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Wich name and location have the WPA config file under Venus OS V2.93 ?

Wich name and location have the WiFi WPA config file in Venus OS V2.93 ?

"/etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf" is wrong.

The helpful commands "dir" and "cd" are not implemented in the Venus OS shell.

I need this info for solution of the problen that strong present 2,4GHz WiFi networks without WPA-PSK keymanagement will be not displayed and showed at the Venus GUI. It is not possible to connect a present wifi network, that is not listed at GUI ! This must be a confiruration problem because the same hardware (Raspberry pi 4) under Debian showes and connects the network, but Venus OS V2.93 (and also earlier) does not list it (also implemented on a Raspberry pi 3).

Thank`s for effort, i need the old present router configuration because my televisor does not accept WPA-PSK keymanagement.


Ulf Schneider asked

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5G (GSM module) for VenusOS


I'm currently running an RPi 4b with Venus OS 2.93. Currently I'm using the SIM7600G Hat together with a Telekom Sim Card very well via LTE/4G. Because of the Telekom contract also includes 5G, I wondered if there is already some support for 5G in Venus OS?

There is already a SIM8200 hat for RPi, which supports 5G, even though it's quite expensive :-)

I thought about just buying it and give it a try, but I could imagine, that there has to be some updates of the 5G AT-commands.

Is there already something available or if not something in develop?

Thank you!

tobe91 asked

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Venus OS update to v2.93. Touchscreen hangs on startup. Remote console runs OK


I just updated Venus OS firmware on my Raspberry Pi 3 with touchscreen from 2.92 to 2.93. The touchscreen hangs on startup. Remote console on Windows PC works OK. Back to 2.92, no problems.


Bert Beijl asked

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Wifi WPA codec instead of WPA2 not supported?

May be, wifi WPA codec is not supported from Venus OS 2.89 on Raspberry3 ?

The wifi scann window showes only WPA2 networks, not strong present WPA network!

So connecting to present WPA Network is not possible!

Is there any solution availible? Fixed in wich image Version ? Any other solution?

Ulf Schneider asked

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Possible to remote start generator with bluetooth on Cerbo GX? Honda Eu70is BLE remote starter.


I have a 2020 model Honda Eu70is generator, which is equipped with a bluetooth BLE remote starter. Since the Cerbo has a built-in bluetooth module, I was thinking that some smart guys here might have some experience with the bluetooth capabilities.

I already have my cerbo connected to ruuvi BLE temperature sensors, so the cerbo should be able to pair with the Honda as well. How to start to look at this, any suggestions?

I can't find any way to search for bluetooth devices in the Cerbo Gx console.

haavard asked
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Can I add more switches to controls on the dashboard.

I would like to add some more virtual relay/switches to the controls on the dashboard. The controls is a convenient connection to ‘Venus OS Lage/node red’.

claus asked

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Pepwave / Victron Venus OS integration?

The Pepwave router's admin program has an open API. Has anyone done anything to integrate it with the Victron Venus OS? I would love to be able to make basic changes from the GX Touch. One example would be the fact I have two WIFi connections, one for work and one for personal. When I don't have a strong connection I like to turn off the personal WiFi so I don't have to run around turning off WiFi on all those devices.

I am a programmer, so I can write something, but I figured I would see if anyone has a starting point.

sam-carleton asked

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how feltch data PF and other parameter from ET112 to build node red dashboard

Dear team

I attempted to build my Node-red dashboard using the System parameters, however, I was unable to locate the ET112 parameter alongside other options like PF and MD.

Please give the solution for build own node-red dashboard

Dilip Kumar TD asked
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Venus GX with static IP - how to set SNTP server?

We have four Venus GX devices which have been working fine and reporting to VRM for between several years and over six months.

Yesterday, I found that 3 of the devices were way off the true time and date (two fast by ~5 minutes, one slow by 18 days). The fourth device, on a different subnet has valid time.

These four devices are all static IP. I have a GPS time source on site and would like that to be used by the Venuses to set their clocks. How can I set the SNTP server address?

norman-and-audrey-henderson asked

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Is it possible to send data via RS 485 from a GX-device?

We would like to power a PCU (https://leica-geosystems.com/products/leica-pegasus-trk/product-overview/control-unit) from a battery pack that is monitored by a BMV712 and a Venus GX. The PCU needs information about state of charge off the battery and voltage. This can only be send to the PCU via RS 485. Is there a possibility to send information via RS485 from a Venus GX to the PCU? Or can we better change to a raspberry Pi with Venus OS installed?

leenderthameete asked

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Possibility to change EM540 modbus driver to read consuption with higher resolution

I just found out, that the modbus RTU (RS485) driver for the EM540 energy meter in the current venus OS 3.00~14 is reading the register address 0x0034 (kWh (+) TOT) with the length of 4 bytes (INT32) as the total energy (Value weight: kWh*10). The resolution is 0.1kWh. This seems to be a small resolution for small households as for example the hourly consumption is around 0.2-0.3 kWh. So in the VRM portal the statistic is relative coarse...

