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EasySolar 2 won't power up with pylontech battery


I'm having issues with easySolar 2 48/3000 and pylontech US5000.

Able to start the US5000 and the run light blinks (idling), but when I flip the breaker to connect to the easysolar, the battery goes straight into an internal error on the pylontech BMS with the easysolar screen lighting up for about 0.5 seconds.

I have checked the battery voltage and it is 49.3

This is my first install, so not sure if this is something I am doing wrong or an issue with the easysolar or the pylontech.

Any support would be appreciated, thanks


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Multi RS Error 54 Fuses Blown No AC Out





This is a really a problem solved, but one to be shared. The on screen error report may be misleading. The online documenation has the error listed and was the gide to solving the problem. Qudos to Victron for this recently updated document.. Our customer had an error 54 appearing on a Multi RS. The problem was the two 240V 15A white ceramic fuses inside had blown. Its a very simple fix. Our first on a Multi or Multiplus. Because the Multi RS is planar, the ride through current on overload or inrush is less than the metal donut transformers. As a result it is probably more susceptible to blown fuses. Can the trusted community comment on this hypothesis?

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48v 5000v multiplus LED error absorption/float and overload/temperature on

I came home after a couple days away. And my 48v 5000w multiplus quattro is showing the following LED error and wont turn on. I have disconnected the battery and let it sit several times hoping it would reset but no luck. It has been working fine for almost a year now. Any ideas what the issue could be?

Attached is a picture of the LEDs.


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VRM & remote console - PV CT sensor data disappearing & reappearing after a GX reboot

Another issue now, the PV generation data on the VRM portal & the PV 40A addition in the remote console keeps disappearing in both. The only way to get it to come back is to reboot the Multiplus in the remote console (GX side) and wait for it to reappear, only for it to disappear again an hour or so later. One day I might have a fully working system as expected. Please see the below video.

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67 "BMS Connection Lost"

I have a MPPT 100/30, Multiplus 12/3000/120-50, Color Control Gx and a Li battery setup with a Ve.bus BMS.

When I set the 100/30 ->Networked Operations to controlled by BMS after about five minutes I get error #67 "BMS Connection lost" on the MPPT. I have updated all firmware/ software on all components in the system. reset both the multi and 100/30 back to factory settings and reprogrammed them yet the error still persists. Any ideas?

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Venus GX does not see Fronius Symo 17.5

We have 3 Quattros 15 kVA, configured with a Venus GX and 3 BMZ ESS 10, which works very well. Since the Fronius Symo 17.5 inverters are very far away from the battery, we used a radio antenna to send the wlan signal to them. The inverters are both cleanly configured, both have their own IP address and are on the same network as the Venus GX, but are not recognised. Even entering the IP addresses manually did not help. What could be the reason for this?

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VE Bus Error Code 31

What is VEBus Error Code 31 on a MP2 ? Trying to help a friend . Its not listed in the list of error codes here

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SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 turning the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

I purchased a Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 Charge Controller. I am having a problem with the charge controller cycling the load "On" then "Off" then back "On".

Description of failure:

1. The charge controller will show that the load is set to "On".

2. A 12v fan is connected that draws a max of 9W of power or a car cell phone charger is plugged in (without the phone connected or charging)

3. The charger controller will show that the load is turned to "Off"

4. Have a pause for 1 to 2 seconds

5. The load will then be turned to "On"

Notes: The charge controller never shows a voltage below 12.6 volts from the battery so I know that it is not pulling a large load from the battery.

I don't see how a 12v phone charger without a phone connected could be tripping the 20A capacity of the controller.

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Why is my solar in float mode when batteries are dead?

I have a mppt 100/50 charge controller. Woke up this morning to dead batteries. Charge controller has been in float mode for 6 hours now. I have 650w panels and it only brought in 30wh today and it's sunny. But shows my batteries have been as low as 0.01v and high of 12.4v. very confused but inverter will not power on. App says my current battery is 13.6v

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Error 11 Steps What are they ?

Can anybody please show me what are the test steps as I am unable to reconstruct them from the scant info available. Getting proper Victron information is like pulling teeth

The failed step; it counts backwards: step 9 → 8 → 7 and so forth. Common causes:

AC0/AC1 mismatch and

Other shown error details, listed below, are not related to any known installation issue and can be caused by a faulty unit or configuration issue. In any case, also when one of below errors shows, make sure to go through all the above steps for any error 11 issue.

Step 12 ?

Step 10?
Step 9?
Step 8 Failing step #8: check that line and neutral have not been swapped. Unlike non-grid code installations; line and neutral need to be wired correctly.

Failing steps #2-7.

Step 7 ? AC0 /AC1 mismatch. UMains error: this is fixed in VE.Bus inverter/charger firmware version 455.

Step 6 ? Communication error.

Step 5? UMains mismatch.

Step4 ? Period Time mismatch

Step3 ?

Step2 ?

Step1 ?

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Error 24 Quattro 48v 15000kva

Hi, my system was working fine, but a few days ago on Venus I had error 24, I read in the error article Error 24: switch system protection started. turn off the inverter and after 4 hours I turned on however we do not use a generator or public network. Today the error reappeared without success for it to work again.


I do not think it was an overload since in the advanced parameters it shows me the maximum power consumption does not exceed 3000w per quarantine


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Manual -errors


As I work my way through the Victron documentation I see errors . I could probably guess what the missing words are but this is not a guessing scenario. Things can blow up


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temperature nonsensical values

Between 2022 12 20 05:45 and 2022 12 29 14:31 the reported temperature changed from a stable accurate value of about 10 degc with negligible spread to nonsense values ranging between -20:80 degc with huge spread(changing sample to sample) AND INCIDENCE of nan. it was a real effect with temperature faults reported. it the reverted to normal behaviour. ??? candidate is a bad firmware update with say a units mistake eg float rather than int? ideas

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Multiplus error 17 .

The stand alone Victron Multi plus 24/3000/70 is installed in a cinibus, the mains power is via a 13 amp extension cable. Batteries, 4 off 12v 100 amp leisure batteries. 2m of 50mm DC cable between battery and Victron. Remote control on 1 meter of RJ45 cable. Dip switches all off except Dip 7 which is on.

After a period of disuse good fully charged batteries were connected and the mains supply to the Victron switched on. Initially the LED display was ‘mains on’, ‘inverter on’ and ‘bulk on’ within a second this changed to ‘inverter flashing’, ‘ bulk flashing’, ‘overload on’, ‘absorb on’ and ‘float on’ and ‘error 17’ showing on the remote.

All connections have been remade, the RJ45 disconnected and all setting checked. The fault persists. This fault is not uncommon on this forum but I have not come across any solutions todate.

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bf safety test in progress fail; step 8

Can' t seem to get past error 11 step 8 and step 8 name is also changing from ground error to now Back Feed

if there is a BF error then surely this is a Multiplus problem or is it as a result of incorectly trying to back feed but due to country grid code this is not allowed so therefore error

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