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Pylontech warning low temp after internal faliure


I got this now three times during the past four weeks. Suddenly there is a Notification / alarm when the Pylontech batteries are almost full.


It starts with a "simple" Internal failure at 12:03 and after some time it is followed by a low temperature warning, today with 23.7°C ;-) followed by a second internal failure alarm at the same time.

Any ideas? Can I try to find it out what happened and what caused it.


In VRM it shows some more information

Battery Monitor [512] Automatic monitoring Internal error alarm: Alarm 2020-06-18 12:18:19 3m, 46s

I think it might be a sort of communication problem. The pylontech batteries doesn't show any Alarm LED or any other sign of problem. I am still running a release candidate firmware 2.60~23 and there is a some how newer version with 2.60~25 available, but in understanding never change a winning team, if not neccessary, I hope I get some advises here.

I looked at the monitoring during this time


Here some more detailed screenshot from VRM for battery information for 12:03


and for 12:18 when the second alarm notification occurred.


But I couldn't see anything really spectacular. Perhaps it might be interesting that the Pylons BMS changed exactly at the first point of time the CCL down from 80A to 20A.

Any ideas, what I can do to follow the alarms and to find out what did it cause?

Any help is welcome.


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alarme intempestive !!

bonjour j'ai des alarme intempestive overloard L1 sur mon mp2 pourtant dans les graphique


rien a signaler si joints !!!

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MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120 Temperature Sense error and Battery Temperature alarm

I have an ongoing problem with what seems to be erroneous High Temperature alarms on the Multiplus 12/3000/120-50.

The unit details:

MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V

Firmware version 475

Last connection 5 minutes ago

Product id 2702

VE.Bus connection VE.Bus

Hardware configuration Single unit

VRM instance 0

Things I've done to troubleshoot:

-- checked all terminal connections... everything is tight.

-- manually measured surface temperature of multiplus, which ranges between 20C and 30C.

-- upgraded firmware to latest version

-- temp alarm doesn't seem to have a pattern for which it gets tripped. When the alarm goes off, there doesn't seem to be excessive load on the system.

-- I observed that the fan on the unit does not come on and I thought it was a faulty fan. I added a large load to the system by turning on the AC unit when inverting and the fan promptly came on. So, I'm thinking the fan is working as it should.

-- the unit is installed in a bench seating area, which is enclosed. I thought ventilation was a problem, so I added 4 cooling fans and external ventilation, still received alarms.

Any ideas on what else to check?


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Low Soc Alarm + Alarm Relay when all conditions seems good


I have 2 AGVs running with your battery setup.

Our setup is:

  • 4x LiFePO4 battery 12,8V/160Ah - Smart
  • 1x Lynx Smart BMS 500A
  • 1x Venus GX

We have also other equipments to make the interface between BMS and the power consumers/chargers (e.g: Cyrix-Li-Load).

At time to time (sometimes once in a month, other times once in a week) we receive from BMS the signal "Alarm Relay" combined with the error "Low SoC" that come to the PLC by Venus GX.

From our internal log we see that this faulty state occur for up to 5 seconds and after this faulty event everything runs like the expected. When it happens the SoC is in a very decent level (>80% and a battery voltage around 53V). In fact when this happen everything stills running well apart the alarm by itself.

Just today we have a big problem related to this: the faulty state was active longer than 8s and the AGV suddenly was without power - I believe the ATD contact was open during that time.

When the maintenance team arrives near the AGV they check all batteries/BMS status.

Battery 1: 13,27V

Battery 2: 13,26V

Battery 3: 13,24V

Battery 4: 13,25V

In all batteries all the cells are balanced with a decent temperature (<=40ºC).

The BMS had 85% of SoC with the state "Allow to discharge" at "Yes". The AGV only power ON when we switch OFF/switch ON the "Remote on/off function".

Our "Discharge floor" parameter is set to 10%.

Thanks in advance.

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Battery en alarme "hight voltage"

Bonjour ,j'ai un souci d'alerte "hight voltage" sur mes batteries Pylontech US2000C mais sans coupure du Multiplus2.

Cette alarme se déclenche les jours de forte production lorsque les batteries sont à 100% rechargées et que la consommation de la maison est uniquement le bruit de fond (environ 200W) ...L'alarme s'est déclenchée 28 fois hier....


Voici ce que je peux voir sur le VRM. Aucune cellule des batteries ne semblent atteindre 4v....Je n'ai pas d'idée sur l'origine du problème....


Pourrait il s'agir d'un problème de mise à jour du Firmware des batteries? Dans l'affirmative , peut on faire la mise à jour avec un Macbook car je n'ai pas de PC et donc pas Windows?

Merci et bonne journée !

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Monitor and alarm shore power kWh consumption

My shore power is via a prepay meter. I’d really like to set an alert to tell me when to top it up. Is there any way to do this? Using a Quattro and CCGX, considering upgrading to a Cerbo. Planning on adding solar soon too.

Adding a bit more info: cooking on induction and heating via heat pump (via original keel coolers!) so will be all-electric once I’ve upgraded the drive, and I’m aiming to be off-grid in the summer, but will need shore power in the winter. I’m loving the Victron gear, would just like to get a notification once I’ve used X kWh of shore, to remind me to top up.

