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Critical Load shows high values. How can I check the internal input current sensor of a MultiPlus II?

My critical load displays high values but there is no critical load connected. The result is that the System is very instable in ESS mode. It swaps between maximum load and maximum charge every seconds with no end. The input load on L1 displays 0W but the critical load displays hight values but there is nothing connected. I assume that the internal input current sensor might be defect.

It is right that the critical load is the difference between the output current (transformer) and the input current (AC in)? Because I saw a block diagram with the positions of two current sensors. There is no current sensor at AC out 1 to measure the critical load. So the Multi must calculate this load of the two current sensors.

How can I check the internal input current sensor?

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Tracking Solar Amp Current Output

Hello All,

I have an MPPT 100/20 48V charge controller connected to a small battery. I would like to track the available Amp output from the panels. The display notates the Voltage, but does not display Amps unless there is flow from panels into the battery (Perhaps I'm misreading this?). Either way, is this possible? I've tried under trends but that also doesn't seem to solve the display.

I've looked for other solutions for active data recording of the Amp output - I'm open to suggestions because I haven't found one. Would ideally like to see both Voltage and Amp current recorded together.




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MPPT Heat Dissapation

How can i calculate the max heat a Victron MPPT 100/50 would need to dissipate when driven by 3 PV panels in parallel? i.e. I would think one should be able to calculate this from the PV panel specs. Thanks.

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Off-grid generator power output issue! Advice wanted.

When my generator is running (after auto or manual start), the power it outputs is not steady and doesn't seem related to AC loads or PV Yields. Occasionally, for reasons I cannot discern, it does produce a high and steady output. When the output is steady the batteries can charge from 20 - 90% in around 2 hrs. When output is irregular (in identical PV weather conditions) batteries can take up to 4 hours to charge.

Does anyone have any advice on why this might be happening and how to fix it? My installer doesn't have a clue.


Off-grid System overview for context:

1 x Victron-EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 inverter
12 x NeOn2 LG350N1C-V5 solar panels
2 x PowerPlus ECO4840P batteries
1 x DIESEL (AIR COOLED) 7KVA 1 PHASE - Generator (Auto-start)


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4 inputs for Cerbo GX needed

How can I connect more inputs to the Cerbo GX, as it has only 3? I need 4 or 5.

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pheonix inverter 24/5000/230V max overload and inrush current

Hi Victron Community

I am looking at installing an inverter fed from a 24V DC board but need to do some checks first. I was wandering if someone can help me where to find the following information:

  • What is the maximum output (AC) current and duration that the inverter can deliver during a short circuit (on the output).
  • What is the maximum size of MCB (curve C) that can be installed in the output which will co-ordinate with inverter’s internal protection
  • Can normal type AC RCBOs be used in the output or do we need to specify other (eg type A, B, F)
  • Is there any inrush current during starting? If so how large and for what duration can be expected. So we can size the protective devices.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Rafal Nowacki

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Is anyone working on "AC Input 1" not displaying any power info from Multiplus-ii?

I have a new MH installation of a Multiplus-ii 2x 120 and cerbo gx and a touch 50.

It has been working fine and started buttoning everything up an decided to do a little load testing around 2kw with a 15A shorepower limit.

Now AC Input 1 and AC output 1 not displaying any power usage on touch 50 or vrm, even though everything seems to be working ok. Cerbo GX on firmware v2.80 and multiplus v4.90 to get rid of pll hum issue.

Hooked up MK3 and AC output shows power usage but AC Input 1 shows nothing.

Problem very similar to this link: Https://

Anyway, have done a lot of searching and issues like this seem to be a common problem, but can't seem to find a solution. I'm thinking maybe it's a hardware issue with the input current sensor.

Any help would be appreciated! Btw, it's not the data cable, hooking up the MK3 proved that.


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How accurate is the current measurement in the Multiplus

I always notice that I consume more electricity than I produce. At least according to the meter. Today again 31 kWh produced and 43 kWh consumed and the battery is so full again
as before. The Solarprdokution is measured with an ET 340. The consumption data is measured by the three Multiplus on each phase. The battery status comes from the BMS. I see every hour more consumption than production and still the battery is charging.


