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MP2, ESS Can not discharge below 19% SOC

Hallo All :)

I'm using the Multiplus II + Cerbo + 3x SOK48V100Ah (16x3.2V LiFePo4) in an ESS setup with AC coupled PV. Batteries are weeks old. Using ESS without battery live only.

I noticed that when I set the lower SOC limit (that triggers ESS#1) below 20%, this limit is never reached. At 17%(with load)-19%(without load) the Multiplus starts charging from grid will 3000W for one or seconds and repeats this after some seconds. Voltage is around 51.2V - 51.8V at that time.

I tried to find a setting in VE.Config & Cerbo without luck. Sustain voltage is set to 48V. Dynamic shutdown is set flat to 48V. Nowhere in the system is this voltage mentioned. The BMS (connected via CAN) anounces no discharge limit, no notification in the Cerbo menu.

When I set the SOC limit to 20%, the ESS#1 is triggered and the battery idles as expected.

I tried to find similar questions in the forum, but only got this one:


which might be a similar problem, but at much lower SOC. I can not discharge that deep.

I even tried to set the grid setpoint above zero, zero, and even at -3500, but with no luck. At about 17% the discharge is interrupted with frequent short charge cycles.

I know that this is not a serious problem, but it really bothers me that I don't understand why this happens.

Sven Ewald asked

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Premium Lithium Batteries With Victron


Has anyone integrated Premium Lithium ( Brand) Batteries into a Victron system?

Jack asked

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3 Phase grid with 1 Phase ESS

Good day,

I'd kindly like to know if its possible to backup L3 with Multi or Quattro and leave L1, L2 without Quattro as shown on the picture. Backfeed is allowed on 3~ 400V 50Hz grid.


Jens T. S. asked

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Weekly Timetable programming

Are they working on a system that you can click on weekly timetable where you can set when you use from grid/pv/battery or pv/grid/battery or pv/battery grid ?

potgieter asked
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VRM app phone widget - feedback - colours too similar

Great webinar today @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) - many thanks.

I finally got all of the widgets working after deleting and reinstalling VRM. Some feedback:

1) I don't know whether you have any control over the colours of the large VRM widget but the choice of colours makes the graph almost unusable.


2) Can the ESS widget be made smaller? Also, the low SoC would be more helpful if it showed the Active SoC Limit rather than the Minimum SoC.

paulcooper asked
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Help! ESS discharge not reaching external control target

Hi there,

I'm using a Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100 with two BYD Premium LV batteries with ~31kWh of capacity. The Quattro is connected to the grid only (no other connections used).

With ESS in External Control and the system set to charge, the system does exactly what it is told to do (e.g. 5000 or 8000W).

If I tell it to discharge at a set rate (i.e., back-feed in to the grid), it works at small numbers (e.g., -1000W or -2000W etc) but if you put a bigger number in it never achieves it. As an example, with a target of -8000W set, the system seems to cap itself at approximately 2600-3000W or about 55-65A discharge from the batteries.

The BMS is reporting to my GX that the discharge limit is 432.0A, so that doesn't seem to be the issue...

Any ideas?


niborb asked
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ESS use of ECO mode to improve system efficiency

ESS system (Quattro 48/10000 8kW, Cerbo GX, 20kWh batteries (LiFe), 3kw Solar PV).

Hi All,

Been investigating the overall system efficiency (round trip is about 70% - data in an earlier query).

The biggest contributor seems to be the inverter converting back to AC. Looking through the logs (1 minute interval), showed that the efficiency was down to 10% for very small (<50W) loads. Then looked at some inverter efficiency charts which confirmed that the inverter efficiency drops off exponentially below 10% of its capacity (so 800W and below in my case). My background load is 400-600W so I think that this is beginning to explain for overall low efficiency. At this time of year, small solar PV contributions reduce the load to very low levels.

At 10% efficiency it's cheaper for me to buy from the grid that to invert from battery. If I use ECO mode on the Inverter, when the load is less than the set level (and inverter switches to standby) will the ESS system draw from the grid until the inverter notices higher loads and kicks in again please?

