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EM330 - EM340 in 3x230VAC grid wrong readout

We installed an energy meter EM340 (in-line) grid meter and in another application an EM330 with current clamps. We see that if we program the meter to a 3P grid (3x 230VAC and no N), which still exists a lot in Belgium, that the Cerbo Measures 0VAC as line voltage. Therfore the internal calculation of power and consumption is not correct. Could this be a software issue from the Victron side? Because in the meter itself all values are correctly displayed.

Kind regards and thanks for the help.

bbossyns asked
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Fronius + Multiplus + Pylontech grabbing 10% from grid, why?

Hi all!

I have a Fronius Primo 6.0.2 with a Victron Multiplus II and 3 Pylontech 3000c batteries.

And during this first week I've seen how the system is grabbing roughly 10% of the energy from the grid, when there is enough solar power and batteries. Is this expected behaviour?


jesusginard asked
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VRM grid kWt counter

I have Multiplus Compact 12/1600/70 and Cerbo GX in my boat, and see energy flow in VRM. The kWh counter for solar and consumption work great. But the counter From Grid does not. I get the W measuring in AC Input, so the value is there, but the counter still not count. Any solution for make the From Grid kWh counter work?

tobben asked

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Total energy from grid is wrong in global system view chart


Since few weeks the displayed total energy from grid in the global system view chart in VRM is wrong. You can check it by comparing it to the same field name in the consumption view chart. There is always a difference between this normally same fields. Other way to check it, simply sum all hour's energy from grid (the bar chart) and you see there is not according displayed total energy from grid in the global system view chart.

Best regards

daniel57 asked

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Victron Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 QUA482504010 Certifications for Austria Grid?


we would urgently need the R25 Certification for Austria Grid. Is there any Information when this is available for Quattro-II 48/5000/70-50-50 ?

Many thanks in advance!


rolandtrieb asked

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Specifications in grid code standard not respected - agreement problem

i try to force 300 sec delay between grid restore power and ESS commutation relay :

i use "connection time" i find in the gris code Europe EN.. but no luck (60sec changed to 300 sec), the ESS commute grid after 20 sec.

Is there a bug???

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Failed ESS grid set point following


I using 2 multiplus ii 5000/48 in parallel and i disabled the grid feed-in from Ess and i set the grid setpoint 0 ..But he continues to have grid feed-in 30-200w...IS NOT ARROUND SET POINT.

With an single multiplus with the grid setpoint 0, feed-in it was accepatable 0.1-0.2kw per day , but with both multiplus in parallel is more than 1kw per day !!! i don't want this.

I found a temporary solution with setpoint at 100w+. But I don't want to take it 100w from grid when it's sunny outside or when I'm using the batteries.

My System: 2 x Multiplus II 5000/48 (paralell), 1 x Smartsolar Mppt 150/100, 1 x Smartsolar Mppt 150/70 Tr, Bmv-712, Venus Os 2.90, 3x battery balancer, battery bank 500Ah at 48v, 7.2kw solar panels.

Please help me to solve this problem. Thank you!



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Grid Assist without ESS with only HUB-1

I have several 5kVA and 3kVA inverters all of them standalone. How can I setup grid assist without having to shell out a lot of money for ESS? HUB-1 should be able to do exactly what I want to do but I can't seem to be able to force grid assist to work. Do I need external HW even with a simple HUB-1 assistant?

I know HUB-1 is "depreciated" and I don't really care.

somerando asked

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ESS as an extra power supplier

Hi all

For an installation I want to use 3 Multiplus II to supply 14 kVA more than the limit of my power contract. This will be happening during two hours per day approx. For this I think I will select each multiplus to have a power of 5kVA.


I saw in the manual of the multiplus II gx this configuration that is near to the one I want to install.

I need to fix the Grid power input to a maximum of 36kVA and my loads will have a peak of 50kVA. I know that is possible to change the grid metering with external meter. Each multiplus II 5000 accepts an external current sensor of 100 A. That will be more than the power that I need.


My question is if this installation can limit my power input (Grid) using the limit grid setpoint on a GX device. I want to configure this parameter to 36kVA or a little lower to limit my grid consumption. All this using the external current.

And also if the internal control of Victron is reliable to not surpass this limit?

Thanks for reading and for any advice.

juan-perez asked

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ESS Export Limit Query to Grid with existing Grid-Tie


Apologies if this has been covered, but I couldn't find anything relevant to my situation. I live in Queensland, Australia and have an existing Grid Tie inverter (5kw) and have recently added a 3000va Multiplus-II with 1.3kw of panels on a BlueSolar MPPT and 9.6kwh of batteries. We're currently on a single phase supply with our supplier.

While I'm sure most of the energy from the 1.3kw system will likely go towards charging the batteries it would be handy to export the remainder to the grid, however given we only have a 5kw export limit, does the export limit in the ESS > Grid feed-in dynamically throttle how much excess from the MPPT goes into the grid (if we put 5000w in there) or does this only apply to the Multiplus-II?


Our Grid-Tie inverter is currently connected on the AC-In side of the Multiplus-II along with most of our loads. We've ordered an ET340 to measure grid use & plan to connect the grid tie through phase 2 so it can be monitored by the Victron.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Using RV as Generator for House, one cable.

