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Temperature L1: Warning


We keep receiving this "Temperature L1: Warning" message in the last period of time, an alarm that's always cleared after a few seconds.

Does anyone have any idea what's this about?


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Overload Diagnosis (data included)

Need a little help with an Overload warning. I can't seem to identify the problem. All connections look good. Doesn't show up in VRM, only on the GX. Didn't come close to overloading the inverter's output capacity so can't quite figure out whats going on. Oddly, I get a Grid Lost error simultaneously. From what I Can tell, the inverter never shut down. I've included screenshots from VRM and the logs here, which show the Overload warning, but I can't see anything out of the ordinary...

System specs:

48V 200AH AGM / using 1/0 wire

Multiplus II 48v 3000/35 120

SSCC 150/45

SmartShunt 500A

Lynx Dist





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Phoenix Inverter 48v - 250

Need help with my Phoenix 48v / 250 Inverter.

I'm getting a constant low voltage alarm that shut down the inverter. I've tried adjusting the settings but am unable to correct the issue. Can someone help me and recommend what settings I should be using?

Inverter Screenshot. Low voltage alarm with no load?




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Multiple Overload Warnings MultiPlus Compact 24/1600/40-16 on VRM

We have a client that is getting overload warnings on a smaller system with very low loads ( 60-80w) We did a test yesterday by shutting down the AC1 out loads altogether and no warnings. Turned back on last night and warnings are back. No one in cabin only a small bar fridge pulling 65 watts. Batteries are 390 ah Predators 6 volts. Glen Ayr error.JPG


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how to disable "low voltage warning" on phoenix inverter smart?


as the title says, how can we disable the very annoying "low voltage warning" in the victron app? i never wanted to set this warning and i can not find any option in the app to disable it. (please see, that this is warning is different from the "low battery voltage alarm")


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Relation / Action to Battery temperature

Yesterday my battery temperature rose above 30°C, I got a warning, , no alarm.
But in the charge characteristics I did not notice a reaction of the Quatro.
At what temperature a reaction will be noticeable?

Thanks, Harold


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INVERTER OVERLOAD WARNING - Multiplus 48/5000/70

I'm getting an "inverter overload" warning on my 48v Multiplus. These are occurring even when the AC loads are disconnected at the AC breakers.

I've been getting these sporadically (maybe once every 3 months) for almost a year. Normally it goes away if I disconnect the batteries then reconnect them to the multi. However, the latest error message is more persistent and reoccurs soon after the battery is reconnected.

I've searched the group for possible solutions and someone had mentioned updating the firmware to v481 which I have just done, followed by rebooting the CCGX and multi, but the inverter overload warning keeps occurring

There has to be someone in this group smart enough to have some suggestions on a fix

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Can I Receive Text Message for Alerts

I have set up my alerts and warnings from my Color GX to generate an email, however I would also like to receive a text message, especially in the case of alerts. Is there any configuration I can do without coding?

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Overload Warning and Low AC Voltage Alarm

Hi I have a 12/2000 230v Phoenix Inverter. Whenever I turn it on I receive the messages of Overload Warning and Low AC Voltage Alarm without anything plugged in. Anyone have a solution? Thanks Mark

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Multiplus/EasyPlus Issues: Grid Lost & High Temperature Warnings

Marine EasyPlus install with CCGX.

Issues after last firmware upgrade (469);


As mentioned elsewhere here, the latest firmware versions have addressed excessive fan running time and things seem to have gone from one extreme to the other. Our fan used to run ALOT. Now our fan NEVER runs! We have never had a High Temp warning before. We assume that the new frugal fan program is to blame. It is Australian summer here so ambient temp was in high 20's (deg celcius) but we have had the unit for several summers now and we believe some sort of compromise is needed with the fan program or we fear more warnings and possible damage due to unit high temp.

The more persistent problem is the 'Grid Lost' Alarm. Again these are happening after the firmware upgrade (done so we could access VDCC). We run grid/mains/shorepower into AC Input 1, charge our FLA bank from the mains and atm exclusively use the boiler AC thru-put AC circuit to power our mains kettle etc. We have no ESS tied to grid etc.

When the alarm goes off we have tested the marine shorepower receptacle with a hair dryer and it works fine. The CCGX AC1 Input screen of the multi tells us that shorepower is available ie 240ish volts and 50hz but something has triggered the alarm and cut off grid to the unit even though grid is available.

