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Battery switch gets too hot: would Victron Switch ON/OFF 275A improve things?

Hello community!

Is anyone using the Victron Battery Switch ON/OFF 275A? https://www.victronenergy.com/battery-isolators-and-combiners/battery-switch-on-off#manuals
I have used similar looking switches, with similar specs, and my experience is that these get very hot at 48V and 150A (for ambient temp around 20ºC it goes to 110-120ºC). Is that also the case with the original Victron switch? Or can one speak of a better quality? (Switch contact with lower Resistance...)

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Unwanted switch over when there's sudden high load demand

As you can see in the image below, when there is a sudden high load demand, the ESS system switches over and supplies the loads from the AC grid, not from the battery which at that time is sufficiently charged. At that time, a small voltage drop occurs on the battery side. Could it be due to a voltage drop on the battery cables, which are 12-13 meters long and 70mm?

The VE.Bus System is Quattro 48/15000/200-2x100.

The Solar charger is SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/200.


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Slow Switchover when grid fails.

A recent customer installation, a 10kVA Quattro with 2 x SmartSolar 250/100, 30 x 275W poly modules and 19.2kWh Lithium batteries, running on ESS - the first grid failure resulted in their TV, satellite decoder and computers shutting down and having to reboot. The switchover should happen within 20 milliseconds but it took more like 250 milliseconds, lights dipping visible to the human eye. Any suggestions?

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Solidswitch input isolation

The Solidswitch 104 switches Battery + to Load when Remote H is high. Excellent.

Is Remote H isolated from Battery + and Load? If it is can I use a 48V (nominal) signal on Remote H to switch a 12V load connected to Load and powered therefore from Battery +?

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Bridging the time on a switching station - any suggestions to an alternative to UPS ?

I have a switching station with primary input via solar and 240 V inverter; the secondary input uses the house mains.

In order to 'bridge' the time in switching from the primary to the secondary input I use a UPS for sensitive devices (e.g., computer, router, etc.).

The UPS constantly draws some 100 W irrespective of what devices connected to it are in use.

Could anyone please suggest an alternative to the UPS with less of a load in order to bridge the time?

Best regards

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Multiplus-II dosen't re-switch ON over Remote Console


I have a Cerbo GX and three Multiplus-II in a three-phase system configured.

When I switch off the Multiplus over the remote console it turns immediately off.
Switching back to ON (remote console) has no affects.

To bring the Multiplus on again I must pull VE.Bus cabel out of Cerbo and the Multiplus starts few seconds later.

After reconnecting the VE.Bus cable it is all fine. Switching between Charging Only, Inverting Only and ON is no problem and works fine.

When I’m using the MK3-USB Adapter and the VictronConnect Application, the switching between ON and OFF works fine.


Cerbo: v2.93

MultiPlus: 501


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Switches Rename


is it possible to rename switches in the VRM portal?


for example:


Please advise.

Thank you in advance.

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Switches AND resettable fuses


Hi all - I am planning my camper electrics by going over various other schematics online and cant help notice the amount of people that combine switches and resettable fuses. Can someone explain to me why you'd use both as i always understoof resettable fuses provided a switch function. Thanks!

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Inverter external intelligent transfer switch

I have a system that runs anywhere from 1-200A per phase. For loads under 100A per phase a three phase Quattro system with Cerbo GX (and autostarting generator) works nicely except for when the grid drops while the system is using more power than the inverters can supply. Is there another way to connect Quattros or Multiplus in three phase with a transfer switch to supply base loads when the grid is down but start the generator when the inverter capacity is reached?

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What ground fault device?

Last year I made an off-grid installation with six solar panels from Victron of 305 watts each. The solar array is expandable to a maximum of seven solar panels.

Why is seven solar panels the maximum limit of this installation?

I am glad you asked.

The installation is limited by the DC ground fault device and DC breakers.

The minimum expected winter temperature allows for a maximum of seven solar panels. This maintains the maximum open circuit voltage just below 300 volts.

