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Screw size

What size are the screws that mount the PC board to the shunt on the BAM030712000 current shunt?

mercu1 asked

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BMV-712 storing trends for all but Consumed Amp Hours

Using VictronConnect on Android updated to the latest version, I'm looking at trends for my BMV-712 and can zoom out in time and see stored history for all of soc, temp, volts, current, and power, but when I select consumed amp hours it only shows the real-time reading plus whatever history is kept as long as the app remains opened and connected to the battery monitor. Is Ah something that is still not kept in the device's history?

An interesting note, probably unrelated, is that there is a blank window of about 17 minutes showing no stored trends at all, of any of the values. That empty window of time coincides with some of the time I was opening and closing the app trying to figure out why no Ah history existed (during the past hour).

cgesmike asked
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BMV-712 Smart Bluetooth Missing

My BMV-712 Smart is not showing up in my connection app. Also the Bluetooth setting 71 is missing on the BMV-712 Smart. What’s my next steps?

michael-swartz asked
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Stored trends : bug report and easy fix


Just sharing a bug that's been a pain, and the simple fix i finally found, for anyone who may have the same issue!

On my victron smartsolar mppts and bmv712, the stored trends would NOT upload to the app.

Every time i would open the trends page, i would only see the current data appear, starting at the second i opened the device. Every time i closed or disconnected the device, it would clear everything. No access to stored data!

If you have that too, the fix is simple!

Just click on the three horizontal lines button on the bottom (between the zoom and play functions), then "clear all data"

I never thought of that since data was already clearing itself... but now it records and uploads without problem to the trends page for all my devices!

Hope that helps

Joka GIMENEZ asked

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Please help. Victron parts in an 2003 Fleetwood Expedition.

Background: Disabled vet living in a 03 Fleetwood expedition. My pain meds have shredded my ability to think critically as well as my memory. Very limited monetarily and physically.

I lost a leg of power last fall and have been trying to get it working right but I have very limited knowledge of these systems. I have attempted to contact the dealers I purchased from, however they are Amazon dealers and do not care to reply. Things I wish I knew before buying all these components.

My Components:

  1. Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus
  2. Victron Energy Orion-Tr IP43 12/12-Volt 30 amp 360-Watt Isolated DC-DC Converter
  3. Victron Energy 200/200 amp Digital Multi Control Panel GX
  4. Victron Energy BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor (Black)
  5. (4) CHINs 300ah LiFePO
  6. RV Custom Products F73-1044 Battery control center
  7. Thrombetta Bear DC Contactor
  8. Intellitec 50 Amp Transfer Relay Delay

I have wiring diagrams for the non-victron components. I know something isn't right. After hooking up the Orion to the DC contactor and doing what RV Custom Products told me to do (cutting wires in their battery control center and how to rewire the thrombetta) everything seemed fine.

Woke up and chassis batts are dead (Door nail dead). I rewired the thrombetta DC contactor to the CHINs coach batteries to trigger it on instead and it mostly works. Only continuing issue as far as I currently know is that the fridge turns on for a second then back off.

I have 12v and 120v schematics for the RV. I tried (with the help of a union electrician) to follow the manuals to get this thing working right but it seems I have failed.

Any help getting this lemon working would be greatly appreciated.



Jesse Jamez asked
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BMV-712 Unable to manually set SOC

I took my battery offline to make some system modifications. I screenshotted the status prior so that I could reset to the correct SOC manually when I restarted things. I now find that I am unable to do that, that field, "State of Charge" Manually set the current soc, is not an editable field. When I click on it nothing happens. Am I misunderstanding the use of this maybe?

jagizzi asked
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BMV-712 S flashing/scrolling display

Just installed the BMV712S and experience nog a flashing ? / scrolling ? display. Synchronisati stops at 20%. Whatever button I push, Notting charges. Disconnected all…. still te same…

la-ronde-2 asked

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Battery monitor shunt installation on E.V aux battery


Hi guys

Wondering if someone out there can answer my question?

