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Cerbo GX - controller inverter mode based on time?

Hi there

I could use with some help please, as I’m not completely sure how to go about this “simple” need of my system. So i thought it would be best to ask.

Basically I’m looking to charge my batteries from the grid starting at 0:00am and finishing at 5:30 or SOC (which is currently done by ESS). However anytime outside of this window I want the inverters to switch to “invert mode” unless SOC is less than 10%. And then set the inverter mode to “on” at 0:00.

Can someone tell me the most full proof way of doing this.

Secondly, I cannot find any guides of setting up Node Red on Cerbo GX. I assume it’s the same as V OS, but again just checking.

h2009 asked
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Node-Red Battery temperatures

I currently sense two battery temperatures using Wemos D1 Mini and send the data over MQTT.

Is it possible for Node-Red (large-image running on the Rpi) to write these temperatures to the GX part as Battery Temp 1 and Battery Temp 2 instead of using and ADC?

Node-Red can read from a temperature sensor (there is a node for that) but can it write values?


xsilvergs asked
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