In this case the limiting factor were the DIN rail safety devices from Midnite - GFCI and breakers - which are limited to 300 volts DC.

Any suggestions for a din rail GFCI and breakers that allow more than 300 volts would be appreciated.

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Multiplus main switch not working

My friend has a multiplus 24/3000/70-50. The Main switch is not working at all. If i connect shore power to the multiplus, it starts charging and powering output 1 and 2. It dont mather if the switch is on, off ore charger only. The problem is that the inverter function is not working. If I disconect shore power, the multiplus turn of, and inverter is not starting. Anyone has any solution on this problem with main switch?

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Transfer Switch for Victron Multiplus 12/3000

Hi all,

I'm currently planning out my wiring for a van conversion and looking at getting a Multiplus 12/3000. As a newbie to wiring and someone who's British tendencies tend to make me quite modest, I'm damn proud at how confident I feel about electrics after the amount of research I've done. (Main thanks to the author of Wiring Unlimited.)

That being said, I can't for the life of me figure out how this transfer switch relates to van conversions. Most of the info I've read online seems to relate to fitting into buildings rather than vans. But even then I'm struggling to understand it as there seems to be a variety of uses.

What's more, after zooming in on other peoples videos and guides I can see there's roughly a 50/50 split between those who use the 50a and those who use the 16a. But frustratingly, they mention all the reasons and specs as to why they purchased the unit, other than talk about the transfer switch rating.


Is anyone able to explain in simple terms what a transfer switch is and what it will do for me in relation to a van conversion? Main things I'm worried about are blowing shore feeds when hooked up at campsites, or over/underpowering my systems.

That being said, my main source of power will be the 525w solar array I plan on installing as well as the Orion DC-DC charger feeding into 2x200ah Victron Lithium Smart Batteries.

Also while I'm here, in Wiring Unlimited it mentions creating a bypass switch for the inverter. (Section 6.6)


I can understand the reasons behind this. But firstly, it looks like a lot of people doing van conversions don't seem to bother with it. Secondly, how do you actually go about wiring this to connect to a comsumer unit?


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Configuring Multi II Internal Transfer switch

Having several MPII 48 x 5KVA systems, working in DVCC off grid configuration with Generator, when load exceeds Multiplus II 5 KVA Nominal Power, pex 10 KVA, and Power Assist is not able to achieve load demand (when SOC % is too low) is supposed that internal Power Switches should get into action connecting 10 KVA Generator ACIN to serve loads bypassing to ACOut 1 or 2 , disconnecting Inverter (but still allowing charging) , as Multiplus II 5KVA specs allow constant 11 KVA in this bypass mode (220 v @ 50 amps).

Question: is this behaviour description correct? has to be programmed or it is automatic ? How? Is there any link to understand how internal bypass switches work or programmed?

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Filax Switch Hz selection


Just wondering if anyone would be able to help with a quick technical question or point me in the right direction.

I’ve just purchased a Victron Filax 2 automatic transfer switch. In Australia we run at 50Hz, however I’m finding the selection between 50Hz and 60Hz a little confusing in the Filax 2 manual from the website.

I’ve attached the relevant page here - Filax 2 - 50Hz to 60Hz selection.pdf.

The first point appears to make sense, suggesting if the frequency is 50Hz remove the jumper or place it on one pin. Also, that this is the default position from the factory, which all makes sense. The second point then states if the frequency is 60Hz place the jumper on both pins, again this all make sense.

However, the images below then go on to show two images with captions (Jumper placed = 50Hz ……………….. Jumper not placed = 60Hz) which I read as being the opposite to the two initial points above.

I may well have missed something so hoping someone can help me out.

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LOM Detection

Some Multiplus advertising claims, that UPS transfer switching gap is below 20mS:


How can I use the internal LOM signal to switch off big optional loads by using external contactors ?

Is there a more detailed description on what the Multiplus Type A and Type B LOM Algorithms exactly do ?


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