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Node-Red flow for MQTT grid metering in ESS

I took me some time but i figured to make a node-red flow, for ESS use withaout aditional power Metering attached (MQTT).

With this flow you can use any MQTT input to determine the Grid ESS setpoint on your Multiplus II.
Since some of us can get the data out of Home Assistant or a MQTT ESP32. In gereral i get the power usage data from MQTT source (ESP32) from a P1 smartmeter.

capture.pngYou can also make changes based on you source of input for Grid metering.

- The Flow will charge your battery when there is PV production.
- The Flow will discharge when there is consumption from the Grid

Download the Flow :

I will also create a dashboard with additional features and try to send some Modbus data so the values show up on your Victron display. Work in progress. Feel free to contribute to this article!

ESSEnergy MeterNode-REDmodificationsgrid parallel
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New version released, deleted some errors. System works better when generating PV and is more simple.better flow.txt just copy the text in the file and import in node-red. Please leave feedback after using this flow!

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