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Phoenix Inverter compact 24V 1200 VA 230V: Alarm Red LED on and not able to connect inverter with any of the VE softwares

I have received 3 Identical Phoenix inverter compact as part of project completion handover procedure. These three inverters were previously utilized for 3~ supply during project. But we no longer require 3 Phase operation and have decided to operate the Inverter in parallel. But inverters fail to operate RED led on all three inverters are on not even allowing to connect VE software's and using VE bus to USB interface.

I have tried using different computers and even use VE connect app on Android using OTG cable. But nothing is actually helping, the manual i downloaded from VE site isn't great for troubleshooting, so wish i could find the right help from here.

Thank you all for this great community.

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Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70-16 goes in Alarm when connected to shore

Hello! :)

Hopefully you guys can help me up with the trouble shooting / config of my system.

It goes like this:

Shore -> multiplus -> 12V LIONTRON Lifepo

Also I am using a Smart shunt and a cerbo GX via VE.Bus. Firmware is 430.

The system is working fine, until I plug in the shore cable. Then the system shows the red alarm light an the following messages on the cerbo display.

Alarm - temperature high

Alarm - error temperature sensor

Alarm - battery low

The voltage is 13.11V, temp 29 C

When connecting the shore line, the voltage drops to 8.07V DC.

AC-line shows 95V due to the connected generator. Also it shows -1.3A, which I don’t understand.

Could you guys please put me on the right direction to solve the issue?


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High Voltage Alarms from VE Shunt

I have a newly installed system with a VE Can Shunt and a Cerbo GX. Overnight the system logged two high voltage alarms, one of 14.18v at 2am, and a second of 13.16v and 1pm on a sunny afternoon. I am charging 400ah of lithium, have the charge voltage on the MPPT set at 14.2V. The boat is not plugged in so the AC charger on the Multiplus was not active. A fidge and frezzer were turned on which combined draw about 10amps. Is this a settings issue or something else?

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Quattro Randomly Indicating Temperature Alarm - Internal Sensor Error?

The first time I started this Quattro 48/8000 it showed a temperature alarm and wouldn't start inverting. After a few minutes the alarm cleared spontaneously and I assumed that it was just a fluke. Now it is re-occurring randomly, usually when Quattro is in passthru mode and not at all hot. Another post mentioned that sometimes the cable to the temperature sensor could become detached in shipping. I have located those connectors and they are attached. Disconnecting them will produce the fault when everything is functioning. The fault seems to last anywhere from 20 seconds to hours. I cannot use the Quattro, even in passthru, during that time. It's part of a three phase system, no issues with the other phases. Not overloaded or really hot, running about 34C now but has gone up to 46C with no problems. Battery temperature sense is not connected. Fans are running at high speed on the affected inverter. Temperature light blinks on startup and then goes solid.

Can anyone give details about the internal temperature sensors on the Quattro? How to test? A new inverter is several weeks away if we have to go that route. The dealer is involved but hasn't seen this error before. Would prefer to be able to replace parts as I have a way to get small parts in the next week or so if I know what to order.

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Global Link 520 alarm type settings in VRM for pilge pump counter

Hi, I'm using Global Link 520 with latest beta and VC+VRM. Now wondering how to set alarm for pilge pump monitoring. Idea is to shortcut digital input (1 & GND) with relay that is controlled by pilge pump, and have a control. Now, to be able to follow when and how many times the pilge is running, I need to find correct alarm parameters. Does anyone have experience on this?

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VRM Stuck Alarm Bug


On the latest 2.90-26 RC this bug still exists. When a VRM instance ID on the raspberry pi flip-flops (Which is a different bug all together) if an alarm existed it does not clear in VRM and is stuck in alarm state forever. See a photo attached from my VRM portal. How can we clear phantom alarms?

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Strange Multiple Led alarm I can't find in Victron toolkit

I couldn't find what this alarm means. It seems to be multiple different ones... I couldn't find the pattern in Victron toolkit.

Power was cut off but I managed to have it back by unpluging the power source of the cerbo. After a few hours I could plug it back and the alarm didn't came back. What could it be? Thank you

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High voltage alarm

Hi all
Randomly today I have received endless high voltage alarms, the maximum was 60.9 volts and the longest was 12 seconds but it looks like this happened whilst my son was using his oven over a 2 hour period although it's been used before without issue, the batteries were in absorption phase. I have noticed that the throttling of the AC inverter is a bit delayed and I think this may have played a part in the alarms.
Shunt high voltage alarm is set at 60.5 volts
I am starting to regret going up the AC inverter route.
Would altering the assistant HZ settings make things react a little quicker ?
Setup is
930ah (C5 rating) IPzS 48v battery setup, using flooded tubular plate profile in charger
Victron multiplus 2 48/8000/110 inverter
fronius AC 8.2-1 inverter on AC1 out
Smartshunt 500
Cerbo GX

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Low battery alarm for Lynx BMS and Cerbo

I have a Victron system with a Lynx Smart BMS, Victron Smart Lithium battery, Quattro, MPPT and Cerbo GX/Touch screen. Is there a way to set an alarm when the battery reaches a set point, say 25 or 30%? I can't use the Lynx relay as an alarm I need that in Alternator ATC mode for a Wakespeed alternator regulator. I'm hoping there is a way I could use a relay in the Cerbo but can't figure out how it's done.