EDIT: Further reading and it looks like ECO mode is not an option on a Quattro and (alternative) AES options only work when not grid connected???


EDIT: Is this something that the Grid setpoint might also help with? I did set it to '0' since I was trying to minimise use of the grid but by raising it back up to 50W (the default) or a bit higher will that be expected to help reduce the occasions that the inverter is trying to satisfy these small loads?

colj asked
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ESS - MPPT gets disabled

Hello all,

I have a small solar system with buffer battery:

1 x solar cell 410 W

1x SmartSolar MPPT 100/20

1x SamartShunt 500A/50mV

1x Battery 12V 28Ah

1x MultiPlus 12/800/35

Everything is connected to a RaspberryPi with VictronOS via USB cable

2x Ve.Direct to the SmartSolar and SmartShunt

1x Ve.Bus to the MultiPlus


ESS is selected as configuration on the MultiPlus and DC power supply.

Connected on the MultiPlus:
AC input - Grid supply
AC output - continuous load of approx. 200-400W


The following problem has now come up:
When the SmartSolar is connected to the Raspberry, it switches to state: externally controlled and shuts down. If at all 5W - 20W come through. If I disconnect the VD.Direct and restart the SmartSolar, it delivers the full PV power.

Does anyone have an idea?

If desired, I can also provide RemoteDesktop (AnyDesk) if someone wants to look at it.

Many thanks in advance.

I am grateful for any idea! ;)

brenner-d asked
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ESS during gridmeter being unavailable


I setup ESS


with a self-written python script to get the grid-powermeter via SML/IR-sensor from my gridmeter of the local power-supplier. I will provide this script as soon as the appropriate quality level is achieved.

I have question regarding the best DBUS-behaviour in case on gridmeter-communication failure during normal operation.

I saw that it's dangerous to keep the last known power-value, because ESS will escalate:

  • in case of a last positive power-value, ESS will increasingly discharge the battery
  • in case of a last negative power-value, ESS will increasingly charge the battery via grid-power

So I decided to erase the gridmeter vom DBUS via stoping the script.

But this causes, after about 1 min, the DC-PV-charger (Smartsolar) from producing power. Mulitpus changes to Passthru.


Why this? My understanding is.....
As long as the battery is not fully loaded, DC-PV-charger should load the battery regardless of the unknown AC-power-status. As soon as the battery is charged, the PV-charger-power could be transformed into AC-power, supplying the unknown AD-power-status.

Ater reestablishing the gridmeter-communication, ESS turns to probably behaviour within 30 seconds.

What could be the best behaviour of my gridmeter-script during communication-error?

Could anybody test the system-behaviour in case of an official victron powermeter? Please unplug it from the system and watch dbus-spy on the console.



schollex asked

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Low battery - Inverter idle @ 18% 48.78v

Hi all

Is it normal for a Multiplus 2 48/3000 to give a low battery warning at 18% SOC and then show as idle, I assume the system is now waiting for the voltage to increase by 1.2v as per settings

VRM is showing 48.86v currently (battery)

I have attached screenshots of my settings, anyone notice anything I have set incorrectly, battery is a Pylon US5000

Setting were obtained from the ESS design and install guide and also the Victron / pylontech guide








simon-jukes asked
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Victron Multiplus II 48/5000 and SOFAR SOLAR 11ktl-x

Is it possible to cooperate/ connect the pv ongrid SOFAR SOLAR 11ktl-x inverter with Victron multiplus II, one or three phases?

martin-lzy asked
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MP2GX - Voyant de fonctionnement hors réseau + VRM

Bonjour à tous,

J'ai quelques questions que je n'arrive pas à résoudre, j'espère que vous pourrez m'aider.

