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Node-Red BMS SOC %

Hello everyone, I hope you all have a great new year.

I have a question about the BMS SOC percentage figures in Node-Red: do any of you get this figure other than rounded to whole number percentages? Node-Red using the Victron nodes only shows SOC rounded to the nearest whole number. I am fairly sure that my BMS (Seplos Smart BMS - CANBUS) is sending the SOC to two decimal places. I would really like the extra granularity in Node Red.

Does anyone have any experience of this?

Do you all get SOC rounded to the nearest whole integer?


hebs asked
Stefanie (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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node red: change value of active SOC

Hi, ist there any node or other solution to change the "active SOC" using node Red?

edit for clarification: I mean the value of the active SOC that is set by the BatteryLive function

Thanks, Markus

marommel asked
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Weather controlled Minimum discharge SOC example using Node-red

I have an interesting NodeRed project - based on next day weather, it is changing the minimum discharge SOC on the GX device. So if next day it is sunny, it will configure the SOC to a lower level, if it is cloudy it is increasing the SOC. At this moment I have only 4 levels, but it can be improved. How I'm doing this - you need to create a free account on After doing that use the API generated on that site, put it in the openweathermap node, add your city name or coordinates, and you will receive the details for the next 5 days. I'm looking only at next day, between 9AM-6PM and the value used is called visibility. Having the average value for next day, the system will decide (every day at 3PM) how the SOC should be for the next 24h. There are lots of things that can be added. If you need any other info, you can ask. Or if you have something similar, please share.



Lucian Popescu (Victron Energy Staff) asked
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Is the Active SOC Limit available from within Node-Red?

I have yet to upgrade to v2.91 large as I am still running an old beta (large). Does anyone know if the Active SOC Limit is available in the most recent Victron nodes. It would be extremely useful if it was.

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