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Error #18 ongoing problem

This is a continuation of the previous question on the same problem. No more attachments are allowed there.

This time I was not home when it happened and system was down over 8 hours.

My freezers got almost over to the plus side.

This is not acceptable.



Can someone explain why system reported "grid lost" couple minutes after E#18 when grid was present all the time?

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Victron bt700 issue
Battery monitor display shows bt200. Cannot alter display with any button. App seems to want to pair but with input 000000 no luck.
Please help restore to functioning state.




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SmartSolar MPPT 150/70 Err 39

I am getting Err 39 when I connect the solar panels to the controller. I discharged the batteries to make sure they would take a charge. Configuration consists of 4 100Ah Li batteries connected to a Magnum 2KW inverter connected to the MPPT connected to 4 250W solar panels wired in parallel series so I'm getting 65-70 V at 18 A. Looking at the app, I see the voltage on the battery side is 13.1V. As soon as I connect the panels to the MPPT, the MPPT kicks the Err 39. I have 12V set in settings for battery voltage as well as Li set for battery type. Is it possible that I need to set the battery voltage setting to 24V?

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Data Showing incorrectly - 3 Phase Grid, 3 Phase PV (Enphase), 1 Phase ESS (MultiPlus-II)

We are using two ET340 Meters, one for the incoming Grid and one for the PV.

The calculations of AC Loads and Critical Loads are very obviously wrong.

Basic Drawing:


Tests Done:

With no PV


With just L1 Enphase inverters on:


With all 3 phases on:


If we change the Meter programming to AC Input (intentionally wrong but just testing):



Incorrect load showing on critical (as expected because the PV is physically on the AC output.)

It seems that the loads are being calculated wrong. L2 and L3 are showing critical load when there is no MultiPlus on there phases and the total calculated plus the grid export is higher than the Production by nearly double.

Try turning “Inverter AC output in use” which removed the Critical load calculation and the AC Load calculation still reads wrong values.



Anything else we can try?

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Overload Diagnosis (data included)

Need a little help with an Overload warning. I can't seem to identify the problem. All connections look good. Doesn't show up in VRM, only on the GX. Didn't come close to overloading the inverter's output capacity so can't quite figure out whats going on. Oddly, I get a Grid Lost error simultaneously. From what I Can tell, the inverter never shut down. I've included screenshots from VRM and the logs here, which show the Overload warning, but I can't see anything out of the ordinary...

System specs:

48V 200AH AGM / using 1/0 wire

Multiplus II 48v 3000/35 120

SSCC 150/45

SmartShunt 500A

Lynx Dist





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Orion 12/12-30 input voltage value frozen?

Hi all!

I have an Orion 12/12-30 installed in a VW T6.1 charging a LiFePo leisure battery. All installed and working perfectly until my last drive. After a few hours of driving I noticed the battery hadn’t been receiving any charge. Message reads Charge disabled due to engine shutdown detection (I’m using the algorithm rather than a engine run signal wire). I can force it to charge by disabling engine shutdown and voltage lockout so the unit does function.

The input voltage figure hasn’t changed from 11.6v after 8 hours of driving. Normally I’d see that figure fluctuate depending on what the smart alternator is doing in relation to driving conditions. Resetting to factory default had no affect. Next now I’m home, I’ll disconnect the unit all together to effectively ‘switch it off and on’ the classic fix!

Just wondering if anyone has come accross a similar issue with the input voltage figure freezing? I’d appreciate any input if you have.


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Multiplus II ESS error 11 when generator is connected


ESS Assistant (Europe)

Multiplus II 24/3000/70, Cerbo GX, MPPT 100/50, SmartShunt, LifePO4 210Ah 24V batteries

Feeding to Grid is not allowed

My idea was to install a automatic switch on the Multiplus input to switch between the grid and generator in case of grid failure.

The issue is that Multiplus gets an error

Error 11: Relay test fault on VE.Bus System when generator is connected to the input

Any Idea how to solve this issue?

