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Cerbo GX - Temperature activation of relay.

Greetings All , Question is . When using a Venus GX or Curbo GX . I need to activate one of the relays based off one of the Temp Sensors plugged in to the Venus or Curbo . I can get an alarm via the VRM as well as an email notification and that works fine but I need the relay on the Curbo to be activated . This is to enable a backup system for the refrigerator . Any advice would be great if this can be setup .

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Enabling solenoid valve with Venus GX and excess PV power


I have a Venus GX and would like to utilize relay 1 to enable a solenoid valve to turn on my well pump at times when I am generating too much energy with my PV array:

I have set the relay parameters to open when the AC consumption of my Multiplus II is less than 50W for 5 minutes continuously (i.e. when you know that it is a sunny day and my batteries are full).

I have been running these settings for a few days now and it changes the relay at the correct time. When I connect the solenoid to the relay however it does not energise the solenoid. I am already using a number of these solenoids elsewhere and I know that the continuous current to keep them energised is around 300mA at 24VAC. I assume that this relay should be able to cope with these types of solenoids?


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Onan Auto Gen Start with CCGX

So i have read what i can find on Victron's website about setting up the Auto gen start via the CCGX relays. I have an Onan that operates via a mom/off/mom(Start/off/Stop) switch. I saw the $80-$100 time delay relays that they reference and i understand their design but is there a better option for way to make the generator start and stop through the CCGX? asked
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AC connect 3kW wind turbine Victron Quattro System

I have a Off-Grid Quattro 10kVA with AC Connected 3kW Fronius Primo solar inverter and 4kW of solar panels. Frequency shift is used to manage battery overcharge. System works great in summer but we are expanding for winter with additional solar, and a wind turbine. We will AC connect an additional 4kW Fronius and solar array. For wind, we are installing a 3kW 60V AC turbine that will rectify to 48V DC and this feeds to a grid tie wind controller/ inverter (China Supply) that will synch to the AC Bus. The controller will dump power to dump resistors to protect the turbine from over speed/ voltage/ frequency.

However, i am concerned the Wind controller inverter will not spill turbine power (trigger dump resistors) when the AC Bus frequency is shifted by the Victron Quattro (High batrery voltage). Logic tells my the inverter would disconnect on high AC Bus frequency and send all power to dump resistors, though I cant be sure and manufacturer info is sketchy.

My question is whether it would be possible as a back-up to use one of the quattros Programmable relays to trigger when the AC Bus frequency is shifted to say 53hz. In this way I could trigger dump resistors to spill wind turbine power when it is not needed for House Load or battery charging.

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BMV 712 relay to turn off external load at preset SOC

I want to turn on a water heater when the SOC is between 85 and 100% and shut it off when it falls below the 85% value. i.e. I just want the relay to open when SOC is below 85%. Closed the rest of the time. I can make it work with 85-99% but that means when charge reaches 100 it goes open. The load is a small water heater and there is a lot of solar so even with the heater on it is not unusual to hit 100% Using a smart battery protect 65 as the relay. If can be done, what are the various setting on the BMV relay screen. The documentation is not very clear as to the behavior in various modes. Thanks

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Relay functionality to set state at certain time


After a long day of research, i did not find any way to set programmable relay state at certain time (like set on at 8:00am and off at 11:00am), is there such function?

Generator assistant does seem to have such function but it is not suitable for my needs since i want connect up a load instead of charging.

Thank you.

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Multiplus Ground Relay Voltage

I am troubleshooting the ground relay function. I have two multi plus II’s and an autotransformer. The autotransformer is not bonding neutral to ground when inverting, even though I have the ground relay wiring in the place and the ground relay option unchecked in the multi plus configuration. If I put a multimeter in the ground relay on the multi plus what should I read? Also what voltage range / amps can I supply the auto transformer to force the neutral to PE bond.... trying to isolate the problem....

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Is it possible to control the relay on a BMV-712 over VRM?

Is it possible to manually control the relay port on BMV-712 with VRM, running on a Raspberry PI.? Just a simple on/off button starting the remote console in VRM ?

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ESS why datamanager fronius by excess power


Sorry for my english,i'm french.

I installer to:

- multiplus II 48/5000 with a genus GX

- Mppt 150/45

- lifepo4 400ah battery

- Fronius primo 5.0-1 I

would not do any network injections.