The issue seems to go away if charger only switch is selected but I can't be sure, it maybe coincidence.


This shot was taken just at the grid was reconnecting but the AC-in L1 had zeros in the Amps and watts boxes but the 244V and the 50.1Hz was showing even as 'Grid Lost' was sounding.

I see that other posters here have had 'Grid Lost' alert whilst still connected to the grid... hmmmm.


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BMS Configuration Help

Hello, I’m hoping someone can assist in shortening my learning curve.

I have a 5k Quattro


BMS box

5 x Victron Smart Lithium

3000 watts of solar on 8 victron mppts


the system was in parallel when I purchased the boat with the understanding that one Quattro would be removed as part of the sale, converting it all to standalone.

It was programmed by the previous owner and it’s barely working.


1.) I constantly receive a ‘Grid Lost’ error.
2.) I constantly receive a ‘Temp sense error’

3.) The solar which previously would put out close to 3k watts and over 100 amps will only put out 500 watts or so, and maybe 10 or 15 amps.

I have a MK3 device for programming, it appears looking at the settings on the CCGX that something isn’t talking.

The BMS control, Solar Charge current Control and Solar charge voltage control all show an unknown state on the CCGX

If there were an expert, I’d hire them for this but there’s nobody in this area that has any real knowledge.

Can someone help me get started and how I diagnose, or troubleshoot the issue?


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ESS system Pylontech battery Alarm – High voltage Alarm


I keep getting an alarm/warning every 14 minutes via the CCGX for the following:

Pylontech battery Alarm – High voltage warnings – Voltage reading attached to each warning varies between 51.56V through 51.77V

This alarm pops up during the absorption phase. I.e. absorption light is lit on the Multiplus ii 5000 and a status of absorption charge is indicated on the SmartSolar Charger MPPT 250/100.

As per previous reply from Guy on a “DVCC and Pylontech Battery” community post, I understand that a Pylontech managed lithium battery does not have a bulk, absorption and float stage like a lead acid battery. However, during the bulk phase, the 4 US3000 Pylontech batteries charged up to 80% without any alarm. Charging has now slowed to almost nothing. Current SOC is 81%

All the Victron components run the latest available firmware as detected via the CCGX and VictronConnect App. The current firmware versions are as follows:

CCGX – v2.53

Multiplus ii 5000 – v471

Charge controller – v1.46

I have loaded and configured the ESS assistant and configured all settings as per these two documents:



I have made sure that the Multiplus II Charger Tab settings for Float voltage is set to 51V and that Absorption is set to 52V after completing the ESS assistant as per documentation. After I started receiving the high voltage warnings, I have also tried setting Absorption on this tab down to 51V. This makes no difference.

I understand that the charge controller settings are ignored and controlled by the CCGX via DVCC

DVCC is ON, Shared Voltage Sense is OFF, Shared Temperature Sense is OFF.

Any assistance to resolve this problem would be appreciated.

Thank you,


@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)

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System Alarm Grid Lost

For a few days now we've been getting a system alarm that says "Grid Lost." I can highlight it on our CCGX screen, but it doesn't go away. (I.E. The warning triangle in the top of the screen keeps flashing no matter what I do.) It also does not register on the VRM site under Alarm Logs...

We have not lost grid power once in this time period.

I do however use the CCGX's relay and it's automatic Generator on/off rules to tell the Quattro when to pull power from the grid. (I do this so we can use the energy stored in our batteries first.) So while the Shorepower meter shows zero, we are still connected to the grid.

We also have a PV inverter connected to our Quattro's 230v output, which gave me a grid error once, but I've not seen that happen again. (Meaning it might have but then went away before I noticed it...)

Did something change in the firmware to cause us to get this alarm?

We were running 2.51 but it also happened when I updated it to 2.52.

Thanks to anyone that can help!


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Elke dag vanaf 3 minuten voor het halfuur hoor ik drie of vier zoemende geluiden. Het begint om 3 voor half elf en gaat enkele uren door. Ik heb een SmartSolar mppt controller 75/15. Houdt Victron de wacht?

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I overloaded 12/800 it alarmed. I reset, then did it again. No lights now. Internal big fuse is unbroken.

I tried resetting a few times. I charged batteries for not very long and reset. I will check in engine bay for breaker and check fuse, not done yet. But wondering if anyone has any other suggestions? Many thanks

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