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24V 3000 MultiPlus-II 2 x 120V -- hottest spots on the case?

Does anyone know where is the best (read: hottest) place on the outside of this thing to place a temperature probe? My mounting situation is not ideal and I'm providing some external fans for airflow, that will be controlled by said probe. Do not want them cranked at 100% all the time, especially since it seems the Multiplus itself doesn't even want/need to run it's own fan at all most of the time (when I'm using 2, 300W or so). Silence is golden. I suspect there's a spot that gets hottest when charging the battery and another spot that gets hottest when inverting heavily... I'm on a 15A shore hookup right now (Just installed it a couple days ago) though so I can't run the charger full-tilt to see where the charger heat is, and I don't really have any _full_ loads to put on the inverter (I guess I could turn on the A/C and plug in a space heater and let them battle for a little while... but hoping somebody's got a good answer first)

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MultiPlus: Disable Charger based on battery temperature

I'm currently building an RV off-grid system based around a Lithium Tesla Battery and MultiPlus. In the system is also a BMV 702, BatteryProtect 220 and Color Control.

As the Lithium Battery really doesn't like to be charged below freezing temperature I'm planning to have an automated heating pad that keeps the battery warm, but I would like to have a fail safe which disables the MultiPlus Charger whenever the temperature of the Battery reaches 5°C

My current setup is to connect the BMV-702 Temperature Control Sensor to the Battery and then connected the BMV-702 Relay to the MultiPlus AUX1 which controls the Charger via the Charge Assistant. This works nicely, but I was wondering:

1. The MultiPlus already has a Temperature Sense Connector plus the Temperature Sensor shipped, when I measure the voltage of the Temperature sensor I get a reading of 2.6V at 25°C. Is there any datasheet of the Temperature Sensor that I could use to configure the MultiPlus Assistant for temperature? I would really like to not depend on the BMV for the temperature measuring and best have the MultiPlus measure the temperature directly.

2. I found the new Shared Temperature Sense feature of the Venus/ColorControl: https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2018/10/17/venus-os-v2-20-scheduled-charging-equalize-and-more/ which mentions:

the Venus-device will send the battery temperature to the connected Solar Chargers and Inverter/chargers.

But I don't see anything in the MultiPlus Configuration Screen to do anything with that Temperature or any other way that it actually receives the temperature form the Venus/ColorControl.

Plus just two other small questions:

1. Is there any way to see the current voltage reading on the MultiPlus AUX inputs? I'm having a bit a hard time to find the correct voltages to use in the Assistant

2. When I disable the Charger in the VEConfig all together, but then enable the Charger again via the Assistant based on the AUX1. The charger is actually running! That's a bit scary ;) Also which charge settings are used? I assume just the last settings of the charger before it was disabled all together?

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BMV 712 and 24V DC / 120V AC Quattro with Cerbo GX

We have a 24V DC Quattro 120-120V AC Inverter/Charger and want to be able to shut off charging from the Quattro to the non-Victron lithium batteries when the temperature drops below a certain point. The system also has a CerboGX and BMV-712 wired in. The Quattro temperature sensor is connected to the 24V battery pack and we have a second temperate sensor we can connect from the BMV-712 smart shunt to the batteries if needed.

Currently the Quattro only measures high battery temperatures as we under stand it. Is there a way to get the relay in the Quattro to disconnect Quattro battery charging if the temperature drops below a certain point?

Thank you for your help with this.

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MPPT Derating not consistent

@mvader (Victron Energy) said the following about the temperature derating of the 100/30 MPPT:

"Its a linear derating from full power at 40 degr C to zero at 70 degr C"

Is it really as simple as that, or is there some dependency on the operating point?.

I have tested two different systems, one of them shows very clear derating with temperature and the other shows no observed derating at all.

System #1 960W, Vmp:33.6V, Imp:28.9A, MPPT:150/35

System #2 720W, Vmp:43.6V, Imp:16.5A, MPPT:100/30

When operating in good sun with the controllers kept under 40 degreesC by forced cooling then System #1 delivers in excess of 900W and System #2 delivers around 650W.

When the MPPT temperatures (at the heatsink) are allowed to rise to 50 degC, System #1 output derates by almost 300W whereas System #2 does not derate at all. There is no change in the temp of the panels, only the MPPT, and in both cases the LiFeSO4 batteries are accepting ALL of the power that can be delivered to them.

