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EV Charger consumption as AC load

I was able to connect my openWB with my Victron system using MQTT. Data flow is working fine and it is showing up on the VRM portal. Using an SDM630 as EVU and pushing these data also via MQTT.

The issue I have currently is that the EV consumption is also part of AC Load - see below. AC Load should have been at that point only as 810 W instead of 4590 W.

Maybe I'm missing a data point which is required for the portal to calculate correct.


How is that looking if a Victron Wallbox is installed and connected ? Is then the EV load excluded from AC load?

wawibu asked
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VRM controls showing removed products

In VRM one of my old (deleted) products shows up in the “controls” section. I can see this topic was addressed earlier but no answer.

How can I force controls to be synched or delete the old item?

batmankuhn asked

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Error 1392

Trying to update firmware via VRM Portal this error appears saying that "the site's two-way communication service did not respond".

Yes, two-way communication is enabled on the GX device.

Any help would be much appreciated.

usernamepasswordbs asked

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VRM energy flow minor bug after adding EV-Charger

After adding a Victron EV-Charger to my system on inverter output, energy flow direction within VRM to and from Battery (here: Pylontech/BMS) works wrong (See also pivture). The flow sign shifts in both directions even it is actually in charged or idle mode. Before i upgraded the system with the EV Charger, energy flow was working fine and as expected.


d4h-ottmar asked

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VRM share site iframe - force dark mode

Hi. I want to share my site the read only way, so perfect to use the VRM embedded share link (iframe).

But is there a way to force the dark mode with this link? Any kind of additional parameter, which I can put into the link or something else?

thank you


Christian Lindermann asked

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Feature request VRM: historical data charts color adjustments

Hi guys,

As I am now a daily user of VRM (since Jan 2023) I noticed a small inconsistency with color representation of various types of energy on VRM Historical Data Charts. I am including my observation, with my humble suggestions :)

On Overview, Consumption, and Solar charts, Solar is YELLOW, and Battery is BLUE, and Grid Consumption is RED. On Overview screen Solar production going to Grid is GREEN.

On Consumption screen, the GREEN color represents a Generator - which is not green at all (:smile:) - Not sure what color to choose for generator.

On Solar screen, production going to Grid is RED - I would align it with Overview and make it GREEN.

On Grid screen, direct use is YELLOW - I'd also align it with Overview and make it RED.

What do you think? Am I missing something, thanks (love VRM)!






enodev asked

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How many EM 24 ETH can be show in VRM ?

Hi there,

its projected to monitoring about ten EM 24 ETH , via ethernet and a cerbo GX , in the VRM.

Have sombody experience with this ?

Thanks forward.

maddin asked

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SmartShunt as PV Charger shown on VRM Display, but not on Device List

Hello guys, I recently added a SmartShunt set as PV Charger in to my system, so i can meter my PV production with a an old generic MPPT PV Charger. As you can see from the picture below the VRM displays the meter proparly, but it doesn't show up on the device list, and i can not access data, such as daily and total yield via vrm or remote console. On the other hand i can access the SmartShunt and produced energy data via Victron Connect / VRM.


Do i miss something here? The SmartShunt is connected to the Cerbo GX via V.E. Direct Cable.

billakis asked

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger Instant Readout / GlobalLink 520

I purchased a Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger, and connected it to my smart Bluetooth network. It communicates w/the temperature sensor, smart shunt, mppt etc.

But it does not have instant readout, thus not compatible with a GlobalLink 520 via Bluetooth. Why? @Victron will this come in the future over Bluetooth? Very hard for me to connect the devices with a VE direct cable.

neothehacker asked

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PV Voltage and Curent not tracked on VRM graph - RS MPPT450/100


There is a similar question (with no answer) related to an MPPT 100/50 hence this new post.

On the dashboard I can see the voltage and current for both trackers.

Why is this data not tracked on VRM chart for PV voltage and current?

I am using a Freedom One LiPo Battery and the 2 multis shows "external Control". I am assuming this means the Multi's are under the BMS control.

