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Wiring AC output 2 on a Tiny Home Panel

I'm a solar installer in the US and new to Victron Products, as well as working on the AC side of systems. I own a tiny home and decided to design a system with a Multiplus 2 x120 3kVA. The reason I chose this inverter is because I have a heat pump system that requires 240V, also I have access to reliable 50A shore connection.

Below is a picture of my panel. Note I haven't installed anything yet. This is just a straight up shore connected panel, nothing special. Here's what I do understand... Coming from my AC output one, I'll have 6 G wire feeding this panel on a 70A breaker (I'll be making room for this breaker). What I do not understand is where and how the AC output 2 will land. The top right breaker (double pole 15A) is for my heat pump. But where do the wires from the inverter actually land? I read the manual and it recommended a 35 A breaker. Is that just it? If so I'll probably need a bigger panel.


Thanks for the help

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since when a 120V inverter gives out 240V?
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kevgermany avatar image kevgermany ♦♦ offroadflow commented ·
For that the two 120V phases are combined.
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pau1phi11ips avatar image pau1phi11ips offroadflow commented ·
They have a strange single phase and split phase supply in the US. The new Multiples II will do 240V split phase.
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offroadflow avatar image offroadflow pau1phi11ips commented ·
Ok, in this case is it safe to assume to connect N1 with L2 and take the 240V from L1 and N2..?

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kevgermany avatar image kevgermany ♦♦ offroadflow commented ·
It should be in the manual. I've no idea.
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