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Battery voltage drop below 95%

screenshot-2024-01-12-16-12-53-700-comvictronenerg.jpgHello everyone.

I'm having a recurring problem with my electrical installation.

Set up: 1 solar panel 420W, 1 lead carbon battery 12v 220ah (Solar Panel), 1 OrionSmart DC-DC, 1 MPPT 100/30 and 1 Multiplus 12/800/35. I have a BMV 700 battery monitor, which I configured using the website I bought it from.

When I get below 95% battery and my solar panel is no longer producing energy, my battery voltage suddenly drops. It doesn't matter which device is plugged in, even when the 12v lights are switched on, the voltage drops below 95%, and the red light on the Multiplus "alarm" flashes while the green light is on.

All my equipment is new and the installation recent, so I'm thinking it could be a problem with the configuration of the MPPT parameters. I've ruled out DC-DC because when I switch on the motor, even below 95%, the voltage rises again and the battery recharges.

Also before reconfiguring the BMV with the good settings, I had the same problem I explained, but below 90% of battery.

This is the settings I entered for MPPT.


Thank you in advance for your answers and your help.

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Physically check for loose connections or clamping on insulation.

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