Not sure what other info would be of help but happy to engage further.

evan-1 asked

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L1/L2 probably swapped?

Hey everyone,

My question has been discussed several times, but as I am not the one who installed the Victron etc. and the electrician who did doesn't know Victron well either, I'd like to get your feedback so I can tell him what needs to be changed (he's coming back in a few days for some last things so a great chance to fix this).

What I wanted my installation to look like was the following:

  • L1 for "critical loads" using a Multiplus 2 48/5000, attached to the battery (Pylontech)
  • L2/L3 remain connected to the grid
  • EM24 for energy metering

The installation works fine, no problems.

However, the results I see in the pictures below doesn't seem right.

The "victron feed" image, on a high level, states I believe:

  • MPPT generates 3710 W
  • of which 3083 W are fed into the grid
  • the Multiplus routes 3200W on L1
  • while L1 consumes 506 W from and L3 26 W

I think AC Loads with the 3200 W is correct, but Grid with -3140W should be on L1 as that is the Multiplus connection, and not L2 which is connected directly to the Grid?

So L1 and L2 are swapped - maybe from grid to EM24 or EM24 to Multiplus?

The "victron consume" image states, I believe, that 311W + 113W = 424W are used directly from battery an MPPT for the critical loads, and 24W are on L3.

But if L1/L2 are actually swapped, then in a fixed setup I would actually see

  • 30W (not 4W) on L1 from the grid --> 30 W difference to AC loads, so maybe that's the Multiplus?
  • 4W (not 30W) on L2 - no idea where the 27W difference (31W-4W) on L2 AC Loads comes from though?





michaelanders asked
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ET112 Generator AC adds to AC Loads


I have ET112 connected to Cerbo GX as Generator that measures AC that goes to battery charger.

I run the charger when the battery voltage drops bellow a treshold, it is simple AC to DC charger. There is no victron AC inverter so I measure load by DC Power.

My problem is that no matter what I configure, it always shows in AC Loads. It looks like it charges with 800W and also discharges with 800W at the same time with imaginary AC Loads that does not exist. DC Power shows correctly charging with -800W. From technical point of view it works, but shows nonsense.

Is there a way to show the generator only as power input?

My system is pretty simple, SmartSolar, BMV-712, no ESS, just DVCC, no victron inverters.


thecreezo asked

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VRM shows none exciting device

VRM Portal shows none exciting device after a crash.... i had an issue with my micro SD ... on my RASP 3B

i re-did an installation but the VRM Portal show some device that i don't have

PLease Help Victron

@Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager)


fenix asked

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VRM data download

I downloaded the timeseries data for my system components from VRM. I have the columns in the following groups:

VE.Bus System, Battery Monitor, Solar Charger, System overview, PV Inveter, Gridmeter

As I understand it, there must be some calculations involved in producing the data under the "System Overview" category, which summarizes the data for each component. I was wondering if there is any documentation or information available on the calculation methods used. Are there any other sources where I can find this information on the VRM portal?

Thanks in advance!

shubham asked

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VRM connection issues with Verizon hotspot

I've reviewed some questions/answers here already, as well as reviewed the VRM Online and Cerbo GX manuals. I'm unable to figure out exactly what the source of my VRM connection error is. Hoping someone with some networking background might be able to help me out.

The problem is this: specifically with my Verizon hotspot connection - not my home wifi, or the Starlink connection - I get error #159 with the error message reading

HTTPSConnectionPool(host='ccgxlogging.victronenergy.c om', port=443): Read timed out. (read timeout=30)

This is particularly frustrating because that exact error is used in the screen shot example of error #159 (the catch-all error) in the Cerbo GX manual, but with no explaination of the error!!

I've tried opening up things on the router (Teltonika RUT950) firewall, but I suspect it has more to do with Verizon's routing.

When I do a traceroute to ccgxlogging.victronenergy.com I get a lot of lines of *** even though it pings just fine at around 100-200ms.

So, is there anything I can set up in my router to sort this out? Or am I hosed on Verizon?

aaronvogel asked

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