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Bluethooth bilge pump alarm


I am looking for a Bluethooth bilge pump alarm like the supported Ruuvi temperature sensors. Is there any change the system can work with other systems like the the ruuvi,

There are snesors in the market that are able to sense high water level on BT

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Cerbo bilgepump system

I recently installed a Cerbo GX and connected my 4 bilge pumps to the digital inputs.

One of the data elements is cycle count. I'd like to set an alarm if any bilge cycles more than 15 times in any 24 hours period.

Is there anyway to reset this parameter to 0 once per day.

I've set another alarm if the input state is "on" for more than 60 seconds. If the bilge runs for more than 60 consecutive seconds the bilge either has an air lock or there is some sort of flooding. In addition to cycle count tracking I'd like to track cumulative run time in a 24 hour period, anyway to do this?


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Cell balancing in a Pylontech battery

Hello Victron friends
I am installing a third Pylontech US3000 battery to boost the storage capacity of my off-grid system, and am once again getting high voltage alarms. The battery arrived with SOC = 39% and I am charging it by itself using solar panels via the EasySolar II. The high voltage alarms started at 73% SOC & 50.6V and so I used the option in Remote Console DVCC settings to limit the charge voltage to the max possible without triggering alarms, ie 50.5V. I have included a screenshot from BatteryView.exe which shows what I presume is the problem: Cell 3 is at 3.51V, much higher than the others which are 3.3 - 3.4 V. The situation has changed little from yesterday to today, and I have some questions to ask of anyone who might know more about the internal cell balancing processes than I do.

- Is an external current input necessary to charge the low voltage cells, or do the cells redistribute charge among themselves? If they can redistribute internally, does it also happen when the battery is disconnected but switched on?

- I understand that cell balancing uses quite small currents. Am I going to have to wait for all of the other cells to catch up with cell 3? That would be a lot of amp hours and presumably will take a long time.

- Would the cell balancing be adversely affected if I connected the three batteries together? Running off three batteries rather than one would be more convenient as it would give me enough capacity to last through the nights and I wouldn't have to juggle the batteries.



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Pylontech Internal Error Alarm

A little over one month ago I installed Pylontech US2000C batteries in my system. All was well for 3 weeks and then 2 weeks ago the first Internal Error appeared.

Having scoured the internet and following the advice from Victrons own documentation I lowered the DVCC Maximum voltage to 51.2 (15 x the voltage of the lowest cell voltage seen in the remote console)

I could see in the VRM Portal that there were multiple spikes in the Min/Max Cell Voltage's when there was no corresponding spikes in the AC Load (perhaps someone from Victron or Pylontech whould care to eloborate on that)

Over time the number of spikes diminished, until yesterday when they were back and today, once again, an Internal Error Alarm happened.

Looking at the data from the VRM Portal I can see that the spikes only happen when the cell voltages reaches 3.27 and the alarm happens when the Max cell voltage hits 3.89, a difference of 0.62 volts. This behaviour has been consistant for all of the alarms, to date there have been 12 of them in a 2 week period.

I am now somewhat at a loss as to what can be done to mitigate this problem.

Screenshot 2021-11-18 095632.jpg

Screenshot 2021-11-18 095535.jpg

Screenshot 2021-11-18 100340.jpg

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Multiplus II - Transient Load causes low bat shutdown

Hi - I have a Multiplus II 12/3000/120-50 2x120V connected to five 12V AGM batteries connected in parallel on my boat. Under normal use the system runs fine. When I try to power the Davit the momentary surge of current to power the motor causes an instantaneous transient voltage drop at the batteries which causes the low voltage shutdown to trigger. The steady state load of the davit is well within the voltage, current and power limits of the Multi. I would rather not lower the low voltage threshold since this could damage the batteries under a normal discharge scenario. Is there any way to set a delay of a few seconds for the low voltage threshold to kick in?

Thank you,


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Fallback Settings on MPPT and Inverter for ESS

There are a few scenarios that I believe that systems should continue to work when they don't when a component disconnects.


1. BMS comms is connected and then stops working for some reason (comms loss etc) - solar production completely stops. Surely the fallback settings on the MPPT should ensure that solar production continues and an alarm should be triggered?

2. Energy meter is connected and stops working for some reason (comms loss etc) the system then goes into passthru and solar production continues. The ideal scenario is that system continues to produce solar, metering is reverted to the inverter and alarm is triggered.

There are some more scenarios that are similar to the above where there should be some fallback logic to ensure systems keep working (ESS) but alarms are rather triggered than stopping certain functions.

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