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Disable certain alams from Phoenix to Venus os


I'm running a fridge on a dedicated small inverter phoenix 24/500 trigger by the thermostat of the fridge putting the inverter on/off when needed to have optimal battery life. It works great for the last years but I added a touch screen and Venus os and now it lights up day and night random stating some errors, see picture. It works fine with the alarms they just pollute my system. I check the inverter and low battery should be thrown at 20v or below, so basically both alarms don't make sense but guess they get thrown when the fridge shuts downs the inverter and it goes through some transients phase where it is powering off but still checking for alarms...


Anyway my question anyway how to disable these alarms in venus os or on the inverter via or via firmware? Any thing I can do here?

I would like to keep it connected to catch the one alarm that matters overload which means it needs a reset so my fridge doesn't stop working without flagging it, so unplugging the is not an option.

many thanks and looking forward to your solutions!

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