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RCD breaker for Quattro 10K

I'm looking for recommendations on 125A/240VAC two pole RCD/GFCI breakers. It seems while ASI produces 125A breakers they stop at 63A for GFCI protection. I am in the South East US.

I see lots of mention in the forums about using a RCD but never a specific brand/name in conjunction with the Quattro 10ks.

mtucker502 asked

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Paralell multiplus ac-out breaker tripping


I have 2x EasySolars 24/3000 (basicaly Multipluses) configured in parallel.

The problem is that from time to time the main ac-our breaker tripps (one or the other inverter). How can I identify the issue?

Seems sporadic to me with no special events..

Thank you!

adco asked

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Wiring AC output 2 on a Tiny Home Panel

I'm a solar installer in the US and new to Victron Products, as well as working on the AC side of systems. I own a tiny home and decided to design a system with a Multiplus 2 x120 3kVA. The reason I chose this inverter is because I have a heat pump system that requires 240V, also I have access to reliable 50A shore connection.

Below is a picture of my panel. Note I haven't installed anything yet. This is just a straight up shore connected panel, nothing special. Here's what I do understand... Coming from my AC output one, I'll have 6 G wire feeding this panel on a 70A breaker (I'll be making room for this breaker). What I do not understand is where and how the AC output 2 will land. The top right breaker (double pole 15A) is for my heat pump. But where do the wires from the inverter actually land? I read the manual and it recommended a 35 A breaker. Is that just it? If so I'll probably need a bigger panel.


Thanks for the help

grahamazing asked
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MPII 2x120 use

I’m in the process of a Sprinter van build in the U.S. and would like to be able to utilize J1772 EV charging power when available, I don’t need any of the 240v in the van other then to charge the six 105ah LiFePo4 batteries. I currently have a MP 12/3000 120 and was wondering if I switched to the MPII 2x120 that I could achieve this? Could the inverter convert the 240v and give just 120v on output 1 or would I just have to use one leg and neutral?

Ideally I would add a manual transfer switch to be able to charge off a standard 120v shore connection as well.

ericdhvac asked

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Interlocking AC-Out2 with AC-In possible?


I'm using general flag to ignore AC and some other assistants. I'm wondering if it is possible to switch AC-Out2 off BEFORE AC-In comes available and on again AFTER AC-In gets cut off.

I want to use a Fronius which isn't allowed to be connected to the grid

Thank you!

kind regards,


porcini asked

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Offgrid setup

Hi I’m after some advise I have a victron multi II gx byd batteries and a sma sunny boy solar inverter, there is no ac grid or generator

what would be the best way to set this up.

we have the solar as the ac 1 output and our load on ac 2 output, we were told the ac 2 could be configured to work without a grid but not sure if this is right.

johnww500 asked

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Multiplus II and AC Out 2


I am trying to get my head around installation of a Multiplus II. I am installing this in Denmark as there is grid support for this but as far as i understand. The inverter must shut down it's AC Out 1 when the grid fails inorder to protect the technicians on the street to not feed in electricity BUT is there a way i can get power out on AC Out 2 while not delivering to the grid on AC Out 1 in that way i can power some critical things while power is down ? If it is possible i was thinking to put a switch 1, 0, 2 on those critical things so when power drops i can go an d switch it to get power from the inverter AC Out 2 if that's doable and allowed which essentially makes it a off-grid system for that period wile power is down. In the current system i am designing i will have a energy meter and run with ESS since the Multiplus II is a one phase system and the house system is 3 phase so the inverter will start producing energy when it's told from the energy meter there is a usage inorder to get the consumption to 0 as much as possible.


peternielsen asked
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EasySolar 48 5000 ac out 2

Hi, i have an easysolar 48/5000, i also have a generator and a temporar grid acces. Does ac out 2 benefits from pv Power or batteries? I read the manual and it says that the current will only go thru AC out 2? I have a heat pump wich i want to connect to the inverter, but i also want to get ac from panels during the day for the ac out 2, for the moment. After i finish the entire project i want to get rid of the grid and stay only with generator and batteries.


catalin-moraru asked
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Feature Request: Provide Support for Modbus/dbus switching of Multiplus AC-Out2 relay

I would like to request a feature request to support controlling the AC-Out2 relay in the Multiplus/Multiplus II via modbus.

At the moment, AC-Out2 can be controlled a number of other ways, but there is no modbus register address exposed to allow it to be controlled with scripts.

I am aware I can switch a GX relay connected to the Multiplus and control the AC-Out2 relay that way, but this is sloppy in that it requires extra wiring and also wastes a GX relay (of which there is only 2), and we need the relays for other functions.

trip-tracks asked

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Multiplus secondary outlet

Can the secondary output be turned on remotely? For example, if I want to run my water heater off the inverter, but I have it on the secondary outlet, can I turn it on via bluetooth?

cappyjax asked

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How can I cut off AC-Out 2 in an AC-PV Coupled System based on Battery SOC?
  • From one of the recent vidoes on the Victron Professional trainings, "Coupled AC PV Inverter Introduction", @ Guy Stewart talked about the Optimal AC PV off-grid configuration and that would fix a challenge I have at an off-grid site that has AC-PV Configuration but no DC. Please how will I configure AC-Out 2 to cut off when the battery SOC goes lower than a particular threshold. Will I use virtual switch?
  • The system is actually working fine, it's just that once in a while when the batteries gets drained, and the Quattro shuts down, the Fronius Inverter can not come up until the generator is put on. Adding a charge controller and solar panels will fix this but the client isn't ready for such expenses yet.
  • On that site I have installed:
  • 5kVA Quattro
  • 5kW Fronius Primo
  • 5000Wp of solar panels
  • 13.8kWh BYD
  • CcGX
  • I'll appreciate any help I can get from @Guy Stewart or anyone who knows how to do this. Thanks

vicstix asked

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