Un rapide descriptif de mon installation, fonctionnelle depuis qq mois :

Multiplus 2 GX 3000/48, avec ESS

Pylontech US3000C relié via câble spécifique sur port USB du GX, les infos du BMS sont prioritaire sur le GX

4x 400WC de solaire avec iQ7(x?), connecté sur AC OUT (install précédente)

ET112 entre Q-Relay et AC OUT pour mesurer la production solaire

Toutes mes charges en protection (peu de consommateur élec).

Mes questions :

J'ai des coupures réseaux fréquentent, et des problèmes de différentiel entre le compteur le MP2.

- J'ai lu que mettre un disjoncteur type A au lieu de AC permettrait d'être moins sensible, mais j'aurai toujours des coupures réseaux fréquentes. Je souhaite avoir une LED ou équivalent qui m'avertisse visuellement lorsque je tourne sur batterie. J'ai bien vu les ports d'entrée/sortie disponible, mais même en fouillant, je n'arrive pas à me faire une idée claire de quel type de LED prendre, comment la brancher et surtout faire la conf associée (compatible avec ESS?)

- Dans le même esprit, toute mon installation électrique est dans un grand placard. Je souhaiterai par sécurité piloter un ventilateur lorsque je consomme + de 2000W pendant 30 sec par exemple, et arrêter quand la conso baisse.

- Dans l'idée d'optimiser un peu l'ESS, et toujours dans la perspective de mes coupures réseaux fréquentes, je paramètre pour l'hiver un SOC mini à 50%, qui me permet de passer 1/2 off grid si coupure. Quand les beaux-jours viennent, la question ne se pose pas, je surproduis et j'injecte le surplus en permanence. Vous feriez différemment? Charge programmée?

- Sur VRM (voir PJ) J'ai l'impression que la conso n'est pas correctement gérée dans ma config.

Cas typique : SOC à 20% le matin, on coupe toute l'élec, donc 0 charges.

Je produis 3kwh dans la journée, j'arrive le soir : SOC à 100%, (recharge de 2800Wh) conso affichée entre 2.9 et 3kwh / production solaire 3kwh -> Normal.

Le soir, je consomme mes 2800Wh, je retourne à mes 20% SOC et les stats en fin de journée donnent :

Solaire : 3kwh - To Grid / From Grid : 0kwh - Conso : 5.4kwh

Cela ne semble pas très logique que la conso soit comptée une fois d'un point de vue solaire vers batterie puis une fois batterie vers charge.

Est-ce lié à ma config (solaire sur ACOUT)? Désolé si ce n'est pas clair.

Merci d'avance, et désolé pour toutes ces questions.


bluesnr asked

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Augmentation SOC Battery Life et charge depuis reseau


petite question suite à constat de la veille...

La base : MP2 + US500 en ESS AC coupled (CERBO, ET112,....).

Apres une journée de moindre ensoleillement, le SOC du battery life à augmenté de 10%, rien d'anormal, sauf qu'après l’arrêt de production des PV le système a tiré 10% du réseau pour remonter le SOC de la Pylontech à la nouvelle valeur.

Aujourd'hui il fait meilleur, donc j'injecte, plutôt dommage d'avoir du coup chargé la batterie la veille depuis le réseau.

Y'aurai t'il une astuce pour ne pas que ce phénomène arrive ?

Du genre avoir un SOC DELTA vis à vis du SOC battery Life qui bloquerai une recharge depuis le réseau, tant que le SOC batterie ne descend pas en dessous du SOC battery life - SOC DELTA ?

krystof69 asked

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How do I set three-phase grid setpoint ESS mode 2 through pymodbus?

How do I set three-phase grid setpoint ESS mode 2 through pymodbus? the only register at the site is 2700, only this register is necessary to limit the gird?

I set the setpoint with this register but the grid was not limited

vinicius asked

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Commissioning a Easysolar 2 ESS system in South Yorkshire

My Father has purchased an installed the above along with 10 X Canadian Solar 455w PV panels. He is awaiting 2 X Pylontech US5000 batteries that should arrive in the coming weeks.

Is there anyone near the South Yorkshire area who would be willing to be paid to comission an ESS system .

Thanks in advance

nellyccc3 asked
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