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Gathering EM24 data via nodered

I have a EM24 Ethernet as part of an ESS. Is it possible to gather data from the EM24 via nodered through one of the Victron nodes?

If not, is there an example anywhere of how to poll data from the EM24 Ethernet in parallel to the GX via Modbus TCP from nodered?

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Using Nodered without switching off ess an changing to external control


i need nodered for several controling flows, e.g. switching on/off of an big external ventilation for the battery room by the difference of Temperatur between outside/inside temp. Or switching on some heatings when there is too much sun and Soc and so on.

many important things, that can be easy implemented in nodered for a 100kwh battery USV system.

But i don’t want to change from ESS to external control and Programm all the ESS things that are working fine …

thank you

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Victron ESS mit Wärmepumpe in Kaskadenschaltung

Hallo Liebe Community,

ich bin dabei mir eine PV-Anlage + ESS System mit Victron Energy Komponenten zu installieren.

Zum Einsatz kommen 3 Multiplus2 48/5000. Ausserdem gibt es DC gekoppelte PV Module und AC gekoppelte PV Module über einen Fronius WR. Das System soll vorerst Netzparallel installiert werden.

Ein Lastumschalter ist aber geplant um das Haus im Notfall umschalten zu können. (Hier wird aber die Umschaltung alleine sicher nicht reichen. Man wird wahrscheinlich das ganze ESS umprogrammieren müssen damit die MP2 wissen, dass das Haus jetzt auf AC-OUT hängt.)

Wir haben eine Wasser/Wasser Wärmepumpe die aktuell noch über einen separaten Zähler mit einem Wärmepumpen-Stromtarif betrieben wird. Hier ist der Umbau auf ein Kaskaden-Messkonzept geplant. Aufgrund des hohen Verbrauchs der Wärmepumpe in den Wintermonaten lohnt sich der 2 Zähler und Tarif sehr wahrscheinlich immer noch deutlich. Jetzt kommen wir zu meinem Problem bzw. meiner Frage.

Ich möchte u.a. in Abhängigkeit vom Akku-Speicherstand, und aktueller PV Leistung bestimmen können ob die Wärmepumpe mit aus dem ESS System versorgt werden soll oder nicht. Wenn ich im Winter nur noch 40% Speicherstand habe und keine Sonne in Sicht ist, möchte ich meinen Strom nicht für die Wärmepumpe verwenden und dann teureren Komfortstrom für die Versorgung in der Nacht aus dem Netz kaufen müssen.

Ich habe mal verschiene Schaltbilder angefertigt auf denen man den EM24 an verschiedenen Stellen montiert sieht.




Montiere ich den EM24 nach dem 1. Zähler dann werden alle Verbraucher (auch die Wärmepumpe) immer vom ESS ausgeglichen solang PV Strom oder Batterieladung vorhanden ist. Wird der EM24 nach dem 2. Zähler installiert dann wird immer nur der Komfortstrom ausgeglichen und ich kann die Wärmepumpe nicht aus dem Speicher bedienen auch wenn dieser komplett voll ist und am nächsten Tag die Sonne wieder scheinen soll. (eingespeister Überschuss wird natürlich für die Wärmepumpe verwendet aber es geht um die Stunden ohne Sonne oder wenn die gesammte PV Energie auch in den Akku geladen werden könnte anstatt der Einspeisung.)

Wie kann es gelingen, z.b. über NodeRed Routinen dieses Problem zu lösen? Evtl. über einen zusätzlichen ET340 im Wärmepumpenstrang? Eine Lösung wäre evtl. 2 EM24 zu installieren. Einen nach dem 1. und einen nach dem 2. Zähler. Evtl. könnte man dann über NodeRed bei den verschiedenen Status der Anlage enscheiden lassen welcher der beiden EM24 als Gridmeter aktiv ist. Dies würde aber sehr wahrscheinlich zu lasten des Logging im VRM Portal gehen und die korrekte Auswertbarkeit der Anlage zerstören?

Vielleicht gibt es aber auch eine ganz einfache Lösung über das VenusOS. Ich bin auf Eure Vorschläge gespannt.

Danke im voraus


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Why does turning off the charger in the Multiplus affect the mppt regulator?

Hi. I have a problem with the MPPT RS 450 charger. I have two identical strings connected to it, pointing in exactly the same direction. I want to charge the battery only from the DC charger, so I have the charger built into the Multiplus turned off via ESS Control Node.

From time to time one of the mppt trackers cuts production. When I turn on the AC charger for a couple of seconds, it starts producing at full power again even when the AC charger is turned off again. See in the video how it looks exactly.

There is also problem with mppt to even start after the night, when the MP charger is off. Look at the picture below.


My goal is to charge the battery only from dc mppt when there is a grid and export as much as I can to the grid from ac coupled inverter.

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Hulp met node red.

Ik ben bezig met node red maar ik vrees dat ik er gewoonweg te weinig van snap.