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Venus GX alarm rules

I have a Venus GX device and want to set an alarm if 'someone' moves it. I know I can connect a GPS to the GSM GX cellular modem but can I set an alarm without using a GPS device (perhaps using Lat / Long or Speed alarm rules?). If so how will the unit 'know' it has moved - does it 'know' its location if I have set it manually on the VRM portal or is that simply a 'point' that I have designated it to be on a map and it does not really know its own location.

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VRM: alarm config in Celcius only

My Cerbo is running v2.92 and when creating a temperature alarm for my Ruuvi, the temperature is in celsius. Being from the US, my foundation is fahrenheit. Is there a way to change it for the alarm config? I changed my displays to F, it's just alarm creation that is still C.


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Bluethooth bilge pump alarm


I am looking for a Bluethooth bilge pump alarm like the supported Ruuvi temperature sensors. Is there any change the system can work with other systems like the the ruuvi,

There are snesors in the market that are able to sense high water level on BT

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How to set High SOC Alarm?

I have a sailboat with a Cerbo + Lynx SmartBMS + Victron batteries that is charged with high output alternators on the engines. It would be very nice to have an alarm when the batteries are fully charged so that I can turn the engines off.

I've dug through the docs and the Cerbo interface and can't find a way to have it alarm when it hits a certain SOC. It would also be great to have the display show an estimated time to full charge since the charge rate is pretty static. Anyone got any tips?

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Cerbo GX digital input alarms presentation on Garmin MFD


I have connected two bilges alarm switches to my Cerbo GX DI1 and DI2, I have successfully configured the inputs to generate an alarm if the inputs are activated, the acustic signal also sounds - these alarms shows on Remote Control and VRM too as expected.

I have two questions.

  1. Would it be possible to see these alarms on my GARMIN Gpsmap / MFD somehow?
  2. Can I configure one of the output relays to activate based on these digital inputs?


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Multiplus 12/1200VA Relay output usage for cooling fan?


Im planning on installing a Multiplus 12/1200VA inside a steel enclosure with a lithium battery.

The enclosure will be outdoor wall mounted and will receive sunlight in the afternoon. Im going to be adding a cooling fan to keep temperatures inside the case down. So ive read you can set the alarm relay to turn on when the multiplus internal fan turns on.

First question, what is the current rating for the relay? I cant seem to find a current rating for the relay anywhere? Id like to fit quite a large fan.

Second question, at what temperature does the internal multiplus fan come on? I want to avoid a situation where the multiplus is under no load so it doesn't deem it necessary to tun on its fan while the ambient temperature in the enclosure is lets say for arguments sake 60 degrees celcuis and busy cooking my lithium battery.

Third question, im going to have the external temp sensor of the multiplus mounted on the battery obviously. Would i be able to control the alarm relay using the battery temp reading?

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Low and high limit (hysteresis) alarm

Hi there!

I have 48V system.

I am trying to understand why I am getting Low and High limit (hysteresis) alarm at 11:40am when the battery voltage is 51,94V? Is it normal or abnormal?

I am looking forward to a bit of advice, should I change system parameters or alarm rules or anything?

Here is the alarm message received yesterday 21st February 2023 11:40am:


Below is the chart of the system parameters whole day 24h 21.Feb.2023

NB! Shunt - Current (A) means the battery charging current from the SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100 - Tr


Current alarm rule:


I am very much looking for expert advice.

Kind regards,

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Set a CCGX Alarm when MPPT goes to Float

I would like to have an audible warning when my SmartSolar MPPT 150/100 goes into the Float State. The purpose is that it would be the time to reset my BVM-712 to 100% SOC.

It seems the MPPT does not have an alarm capability. Is this right?

I could not find a method via my CCGX display.

I believe I can set an alarm with the VRM Portal's Alarm Monitoring feature, getting an email. Not ideal, but all I can figure out now. Is there a better approach?

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Grid Lost alarm not written to modbus register

Hi everyone!

I recently installed the following system:

3x MP2 5000
4x Pylontech US5000
1x Fronius Symo 15-3
1x Cerbo GX

I must say that I am really pleased with the quality of the Victron components and the documentation/knowledge available to do things in a DIY manner. However reading the modbus registers on my Cerbo I encountered an issue while testing.

I am pulling data from all modbus registers once a second. This data is written to InfluxDB and aggregated/downsampled to 3 minutes granularity. The 1s data is retained for 24h allowing me to do real time dashboarding e.g. to monitor alarm states.


Testing most alarms is difficult but the Grid-Lost alarm can be tested easily by pulling the main breaker on the Grid-Side aka AC-IN. The Cerbo reports a Grid-Lost Alarm about 15-30s after the grid was lost. The Modbus Register 64 (Unit: 227 or 100) should write a "2" for an alarm state but remains at "0".

Unfortunately this is not very confidence inspiring since I am building a whole alerting system that relies on these registers being accurate.

Does anyone have an Idea why the register remains at 0?


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