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Multiplus Compact Alarm on cold mornings?

Hi all, I have been using a secondhand Multiplus Compact 1600VA 12V for 5 years, with errors every now and then. I take this to be a good run for a secondhand product, but it would be a pity to replace a good piece of gear unecessarily.

On cold mornings (<5degC) the unit wont start, and the Alarm LED light up with no pre warning code. When the day warms up, the unit will start, but makes a loud vibration noise!

Also, sometimes after running for 5 hours or so continuously with a moderate load, the unit will go into alarm mode. In these cases, the battery voltage is still good (e.g. yesterday at 13.4V). I can only think this is due to overheating? The load is never near max (1600VA).

My setup is a Victron Multiplus Compact 1600VA 12V. I only have two LiFePO4 90Ah 12V batteries wired in parallel. These are about 6 years old. I also have a Digital Multicontrol Panel but only use it as a remote control for the inverter. I have a Smart Solar 100/50 hooked up and running throughout the day.

My theories are:

1) the unit is no longer tolerant to extemes of temperatures.

2) I need to hook up the temperature sensor that I never installed?

3) My battery bank is of too small capacity for this size inverter?

4) There is some internal component that is failing

Any ideas? The charger circuit still works fine.

Any way to dignose the error? I think I have a USB connector somewhere...

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Lynx Distributor fuse led problem

I have a Lynx distributor. I feed it with 5V with the RJ connector. For several months the LEDs were working properly (green). But for days I have had an error and I have not changed anything (except some firmware of the MPPT, battery protect), the fuses are good but they have lit red. I have done all kinds of tests, I have disconnected all the systems, but I cannot find where the problem is. I have replaced the 24v battery with a 12v one (isolated, without Cerbo, MPPT, Multi) to test and it works, the led turns green. But when I install the 24V battery, all the LEDs light up red.

After several days of testing I have updated the firmware of the Cerbo and Multiplus and now the LEDs light up orange. Does anyone know what is going on? Can I update the firmware at the distributor?


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Cerbo Wifi error stays after reboot

We are remotely helping a boating client who in 1000 klms from us, has lost mains power at the marina, batteries have drained and WIFI has been lost. Our last data on the VRM portal was 4 days ago. After power is restored, we have not been able to get the Cerbo to connect to his onboard WIFI as it has a "timeout error" after 30 retries. Understandable given the WIFI network was down so the Cerbo tried to reconnect many times.

We asked the client to bluetooth to the Cerbo with the phone Connect app and it says it is connected to the WIFI network, however the Cerbo touch 50 screen says it still has the timeout error even after the Cerbo has been rebooted.

We thought the reboot would clear all errors but this one seems to be a bit elusive. What are we missing?



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BMV-712 suddenly displaying a wrong voltage of 0.02V

I had my BMV712 running for some weeks now. This weekend during dischcharge, the main battery low voltage alarm suddenly triggered. The main voltage was displayed as 0.02v.

Link to screenshot:

this was during normal operation of our camping car. whilst no change was done to anything...
i checked the "real" battery voltage using a DMO and it was 13.x volt.
i quickly inspected all the cabling, but all seemed correct. (and all other values including current from the shunt looked correct..
I then did a reset to factory settings and the voltage was back to normal display (but it started with 100% capacity..) .
It seems to me like a software problem as the only thing i did to resolve it was a factory reset...

Any ideas or suggestions? or is the unit defective?

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Multiplus II 3000 GX External Current Sensor Error 24

Good Evening Victron Community,

I have installed a Multiplus II GX in a topology with all Non-Critical Loads upstream of the AC Input. Critical Loads on AC Output 1 as usual.

When installing the External current sensor on the Main Circuit and returning from an Outage the Inverter gave an Error 24 related to the backfeed relay.

Although the error makes sense to me regarding it seeing Current (from the external sensor) while it was expecting no current (Ac-In relay open) I would think that selecting the External Current Sensor Connected tick box in VEConfigure would tell it to ignore this discrepancy?

I have since removed the Current Sensor (and unticked the tick box) and have tested the exact same outage successfully without Error24.

Although this post mostly serves as a possible bug flag, I would like to end it with a question.