The PV inverter will be connected to the AC output. mppt directly on the batteries.

I would like to use the ESS zero injection function.

For my self-consumption to be optimal I would like to use the smart counter fronius at the level of the AC output of the victron to be able to use the solarweb to activate the inputs of the datamanager box on the are connected the relays and the pilot from the 'information "by excess power".

And so that the rest of the surplus is injected into the battery, before zero injection works.

So would it be possible to install the smart meter at the AC outlet of the victron without interfering with the ESS system?

Thank you nicolas

minico13580 asked

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MPPT 150/100 High Temperature (Dimming) Relay Control

I'd like the fans in my battery box to turn on during high temperature's. The VictronConnect app as an option under the Relay selection called High Temperature (Dimming) - When looking this up in the manuals the only information shared is:

High temperature (Dimming). This option switches the relay ON when the charger output current is reduced due to high temperatures. Use this option to for example switch an external fan.

Does anyone have information? At what temperature does it consider high temperature? What does the "dimming" mean? To be honest I'm a little disappointed at the lack of documentation on this relay options.

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CCGX relay specs

I want to use the relay on the CCGX to open and close a contactor to dump available solar power to a water heater when the batteries are full or close to full.

Most contactors that are readily available come with 230Vac coils... While I'm confident the CCGX relay can handle the 230Vac, I'm not able to find documentation regarding the specs of the relay. Can anyone help?

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Free relay pulse


I am trying to trigger a remote pulse relay via the aux relay in a color control unit. Does anyone know if the aux or free relay can send a pulse instead of a signal when certain conditions are met?

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Multiplus II – Ground relay test failed #8 - Error 11 0x24

Hello everyone,

This device worked perfectly over the past two weeks and today it started dropping the AC loads.

This notification is displayed – “MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-50 - #8 Ground relay test failed”

The VE.Bus Error report shows – “Last VE.Bus Error 11 report 0x24/Error occurred/GND Relay Error”

When I restart the Multi it produces the error right away. The bulk and absorption LEDs are also on.

Current firmware version is v471 (Multiplus II software version: 2623471)

I have done the following:

-Verified that AC-in GND is properly connected to grid earth.

-Tested for voltage between AC-in GND and AC-in Neutral. Ok - no voltage measured

-Verified that earth and neutral is not connected somewhere. All ok.

-Physically disconnected all cables from AC- out1 and AC-out2 to verify that there is no problems with any of the loads.

-Switched loads directly to grid via change over switches - all loads functions properly.

-Tested RCDs all ok.

Thank you,


JeanMc asked
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Multiplus 12/2500/120 stop charging with external BMS signal

Hi, I hope someone can help me with this.

I have an older 12/2500/120 Multiplus that I got second hand. I have non-victron batteries with 123BMS system.

When my BMS says to stop charging via its relays (if somehow my Multiplus didn't get it, or battery overheats, or something else I have no idea...), how do I turn "off" the charging of the multiplus?

What is strange to me is that the "Remote Connections" of the multiplus have 3 pins and 2 options.

  1. Short pin 1 & 2 to turn Multiplus "ON". This feels absurd because the manual says these pins only work when the device is on through the main switch (see below excerpt of manual)
  2. Short pin 2 & 3 to turn into "charging only": logical!

Is there a way I can use pin 1 & 2 to turn the multiplus off ? To stop charging? Or any other way aside from putting a relay on the incoming AC connection?

My main question is, can my BMS turn off (=overrule) charging entirely?

[ 1.6.4 Remote Control — The product can be operated remotely in two ways.1: Use of only an external switch.For connection of the switch see Appendix A.Observe the following when using only an external switch:Only functions if the switch on the product is switched to the "on" position.]

Thanks for helping me out!!

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Programmable relay - AC input

Hi. I am trying to use the relay K2 to drive a contactor based on SOC. I would like the relay to also switch on based on any AC input but it isn't switching on when AC is available and the SOC is below 80%. It will only switch on when the battery has charged to 80%.



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BMV-712 Relay conditions for low voltage generator start


I have a BMV712 smart, CCGX and 3 x Quattro 24/5000/120's/

I have an Cummins Onan generator - with a pulse start relay I have built (to mitigate starting). Currently the inverters start the generators absolutley fine on high load automatically if required on one phase.