My suggestion is not to read register 0x0034 but 0x5000 with 8 bytes length (INT64) as the total energy (Value weight: Wh) instead. This would give a resolution of 0.001kWh and would be much more accurate.

I got these information from the Carlo Gavazzi EM540 communication protocol PDF available from the internet. Could that change be implemented in future versions?

And as the duty cycle for the rs485 bus with 9600baud is quite high for the high speed update rate of the EM540, would it be a possibility to add a higher baud rate option? E.g. 57600 baud?

christiangurk asked
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Venus GX relay control via two tempreture sensors in an AND logic

I see that you can set two conditions to switch on relay 2 (relay 1 I am using on a SOC switch) but these operate as an OR logic, ie if one condition is satisfied the relay will close. Can this be changed to an AND logic where both conditions have to be satisfied. I am feeling like the two temperature sensors on inputs 1 & 2 are linked to relays 1 & 2 and as I am using relay 1 with the generator start function (on SOC) I think I might have run out of temp inputs? Any help is appreciated .

Richard Weir asked

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Venus OS missing features/ energy flow calculation

Hi, I have recently completed an ESS system which consists of the following:

  1. 3x Multiplus II 10kVA – configured for 3 phase
  2. 1x Fronius Symo 15kW 3phase connected on Multi output
  3. 1x Victron RS MPPT 450/200
  4. 1x Energy Meter – Grid
  5. 1x Energy Meter – underfloor heating – connected before Multi
  6. 1x Energy Meter – tank heater – connected before Multi
  7. 6x BYD LV Flex Lite batteries
  8. System is configured for ESS operation

The system works generally fine, but the following is of concern and is highly appreciated if this can be addresses in software updates.:

  1. Only two energy meters can be connected to a single USB/RS485 converter. Why are only addresses 1 and 2 allowed for energy meter, while Modbus RTU allows for the connection of 247 devices.
  2. The position of the AC load energy meter cannot be defined, i.e sitting before or behind the inverter. How does the Cerbo know where these are connected to to indicate correct current flow?
  3. The dashboard indicates AC Load and Critical load. AC loads are highly unstable loads (readings are flucatuating between 0 and 1500W continously), although both non-essential circuits are switched off, no power consumption. Thus the AC load should indicate 0 W.
  4. Fluctuation in values between AC load and Critical load. Although the critical load (output of Multiplus) is quite stable at 1 kW, considerable fluctuations are present. It seems that when the AC load reading increases, critical load tends to decrease.
  5. When selecting under the advanced tab in VRM the critical load graph only L1 is displayed. L2 and L3 are nowhere to be found. Who determines that L1 is critical and L2 and L3 not? What is the difference between input and output of the critical load. Critical should always be behind the Multi and not on the input side.

Any workarounds for the above issues are highly appreciated to satisfy my client.



nam-erik asked

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Connect to Cloud VRM MQTT with node-red

A little tutorial on how to connect and receive data from the cloud MQTT server into node-red.

This involves 2 steps:

  1. Subscribe to a topic to the right mqtt server. (you will need to calculate the address of your system - see below for details)
  2. Schedule a node to send a "keepalive" message every 50 second to keep receiving data

Subscribe to a topic

1. Use the "mqtt in" node and double click to configure.


2. Configure the topic you want to subscribe to. The example above will subscribe to the power out status. (other example topic: N/<yourVRMportalD>/system/0/Dc/Battery/Soc for battery status.)

Your VRM portal ID can be found on either:

  • The console under settings/VRM Online Portal
  • The web application under settings/general

3. Configure the output to be a string

4. Give the node a name

5.Configure the server: choose "Add new mqtt-broker" from the server drop down.


6. Click the pencil to edit.


7. Fill in your mqtt server address. You need to calculate this address from your Victron installation ID. Yours will probably be different from the screenshot below.

(more details on how you calculate the address can be found here: https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/155407/mqtt-local-via-mqtt-broker.html under the section "Cloud MQTT broker")


8. Click on the pencil next to "TLS configuration"

9. Upload the "venus-ca.crt" file which you can find on github: https://github.com/victronenergy/dbus-mqtt


Send a "keepalive" message to receive data

This is important to keep receiving data. Without this step your value's won't keep receiving!

1. Use an inject-node and schedule it to run every 50 second.


2. Fill in the topic with "R/<yourVRMportalID>/keepalive" and leave the msg.payload blank.

3. Use a "mqtt out" node like this:


You should now start receiving messages:


horemansp asked

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Third party product integration into Cerbo GX?

Dear VE community,

recently, we have received quite a few requests for the integration of our serial product (a BLE-based gas scale) into Cerbo GX. We have identified that some similar products (e.g. Ruuvi Tag, Mopeka Pro) are supported by Cerbo GX, so my question is what the procedure of integrating a third party product into Cerbo GX is? Also, how one can achieve a support for their product directly within Venus OS?

Thank you for your support in advance.

Best regards,


mf-senso4s asked

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