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How do I see Phoenix 12/1200 on/off controls on the VRM Dashboard?

I have enabled inverter/charger control in VRM settings page, but when I click on the controls icon in the upper right, all I see is a toggle for "Switches: Relay 2". I can control on/off state through the remote console, but I'd like it on the Dashboard. I have latest firmware in everything as of 2022 Nov 24

tamboril asked

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Why AC in alert on VRM ?

My Victron ESS with Cerbo gx works right, but on VRM Portal it send Alarm: AC in not available .It doesn’t show the value from the EM 24. in the menue of Remote console this value is alright. How can I set it correctly?

corbach-happel asked

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Cerbo GX won’t work properly below 12v

My cerbo GX seems to stop sending information when voltage is below 12 volts. It is connected to a router via a network cable. The router works, but every time the voltage is below 12v, the VRM online portal stops updating. Does anyone understand why this happens?

martin-rt asked

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CAN Values sent from EMUS G1 to Victron - 2022


writes in one Comment

on the Cerbo GX and Touch 50 you can see
- Voltage, current, state of charge and state of health, battery temperature
- desired charging voltage and charging current and max discharging current
the last three values are interpreted as DVCC values which the Cerbo gives to a connected VE.Bus charger like the Multi series. 
Furthermore you can see every alarm message.

Im allready using a EMUS G1, but sadly an old an incompatible (to Victron.img Firmware) Hardware Version from 2018.

So i cannot test the CAN Bus Connection to Victron by myself without buying a new G1 Unit.

For my growing second Life Battery Packs i need/want to log and see the

  • lowest/highest individual Cell Voltage and Temperature
  • ideally the actual individual Cell voltages
  • and the data stated by @bricki in 2021

Could someone please send some screenshot from the actual sent data between EMUS G1 and Victron. ideally also the visualisation in VRM.

(Im asking about that cause im kind of thinking about switching to RECBMS cause in this article and also in their Manuals i can see that all neded Data is sent via CAN https://www.offgridsoftwaresolutions.com/ws500-user-forum/topic/connecting-my-rec-bms-to-a-victron-cerbo/#postid-529)

but that would mean kind of an rebuild of my batterie packs an in genernal im really happy with the EMUS

I contacted the EMUS Support several time, they are fast and helping, but cannot support me in my question, just telling me "CANBUS between EMUS and Victron is supported"

So its a question of REAL-LIFE-EXPERIENCE and sadly not readable in manuals

how did those people experiences turned out who asked those question in past.

@Emmanuel Allaud @Asbjoern85 @arghhh40k @Kai Behrends @Jokani

thanks in advance


notger asked
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I have data from the same physical installation spread over two VRM Portal IDs


I recently installed a new Cerbo GX where I was using Venus OS on a Raspberry Pi before. The new Cerbo was connected to a new Portal ID on VRM. It ran like this for about three weeks before I decided to "Replace the GX Revice of this Installation" on the old Portal ID so that I could have all the data in one place. The issue I have is that all new data from the Cerbo GX is being sent to the old Portal ID, but the three weeks worth of data from the new Portal ID hasn't be transferred. Is there a way to move the data from one Portal ID to another?

Old Portal ID System Overview showing the historical data, and the new data that is coming in from the Cerbo with the 3 week gap of data in between:


New Portal ID System Overview that contains the missing three weeks of data that I want to copy to the old Portal ID.


Thanks in Advance


fintan asked

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VRM event log

Hello, I have noticed on the event log on a couple of boats the following in the log. The VE.Bus system is a Quattro.

"Float limit alarm - Input voltage phase 1
VE.Bus System [276]"

I have tried to find an explanation regarding the meaning of this event log but I have been unsuccessful. Does anyone know what this event means?

Many thanks,

Trevor Bird asked

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VRM manual alarm rules not alerting if battery module offline?

Hi all,

I am setting up a new CerboGX with EG4ll V2 batteries (3 of them) I am trying to setup a manual alarm rule to alert me if one of the battery modules drops offline. Below are screenshots of my current settings but I have had no luck getting these to send me an email from the VRM(Test emails are working great). I can get the rule to display that when I unplug a module that it is indeed not registered.

Let me know what I might be doing wrong!

Best Regards




support-3 asked

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remote console enabled and online but no access

Hi I enabled the VRM remote console, it is online, enabled 2 way communication and disabled password check, updated to the newes firmware at a new system, but cant get remote access - access to remote console only within the home-network by ip.

I need a remote access and it doesnt work. Someone any idea what the problem is?

Thank you!


gnagflow asked
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LoRaWAN with Smart Battery Sensor

I have a LoRaWAN Gateway setup connected to a SmartSolar MPPT 100/20 via the VE.Direct – been working great. (...and I can't use LTE adapter, since the site has no cell service.)

EXCEPT, I also have a Smart Battery Sensor in the system too and VRM never shows any "battery temp" stuff in the VRM for the site. It shows temp in the Victron app locally via BT... but really like to know/monitor the temp remotely.

But it seems the MPPT doesn't relay the bluetooth data...is that expected, or a bug someplace? 2nd question is the MPPT 100/20 even using the Battery Sensor for anything since it not relay the data to VRM?

skyfi-solar asked
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Wind Measurement on VRM: What do I need?

I have added Ruuvi sensors to my system to inform me on the conditions around me but there is no wind capabilities in the Ruuvi system. What wind sensors will work with the VRM so I can get the results onto my Dashboard like the Ruuvi is reporting? There are lots of gadgets on Amazon but I need to know what to look for to get the integration into the VRM. I also see this product, the VWind-SI, however there seems to be no way to actually purchase it on their website.

Thanks Community.

allswell asked
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Schematic visualization in VRM dasboard missing

Today I took a look into my VRM dashboard and I noticed, that the schematic visualization of my system is missing.

Do you know something about this?

re18 asked
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VRM "Unknown Error"

VRM "Unknown Error" back again on Win10 and latest Android...when will this be resolved

ramdor edited ·

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VRM Favourites

Hi - Can you add a feature to mark certain installations as FAVOURITES so that they are at the top of the list - saves wading through some old / offline installations


Stuart Bell asked

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Is it possible to display device connection to and disconnection from a GX device in VRM Event logs?

Hi, I am using Cerbo GX and VRM and I have notice that the Event logs section of VRM displays a lot of useful information but lacks any indication of when a device was connected to or disconnected from the Cerbo GX. I did not find any other space where this information would be available. I am specifically thinking about my MPPT solar charge controller I connected using VE.direct yesterday, but this question is meant in a more general sense: could we see this information for all devices and all protocols?

tomashubelbauer asked

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Full MPPT production history available?

Is the daily production history of a MPPT solar charger available in the VRM portal (raw data).

The charts are available - of course. But I'm looking for a simple table of the daily production as it is available in the Victron Connect App.

The "problem" of the Victron Connect App is --> the history is only available for the last 30 days :-(

I'm already using a python script, to read the daily production using modbus (register 784) - but this is limited to 100 Wh steps.

I found an option to download the kWh as an Excel or csv file - but this file contains only the sum of all PV inverters. But I'm looking for the data of one MPPT :-(
Maybe this file can be enhanced with data of each solar charger.

adahmen asked

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