Would it be possible for me to install a three phase Grid Meter upstream of the AC Input and non critical loads (Carlo Gavazzi 65A) instead of the Current Sensor and still avoid this Error 24 Situation?

If yes, would I be able to add an unpowered USB hub onto the USB port to have both an external Wifi adapter and USB to RS485 adapter on the GX portion in order to connect the Grid Meter?

Kind Regards

Randolf Wenhold

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Light error code

Could anyone please shed some light on what the following videos are trying to indicate please. its not explained in the manual

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MPPT Monitor - Stuck Connecting - Need Info

I have yet another example of an MPPT monitor stuck in the connecting state after a few day/weeks of successful operation. I understand that I need to update the firmware on the monitor and require a special cable to do so. Can anyone point me to the cable in question? Is there the possibility of getting this supplied free of charge from Victron directly given the nature of the situation? It doesn't feel great having to spend money to fix this issue, to be honest. My monitor was only purchased a month ago, should I have expected it to come with updated firmware? Is requesting a new (pre-updated) unit from Victron an alternative support scenario?

If it matters, the monitor is connected to a SmartSolar 100/50 controller. Both my Android APP and MPPT charge controller are updated to the latest code/firmware.

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Pylontech Internal Failure at low SOC (13%)


When my battery gets to an low SOC (13%) it starts outputting "Internal Failure" Error messages.
Between 15% and 10% SOC the error appears and disappears every few minutes.
At 5% SOC the error is continous until the battery is charged up againe.

My System:
8x Pylontech US3000C
3x Multiplus2 48/5000 in 3 Phase
2x MPPT250/100
1x Fronius symo 15kw
Cerbo GX

The System is connected to the grid running ESS.

Is this error normal at that low SOC?

The system is running for 3 months now without problems. It´s the first time now reaching these low SOC, so the error did not appear until now.

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Orion 12/12-30 input voltage value frozen?

Hi all!

I have an Orion 12/12-30 installed in a VW T6.1 charging a LiFePo leisure battery. All installed and working perfectly until my last drive. After a few hours of driving I noticed the battery hadn’t been receiving any charge. Message reads Charge disabled due to engine shutdown detection (I’m using the algorithm rather than a engine run signal wire). I can force it to charge by disabling engine shutdown and voltage lockout so the unit does function.

The input voltage figure hasn’t changed from 11.6v after 8 hours of driving. Normally I’d see that figure fluctuate depending on what the smart alternator is doing in relation to driving conditions. Resetting to factory default had no affect. Next now I’m home, I’ll disconnect the unit all together to effectively ‘switch it off and on’ the classic fix!

Just wondering if anyone has come accross a similar issue with the input voltage figure freezing? I’d appreciate any input if you have.


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MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70 continuous overload shutdown

MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70 is shutting down continuously with an overload error after some issues on the grid network.

Batteries are full and the external grid is off (as the mains circuit breaker failed). BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/70 is connected and providing power (as the sun is up...)

Now the MultiPlus keeps trying to start up, but fails within a couple of seconds with an overload error. However, the circuit breaker towards the load is off as well, so there literally cannot be any load on the inverter at all.

Is this a bricked MultiPlus or is something else going on?

Tried a lot of stuff, including restarting the system through the Color Control GX as well as with the on/off button itself.

Anything else to try?

The system is installed in the south of France, and I'm asking for someone else, so troubleshooting is going to be a pain.

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Why does the red LED on my smart dongle flash briefly...

...when I connect or reconnect through Bluetooth. And why has the blue LED stopped working at all? (I have the latest firmware.)

Otherwise, the app is getting data from the controller.

But I would like the blue LED to work.

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Fast blinking charger led on multiplus compact 12/2000 after failed firmware upgrade

I am in the process of setting up a system with a multiplus compact 12/200.

After connecting the multi with a mk3-usb and victronconnect on an android phone i got offered a firmware update for the multiplus (something from ~430 to ~490?).

The upgrade failed (was it error V20?) and the result is a fast blinking yellow charging led.

Before the upgrade i was able to use AC IN and AC OUT, batteries are still not connected.