Voor dat ik heel veel verkeerd doet is mijn vraag, is er iemand in de positie en de mogelijkheid om mij even te helpen met een aantal instellingen.

Ik wil een instelling maken dat mijn grid feed in veranderd door de soc van de batterij.

En ik wil dat er een relai schakeld op de cerbo bij een soc van >95%

En ik wil een relai schakeling maken op basis van temperatuur.

Ik hoor het graag :)

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EV Charging station grid limit and ESS

Hi Folks,

I'm looking to add EV Charger (ns version) to my system. Currently have multiplus ii with ESS wired on ACIN (grid parallel). I would be installing the EV charger also on ACIN side (parallel to grid).

My first question is does the EV charger have a setting to limit draw from the grid? ie say batteries are 0, EV charger is on but I also have large loads running in the house?

I know other EV chargers have a CT clamp on incoming supply to prevent overdrawing from Grid and blowing house fuse? I can see in the manuals it has a max draw setting but does it have another setting that monitors via venus os/ET112 what it's from the grid ie so fuse wont blow.

Does EV charger have feature for this given meters/ct clamps are already on incoming grid supply for ESS setup?

Also is there a feature just for EV Charging to be from the grid? ie My normal house loads i want running on the battery but if EV charging below SoC of say x % i want it to draw from the grid.
Or do i need to get creative with Grid setpoint and node red to implement something like that?

ie grid set point = ev charger load

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Feature Request: Write access to Multi RS Solar ESS Settings

I would like to request the ability to control the following via NodeRed/Modbus for the Multi RS Solar:

1) ESS Mode (Optimized with batterylife, Optimized without battery life, Keep batteries charged)

2) ESS Minimum discharge SOC

Both would be useful but either would do.

Charging batteries during cheap times is possible but requires fudges to make it work. I can use Generator rules to turn on the input relays at night and also if I have a large load. The downside is I end up charging the batteries during the day if I have a large load.

I currently have to use a Windows PC to automate clicking buttons in the VictronConnect App to set the ESS Mode!

Don't know if there is a formal method for asking for features but please accept this as one :)

Please Help.......

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(solved) ESS and Pylontech - use Node-Red to avoid high voltage alarms when charging

TLDR - I solved my problem via the Node-Red flow below, where standard ESS would haunt me with triggering many, many high-voltage-alarms while charging my Pylontech Batteries. Hope this helps someone else.

I've been haunted with high-voltage-alarms from my pack of 6xUS3000C, deployed in late october.

The victron recommended solution did not work for me, as even with voltages below 51.4V and charging slowly, sometimes the alarm was triggered, but the pack would never fill up to 100% SoC or start balancing.

Hence, I decided to try an alternative approach and created a NR flow that

  • introduces a "kill-switch", setting the allowed max. charge current in DVCC to 0A, if a cell reaches a Voltage above 3.55V
  • will reduce the allowed max. charge current in DVCC in steps, according to the value of the actual imbalance in the stack, as reported by the BMS.

The flow has been activated over the last four weeks now, and with PV intake increasing due to spring coming, the pack has been charged to 100% SoC just fine for many times, without triggering a single alarm.

In fact, for the last 5 days the pack charged fine, with a max imbalance of 25mV (which is below the value of 30mV, from where the BMS would even start balancing). Here the flow never triggered a counter measure, so I assume my pack is now well balanced enough, but I'll keep the flow running just in case.

Here it is:



With the flow keeping track, there was no need to adjust the charge voltage in DVCC anymore. The pack charged fine up to the victron defined, internal limit of 52.24V for Pylontech batteries, as stated in the documentation.

Note1: This uses MQTT and interaction with my local broker. I am using a bridge to interface with my Cerbo GX. So all mqtt topics, including VRM ID, need to be adjusted/added to suit your local setup

Note2: In my ESS setup, there is no PV via DC (like from a MPPT), only PV via AC-In from my grid-tied inverter.

Note3: This is an empiric approach, where the steps to reduce the max. charge current, according to cell imbalance, might be specific for my pack. I used reports via my TIG Stack setup, to evaluate the best numbers for a given situation.


...these are the values that worked fine for me, configured in the switch node shown above:


  • no max. charge current limit, if imbalance is less-or-equal 21mV
  • max. charge current limit set to 100A if imbalance is between 22-48mV
  • max. charge current limit set to 8A if imbalance is between 49-99mV
  • max. charge current limit set to 1A if imbalance is above 100mV
  • all else, max charge current limit is set to 25A (which is exact 100mV in this case - rarely used, I've seen the need to top-up some charge sometimes, where 8A and 1A would not be enough)

...maybe I am going to adjust these later on, again. For now, these worked fine for me.

Note4: The Cell imbalance needs to be calculated from the Cell-min and Cell-max Voltage, reported by the BMS. In my setup, this is another flow, that publishes this to another mgtt topic. This is the main part to do this: Node-Red-calc-Cell-imbalance-from-Pylontech-BMS.json.txt ... add it to the main flow, if need be.