I would now like to achieve the simple task of having the BMV-712 monitor for low voltage and start the generator - keeping it on until the voltage reaches our charge voltage.

Steps I have completed:

1. Log into the BMV-712 via bluetooth

2. Navigate to the relay screen.
3. Leave all settings default but change Low Voltage Relay - from disabled to 22 volts.

When the battery bank hits 22v, the relay starts the generator successfully. However after a short time of approx 1 minute, the generator turns off.

QUESTION: What additional settings do I need to change to have my relay start the generator on at 22v and leave it running until it charges fully and then shuts the generator down?

Thanks in advance.

jason_nz asked
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Multiplus-2 Programmable contact K1

Regarding Multiplus-2 PMP482505010, "2. Programmable contact K1 open collector 70V 100mA

Background - we tried to program (using assistants) K1 to turn on a LED when the inverter is overload and turn off a LED when no overload. We are using VE Configure 3, version 90.04.213.

Measured output between J, Terminals 1. & 2.

  • Measured voltage 11.2 V DC
  • Measured current 9.7 mA DC with LED connected

Note LED has inbuilt current limiting resister.

We could not turn off the LED. On power up the LED is continuously illuminated.

We programmed the AUX relay with success using the same logic.


Is the circuit correct?

How do you wire for 70V(as in the description)? Does this imply you can use an external DC source?



MarkAU asked
Margreet Leeftink (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

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Dual System Generator Autostart

I have two independent systems; one 12v and one 48v. They are connected to the same Kohler generator for off grid charging.

For the 12v system I want to use a BMV-712’s generator auto start function when the 12v system hits the discharge limit.

For the 48v system, I want to use my 48/10000 Quattro or Cerbo GX‘s generator auto start function, when the 48v system hits the discharge limit.

Is this possible to use the BMV-712 and the Quattro/Cerbo GX in parallel on the genset remote start circuit? Which is the preferred trigger output for each system? I assume I need a diode on each output?

Thank you in advance for the advice.

Jnkelliott asked
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Finding Ground relay problems

I have had a few sites where the ground relay test failed and finding the problem on a large installation is frankly a pain. I have made a video on why the test fails and posted that on YouTube with keywords "Victron Neutral Ground Relay Test". There are many reasons that would simply proof that you are an idiot so I ignored those reasons. The Neutral to Earth connection is mostly the difficult one to find in an existing electrical installation where one added a Victron system.

The problem is each time you isolate a circuit (read live and neutral) you have to switch the system off and start it again to see if the test fails. This takes an inordinate amount of time if you have many circuits.

If Victron can explain exactly how the test works, which impedance they test for, etc.. one can build a tester that would immediately find the error. I have seen in some cases (e.g.: light dimmers in one case) that simply testing between neutral and ground shows an open circuit. It's only when the live is powered that the Neutral to Ground leakage current exist.

Can Victron please help here?

I can see the sad result is that installers will simply not select the grid code to prevent the test from being done and have non-compliant installations, rather than spending days on site finding the problem. asked
suttridge commented ·

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Safely connect generator relay to Venus GX

Hi, I've got an off-grid solar/generator system as shown in the photo below (not set up by me!).

Currently the Inverter and BMV-700 are both connected to a relay from the generator, and they can both start/stop it using their own independent conditions. I have a Venus GX installed but currently its not connected to the generator, and just monitors what the Inverter/BMV are doing.

Ideally I'd like to connect the Venus GX to the generator relay as well so that it can be controlled fully, and remotely more easily. I think I've figured out where to take the relay wires from in order to do this (see second photo).

My question is this: what is the correct way to wire to the Venus GX. I understand that 'Relay 1' is for the generator, but I don't know which wires go to which terminal (NO / COMM / NC).

Secondly - how do I do this safely without risking shock or injury? (i.e. how do safely disarm the wires before I re-connect everything up).





mbelgil asked
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Multiplus 24/1200 Programmable relay state

The programmable relay contacts are marked COM, NC and NO. My understanding of the relay's default behaviour and normally open is that there should be continuity between COM and NC during normal (No alarm) operation, and continuity between COM and NO if there is an alarm. I tested the continuity today, and found that there is continuity between COM and NO, and no continuity between COM and NC. This is unexpected, is my understanding of the default behaviour of the relay incorrect?