Nothing else is working. Its no longer recognized in VictronConnect with MK3-USB and also not with a Bluetooth Dongle.

On VEFlash there is a notice to remove AC input on upgrades. Maybe that is a reason for the failed upgrade? Is an upgrade only possible with connected batteries?

What is the meaning of the fast blinking led and how can i fix it?

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Lots of problems with ESS multiplus 2 (error 24)

I Installed a multiplus 2 with 10kWh of BYD batteries in an ESS system first half of the year, it worked well for a month or two then started bringing up error 24, I followed the instructions for what to do for error 24 and sent them off to my victron distributor, victron decided to send me a new unit, I intsalled the unit and instantly had the same problems, after lots of return visits and firmware updates in the hope the issue had been found and resolved which is costing me lots of time and money ive realised that the unit will go straight into error 24 with the current sensor plugged in, If i remove the sensor and restart the unit it starts fine then plug it in it begins to act as an ESS system should with no error code, the problem being that i simulated a power cut by turning the AC isolator off and then back on, and as the sensor is in it goes into error 24, i have updated the firmware twice and replaced the unit. Its a real shame as its also costing the customers confidence in the system i have installed for them, and I cant keep going back to resolve this I have seen on the VRM it is in error 24 again today and i went to them on friday. It has the latest 2629 467 firmware intalled and the UK G98/G99 grid code. Please can you sort a resolution for this ASAP.

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batteries BYD et erreur mppt #67 BMS lost


novice dans le off grid, j'ai un easysolar II GX 48/3000 250/70 qui ne veut pas prendre en charge une batterie BYD LVS premium. Pouvez-vous m'aider?

Du coup, j'ai une erreur mmpt erreur #67 BMS lost

m asked
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MPPT 150/70 Error code #38 - Input shutdown due to battery over-voltage

My system has been happily running well (without error) for 6 months - 1 week ago started throwing #38 errors (this seems to correspond to updating firmware) during the peak of the day.

The systems includes;

  • Cerbo GX v2.71
  • BMV-712 v4.07
  • MPPT 150/70 rev 2 v 3.07
  • 800Ah lithium battery cells managed by Daly 4S 250 (Cells are Balanced - BMS appears to be working correctly.)

I captured reports from MPPT after each error yesterday;

1:48 pm

Days ago



Max. PV power(W)

Max. PV voltage(V)

Min. battery voltage(V)

Max. battery voltage(V)









Days ago



Max. PV power(W)

Max. PV voltage(V)

Min. battery voltage(V)

Max. battery voltage(V)








2:09 pm

Days ago



Max. PV power(W)

Max. PV voltage(V)

Min. battery voltage(V)

Max. battery voltage(V)








The battery voltage is set correctly - 12v

There is a secondary MPPT 100/20 - setup is consistent and error occurs with this connected or not.

Not sure why this would only start occurring only a week ago? has something changed in the firmware?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Viewing error reports

Hi, sorry if it is obvious, but I can't figure it out.

While configuring new installation MultiPlus 120/3000 I ran into a problem.

The setup is primitive - just MultiPlus with 2 lithium batteries connected.

I wanted to configure aux input as a safety switch for inverter. But every time I add

safety switch assistant and load it to device - MultiPlus starts blinking all front LEDs intermittently.

And this is a problem in itself.

But then I clicked a button on Assistant Tools tab to generate Error Report. It saved it - but the file looks like binary. How do I view it?

Of course for extra credit - why would adding assistant break configuration?

Or does it? I made assumption that blinking all LEDs is bad - waited for some time for it to settle down.

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Multiplus 1600 Alarm - Solid red LED

Hi all,

My Multiplus 1600 has been working faultlessly for the last 4 and half years, but after putting it on yesterday, it cut out and the alarm led lit solid. Turned it off and on and after a couple of mins did the same thing. No flashing of error code, just straight to alarm on. Tried charging through shoreline connection and that worked fine. Put it to on after an hour of charging and within 20 mins it cuts out again. The manual states error codes for a flashing alarm led, but mine just goes straight to solid on. The voltage at the dc input terminals was 12.6v and I removed both ac input and output connections and it still cuts out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Multiplus temperature problem

I have a 12/3000/120 multiplus inverter charger linked to a 345ah Rolls agm housebank and start battery in a yacht.