I’m planning on installing a Victron battery monitor to the 12v aux battery on my electric camper (I recently upsized the battery so it can be used as a leisure battery). I want to be able to monitor the battery SOC to avoid running it too low and being unable to power and energise the EV system.

I also have an inverter installed, ground is taken to a good chassis point close to inverter location as well as 12v camper circuit with a pos bus bar cable to battery poss terminal and neg bus bar cable sharing battery neg chassis point.

Question is, will I get accurate readings if I connect the original aux battery chassis neg cable to the battery side of the shunt and to then add another equally rated short ground cable to the existing chassis connection point, using the vehicle body earth return.

See attached (very rough!) schematic sketch to explain what I have described.

Thanks in advance!

matt-potter asked

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Is it possible to send data via RS 485 from a GX-device?

We would like to power a PCU (https://leica-geosystems.com/products/leica-pegasus-trk/product-overview/control-unit) from a battery pack that is monitored by a BMV712 and a Venus GX. The PCU needs information about state of charge off the battery and voltage. This can only be send to the PCU via RS 485. Is there a possibility to send information via RS485 from a Venus GX to the PCU? Or can we better change to a raspberry Pi with Venus OS installed?

leenderthameete asked

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erratic SOC 1% - to current state flip back & forth


I think this is a rehash of the above with a bit of a twist. My SOC has been flipping from 1% to current SOC, back and forth. I DO have a temperature sensor but have never been able to get it to work and gave up on it. I have had the temperature setting selected however. Changing this to none seemed to stop the SOC flip. Maybe the temp sensor has always been DOA and this just confirms further?

BMV-712 Smart monitor

3535 asked
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Incorrect energy flows on the BMV-712 after updating to Firmware version 4.12

After updating to V4.12, the BMV-712 is constantly showing that the battery is discharging even when I have more solar energy (indicated by the MPPT - Please note that I added an MPPT on the same day that I updated the BMV-712 firmware. Note that all cables have been confirmed to be okay without any reverse polarity). Note that my loads are never above 800 watts. Therefore, the battery has now been discharing and its now at 3% SOC. I have a Cerbo GX device with firmware version 2.92, MPPT 150/45 with firmware version 1.61. Im using a non victron Inverter.


John Muntanga asked

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Did the MPPT destroy my batteries because of faulty BMV?

When I came back to my boat after being away for 6 months, the voltage on my lead batteries was about 3V. I could not understand what had caused this, as everything except the BMV and the MPPT with solar panels was disconnected.

I bought new batteries, and then I saw that the BMV displayed 0,2-0,3V lower voltage than the MPPT. The BMV was tested by my dealer with same result, and has now been sent to Victron.

I had set the MPPT to use the voltage from the BMV, as adviced in the manual. I guess this means that the MPPT constantly thought that the batteries was not fully charged, and probably have overcharged them.

Does this seems like a plausible cause for the death of my batteries?

kodax asked

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Globallink 520 Multi Rs Solar Dashboard
Greetings to the community, I have a Globallink 520 and Multi Rs Solar and BMV712 installed, how can I see the overall view from the dashboard the setting with overview disappears immediately and can't see anything as the overall view like in this image?
Thank you



energie-utechnik asked

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Can BMV-712 smart history be exported/saved?

BMV-712 Smart with 2 BattleBorn 100Ah, PD 9160ALV, Factory 300W solar, Factory Cummins Genset in our RV. On extended trip, went for a period of 11 days where no charge source could get the SOC back to 100% (hovered between 71-83). Still trying to diagnose and figure out what the precipitating event was and would like to save the BMV history for review before I pull the batteries out for winter storage. Is there a way to do that ideally to my PC? I have no internet in the RV unless I turn my phone into a hot-spot.

Thanks in advance.

ajg617 asked

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Deactivate low battery alarm for 12 hours, Victron BMV-712

Hi, I wonder if it could be possible to add a feature to disable the battery alarm for 12 hours?

A few times we have reached low voltage overnight when it hasn't been practical to run a generator, and have had to turn the battery alarm off to sleep. It's easy to forget to reactivate the alarm in the morning, and then run into low charge levels by mistake. I can't imagine I'm the only one who has had this problem.


ezshay asked

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