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EasySolar 48 5000 ac out 2

Hi, i have an easysolar 48/5000, i also have a generator and a temporar grid acces. Does ac out 2 benefits from pv Power or batteries? I read the manual and it says that the current will only go thru AC out 2? I have a heat pump wich i want to connect to the inverter, but i also want to get ac from panels during the day for the ac out 2, for the moment. After i finish the entire project i want to get rid of the grid and stay only with generator and batteries.


EasySolar All-in-Oneac out 2
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I’m not sure if it’s the same as the Multiplus I have, but on mine the AC Out 2 is intended for loads you want to power when AC is applied to the AC In (as a direct pass-through) but are not essential when you are on battery power only. Essentially, it’s a means of prioritizing distribution needs automatically so your items such as refrigeration or medical equipment will continue to be powered, while non-essentials such as water heating or coffee pots are not.

The best solution would be to run AC Out 1 to a distribution panel to power all loads you want energized at all times, and reserve AC Out 2 for your non-essentials.

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Yes, i finally figured that out. Thanks.

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