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Trying to understand how much my genset can output

I have this 9000w genset and I'm having a hard time figuring out how many amps it is able to output while charging my system. It can output 120v or 240v.

What math I'm using is this so far but it's such a big genset, it must be able to output more than 60a???

9000w - 20% inefficiency = 7200w
My multiplus 24v/3000w/70-50 is 120v so the math should be 7200w/120v = 60a output.

Is that correct?

Right now I'm charging and I can see that my system seems to only be accepting 20a from the genset while charging! What? How can I fix this so I can get more charge into my bank in less time and gas spent?



Following this document by Victron, I have:

Deactivated Power Assist in the VE.Config
Changed the AC Input Current Limit to 31a based on their equation below:

(a 5kVA generator typically provides about 4 kW
80% of 4 kW is 3200 W
3200 W / 230 V volts = 13.9 A
Set the AC Current Input Limit to 13 A)

Mine looks like 9000w - 20% as above = 7200w / 120v = 31a

But I'm not seeing anything different at all.

PS: Please ignore the "stopped" in the genset info. I don't have it set to auto start/stop yet so everytime I manually start a charge, it still reports it as stopped on the VRM.



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Cannot change Multiplus 24/3000/70-50 Input Current Limit changed in Remote Controls

For the life of me, I can't figure out in VE Connect which value corresponds to changing the input current limit in the remote controls so I can increase this to 70amps on the input current limit.



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MultiPlus II, 3 Phase, Parallel 30kVA, How many current transformers are needed?

The system comprises 6x MP II 48/5000 in a 30kVA 3-phase configuration. Looking to use the Victron external current transformers to improve the ACin Current accuracy.

  1. The manuals point to one CT per Phase Master. Is this correct, or do the Phase Slaves need external CTs as well?
  2. If CTs are not needed on the Phase Slaves, what is the correct VE.Config setting for the external current sensor of the Phase Slaves?

Thanks for the help.

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Multiplus II Current values inaccurate when compared with energy meter


System description:

  • 2 paralleled MP II 48/5000s
  • Single phase
  • ET112 energy meter
  • All loads on ACout1

The current reading of the ET112 is quite different to that of the MP II current sensor. The differences point to possibly a calibration and a scaling issue. It appears that ET112 is correct when compared to a clamp meter, which means that the MP II is most likely incorrect.

  • Blue circles are when the grid fails, and both read Zero
  • Magenta circles highlight examples of variances

The same phenomena are being seen on other systems as well, with various versions of inverter firmware. Single and 3 Phase systems, all with the MP II 48/5000

How can this be fixed?


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How do I set the Input Current Limit to limit both legs of my 120v/240v shore power?

Basically the title. I've searched the forum and found a couple posts asking similar questions with no answers.

MultiPlus II 12v 3000va, a CerboGX, 5kWh lithium, (with a SmartSolar, but I don't think that affects the question) in an RV. I have 50A shore power available at the moment, but I'm often at a place that only has 15A available. I've been able to set the input current limit and use power assist to mimic having access to only 15A, but I noticed the other day that the ICL is only limiting one of the two legs. How do I get it to limit both legs? I get that 15A is single phase, but if I remember correctly from the last time I was limited to 15A (pre-Victron installation), the 50A>15A adapter functionally makes that 15A available to both legs, of course limited to 15A total. So how do I get the input current limit to limit both legs so that the MP draws power from the battery via Power Assist instead of tripping the 15A breaker every 10 seconds? Thanks all!

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Current sensor port on MP2


I'm new in victron product and i've seen so far in all videos a jack port for the current sensing.

I got only terminals, is that normal ? Does it mean I have to cut the jack connector of my sensor ?


Thanks for support

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Inrush current phoenix smart 24-3000

Preparing to install a phoenix smart 24-3000 i know I should use a resistor To slow down initial inrush curent. My question is when I turn off the inverter with remote switch or if inverter turns off because of low voltage . Do capacitors stay charged or do I have to recharge them as initially when battery cables were first installed?


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Sonde de courant sans jack


Je viens de recevoir mon multiplus ii 5000 avec une sonde de courant externe. Mon but etant de déclencher des consommateurs non essentielles donc n étant pas alimentés par le Multiplus. Mais la sonde à un connecteur Jack mais pas le multiplus ?

Ai-je bénéficié d une vielle version ? Dois je couper le connecteur pour faire le raccordement à la main ?

Merci d'avance

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cerbo analog input specification

I see in the manual that the Cerbo analog inputs are 12v resistive, and can be configured to use US, European or custom resistance ranges, all within 0Ω to 264Ω.

Does the Cerbo apply any sensing voltage to the inputs itself? ie., if I put a volt meter across the terminals for an analog input, will I read any input? Likewise, if I put a resistor, say, 180Ω across the terminals, will I read any voltage on the input?

If any voltage is applied by the Cerbo, what is the max current the Cerbo will allow to flow in the resistor example above?

Thanks for any help!

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Multiplus ii external current sensor for current limiter

Dear all,

Where can i find the documentation of the external current sensor of the multiplus?

what functions does it has or how it works exactly?

when i set my current limiter to 35A in the multiplus ii and place an external current sensor.

can the multiplus ii draw 45A?


*yea i know i should change the picture of the multiplus to a multiplus ii :D

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My generator no longer is able to charge my batteries. I connected a multimeter on the AC1 IN line and I am getting 128v. I updated my firmware to the latest and recycled and still AC Input Disconnected. What's happening?


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Minimum input current limit Quattro 1931

Can someone tell me what the minimum input current limit is for the Quattro 1931 when using PowerAssist, this model is not listed in the spreadsheet on Victron Professional. Thank's in advance.

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Other power sources than PV for MPPT regulators

MPPT RS 450 data sheets contain the footnote comment regarding the max PV short circuit current: "2) A higher short circuit current may damage the controller if PV array is connected in reverse polarity"

Does this mean opposite that I am able to connect other sources to the PV input. I have a 350 Volt vehicle battery what I could use to support my 48V system over the night. Charging is done with vehicle charger.

There seems no sufficient answer to very similar question 55662. The question seems also interesting for 80V batteries and smaller MPPT Models without galvanic isolation. I know, this is not possible with any PWM regulators. They dont contain inductors for current regulation and their operation relies purely on the PV intrinsic resistance.

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Prioritize MPPT Solar Energy over Shore

I've been trying to figure this out. Spent a lot of time researching and today tried for several hours, but came up with nothing. Even tried using a Self Consumption Hub, but ended up with: Using VECONFIG I set it up and then you select a policy. All but two are deprecated. I tried the two and I could not get any AC power, I received a Error 6 - Error in DDC Program.

Victron, here is the ideal solution, which might not exist in your firmware, but it is to dynamically limit the AC Input based on the solar and based on the AC Demand.

I.E. If the AC demand is 2000 watts and we have 500 watts of solar, limit the AC Input to 1500 watts. If the Solar is 1500 watts and demand is less than that, switch to Inverter. I'm hoping, if the AC Input limiter cannot handle frequent changes, then give us a threshold. The goal is to use direct solar and avoid tapping the batteries so we aren't charge/discharge.

Please point me in the right direction, or take this as a feature request.

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Current limit at 15 but only using 10?

Anyone know why when I set the limit to 15amp, the Multiplus is only allowing 10-11amps and pulling the rest from battery? I tried 20amp but then the generator gets killed by the spike when AC kicks on.


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