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Node Red set SOC to Keep batteries charged during weather warnings like Storm Watch

Hi has anyone of you already built a Storm Watch like feature with Node Red?

Unfortunately, I have no experience with it yet. But will try to implement this and would be happy about any help.

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Push Data from NodeRed to Venus GX Device on same system?


is there a possibility to put data from the same NodeRed installation to the Venus GX device (maybe to dbus)?

I've created a http-request in a NodeRed flow to an external URL and I want to show parts of the json-result on the GX Device Screen

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Firmware update and large image from SD/USB on Cerbo GX (without internet)

Hello you all

I have been working on the Cerbo GX pretty much the last days and also playing around with Node Red, which I have to say, offers a lot of possibilities if you dont need to get your hands dirty with Modbus Communication, anyways ... I wonder if it is possible to update the firmware and install the large image in a Cerbo GX with an SD/USB stick because in some places I dont have internet access and for being honest, I havent found the way of doing it without using "Online Updates".

Thanks a lot !

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Generator Node




This is in Autostart mode.

When I set up a node to find out why gen starts (Condition that startet the gen), I only get to report the number 1, manual.

Does anyone else use this for something, get a different status?

In the picture it started on SOC but it does not come up.

update:I see it at first, but then it disappears very quickly.

update2: Since it is in manual, it looks like it does not stop as it should

(the tank gauge is not connected yet)

With best regards


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Add Relays - Does anyone have a an ‘idiots guide' on how to add more Relays to a VenusPi set up?

I’m only semi-computer literate - everything is trial and error and cut and paste and hours of google research… If the details include what software should be used and exactly what to type then I can usually muddle my way through. But when it comes to ‘just add a few lines of code in the xxx” I’m completely lost.

I have managed to burn an image to a sd card and install Venus Pi v2.60 large image on to a raspberryPi 3.

I have 1 Victron mppt 75/15 connected successfully to it vie ve-direct usb cable.

I have successfully got node-red running (and can even see it all via VRM Portal - including node-red which is amazing).

I’m still at beginnings of how node red works but can see its potential.

So far so good

But I’d really like to add more than 1 relay so I can control multiple external devices (like pumps, irrigation valves etc) and also control them through node red.

I’ve read the comments and half guides for adding extra relays - but they are incomplete or presume you know how to do certain un-explained steps. So I'm completely lost.

So - anyone have a step by step guide to add relays ? (and I’m on a Mac so Mac instructions would be great!)

Thanks in advance for all the amazing guides so far - and for the missing bits I hope someone will write soon…

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How to access GPIO Pins in Node Red on Venus Raspi 3


i have installed the large image of venus with Node Red included. everything works as it should.

i have 5 relays i want to control, but i do not want to do it on the Venus UI, instead i want to listen on the local MQTT Server and if the value true comes in i want to turn the relay on.

My Relais are on the PINS (7,11,13,19,26)

Does anybody knows how to access them in node red?

The standard Raspberry Pi Nodes arent working



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Update interval of Victron input node in Node-RED flow

Hello guys,

I am using simple Node-RED flow with input node (reading state of Cerbo GX discrete input) and output node (changing ESS settings). Problem is, that update interval of the input node is 5 seconds according to description on the Victron github page in part "Event based scheduling" (

Is it possible to change this standard update interval for example to 1 or 2 seconds?

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Node-Red address changes https :1881

Strange thing happen today... I tried to view the Dashboard on my regular but received an error message in the browser. After some thought and a bit of internet surfing I found I could access everything by and .

I've changed nothing!

Anyone else had this happen?

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Node-Red repair/re-install

Is there an easy way to completely reset your whole node red installation on a cerbo? I tried to change between normal and large images but (as expected) some of the node red settings files etc remained. Should I just delete the .node-red directory? Is there more that I can delete to make sure the installation is completely set back to standard when I do a large/normal switch.

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Change AC input 1 from Grid to Generator using Node Red

Good morning

I need to be able to set the AC 1 Input value of a Multiplus 48/5000 in a VE.bus system using Node Red. The parameter is manually adjustable using the GX touch screen or Remote Console (Settings>system setup>AC input1). However, I cannot find any option to set this parameter via any of the preloaded Victron Energy Nodes or via any of the MODBUS TCP registers. The value can be READ using Modbus from com.victronenergy.system Unit-ID 100 address 826. However this register is NOT WRITABLE.


Does anyone have a suggestion to be able change this value as part of a Node Red flow?

I have written a Node Red flow to automatically change the ESS mode from Optimised to Keep batteries charged when the user manually starts his Diesel genset and manually switches the change-over switch. The end user starts this large 3 phase genset occasionally to run 3 phase irrigation pumps. Since the generator has surplus capacity, the user wants it to immediately be recharging the batteries when it runs.

The generators AC output drives a dry contact as an input signal on D1 of the Cerbo GX which is set to Generator.

