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Victron dbus services -> which one to choose?


I've a small mixed Home Assistent / Victron system and try to integrate everything into VenusOS. Right now I've a Shelly 3 EM as grid meter, 3x shelly 1 PM measuring what my 3x grid-based Inverter (Sun GTIL2 1000, one per phase) produce from a Battery.
This battery is connected to a Victron smart shunt and 3x Victron MPPTs.

The Problem now is that the Shelly 1pm (https://github.com/vikt0rm/dbus-shelly-1pm-pvinverter) is installed as PV Inverter (com.victronenergy.pvinverter). The Sun's are connect to the battery but visualized as PV to AC. I would need battery (DC) to AC...

I'm not really sure which device / service is the right one to choose? Maybe inverters, but they only have L1, I'm using 3x on L1 to L3. I've not found a notice why Invert can't be set to L2 or L3.
Here's a screenshot and a schematic, "PV Wechselrichter" are my Shelly 1PMs:



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Victron Multi RS Solar 48/6000 connect to VRM (CCGX or RPi)

Hi everyone,

Can someone give a bit more clarity on how to bring the Multi RS in VRM?

The manual is... limited in this regards.

I have a CCGX (on my existing quattro installation) and just bought a RaspberryPi on which I installed VenusOS and I also purchased a MK3 adapter.

From what I can tell, only VECan is available on the Multi RS, but when I connect to CCGX it won't show anything. Do i need the little RJ45 end plugs (which didn't came with any device...) ?

What would I need to connect it to RPi?



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Is vedirect-dbus open source - where to find ?

Hi, I can see vedirect-dbus running on my rpi4 and am interested in the source code but can't find any reference to it. Is this open source - and where might I find it ?

majh asked

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Mppt 100/15 Load Output display issues

I have a Smart Solar MPPT 100/15 (v. 1.59) hooked up (VE direct to USB) to a Rpi4 running Venus (v. 2.90) and it is running a 24v DC to 5v DC converter on the load output of the MPPT that is powering the Rpi. I am seeing some weird logging issues both on the VRM side and in the MPPT's page in the Victron connect app. Based on what I am seeing in the VRM stats, it appears that both VRM and the charge controller stop displaying any power output on the load terminal as soon as the solar voltage drops off for the day and they begin showing power usage when the voltage picks up again in the morning. Is this normal?

To be clear, the load output stays on the whole time and powers the Rpi running venus (verified running "uptime" on the Rpi), it just doesn't seem like it is according to the stats. Attached is a screenshot from both Victron connect and the VRM advanced stats. You can see in the VRM screenshot that during the day the load output shows 0.1 A out, which is right for the 3 W average the Rpi is using. During the day you can also see this load output in the Victron Connect app. But during the night in the Victron connect app it shows the load output on with no output and the VRM registers the same.

Do I have something configured wrong, or is this a ghost in the machine?



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Value too large for defined data type

I got goe-charger addon running and it seems it made the log file too big, rendering the /data directory useless as it's 100% full now, and the log file is not accessible.

/data/dbus-goecharger/current.log: Value too large for defined data type

How can I get rid of that file now?

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Bluetooth BR/EDR bluetoothctl


I had already started another post, but I think it is better to start a new one after my new findings.

I have the following problem:

I want to connect my ANT BMS to my Raspberry Pi4 via Bluetooth (Venus OS Large 2.90). The ANT BMS uses Bluetooth BR/EDR.

In Bluetoothctl I only find Bluetooh LE devices (Low Energy).

When I connect a bluetooth dongle, I find the desired BR/EDR device in hciconfig/hcitool.

It seems to me that bluetootctl under Venus OS only uses the onboard bluetooth controller under hci1 and does not allow any others. The dongle can be found under hci0.

This is not really the problem, because the Rpi4 with Raspberry Pi OS finds the BR/EDR device immediately with the onboard BT controller.

My possible solutions are as follows:

Venus OS also allows BR/EDR devices to be found / connected, or it would be possible to use dongles connected via USB in bluetootctl (the dongle is not recognised under bluetoothctl on a Pi2 without integrated controller, but it is recognised under hci).

Can anyone say anything about this?



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Increase MFD App/Window on Simrad


Is there no way to increase the size of these info panels on my MFD? I read it’s an HTML5 app running on my Simrad EVO3S. I have to squint to see the data!