The charger was set at 60amps by the installer. Year one in the uk it worked perfectly. Last year in Southern Brittany the overheating link would occasionally blink, even when the batteries were not warm to the touch. It was warmer in Southern Brittany.

This year in Galicia, NW Spain, temperatures have recently risen and I am getting this problem again, but for the last two days turning off for a while and back on again is not clearing the problem - but it has been over 30c in the boat.

My question is this - is the temperature sensor function programmable and if so could the setting have been set too low?

Or - could this be a faulty sensor?

If the problem is a programming setting, could I reset it? I recall that the installer had to download software onto his laptop to enable him to configure the charge settings.

Many thanks in advance for any advice preferred!



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Error in Cerbo GX fw. 2.71 - No Data in MPPT Daily History under Yesterday.

Problem solved in version 2.72

Cerbo running fw. 2.71
BMV-712, fw. 4.05
2 x SmartSolar MPPT VE.Can 150/100 rev2, fw. 3.05
Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 fw. 482
OPzS Solar 1520 Lead Acid (Lithium is not an option in a wood-fired home that gets below -20 deg. C when left for some days in winter!).
DVCC = Yes, VRM two-way com. = Yes.

After updating Cerbo to version 2.71 the MPPT device history only shows data in the field 'Today'. The field 'Yesterday' is there, but without any data! This have been the situation for three days now. Rebooting equipment didn't help.

Downgrading to fw. 2.66 immediately resulted in data in the field 'Yesterday'












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bluesolar panel voltage during night > 0 ???

I am not sure if this is normal, so my question is to all of you that use mppt bluesolar charger. While the battery is connected to the charger, I can also measure similar voltage on the solar input terminals. This is regardless if solar panels are connected or not. So if voltage of the battery is 50V, on the PV terminals I can measure 50+ something volts also. Same is displayed in victron connect screen. Does your charger displays solar voltage > 0 during the night also? Shouldn't it be 0V during the night? Perhaps something got fried in mine :-/

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Error 24 Quattro 48v 15000kva

Hi, my system was working fine, but a few days ago on Venus I had error 24, I read in the error article Error 24: switch system protection started. turn off the inverter and after 4 hours I turned on however we do not use a generator or public network. Today the error reappeared without success for it to work again.


I do not think it was an overload since in the advanced parameters it shows me the maximum power consumption does not exceed 3000w per quarantine


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VE.Bus Error 17: Phase master missing error when grid fails (Cape Town)

I have three installations (fourth one being commissioned next week) with six Mutliplus II inverters (three phase with two per phase). Each of these installations fails with a Phase master missing error almost every time the grid goes down (our dreaded "loadshedding"). I cannot replicate the problem by switching the mains breaker to the inverters off.

As a matter of interest, we are "forced" to use this configuration in Cape Town as the Quattro's are not on the City's approved list of inverters.

I have a site with six 15kVA Quattros in the same configuration (direct utility supply, not municipality) which never gives this problem. Same batteries as well, just more of them.

We have done all the latest firmware upgrades (now on 481) and this helped with some other issues we had with false overload errors, but the dreaded Phase master error persists on the event of a power failure (specifically grid failure, not just dropping the supply breaker).

Clearly there is some disturbance coming down the line when the grid goes down that the Victrons cannot handle which is of course very ironic as that is the main reason they were put in in the first place. We have now hooked up a very expensive piece of equipment to the one site to try and record what actually goes on in that split second before the grid goes off to see if I can install some kind of filter / arrestor that will shield the Victrons from whatever they cannot handle.

BUT all evidence points to a firmware / software issue in the Victron equipment since we only get this ever on the 6 inverter configuration and only on the Multis.

Anybody with this problem please let me know. I need to know if I am alone here which I find hard to believe.

My distributor who I have chosen specifically because of their experience with Victron is stumped but are coming out to physically inspect one of these sites next week. We use oversize wiring and have done about 40 sites since we started using Victron late last year and we do not have other problems so I will be (very happy) but surprised if they find something.