When the state of D1 changes it triggers the Flow.

The problem I am having is that unless I change the value of Settings>system setup>AC input1 from Grid to Generator the Display on the Touch GX still shows the input as Grid with a zero Value


It is only once I change the value for AC input 1 to 'Generator' via the Touch GX that I am able to see the correct information



Why not then just leave the value set to 'Generator' all the time? The changing of the Value of AC input 1 from Grid to Generator seems to be more than just a display change. It changes the behaviour of the ESS system. If the only thing I then change is to set AC input 1 to 'Generator' while the system is still connected to the Grid and running ESS Optimised, the system changes its behaviour to power all loads directly from the Input source. The ESS status remains on "optimised" and the battery doesn't discharge or charge from AC Input source.

Sorry for the long explanation when all I want to actually know is how to change a single register. I trust it gives the necessary context.

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Node-RED config files

Hi all, in one of the recent v2.90 betas we changed the setup of config files a bit. Goal of that change is to be better prepared for any future requirements

In this post I’m explaining how it now works, which is in v2.90 official release and onwards.

Warning: the vast majority of systems using (the amazing power of-) Node-RED will not and (should not !!) have to modify anything described here. Venus OS itself, including Venus OS large and Node-RED, is made such that its not necessary to dive into the command line.

Anyone that does go in and change them needs to be prepared for things going wrong, for example after a firmware update. The information here provided is for the benefit of the handful of users that do need (or want) to change them; and to put it bluntly: know what they are doing and are prepared to spent hours and hours fixing issues without getting any help.

On startup of Node-RED on Venus reads three settings files:

1. /usr/lib/node_modules/node-red/venus-settings.js is read first. Never change this file as it will be overwritten by a Venus OS update.

2. /data/home/nodered/.node-red/settings-venus.js is used to override and/or extend the first file and will survive Venus OS updates. Do not edit this file as this is for Victron to use.

3. /data/home/nodered/.node-red/settings-user.js is used to override and/or extend the second file and will survive Venus OS updates. You are allowed to edit this file if you please, but don't be too surprised if that causes Node-RED to break after an upgrade.

There are more configuration files in /data/home/nodered/.node-red/. You might not have all of them on your system or even some more if you installed one or more of our candidate releases.

- flows.json - This is the flowFile, which is used to store your flows. You can also export this file from the Node-RED menu.

- flows_cred.json - If your flows contain credentials/login information, these get stored in this file.

- .config.* - These files are for Node-RED to store its settings.

For more information on configuring Node-RED, you might want to take a look at

Above information will be added to the Venus OS large manual. In case of any things or issues, perhaps you can then help each other here.

Have a good weekend, and fingers crossed for v2.90 official release in coming week! Matthijs

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Node Red - Daten aus Cerbo via MQTT

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe eine kleine Victron Anlage und möchte Daten aus dem Cerbo in Node Red laden. Mir gelingt es aber nicht, da ich nur die Seriennummer zurück bekomme, was wohl normal ist. Mein Programmierkenntnisse sind gleich null.

Wie kann ich denn den Cerbo konkret dazu ermuntern, mir dauerhaft Daten zu senden. In einem anderen Forum habe ich gelesen, das man ihn alle 30 - 60 Sekunden ansprechen muss, dann würde es wohl funktionieren.

Ich habe hier eine Homematic Installation auf einem Raspberry, welche auch schon ein Node Red als Addon hat. Mir erschließt sich aber nicht, wie ich den Raspi alle 30 Sekunden einen Nachricht senden lassen kann. Geht das vielleicht auch aus Node Red?

Danke für eure Hilfe...

Gruß Micha

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node-red exec node reboot

I've been using the Large-Image withe Node-Red for a long time now and previously been able to Reboot or Shutdown my RPi using and Exec node. For Reboot the command has been "reboot #" and "poweroff #" to shutdown.

I have just noticed that neither command now works with an Error: 126. Is there a new command? Is this a permissions thing?

It's all worked so well for so long I've only needed to do updates so perhaps missed some changes. Thanks for any info.

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Control victron inverter set remotely


I have multiple victron installations and we want to start to do small scale gridbalancing with them. We would like to run everything of a python script, make http post and get requests to the node red instance on VRM and control the inverters.

I've got Venus OS large installed, node red up and running. The last step is to make a http get/post request to nodered to acquire data and set the inverters to drain or charge. The problem is that i cant make that request. Is it possible to add a node with credentials to access the node instance on vrm?

Is this a sensical approach? I dont want to do everything in nodered since it doesn't scale to multiple installations. Does anyone have advice on this problem, but also insights on how it can be done differently? We are not committed to node-red, but so far it has seemed like the obvious route. The alternative to this with this setup seems to be to post to a python instance on AWS and set a timer to run it every minute.

Thanks in advance for any help!

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