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Input lockout failed

The input lockout works for 24 hours. After that it failed. I had to restore setting and it work again. This processed was successful the last two incident. Now it appear the input lockout feature failed even if I restore from previous settings or manual co fig. Please help. Thank you.

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MultiPlus Input current limit unable to set below 4.5 amps

I have a MultiPlus 24/3000/70-50 with a Color Controller. After a firmware update, I am unable to set the Input current below 4.5 amps. If I select a value less than 4.5 amps on the Color Controller the value goes to 4.5 amps.

Interestingly, if I set 2.5 amps (and have the system not accept the value and display 4.5 amps) and then use the Remote VE Configure the 2.5 amp setting is present in the file. The system still displays and uses 4.5 amps as the limit.

I have attempted to change the setting via the remote VE Configure as well and am still stuck at 4.5 amps. The system will happily accept larger values.

My back up charging from the engine alternators requires a 2.5 amp setting. Thanks for any assistance.

The Color Controller is running firmware v2.84.

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current limiting using quattro at certain times

Can I program my quattro to limit shore current in during certain times, without reducing battery level belwo safe level? will I have to instal a current transformer?

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Maximum input current for SmartSolar MPPT RS 450|200 NOC / SOC ?


I want to use a MPPT RS 450|200 with 4 trackers.

Tracker 1 : 8x385 W = 3080W, one single string, South 30° inclination

all voltages/currents within MPPT specification

Tracker 2 : 8x385 W = 3080W, one single string, South 30° inclination

all voltages/currents within MPPT specification

Tracker 3 : 9x205W = 1845W one single string, South 30° inclination

all voltages/currents within MPPT specification


I am planning to use a EAST-WEST-configuration with 2 parallel strings.

East string has 4x385W Modules, 30° inclination

West string has 4x385W Modules, 30° inclination

Here is the specification of the modules


The problem (?) is that the max. input current of the MPPT RS 450|200 tracker is near or above the current limit.

When I use the maximum current specified under SOC, current is too high

Impp=10.99A , 2*10.99A=21.91A => too much (?)

When I use the maximum currents specified under NOC, current is OK.

Impp=8.83A , 2*8.83 A=17.6A => OK (?)

I am located in South Germany.

Can I use this configuration or not ?


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My cerbo gx does not show an ac input



Hi I have a cerbo gx and 4 et112. Meters connected to it and I set all them up having one set as grid meter one set as generator meter and 2 for 2 separate inverter outputs. However even after setting one of the meters as a grid meter it shows no ac input but only shows it as ac loads. Is there something wrong with my cerbo gx or will the et112 not show as ac input because I would have to have a victron inverter?

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Do I need a circuit breaker between SHORE POWER and my MULTIPLUS-ii?

Hi all.

Nearly done my project, but questioning this last bit. I see an EMS often recommended for mobile use in RV parks or Marinas. The one I was looking at is $250, has a 44kA rating, and requires replacement if it encounters a surge.

I thought why do that when I can use a residential breaker, 10ka, that doesn't need replacing?

But also, I see VERY FEW system designs that suggest you need a breaker between shore inlet and your hardware because they expect there to be a functional breaker on the source system.

Thoughts? Why do you think the EMS is 44kA rated? Is 10kA under-valued. Do you need one? did you use one?

Also, how does the multiplus-ii handle low voltage input, eg. 103v instead of 120v?

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Low to no watts on MPPT 100/20 from Renogy 100w suitcase

Good day:

I installed a MPPT 10/20 about two months ago with a 100w Renogy solar panel, suitcase, in my Ford Escape to power two (2) AGM batteries which are uses to primarily power a 12v refrigerator and a CPAP machine. The solar panels are not charging the AGM batteries.

Everything was working well then suddenly the indicator for watts kept close to zero (0). Prior to this change it was consistently in the high 80s and/or low 90s.

Through this period, I have been in the desert of Arizona, USA, under clear blue skies and intense sun. My travel mates have the same product and have no problems and are unable to assist me.

An example of readings from the Bluetooth are as follows:

Solar = 1w

Solar Voltage = 21.04v, Current = 0.0A

Battery Voltage = 13.79v, Current = 0.00A, State = Float

Load Output State = Off, Current 0.0A, Power = 0W

I need help. Please advise.

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