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Can I add more switches to controls on the dashboard.

I would like to add some more virtual relay/switches to the controls on the dashboard. The controls is a convenient connection to ‘Venus OS Lage/node red’.

claus asked

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Grid relay error - everything checked and still cause problem

Hi I have problems with 3 phase instalation with 3 x multiplus II 3000 VA.

On off grid mode everything works fine but when mains is on cause error 11.

Below more details please help to indificate what cause a problem:



mk1 asked
Alexandra commented ·

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BP100 does not disconnect even when disabled by remote

I am trying to use a BP100 to disconnect a DC/DC charger from the main battery system.

When the DC/DC charger first starts up, it has a large inrush current that trips the Pylontech battery. I want to use the BP100 to leave the DC/DC charger disconnected until the DC/DC charger has booted up and has begun to output 50V. Once the DC/DC is putting out 50V it does not trip the Pylontech.

What is happening is that, even with the remote jumper removed, the BP100 is still connected and the Pylontech trips out. Victron connect says the BP100 is "disabled by remote", but there is still a connection.

It also seems to be taking the voltage reading from the output instead of the input.

I have tried this in normal, relay and lithium modes.

The DC/DC is connected to the IN and the Pylontech is connected to the OUT

dbx120 asked

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External Ground Relay Control Current

How much current can the ground relay control signal on a multiplus or a quattro provide to operate an external ground relay?

My understanding is that the signal is an active voltage at either 12V (per the manual) or 27V (per posts on this forum).

ewbcvec asked

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MPPT RS 450/100 Programmable Relay Status Always Closed


I have just had two MPPT 450/100 (Firmware version v1.10) solar charges installed in my residential hybrid/solar system. They are synchronised via the CAN bus and the programmable relay of one is wired via the N.O. contact to a Selectronic SP Pro to signal it to go to Float.

The moment the MPPT is powered up the relay closes even though it's not in Float. I changed the configuration of the relay to Always Off but that makes no difference (to either MPPT).

This issue was raised on this forum back in Jul 19 2021 and answered by Victron as follows:
"This should be fixed in the 1.04 firmware version that is shipped with VictronConnect v5.42 or later."

My MPPTs are at v1.10 and still have a problem. Has this ever been resolved?



senrab asked

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Programmable Relay Assistant not working correctly

Hi there,

I'm trying to realise a two-phase load shedding functionality for overload situations. It should work as follows:

  1. Turn AC-Out-2 off when a Pre-Alarm exists for at least 2 seconds
  2. Turn AC-Out-2 back on 60 seconds after Pre-Alarm has been cleared
  3. Turn Primary Programmable Relay on as soon as a Pre-Alarm occurs
  4. Turn Primary Programmable Relay off 300 seconds after Pre-Alarm has beed cleared

Assistants 1. and 3. seem to work as expected, but 2. and 4. are executed way before the configured timeouts of 60 and 300 seconds.

I'm very grateful for any suggestions!


phtr asked

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Multiplus II GX Start external device on high demand

Hi, I run a Multiplus II GX as ESS. All loads and the grid are connected to the input.

I have got a non-Victron grid inverter connected to the battery that I would like to use to generate additional power when the Multiplus is not sufficient, e.g. the demand is too high or there is so much solar that the Multiplus can't feed it all in.

I found no way to switch a relay when the inverter is under high load. Did I miss something? Are there other ways to achieve my goal?



ks4z asked

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Multiplus programmable relay

I've got a Multiplus 24/3000/70 with grid meter in mode ESS and I need help with the programmable relay. I have another FVE with Fronius a at the input of the multiplus.

I have large deliveries to the grid. I need to activate the relay according to the set on/off value of the supply to the grid if this is possible, but how? I went through the assistants, but I couldn't find anything that could manage surpluses from FVE.

Thank you for answer


pnrichmond asked

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Easy solar, solar dump, programmable relay

Feel a fool for asking such a simple question. Easysolar 3kw 24v system. I'm trying to use the programmable relay to initiate a solar dump. (I'm on a boat, dump will be immersion heater) Ive dedicated one AC out to the heater. There is an external relay in that circuit (solid state, 24v dc controlled, 240v contacts) which I'm trying to control with the on board programmable relay, by setting it to close when the battery is in float/storage state. I have a voltage controller to limit the demand of the immersion element (normally 1kw, but can adjust accordingly) This is where it gets tricky for me. I am led to believe the programmable relay is on the top right of the pcb. And is by default the alarm relay. I have fed this relay with 24v+dc into both NC and NO (com out to one terminal on the external relay. (Other terminal returns to batt-) If on NC I get no signal regardless of the apparent state of programmable relay. If on NO I get a permanent signal regardless of the apparent state of programmable relay. What am I missing? This should be such a simple task?

paulyplum asked

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Orion and MultiPlus - Disable charging at zero degrees (Celsius)

Hi All. I would like to disable charging on an Orion and MultiPlus when it hits zero degrees Celsius.