The relay's behaviour has not been changed via VE Configure, in fact I have not even downloaded it yet.

Product ID: 2667

Firmware version: 469

VenusOS Remote console shows no alarms, all show Ok under Alarm Status

Would appreciate any help.

buzzlightyear asked
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Drive Relay when Quatro in Inverter mode

Is it possible to toggle relays on and off only when Quatro is in inverter mode only.

for example toggle relay off during time delay in switching between AC IN-1 and AC IN-2

Kind Regards

Ben :)

handy asked
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Camper van split charge relay clicking

Hi. I have a VW T5 with a 12v leisure battery connected to vehicle battery via a 140A Sensitive Relay (Portable Power Technology).

I have fitted a 150W solar panel and SmartSolar controller MPPT 75/15 to the leisure battery. My problem is that the split charge relay constantly clicks and only stops when I use power from the leisure battery (turn lights or fridge on).

Is this a problem with the controller settings or the relay?

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Multiplus programmable relay wiring

I want to run a 4G router, on DC load to avoid the inverter idle consumption, with an Easysolar 48/3000 so I can remotely monitor it. The router will run on a 48v-24v PoE adapter with max 0.7A.

I was thinking I'd use the Multiplus programmable relay set to disconnect on low voltage. I've understood this is max 1A at 48v.

This might be a stupid question, but do I simply run a positive cable from the battery through the relay (NC port in from battery, coms out to the PoE adapter?) and set it to open/on at e.g. 48v in the Assistant section in VEConfigure software?


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Operating venus relay from tank levels or temperature

is it possible to use the relay in the Venus for an alert

Like turn on when the tank level is a certain value or turn on when a temperature is reached ?

jan-kees asked
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Venus GX relay specifications (max voltage, current, etc)

I'm wanting to use one of the relays on my Venus GX to switch on/off a 24V pump, and just wondering how this relay is intended to be used. Is the relay meant to be used for switching the current to the pump directly? If so, what is the maximum voltage/current these relays can handle? I could not find any info online.

The other option, I suppose, is that the relay is designed to provide a "sense" current only, and the actual switching of the pump to be performed by a heavier duty mechanism. Is anyone able to clarify?


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System battery flat, shouldn't the BMV712 relay prevent this?

I did my monthly visit my motorhome in storage. It has two 12V AGM batteries in parallel that are about a year old. When I arrived, the battery bank was discharged and the BMV-712 wasn't lit.

I ran the motorhome's generator (puts out about 30A) and the Victron app was showing an oscillating +0.2 A/-0.2 A line so I'm assuming they were too discharged to be detected by the motorhome's charger. The bank showed a SOC of 100% and voltage of 5.21 after two hours of generator time.

I have the relay setting at 77% to prevent this much of discharge while in storage. Shouldn't this setting cut off all power draws so the battery bank doesn't get this low?

mbutts asked
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Quattros act in concert when only one is programmed to ignore the AC input 1

In a 3phase and parallel system, so 6 Quattros are program with an assistant to ignore AC input 1 when the Auxiliary input 1 is open. What happens when this Auxiliary input 1 in just one Quattro is open and the other 5 is different.

Would only that Quattro (the one with the Auxiliary input 1 is open) ignore the AC input 1 or would all Quattro act in concert?


Carlo asked
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Relay history in VRM

Is there any way to see relay history in the VRM portal?

I would like to see history from relays on BMV-712 or/and MPPT 250/100 when it has been closed or open.

Edit: I have a Venus GX today so I get data sent to VRM but can't seem to find any graphs about relay(s).

Mikael asked
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Can I make the Victron generator start/stop relay status visible in VRM?


is there a way to see the status of the relais inside the quattro


somewhere on the vrm page or on the color?

i use the gen start / stop assist on the quattro , not the one on the color.

grtz kristof

p.s. maybe i looked over it on the vrm site???


iam not using it to start a gen. just to send pulse to a remote switch, to switch my grid inverter from ac-out to ac-in.

so it would be nice to see somewhere the status on the front screen of the colorgx

Kristof G. asked
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