SUGGESTION - Maximize Window (a button, like fullscreen on youtube) I mean it’s HTML (width=100%)


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ess double output to grid

hello rick here i am having a problem with my setup. i have a duplicate output on the grid. it reads l1 correctly with the victron current transformer. but gives a double reading from the solar panels. I am using an et112 meter to read my PV inverter. also when the solar panels are working I don't read ac load.


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Switch Multiplus with Venus GX and NodeRed


I have a switch connected to the I/O of my venus, now i would like to switch the multiplus 24/5000 on and off.

the I/O signal is working, it sends 3 or 4 to the multi. Sounds alright so far. But the strange thing is the multi is swiching on for maybe 3 sec and turns off. Same thing if i repeat pushing the switch.

thanks for help

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Venus GX versions and VEBUS firmware versions compatability list

Is there a table that identifies firmwares that will play nicely together.

Venus / VEBUS.

I have had it previously, where an update (remote / automatic) of the Venus device loses some sort of connectivity / data / functionality with the Multi / Quattro. (in varying levels of lobotomisation)

The effect hasnt necessarily been immediately obvious.

My current issue.... Multiplus on firmware 430 - CCGx on firmware 2.33 - do i risk a remote firmware update on the CCGx ? (system has only recently been provuded with remote internet access)



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MP2 Overload Warning at low load

Site has MP2 5kVA with Pylontech US2000 x 4 and Victron MPPT 150/45 x 2 with 450Wp x 12.

Overload warning issue at night when inverter was doing 244W load.


Other installers have suggested they resolved this issue by rolling back Venus OS firmware.


Site is: https://vrm.victronenergy.com/installation/70481

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CAn one connect a Daikin aircondtioner to Cerebo via Blue Tooth

Can a Daikin air conditioner be connected to GX device using bluetooth ( or perhaps WiFi ) ?

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Laderegler BlueSolar wechselt Status von "Externe Steuerung" zu "Aus"


kurz zu meinem System: 3x Multiplus II 3000VA/48V, 2x BlueSolar 150/35 rev2 als Zentrale fungiert ein Raspberry Pi mit Venus OS, alle Geräte sind über Kabel mit dem RasPi verbunden.

Nun zum Problem. Der Status beider Solar Laderegler wechselt. für mich völlig willkürlich, von "Externe Steuerung" zu "Aus", aber im nur ganz kurz die meiste Zeit ist er in der Externen Steuerung. Das kurze Aus hat aber zur folge das sich der Laderegler jedes Mal neu einregeln muss.

Batterie ist zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht vollgeladen und auch die Multiplus haben eigentlich keinen Grund irgendetwas abzuregeln.

Kennt das Problem jemand und hat einen Tipp für mich?



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EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 with ESS frequent restart Venus OS


I have a problem with EasySolar-II 48/3000/35-32 MPPT 250/70 GX. When the sun is shining, Venus OS restarts several times a day. And sometimes MPPT doesn't load after reboot, so it stops production. It only happens during the day, it does not restart at night.

I tried several versions of Venus OS (v2.82, v2.83, v2.84, v2.85 ~ 1) and still the same. I have 3 products, it behaves the same everywhere.

Can you advise me if this is a software or hardware problem. Or how to solve it?

Thank you.


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How to switch power assist on an off via node-red?

For some years I have controled my Multiplus (I not II) with a raspberry pi via two DAC and the assistants for "Charge current control" and "Input current limit control".

Since now an extension of the solar plant took place, I wanted to use a Cerbo GX instead of the Raspberry Pi and do without the DA converters but regulate this purely via software. More precisely, by means of Node-red on the Cerbo GX.

But unfortunately I miss the possibility to regulate the charging current (of the Multiplus charger) and also the regulation of the power assist mode does not behave as expected.

I have installed the "large" Firmware (V2.82) on the Cerbo GX and I have enabled node-red and I'm using the node-red-contrib-victron node.
Devices are: Cerbo GX, Multiplus 24/3000, BMV-700, MPPT250/60, MPPT 75/15.

The AC charger node reports "There are no ac charger services available. Please check that a ac charger is connected or try a different node." The "multi control" node has no input for charger settings too.

Question: How can I control the Multiplus charge limit?

The input current limit can be read and writen by "Multiplus Input 1 AC current limit" in and out node but the behaviour is a little bit strange.

From 3 to 16 A current limit, all works as expected. i.e. when I set it to 5 and read it back afterwards, i got 5.
But when I set it to '0' , i got '3' when i read it back, but the Multiplus stops Power Assist mode (as expected). Is this (set to 0 to disable and set to >=3 to enable) the only way to enable/disable power assist?



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