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ESS and UPS, can they coexist

Dear all

I still have to activate my ESS (and install my panels) but I have a "beginners" questions.

While setting up my MP2 (5000), one of the options (i need) is UPS as we have regular grid failure.

My question, when setting up ESS, will the MPPT supply power to the loads when the grid is active (SOC 100%) - and when the grid is out, it will revert the power to loads and battery? Or do I need Node-Red to do the priority settings?

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"Planmäßiges Laden" Job über NodeRed ein/ausschalten

Ich plane eine Anlage, mit der ich in den Wintermonaten (Nov, Dez, Jan, Feb) meinen Akku über einen "Planmäßiges Laden" Job in der Zeit von 22:00-6:00 auf 80% laden möchte.

Den Job einzstellen ist kein Problem - und an meinem jetzigen MultiGX funktioniert das auch wie erwartet.

Kann man über Node-Red irgendwie diesen Lade-Job automatisiert aktivieren/deaktivieren?

Kann man vielleicht einen solchen Wintermonats-Lade-Job per cronjob auf dem PI realisieren? (ich hab Shellzugriff auf den GX und bin durchaus im Umgang mit Unix geübt (30 Jahre IT)). Über NodeRed wäre es aber "eleganter".

Mir würde es auch reichen, wenn ich über NodeRed bei den Jobs die Ladezustands-Endmarke (Prozent) verändern könnte.

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Need help with Overload script - can't get it to work correctly.


I'm trying to get over Overload alarms and warning I'm getting when my 3 Phase MP2 10kva units get around 8kwh load (see below)




So I've got a script that is running to isolate the mains power during the peak hours of my tariff, and then turn on and charge the batteries off peak (12am to 5:30am). I've got 80kwh batteries and plenty of output power from them available.


Then I've tried changing this script above to the following, but for some reason when the overload warning or alarm starts there is no change to the MP2's switch; or if it does switch, then after it clears it will not check the basic time script; or it will rapidly switch between all switch states in the script.

Can anyone help me - happy to pay to get this fully fixed and resolved.




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Node Red: how to change ESS mode "keep batteries charged" and "optimized w/o Bat. life"

I am wondering if there is any way to change between the ESS modes "Keep batteries charged" and "Optimized (without battery life)" from Node Red.

The com.victronenergy.settings -> ESS Mode Node seems not capable of doing it. In fact, with this one it seems I can only switch between "external control" and "Optimized with battery life".



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Set "Feed In Limit" via Node-Red based on Relais status + Reboot ESS based on Payload

Hi guys,

I am new into NodeRed and trying to understand if it can help me to achieve the followig:

My electricity provider requires me to reduce or turn off Feed-In based on the relais state of a device they have installed on my premises to manage their grid. (NSM they call it, in English "Power Reducer Box")

It's active with an SMA Tripower already which supports this local requirement. But as Victron does not support this and the NSM device is not in the same room as the Multiplusses, I need a remote solution,

My plan is to catch the relais state with a either Shelly or ESP32 with Tasmota and to work with the status communicated internally via MQTT via my FHEM broker.

In the forum I have read somewhere, it's not possible "to control a relais of the MultiPlus II via NodeRed as NodeRed only works within the ESS/GX-Device and the MultiPlus is outside". I assume this is wrong?

My understanding is that with NodeRed I can do like "if Relais1 state =1, then set Feed-in =0)

My current installation is a Venus OS >3 on a Raspi 3B, 2x Multiplus II 5.000 controlled via REC BMS on CAN-Bus.

Second: I need to reboot my ESS if the MPPTs are losing their connection to the BMS (error #67 as I am struggling regularly with this error.)

Anybody able to confirm NodeRed will allow me to do so?

I am catching the "error code-payload" already, but need to dig further into "do something, if payload = 67"


Any helping ideas are much appreciated!

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Multiplus-II ESS Ertragsprognose über Node Red

Hallo zusammen,

ich will über Node Red eine Ertragsprognose für den Folgetag realisieren und auf dieser Basis den Mindest-SOC schon am Abend setzen, damit der Akku nicht dauerhaft leergelutscht da steht.

Das BatteryLife gefällt mir nicht, da es ja nur im Nachgang regelt, nicht auf Wetterschwankungen schnell reagiert und der Akku u.U. mit Netzstrom auf einen höheren SOC geladen wird.

Globalstrahlung des Folgetages habe ich soweit von einem Wetterdienst ausgelesen, aber welche Einflussgrößen gibt es dann auf die Mindest-SOC? Ich stehe da derzeit ein wenig auf dem Schlauch, vielleicht wäre das ein interessantes Community-Projekt?

Hier wäre mein Flow zum Auslesen der Globalstrahlung des aktuellen und des Folgetages.

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