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Disconnect BMVs SoC depended relay function and discharge floor

Guys, there have been several request now cause there are numerous applications, where a user wants to switch devices based on the SoC, WITHOUT changing the discharge floor.

In my application, I want to use the BMV-700 relay to switch a large power relay to reverse IN/OUT of my Orion, to charge the starter battery as soon as the AUX battery SoC is above 95%. But in regards to the time-to-go, I want to leave the discharge floor at 25% (75% DoD).

I urge you to take these request into account when determining the scope of the next firmware update. Please !!

BMV Battery Monitorfirmware updateSOCRelaydischarge level
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Hi, this is exactly what I would like to do with BMV 700. I want to control my RV engine DC/DC charger with SOC for my lithium house battery. Charging enabled below 80% and disabled above 90% or something like that. And I still would like to have discharge floor at 15%.

Br, Eeli

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