Here is a bit of a crazy situation but I will be installing a pair of Quattro's to run a split-phase system in a rescue vehicle. 48v 25kwh battery bank.

Unit has a 20a shore power inlet and a 30a split phase power inlet attached to a 50ft cable reel that was designed to connect to a generator trailer that we no longer use. While connected to shore power we intend to only use the 20a inlet since that is on the overhead reels connected to AC-in on Quattro #1 and Quattro #2 will not have any AC-in.

The intent is to leave the 30a power inlet connected to AC-in #2 on both Quattros to allow for connection to the generators in case of extended operation. The question is with the use of an inverse "suicide-cord" to turn that cable reel from a power-in to a power-out can the Quattro's back-feed to act as a "generator" if we need to connect something to the rig or do we have to wire a dedicated circuit and carry a generator cable? Wiring the extra circuit isn't the concern but the space to carry the second cable certainly is.

Thanks for entertaining this crazy question!

tbone1004 asked

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VRM and local Dashboard show incorrect wiring after install AC current sensor on Multiplus 2


i'm just finish to install my Victron system based with this devices :

- Smartsolar MPTT, VE-can ,

- smart shunt, Ve-direct,

- Cerbo GX,

- Multiplus II -

This morning i installed an AC current sensor to my multiplus II in order to prevent power feedback to the grid.

..but after that, the power in/out measured to the grid is correct but the wiring on dashboard appare incorrect.

Now i'm draw zero power to critical load ( AC out disconnencted ) but in dashboar all power coming to the grid ,are considered draw for critical load.

In real this power are loaded only by AC load.

I'm not discovering what is wrong in my configuration... i'm load ESS assist .

Someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance,


( the wrong wiring is visible also in VRM : https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/201554/dashboard )


fcattaneo asked
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Multiplus-II - Transfer Switch Overload Characteristics


We are looking to install a 3-phase setup using a 5000VA Multiplus-II on each phase in a residential property. The house is grid-connected and the grid is very reliable. The house loads are split across 3 phases and are currently protected by a 63A TPN MCB, in reality though, the current draw on a given phase is not expected to surpass 40-45A. The goal of the installation is primarily self-consumption. The backup capability is of course interesting/valuable, but there is no plan to run off-grid for any extended period of time. We have an existing 12.5kW 3-phase Solaredge inverter.

The recommended approach, I believe, in this scenario is to put critical loads on AC-out-1 and put everything else on AC-out-2, but this involves work on the existing electrical installation to split things out which isn't trivial and adds to costs. An alternative approach is to put everything internal to the house (no car chargers) on AC-out-1 which would simplify the installation. There are of course two caveats to this approach though:

1) When running off-grid (very rare in our case), we'd need to take deliberate care not to draw more than 18A/phase to avoid overloading the inverter.

2) When running on-grid (particularly when there is no PV generation) we'd be drawing a fair amount of current through the Multiplus-II transfer switches.


What are the specific overload characteristics of the transfer switch? The manual says to use a 50A MCB to protect the AC-in of the 5kA Multiplus-II, but it does not specify what type of MCB. So, this begs the question as to what happens if there is a draw of above 50A for a short period of time and what the overload characteristics are.

Is the 50A a maximum and therefore the design current need to be a fair bit lower and not complying with this can cause damage to the inverter? Or, is the 50A the maximum continuous design current and as long as the current draw doesn't trip the MCB on AC-in then there isn't an issue?

What MCB type (curve) is recommended for AC-in?


daniel-feist asked
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Setting up a new ESS system. I have couple of questions.

So I'm going to be setting up a new victron ess system and i have a couple of questions. Here are my system details and questions:


- MultiPlus-II 48/3000VA
- BlueSolar 100/20 (48v)
- SmartShunt 500A
- 50AH Li-ION battery (15S 45-63V)
- RPI3 as venus device

Here are my questions:

1- If i set "Limit inverter power" to 1000W what will happen when the grid is lost? Is this setting ignored or will the inverter shut down on overload?

2- If my ess mode is set to "Optimized (without BatteryLife)" and my "Minimum SOC (unless grid fails)" is set to 50% what will happen when my battery is 50% but i have 400W solar power on the mppt. Will the 400W go to inverter to assist my 1000W load (so 400w from solar and 600W from grid) or will it just charge the battery?

3- Just to confirm grid code for Slovakia should be "Europe: EN50549-1"? right?

xpatrik asked
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VRM. Duplicate Fronius in device list and missing data


I have developed a strange situation in the last weeks with VRM portal. The system was installed in January and until now there was no such issue.

The system is grid connected 3 phase Multiplus II with AC coupled Fronius Symo 12,5. I have Cerbo GX with USB stick connected to it. I connected the stick after these issues started. First I thought that the memory will get full on CerboGX when there is no connection. This has not solved the issue.

My VRM portal ID is 102c6b9d0131 (maybe Victron VRM team can check)



I have duplicate Fronius device in the device list.


I have tried to delete both of them separately and together, they both appear back.

I am missing dashboard historical data. Advanced data is all correct and there is plenty of sun. Production is usually 90 - 100 kWh with this kind of day. Dashboard shows only 13 kWh though. Other values seem suspicious as well.



I think it is just a visual issue. The data actually seems to be there.

Karl Laasik asked
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