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What is “#3 Expected Devices Error”

On a split-phase multiple 12/3000/120 I get an “#3 Expected Devices Error” followed by a “low battery error on the Color GX panel when removing from the 50amp RV park service and the slave goes off-line. Batteries SoC shows 99%. All works well when plugged in. No errors or notifications.

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Inverter voltage unstable with no load

My inverter has recently started having large voltage spikes when there is no load on it. This quickly causes a ripple alert and the inverter switches off (displaying the error leds: Overload, Low Battery & Temperature).
It used to do this occasionally when certain appliances were plugged in, but now it does it when there is no load on it at all. Within less than 20 seconds it has disconnected.

It is a Phoenix MultiPLus 12/2500/120 installed on a boat with 12v input from a aa 400 aH lithium battery bank. I have looke

d for loose connections on the DC input but couldn't find any.

Has anyone got any ieas what might cause this?

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Victron Phoenix inverter 12/3000 stuck in overload

I left the inverter on overnight and in the morning the “overload” LED was solid red. I thought that maybe overnight there was a shortcut. So I disconnected the load (nothing was turned on overnight) and turned it back on. LED still solid red. Is anyone experiencing the same problem? Or a way to reset the unit? Thanks in advance

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MultiPlus 12/3000 absorption and low battery flash

What is wrong@
Mains on, absorption, but low battery flashes.

I have checked the BMS; all cells are at 3.58, Almost fully charged.

But only when the inverter function is enabled.

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System faults

system fault overnight after scheduled charge Getting inverter overload, expected devices error, grid lost and system time sync error. Have tried switching off and back on remotly but no change. sysyem is two 15000va in parallel, any help appreciated



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BMV-702 wont SYNC - LiFeYPO4

First - Sorry
I know it has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find a solution to the earlier posts from other users. So, therefore, I allowed myself to ask.

Setup: My battery is a DIY (Winston 200AHA) project, a 12V system. 8cells in total. Two parallel and series.

From the last cell, the negative terminal is connected to the shunt for the BMV-702 (on the battery side of the shunt), from the load side of the shunt there is a 100A copper bar connected with all the negative connections to loads.

So that must be correct.

Problem: The BMV-702 won’t do the regular automatic synchronization.

Settings of the BMV-702:
01. 400Ah
02. 13.90V (.30 under the absorptions as recommended)
03. 02.0%
04. 01

I know that 03 and 04 normally are 4% and 3 minutes, it didn’t work, so I tried to make them smaller.

Have tried to sync when the battery is fully charged manually, it hasn’t helped.

Here are some screenshots from the settings:



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How can I clear the Multiplus II VE Bus Error 8 / 11 report?

I'am Installing a Multiplus II 48 5000 with solar MPPT Charger.

And now I'm wondering about the new Error 8 / 11 Report page, because there ist an Error listet an I don't know how to delete this error.

The system is running fine and I want to get rid of this error. What also confuses me is that the error main page shows no VE Bus errors at all. And this is where I need more information: Does last VE Bus error report mean the last error 8 or 11 is stored in this list and just stays there for ever?

to exclude any futher wiring mistakes I disconected all AC-Out wires inside the Multiplus.

Only AC-In is connectet and I checked the wires serval times.

As in many european Countries the N and PE on the AC-In are at Ground Potential, but this should not be a problem. I have a standart european TN-C-S Power Grid.

With this question I just want to make sure I'm not chasing any errors witch I solved long time ago.

Hope you can help me

Regards Felix



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VRM downloaded xls data; the counters data has many "a163" special events recorded

I have a Venus GX and download data every month in XLS format. I have activated all 5 digital counters and have "always" over two years, get extra data events which show all rows blank but add "a163" data in one column for each of the 5 counters, without affecting the data in any of the counters after.

My theory is for some reason the Venus GX has some glitch which triggers an event (outside of the normal 15minute data)which has a timestamp and adds data (exports on the Comm data) from some register to the counters "a163" data column but no other data in any column except the time stamp.

The "a163" seems to be random, some days have no reading and others up to 10 or more. I have set data to record every 15minutes.

Any ideas as to the cause and solution?


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