Why do these two systems behave so differently if the MPPT derating is a simple linear 3.3% per deg above 40 degrees?

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I see from the 250/100 datasheet:

Operating temperature -30 to +60 °C (full rated output up to 40 °C)

In our summer conditions, almost all MPPTs we have installed are too hot to touch.

We are collecting thermal imaging to provide examples, but in some cases, we have installed forced cooling in order to satisfy customer concerns.

We are concerned that this may result in a higher failure rate than Victron intends and we note that there is no warning between Venus OS and MPPTs about temperature. We have never observed an MPPT derating on over-temperature, which we would expect to see at temperatures over 40 degrees C per the datasheet entry above.

I'm sure places like Australia and the Southern US where Victron is also popular will also be experiencing the same sort of operating temperatures.

We have designed and are testing a robust, temperature driven forced cooling solution for our installations going forward but it comes at a cost and we need to determine whether this is actually necessary from Victron's perspective.

Any input or advice on this would be appreciated.

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multiplus 2 persistent high temp alarm

Persistent high temp alarm although all seems within limits. would appreciate suggestions of investigation/cause.

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Multiplus-II: Input current limit ignored after heat warning

Hi all. My Multiplus-II (24/3000/70-32, fw v.487) is acting strangely today. Been fine-tuning my setup since august last year and everything have been working perfectly. I am using Venus OS large with node-red to control most functions of the setup, which includes two shunts (one to measure battery current and one to measure PV current), several off-brand MPPT's, and a big battery bank of 32 x 75Ah AGM batteries.

Today i received a warning e-mail from my node-red system about a temp warning. I went to the unit and checked, it was warm, very sunny day which means several dump loads have been running very long with a total of 2 kW, not surprising that it got hot, but after removing the lower grill to ease air flow the warning went away. My idea was next to help it a bit by enabling the grid and power assist on 3.5 A to take some of the load off the inverter for a while. I have used power assist very much and it has always kept the limit, but to my surprise, even though I double checked the setting in the console, when I stopped ignoring AC in, it went up to 8 A power assisting, then switched to passthru not inverting at all, then back to power assisting 7-8 A and to passthru and flipping between the two constantly. Wut?!, I ignored AC in which had it inverting the whole load perfectly fine.

In the evening when one dump load had turned off and the load became lower (around 1500W), I tested the power assist function again. It is set at 3.5A still and it started assisting with 8A, then after a few seconds started going down and finally settled at the level I am used to seeing. Now it goes to the "right" limit straight away when stopping ignoring AC in, working as it has always been before.

Anybody have an idea what caused this? I merely want to understand it, I believe it is a good idea to install an extra fan to cope with these cloud-free sunny days, but why the power assist function would become non-functional because of a bit of extra heat is beyond me. Note that it never went into temp alarm, only temp warning...



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Wrong B2 connection

Will connecting the shunt B1 to battery positive and the B2 to battery negative damage the B2 sensor feature? I did this by mistake and now I have added the sensor and I am unable to turn ON feature 59. BMV-712 Smart and ASS0001

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Cerbo GX temperatur sensors - measurring below zero

Hey All

I have installed a cerbo GX in my boat with a temperature sensor in the fridge. When the frigde starts the temperature decreases, as expected, but it stops at zero regardless that the fridge is way colder and keep on cooling.... voltage reading it 2.73 V. Is there a bug in the cerbo gx which limits it to display measurements below zero. Have anybody experienced similar issues ?



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No temperature displayed in VRM Dashboard

I used to be able to see the battery temperature on the main Dashboard. I recently made a few changes to my setup and now the temperature has disappeared. The changes made were:

1) Removed BMV-702 and installed SmartShunt

2) Installed a BMS and connected to the VenusGX via CanBus

3) Updated MultiPlus firmware to latest and enabled ESS

The MultiPlus, SmartShunt, and BMS each have a sensor and are reporting temperature. I can see it in the Remote Console and on VRM if I configure an Advanced Widget, but I can't seem to make it show on the Dashboard. Appreciate any advice, thank you!



