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PV-inverter node (NODE-RED) does not cover Power Limit function of SolarEdge

Trying to steer SolarEdge 9kW Inverter via Node-RED running on Cerbo GX as part of a setup of three MP2. Basic regulation of SE is done via AC-AC coupling and phase shifting.

However, for fine-tune I would like to set PowerLimit on SE via Node-RED. This does not work - I am able to get most of the data out of SE using the "out" PV-inverter node, but the PowerLimit function just sends null and when using "in" PV-inverter node where just this one function (PowerLimit) exists, it does not set anything, regardles of what number I send to it.

The reason for that might be that SE does not have a PowerLimit set in W (as in this node), but the limitation is done via setting % of the whole power (0..100%). Is there any change of getting a node for that? Any chance the future version of PV-inverter node would support this?

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