. Most references in Victron diagrams I find the BP being placed before house load (that's makes most sense to me) or after MPPTs (why?)

What are the practical experiences on this matter, where to best utilize the BP, since I already have it? It seems that Orion Dc-Dc can safely protect car battery from discharging under reasonable use. I drive Ford Transit 2020 and that uses dual AGM battery bank, if this is relevant to the question. I can install the breaker switch between CCP and the Orion and turn it on when needed.

And the second part, what programming parameters needs to be applied to BP when use in the particular manner. It does not have VE.can connector, does it mean it can not talk to Cerbo-GX? And do I even need to install it with REC BMS controlling the cells?

Thanks in advance!


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schema aansluiting Orion- Tr Smart , Smart solar MPPT 75/15 , Small BMS Smart battery Protect65

Ik zoek het schema voor de aansluiting van een Orion- Tr Smart , Smart solar MPPT 75/15 , Small BMS en Smart Battery Protect 65.

Grt Apcruiser

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Virtual load output when the sun is shining


I see there are several other posts regarding the same subject, that we want load output only when the sun is shining. I’m writing another posts as my user case is slightly different, and I hope that Victron listens to the users on this forum. The other posts show that there is no solution provided from Victron, its all workarounds.

For the user defined parameters for virtual load ouput, the user can only define the voltage for the battery, not for the panels. Should be an easy tweak to allow definition of panel voltage as well?

The streetlight function lets us define panel voltage for turning the virtual load output on/off, but only between sunset and sunrise. It should be a simple tweak to provide the option to turn it on between sunrise and sunset?

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A Battery Protect and Motor Snubber Diodes?

I am using a BP 12/24|100 with a BMV-712 to cut all loads when my 200Ah LiFePO4 bank falls below 20% SOC. Among my loads are a water pump, two vent fans, and an awning (i.e. many MOTORS).

I took care to make sure no reverse currents flow thru the BP, but am now wondering if I should put snubber/flyback diodes on all the motors to arrest any reverse currents they generate when they spin down? Solenoids can be another source of generated reverse currents.

If *I* switch off a motor, any generated reverse current would be isolated behind the off-switch and not reach the BP.

If *the BP* cuts loads while some motors are spinning (e.g. vent fan), any generated reverse current *can* reach the BP.

Can these motors generate enough reverse current and is a BP delicate enough to reverse currents that I should put snubber diodes on all motors? Every other month someone posts a picture of a burned up Battery Protect, and motor/relay reverse currents never make the list of potential suspects.

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Lynx Smart BMS still needs Battery protect?

From reading the manual, the Lynx Smart BMS combined with a CerboGX does not seem to need battery protect as it performs that function itself, yet all the circuit diagrams I can find seem to still include battery protect.

Can anyone explain?

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Battery Protect 220A resets in a strange condition...

Although there are a lot of Battery protect posts, I could not find related one.

We implement to our sailboat almost identical configuration with the schematics below;

Except few changes...

Multiplus is model II 12/300

Lithium Batteries are Smart 12.8 2x330Ah

and of course fuses and cables are bigger, larger and thicker accordingly....

The overall system is working perfect except one situation...

When we plug-in a laptop to a 220V AC, The Battery protect that we use for controlling DC loads as it is in schematics, resets without error for a second and restarts within few seconds and system turns back normal.

It happens usually when laptop adapter is not plugged for an hour or more. First, we suspected from multiplus. However, all other 220 devices like TV set, even AC unit working fine while this happens. And as in schematics, DC connections are not passing through BP. It has its own DC cables and fuses as it is guided by manuals.

We then suspected from bms and replaced bms load disconnect connection to bp with direct 12V. Problem occured again.

No 12V DC device triggers this. No other 220V AC device triggers this. Only different model laptops from different brands. Strange thing there is no connection between 220V AC system and BP220 except DC negative and multiplus's ground relay option. It may be becasue of inrush current of laptop or defective BP220.

Any suggestions or solutions will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

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Does the MPPT have reverse current protection from the battery?

I'm looking at a description of the Cyrix Battery combiner and I would like to confirm if this device can be used for protecting the MPPT from reverse current from the battery.

MPPT data sheet does not explicitly mention reverse current protection from the battery side (but mentioned for the solar side). Does MPPT have its own internal reverse current protection or are diodes necessary to prevent damage from back current?

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BP-65: For use as a LVD powering a 12-24VDC High Output LED light, with a 12V Batt source

Hoping someone can help understand what should be a simple LVD device.

I'm new to the BP series, and I find my self confused by some of the instructions. This is due to the face I've received and E1 code indicating short circuit, and my Output is never enabled.

Installation Step 4: SC will be activated when connecting directly to loads with a capacitors on their input. The light I'm connecting to has wide voltage range. 12 - 24 Volts AC or DC. That seems to make sense. However the lights In rush is 0.36amps with a nominal draw of 0.26 amps.

Clearly this light has capacitors due to the onboard power supply. but the current is less than 0.5 amps.

Instruction online talk about placing a 10k resistor in pin 2-1, (which is not labeled on the device) placing a 10kΩ between P2-1 & 2.2 didn't have a positive affect. (None of the BP-65 images have any labelling for the 2 pin plug other than "Remote")

When I connect my Fluke meter in DC voltage mode, and connect to the Programmable DC source (I'm using to test with), I only receive a 12V reading when I plug in the default remote jumper plug. If I lower the voltage to 9 volts (set to number 8 in the table), the BP-65 never disconnects the load automatically. I have to unplug the remote jumper plug. Again confusing me to no end.

Image of my simple test configuration is attached


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Problems with Smart BatteryProtect BP-100

I have Smart BatteryProtect BP-100 and Smart BatteryProtect BP-65 installed in my Camper to protect two installations. The Smart BatteryProtect BP-100 has an inverter and six 12V circuits connected to it. After 12 months of work, he reported an E1 error.

- 12V circuits checked, also the converter.

- connecting the same circuits to the Smart BatteryProtect BP-65 does not interfere with its operation.

- Smart BatteryProtect BP-100 works with the inverter only and reports no error.

- load value at the level of max 30A.

Any ideas?

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Which is the best batery protect 12/24 |65 configuration with my baterie


I have the victron battery protect 12/24|65 with my battery AGM Super Cycle of 170 Amp?




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branchement relai battery protect


Je viens d’acquérir un battery protect et je ne peux pas utiliser directement l’option remote car mon convertisseur ne possède pas d'entrée correspondante.

Le but recherché et d'utiliser un frigo tri mixte en 220v et de couper une fois que la tension descend pour qu'il bascule en gaz ( frigo aes )

Le branchement en direct battery protect convertisseur ne fonctionne pas ( condensateurs )

Il me reste l'option du relai . Par contre quelques doutes subsistent sur les divers branchement.

Merci pour vos commentaires qui me feront avancer.


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Bluesolar DUO with different batteries - e.g. Li & AGM

1) Would it be possible to have two different types of batteries with Bluesolar DUO? For example 12V LiFePO4 and 12V AGM battery or then two AGM batteries with different sizes.

2) Also is there any output for battery cut-off at low voltage on Bluesolar DUO? Of course I want to keep my batteries without getting to too low voltage... Even a separate relay would be ok, but I would not like to build the logic for that (Battery Protect device is too expensive also).

3) How about two batteries of same type & capacity (Li, AGM or so), but having one completely empty and other one full. Example: You connect the full or empty battery on bank 2, while the othe one in bank 1 is in different state, what happens?

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