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Cerbo GX Celsius to Fahrenheit Issues

I know that it is ridiculous that we still use Fahrenheit in the US and the rest of the world uses Celsius. That said, there seems to be at least some provision from Victron that allows this to be switched and I would like to figure out how to do it. I have switched it everywhere that I think I can but still have mixed results. The VRM (mostly) works in displaying F over C but even then, there are bugs it seems. You'll notice that my sensor "Inside Temperature" is in F so that's good:


However, if I got to the advanced tab, sometimes it's in F and sometimes it's in C. Note that the Shunt Temperature Sensor is in F but the Battery Summary is really in C and just appends the F after the Celsius value. What's even stranger, if I wait 10 or 15 minutes, the Fahrenheit value will magically appear in the Battery Summary. Go back to the Dashboard and then back to Advanced and it shows the Celsius value again and you have to wait for 10 minutes for it to change:


Finally, I can't for the life of me get the console to show it correctly ever. This is the most bothersome for sure. Since most of the time I won't have internet access, I installed the rather pricey GX Touch 50 to display what is going on at a glance. I was planning on adding sensors for my fridge and freezer after adding the Victron Energy Temperature Sensor for GX Devices for ambient inside temperature as well. However, I simply can't get Fahrenheit to display on either the remote console from VRM or the actual GX Touch 50 so I'm holding off on that for now. Intuitively, I would think that you would select the temperature sensor from the device list and change it in the setup as shown but there is no provision for that.


There is a provision in the app shown here (this is an older screen shot, I am running the v5.41 and still having the same issue):


I've searched this forum, the Facebook forum, called tech support at a US dealer and I simply can't figure out how to get F displayed on the Touch GX. Is this simply not a feature for the Touch GX? Is Fahrenheit only available in the VRM? At a minimum, I think there is a bug in the VRM as shown above with the Celsius value stamped with an F after it in the Battery Summary. I've been really satisfied with all of my Victron components otherwise. I have to imagine that there is a way to show Fahrenheit on the Touch GX though. I can't be the only person on the planet with this issue so my guess is that it's me! If anyone can provide step by step here, that would be amazing! Thank you!

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At what battery temperature, warning and alarm?


At what temperature will a quattro or ccgx warn and alarm?

And what action will be taken?


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Built-in (low) temp sensor SmartSolar MPPT

Hi there, I am using a SmartSolar MPPT 75|15 and read in the specs that it has a temp sensor built-in. I tried to use it for a low temp cut-off but couldn't trigger it as an attached temp sensor is needed for this feature? (see also my video of my test https://youtu.be/S9qw9-SSplo?t=300)

Is this correct and why couldn't the built-in sensor be used for a low-temp cut-off if the temperate is already measured? Is it due to the heat that is produced by the charge controller?

thanks, Lupo

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BatteryProtect 12/24V 65A stops working in -20 deg weather


We use the BatteryProtect 12/24V 65A to stop batteries from being drained too low on some farming equipment that uses solar panels to charge the systems.

We've installed about 100 of these so far and they work as expected. But on 4 separate occasions, we've seen a problem. It seems that the BatteryProtect will unexpected completely stop working (no lights or error code at all) in cooold weather (-20 deg C).

Even disconnecting it from the circuit doesn't seem to fix the issue. The only solution that has fixed it reliably for us is to literally short out the screw posts for a few seconds. This causes the startup lights to flash, and the things starts working about.

We've only witnessed this occurring in very cold weather. The datasheet says operating temperature is -40C, so I'm not sure what is going on.

Does anyone have experience like this?


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Battery temperature not reporting

I just installed my victron setup not to long ago and I noticed that I am not getting any information about the battery temp. My setup consists of a multiplus 2x120, lynx BMS/distributer, and two smart 160 batteries in parallel.

The issue I am having is I am not seeing the battery temps being reported in VRM. it was my assumption that the smart batteries would be able to report their own temp. I can see the temp in Victron connect when I connect directly to them but that info is not getting pulled in for some reason.

I have turned on MQTT and am looking at the raw outputs which also don't seem to be pulling temp from anywhere.




Is there something in the config that I need to turn on to get Lynx to pull the temp from the battery? I am concerned that from what I can tell, the system doesn't know the battery temp and if so doesn't have the proper information to change things based on battery temp

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