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Feature Request: Write access to Multi RS Solar ESS Settings

I would like to request the ability to control the following via NodeRed/Modbus for the Multi RS Solar:

1) ESS Mode (Optimized with batterylife, Optimized without battery life, Keep batteries charged)

2) ESS Minimum discharge SOC

Both would be useful but either would do.

Charging batteries during cheap times is possible but requires fudges to make it work. I can use Generator rules to turn on the input relays at night and also if I have a large load. The downside is I end up charging the batteries during the day if I have a large load.

I currently have to use a Windows PC to automate clicking buttons in the VictronConnect App to set the ESS Mode!

Don't know if there is a formal method for asking for features but please accept this as one :)

Please Help.......

semlohnhoj asked
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how feltch data PF and other parameter from ET112 to build node red dashboard

Dear team

I attempted to build my Node-red dashboard using the System parameters, however, I was unable to locate the ET112 parameter alongside other options like PF and MD.

Please give the solution for build own node-red dashboard

Dilip Kumar TD asked
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Update interval of Victron output node in Node-RED flow


I'm sending all data from NodeRED to the InfluxDB cloud. Because of costs, I need to reduce the update interval to 30 secs. Is there any way to configure it? (config file which survives Venus OS update)


sungrid asked
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Cerbo GX - controller inverter mode based on time?

Hi there

I could use with some help please, as I’m not completely sure how to go about this “simple” need of my system. So i thought it would be best to ask.

Basically I’m looking to charge my batteries from the grid starting at 0:00am and finishing at 5:30 or SOC (which is currently done by ESS). However anytime outside of this window I want the inverters to switch to “invert mode” unless SOC is less than 10%. And then set the inverter mode to “on” at 0:00.

Can someone tell me the most full proof way of doing this.

Secondly, I cannot find any guides of setting up Node Red on Cerbo GX. I assume it’s the same as V OS, but again just checking.

h2009 asked
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Node-Red Battery temperatures

I currently sense two battery temperatures using Wemos D1 Mini and send the data over MQTT.

Is it possible for Node-Red (large-image running on the Rpi) to write these temperatures to the GX part as Battery Temp 1 and Battery Temp 2 instead of using and ADC?

Node-Red can read from a temperature sensor (there is a node for that) but can it write values?


xsilvergs asked
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