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P(f) limiting, Czech Grid requirements

I have read a few questions about "Feed-In" limiting, e.g.

but these do not seem to address an issue that has come up with installations in Czechia.
Now we all know, that a Multiplus/Quattro can limit the output of an AC-coupled inverter such a s a Fronius by raising the frequency of the microgrid.

However - when connected to the grid, what about the Victron itself? Does it listen and adapt its feed-in to the network frequency? The local network requirements are such that power output has to decrease as the network frequency increases. Starting with 50.2Hz at 100% going to 60% as network frequency reaches 51,2Hz


Now the test laboratory of EG.d (distribution division of e.on) claims that a) Victron not being able to react with power throttling on network frequency increase and b) Victron not having a Czech grid code. While the latter is probably true, I wonder about the P(f) reduction. Always thought the ESS should have this built-in?


These results are prominently placed with the ministry of industry and trade

so maybe someone from Victron would like to shed some light on this.

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Can't answer to your question but comment that Quattro 8K shows OK about power factor correction in same list.


Cannot read Czech but looks that is local study with local lab. Looks Czech have very similar grid feed-in requirements than eg. Germany but don't exactly follow any wider used regulation? That's only what I found in English.


If not getting answer from there then suggest to talk with local Victron dealer as they are specialist about your region installations.

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Being an installer, I would think to have some "regional know how".

The Czech grid code is a flavor of EN50438:2013 (EN50438-CZ). Would help if
Victron had some EN50438 cert.

Can't find anything like that anywhere. Neither manual, nor, so I had hoped for some community swarm intelligence. ;-)

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