I have a Cerbo GX and Touch 50 as part of the system, and a temperature sensor on the Cerbo GX.

For the Orion - To the best of my knowledge, I have set up the configurations correctly on the "Relays" option on the GX to work off "Temperature", and activation/deactivation settings.

Where I need advice is:

1. How do I connect the NC/COM/NO relays to the Orion Remote L/H? I have tried various combinations without any success.

2. What assistant can I use on the MultiPlus if I ran wires from Relay 2 of the Cerbo to AUX of the MultiPlus? And which NC/COM/NO wires do I need to use.

Thanks in advance.

Matthew asked
Matthew commented ·

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Can CerboGX gen start/stop relay work with SolidSwitch104?

On a boat, can I wire the gen start/stop relay on the CerboGX to a SolidSwitch104, which will be connected to the ignition wire on my Balmar voltage regulator?

The way I understand it, this is possible by connecting a 12v source to COM and then run a wire from NO to the SolidSwitch. And so I program the gen start/stop relay to go on at 30 SOC% and off at 75 SOC%, for example, should close the circuit, activating the SolidSwitch (and therefore closing the circuit on the ignition wire). When SOC% reaches the set value, the relay returns to NO state (opens again) and this de-activates the SolidSwitch (thus, stopping the alternator).

Is this right?

Thanks in advance!

jordanb asked

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Load control on smartsolar 100/30 and current readings

morning. I went from an Epever tracer 3210AN mppt controller to a smartsolar victron in my solar RV system. Basically to have an all victronenergy system because I already had some victron components. But I was happy with the quality of the Epever controller for the price. Previously I had the whole 12v line of the rv controlled by the LOAD epever tracer output. This allowed me to have many protections integrated in the Epever controller electronics (overdischarge, overload, short circuit etc etc). But above all the reading of the 12v consumption in amperes and amperhours on the Epever controller. This was separate from the Phoenix inverter consumption, which I see on the victron smartshuunt. The smart solar controller does not have all these possibilities because it does not have a real load output with integrated schunt. What do you recommend to return to having electronic protections on the 12v line? Buy a victron smart battery protect that does everything by itself, a victron battery protect controlled by the virtual load, or a solid state relay controlled by the virtual load? How can I also retrieve the consumption reading of the 12v line without buying a second smartshuunt (too expensive at the moment for me)? Thanks

Fra asked
Fra edited ·

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Control cerbo relay with webhooks

I am trying to use the relays built in to the Cerbo GX to control a powered for hazard light controls. Is there any way to trigger these relays with a webhook?

Thanks in advance!

jcameron asked

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Control CerboGX relays via CZone with VE.Can to NMEA2000 ?


I want to connect my Cerbo GX to the NMEA2000 network using the VE.CAN->NMEA2000 cable (ASS030520200). Would it then be possible to control the relays of the CerboGX via the NMEA2000 network (i.e. via CZone) ?

Would it also be possible to read out the binary-inputs of the Cerbo GX via the NMEA2000 network?


Roel Broersma asked
remco-halman commented ·

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Does a GX device (External Control) with a SmartSolar override the Float/Storage state for the relay trigger?

Our customers like to use the SmartSolar relay to trigger an external contactor with an immersion element when the (CANbus Pylontech) batteries are fully charged. Triggering the relay on Float/Storage state seems to be the best approach, though we've discovered the relay does not seem to trigger when the batteries are full when the SmartSolar is operating under "External Control" from the Cerbo GX with DVCC enabled. If DVCC is disabled, then this seems to work as desired. On the Victron Connect main page for the SmartSolar, it'll only display Bulk/Absorption/Float state when DVCC is disabled; otherwise it only says "External Control".

I was wondering if others have experienced this, or if Victron staff can confirm this is the correct operation and whether there is no way to use the Float trigger relay option when using DVCC and CANbus batteries. Thanks

midsummerenergy asked

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