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Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 12-Volt 30 amp 120V, 3 Output Battery Charger

I just got this charger and is pretty awesome that I can use the Victron app for the MPPT and this charger. I have a question, the app shows the 3 batteries (chins) 100ah each, at 13.3 volts each, the app shows they are in bulk mode. When I check their amperage with a clamp meter it reads each battery is getting .057 amps, is this right? Seems like they are in absorption mode, I'm confused.

friaras asked
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diode bridge necessary with ip22 charger?

I have a starter battery and a service battery on my boat and need to replace the charger. The old charger has a single output. Both batteries are connected to the alternator via a diode bridge. If I connect both batteries separately to the charger, will I still need the diode bridge? How then does the alternator gets connected without messing things up? Here's an image of the current setup:


igor asked

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Ip 22 Blue smart charger charging low amps

I am charging a 300ah Lithium battery using my ip22 charger using the lithium settings.

The problem is the charger starts putting 30 amps into battery ,before it has 200Ah in the battery the charging cuts back to 15-16 amps ,I would have thought it would keep 30 amps going in until the battery was at least 80% charged.

burford asked

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Blue Smart IP22 repeated 30amp then 0amps?

My IP22 Blue Smart charger is not working properly. It charges in bulk mode at 30amps for around 30secs, then the amps drop to 0 and it switches to absorption for around 30secs. This cycle keeps repeating.

I have tried using a replacement charger and the same thing happened. It has been working fine for around a month but has only recently started doing this.

Any ideas? Thanks

alexgill180 asked
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Which IP22 charger to buy (10A/20A/30A) for two battery sizes?


I plan to buy a Blue Smart IP22 charger for my two cars, but wonder which one is most suitable:

Car 1 has a 95Ah AGM lead acid battery

Varta recommends to charge these with I=0,25C to 0,35C, so between 24A and 33A

Car 2 has a 70Ah flooded (conventional) lead acid battery

Varta recommends to charge these with I=0,1C to 0,15C, so between 7A and 11A

The IP22 12/30 would charge the AGM battery fastest, but is it safe to charge the 70Ah battery in low/night 15A mode? That would equal 0,21C and exceed Varta's recommendation.

I'm a bit puzzled, because the C values in the Victron IP22 manual seem very high:

IP22 12/10A -> minimum battery size = 30Ah (0,33C)

IP22 12/20A -> minimum battery size = 40Ah (0,5C)

IP22 12/30A -> minimum battery size = 60Ah (0,5C)



robin-bloemberg asked

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BSC ip22 showing wrong battery voltage

The BSC ip22 is showing a voltage 0.8 higher than battery. Meaning it goes into absorption way before it should. It also often says status interrupted in history. Fixes?




emmakrieg asked

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BSC status interrupted ip22


We have a BSC ip22 12/30 set up in our campervan and currently it is charging but going into absorption when it should be in bulk still and then the history says status interrupted and it restarts in bulk. Any idea why? The voltage it is reporting is much higher the the BMV and battery. The BSC also feels quite hot but the rest of the system feels OK. We are charging at a campsite but looking in history it seems it has done it before at other charging spots





emmakrieg asked

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Trouble connecting iPhone 6plus on 14.2 to IP22 smart blue charger

I’m trying to connect via Bluetooth to this Victron smart charger but it won’t find it to pair it any one any idea why

martin13 asked
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IP22 Charger not restarting cycles


Based on the Manual the charging cycle should be restarted once the charger is in float/storage mode and there is specific power draw, that doesn't always happen to me and sometimes I have to power cycle the charger, is there a workaround for that ?

belgarath-sorceror asked

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IP22 charger without LEDs

Hi, A friend has asked me to look at an IP22 charger. I've connected it to the power source and it seems to charge 2 batteries that I connected, but there are no indications on the LEDs as to what the unit is doing. Nothing ! Please help...

mutton-blot asked

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How to connect the IP22 15A, three outputs in a camper van


my camper van has three battieres.

Two for the living/appliances, connected in parallel of type Banner 80Ah AGM

One for the vehicle itself, Varta 95Ah AGM.

I have read the manual, but it is unclear for me how to handle the connection of the charger?

One output to the two batteries in parallel? Or two outputs in parallel to the two batteries?

Can the device cope with a different battery connected to the other output, i.e. the vehicle battery?

Because I don't want to charge the vehicle battery all the time connected to external supply, could I connect an additional switch (20A) to separate the connection?

For any hint/help, I would be grateful!

Regards, Tomte

tomte asked

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IP22 as replacement for Schaudt La110


In my Hymer Camp 64 the original Schaudt La110 is used power supply and charger.

My plan is to replace it with the Victron IP22.

This means, the IP22 will no be connected directly to the battery, but indirect by a distributor and a Relais. Therefore, all the consumers (fridge, lights..), get supplied by the IP22 and not by the battery.

But still in parallel it has to load the battery.

Is the IP22 the right device for it?

Thank you in advance.




weissbrot asked

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