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Determining ESS mode scheduled charge?

I have a time of use tariff with multiple times in the day. In normal ESS mode, it will charge and discharge from the battery as solar becomes available or not. In this period I want maximum charge.

I then have scheduled charges in the cheap rate to boost the battery to get me through the expected power demand of the next expensive period. If I leave the settings as is then when the scheduled charge starts it will charge the battery at the maximum charge rate. I might not need this maximum charge rate and in fact want to spread the charging at a lower rate during this period. a) It is more efficient and therefore better for the grid/world. b) It is a lower strain on the local transformer/grid. c) It is less heat to get rid of from my shed. see (a)

So if I dynamically set the lower charge rate now if the sun comes up I have a problem.The quattro starts feeding back to the grid since the battery charge rate is now set at a lower level than that being produced by the PV.

Currently I have a node-red set up that changes the charge rate at the start/end of each scheduled charge. I have also fleshed out a loop in node red to dynamically adjust the charge rate if there is extra solar available during a scheduled charge but I can't seem to find any easy way to determine if I am in a scheduled charge period.

Is there a state flag somewhere that I have missed that can give me this information? I have checked through dbus-spy but couldn't find anything useful apart from the raw times of the scheduled charges. ie /Settings/CGwacs/BatteryLife/Schedule/Charge/0

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"Scheduled charging" and Node-Red

How can I change "Scheduled charging" in Node-Red?

eg: /settings/0/Settings/CGwacs/BatteryLife/Schedule/Charge/0/Soc to 80%?

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Simulate energy meters with NodeRed?

Does anyone know a way to simulate an energy meter with NodeRed (Large OS)?

That must be theoretically possible.

Via Tasmota I get my yield from the PV system sent via MQTT.

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Node Red - Daten aus Cerbo via MQTT

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe eine kleine Victron Anlage und möchte Daten aus dem Cerbo in Node Red laden. Mir gelingt es aber nicht, da ich nur die Seriennummer zurück bekomme, was wohl normal ist. Mein Programmierkenntnisse sind gleich null.

Wie kann ich denn den Cerbo konkret dazu ermuntern, mir dauerhaft Daten zu senden. In einem anderen Forum habe ich gelesen, das man ihn alle 30 - 60 Sekunden ansprechen muss, dann würde es wohl funktionieren.

Ich habe hier eine Homematic Installation auf einem Raspberry, welche auch schon ein Node Red als Addon hat. Mir erschließt sich aber nicht, wie ich den Raspi alle 30 Sekunden einen Nachricht senden lassen kann. Geht das vielleicht auch aus Node Red?

Danke für eure Hilfe...

Gruß Micha

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Can I add more switches to controls on the dashboard.

I would like to add some more virtual relay/switches to the controls on the dashboard. The controls is a convenient connection to ‘Venus OS Lage/node red’.

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Node Red access via http instead of https


after I upgraded to VenusOs Large 3.00 Node Red seems to have switched to https and port 1881 and is not accessible via http and port 1880 anymore.

Is there a possibility to activate http again?

I know that https is preferred but there are reasons why this is not possible in my system.

Regards Joachim

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how feltch data PF and other parameter from ET112 to build node red dashboard

Dear team

I attempted to build my Node-red dashboard using the System parameters, however, I was unable to locate the ET112 parameter alongside other options like PF and MD.

Please give the solution for build own node-red dashboard

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Enabling forced Export to grid with 3 phase Mutliplus 2. UK

I am considering installing a 3 x 48/5000/70-50 multiplus 2 in 3 phase configuration (UK) with a large battery to enable profitable export to grid at times of high income. My understanding that this is difficult without NodeRed, but possible with NodeRed. Am I correct in this assumption? Further, does the NodeRed flow work with a 3 phase setup? I currently use NodeRed, but cannot play with the Victron flows as you need a physical inverter connected to the VenusOS to progress. Thanks in anticipation.

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Gridmeter L3 Current missing ?

I want to publish the data from a EM24 gridmeter to MQTT, but i could not select L3 current in the drop down menu.


Any ideas ?

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disable discharging when car is charging


i'm new to Victron but long term smarthome user/DIY developer and know something about modbus. But i didn'nt understand some relationships of setting in my ESS System.

I have 3 Multiplus2, Pylontech Battery and CerboGX running large image.

ESS mode is 1, Optimized mode or 'keep batteries charged' and phase compensation enabled

ESS State = 5, Optimized Mode /w BatteryLife: SoC below dynamic SoC limit



I want to disable discharge battery when my e-car is charged by an go-e Charger.

My idea was to set the related state through MQTT and the Victron Nodes.


But i was not able to figure out which are the right/best settings i have to change.

Is it ok to set just the ESS state to 9 - 'Keep batteries charged' mode is enabled?

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Unstable Modbus/TCP connection to Multiplus 2 GX

I'm operating a Multiplus 2 GX with activated Modbus TCP (see Picture 1). A separate Raspberry Pi which is running Node-Red connects to the Modbus/TCP endpoint. The modbus TCP connection is used to read information from the Multiplus and to control the ESS based on my dynamic energy tariff. While the communication itself works quite well, the connection to the Multiplus is unstable and breaks regularly (see Picture 2). To be able to reconnect I have to move the the modbus connection in the editor slightly and re-deploy in Node-Red. I've tried to optimize the connection settings (see Picture 3) towards the Multiplus but without any impact.

From my current perspective there is no reason for the instability. Within the VRM portal there are no connection issued and the state of the Multiplus is reported without data gaps or connection issues.

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


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venus large, nod red Dashboard, historical data

Hi, I'm startet into the venus large nod red adventure, run on a cerbo gx. I got some programming background though no nod red.

I'd like to build my own dashboard but are not really sure how to get hold of the historical data of my system.

Could someone please point out where the logging is saved or do I have to save manually into a database? Some hints where to start?

I read something about creating a nod red flow using MQTT and writing values into a influx database, but somehow the cerbo is already logging. Doesn't seem reasonable to me Programming a second logging routine...

Thanks Markus

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Cerbo GX Large OS - Node red - HTTPS error

Hi folks,

I have node red running on a Cerbo, which is working just fine in all respects but 1.

When accessing the unit I get an HTTPS error, presumably because of a certificate issue, and have to select advanced>go to site (Unsafe), or simmilar depending on the browser.

I probably just need to download/generate/install a certificate but cant see where to do that!

Since its only ever going to be local I guess HTTP would be a potential option but that seems like a defeetest fix and I dont know it it is possible anyway.

If anyone has any insight I would apriciate a leg up as it were,



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Nodered and relay 1

i am trying to control the relays via nodered. i have a problem. relay 2 is working correctly but relay 1 cannot drive. do you have any suggestions?

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