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ESS Multiplus 2 error 8 if Out2 Neutral is connected to common neutral

ESS Setup:

Multiplus II 24/3000/70, Cerbo GX, MPPT 100/50, SmartShunt, LifePO4 210Ah 24V batteries

The issue is that Multiplus gets an error

Error 8: Ground relay test failed on VE.Bus System (Multiplus)

This is only when Neutral of OUT2 is connected to common Neutral busbar

If all sources of OUT2 are on separate neutral bus this error does not occur

According manual I haven't found any requirement to separate neutral on OUT2


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error 38 mppt 150/100

i added extra batteries to yesterday, previous ones install Jan 2019. Everything was off and isolated. when i restarted my one regulator was not producing on the one string. it was 6 pm so i left it to check today when the son comes up.

at around 7 pm i got a error 38. Its not resetting, anyone any ideas ?

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Trying to enter PUK code - keypad does not allow letters to be entered

Starter battery in my VW camper died. Replaced battery and now my BMV712 gives me an error code telling me to enter my PUK code. My PUK code is alphanumeric - it contains numbers and letters. The keypad in the app doesn't allow me to enter letters - only numbers. How do I enter my PUK code if I can't enter letters? (iPhone XS, iOS 14.4)

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Error #18 what the heck is going on


I am getting tired chasing the every time different error.

I had already errors #1, #3, #8, #10, #11, #17 and probably some others that happened when this system was being set-up.

But why is this #18 happen now after many months of operation.

My idea of having UPS system for my home is getting impossible to achieve with this very expensive Victron "solution".

There was absolutely no reason for this error #18.

Power on one phase of my grid dropped, the system instead of switching to inverting just switched off with error #18. Why? I had to turn off all units and turn them on to get it back to work.





Error 18 - AC Over-voltage on the output of a slave while switched off
Solution: check if AC wires are not swapped by accident. There can never be voltage on the AC out when a unit is switched off.
Recovery: system remains off until restarted.


My 3 phase system consists of:

5 MP-II/48/3000

1 ES-II/48/3000

1 MPPT 150/35

1 Fronius symo 10kW AC-coupled

20kWh LFP battery with "2 signal BMS"


System turns off with Error #18.

This time VRM does not show anything on AC-in.

Only AC-out went down.

Why this one unit out of six, would switch off in the first place?

Without it there would not be the reason for Error #18.


I am getting tired with this.

After spending thousands of Euros on this system with hope/promise to eliminate random blackouts caused by my crappy grid, now I have to again install internal UPS on my wife's computer. She said that there will be no more home cooking for me if she looses her work again due to blackout.

This is not funny at all.


This error is getting more frequent.



And Again:



And again.



And again.



This time I noticed that L1 slave had its fan working when others were silent.

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what is hub 1 error

Multiplus is showing a “Hub 1 Fault” and an overload fault and a VE Bus 14 connection Error

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multi plus overloads

I have had consistent issues with my site.

I have a 5kw Multi Plus and There is 5kw of PV DC coupled through a smart solar charge controller 250/85

I also have 5kw PV on a Fronius , grid connected (line side of the multi plus) and it works fine, and is picked up on the colour control.

Its all on the VRM Portal

Overload is the most common fault, however battery temp sensor error has also occurred.

I have 24 Narada 1000Ah 2volt batteries

Due to the irregularity of the overloads, I have installed a bypass switch which now feeds my house load from the grid and not from the victron / battery system. (My intention is to use my battery power at night and feed any excess power to the grid during the day)

Today it went out on overload, however there was no load on the system.

-0.7A DC, 55.32vDC, 3wAC power.

I have high AC street voltage, which got up to 259vac earlier, but it was only 245v when it overloaded.

At the same minute as the overload the System PV Yield 2.30kw to 3.897kw. does this give any clues?



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3 x Multiplus II parallel error 17

I have 3 MULTIPLUS II in parallel and can only get 2 to operate, whenever I connect a particular unit I get error 17.

The dc cables are all the same length and type and the RJ45 cables are all purchased and new. 2 units work fine in any position but the 3rd fails in any position. They are all running the same firmware (was 494 now 497, no change to behaviour)

Any ideas for what I can check next?



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3 phase Multiplus II error lights

I have a 3 phase 3KVA Multiplus II setup that has gone into error but the lights are confusing. Line 1 and 2 have the bulk and float lights flashing together about every second, no other lights on. Line 3 has the absorption and float lights flashing about every second with no other lights on.


This is the CCGX showing an overload and over temperature alarm, although not showing on any of the inverters. Have tried to reset the inverters which have no load on them but it just comes back to same error without starting normally. Nothing in Victron toolkit light explanation helps here.

The system is remote but offline so I do not have access to it.

Any help would be appreciated

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