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Multiplus II Grid and Generator switch over

Hi, I have searched options on how to do this but none of the seem to fit what I’m trying to achieve.

I have:

Multiplus II 12/3000

Cerbo GX & touch screen

Lynx smart shunt and distributor

2x 220Ah AGM batteries

These are installed within a box trailer which we use for racing karts, basically transport and accommodation for when we camp at the track and somewhere to cook & eat.

I have some 230v outlets plus DC Distribution serving lights, compressor, 12v outlets etc. AC inlet rated at 16A for connecting either grid or generator dependant on what’s available.

Sometimes we will have a grid hookup available, other times we will have to use a generator ideally via auto start assistant so need to have flexibility on power source.

I’m wanting to be able to use either a physical switch via one of the digital inputs or a switch on the touchscreen to swap between grid and generator modes.

Mode 1 - If grid is available we plug in and select grid on the switch, the MP then passes AC through and charges the batteries, with AC current limited to 16A.

Mode 2 - no grid connection is available then we plug in the generator, the MP then runs inverter from batteries and auto starts the generator when required via generator assistant - eg low soc, high load etc. As the generator is only rated at 3kva then the AC current is limited to 13A.

I know there is an assistant to switch the current limits via a digital input but I can’t find anything that will change the priorities between AC and DC sources.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated

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Onan P4500IDF Auto Start/Stop With Cerbo GX (Elevation Module)

All -

I have been working with my friends at AM Solar on a little bit of a square hole round peg problem.

I have an off grid cabin with all Victron equipment and some panels on the roof. I cannot add more solar due to restrictions, but I want to have a small generator that can boost back up the batteries if we get a big snow storm etc.

I am well aware of the fact that there are generators out there that are designed for this, but due to budget and low power needs I have selected the Cummins P400iDF (portable) to be my generator. With that said, I want to auto/start/stop with the CERBO.

My plan is to use the Elevation AGS, which has been proven to work with the Cerbo. However, wiring it to this particular generator is where I am looking for more information. I believe @Cleaver has figured this out and I would love his/her help as well as any others. Here is the schematic of the Elevation unit as well as the schematic for the generator.

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 2.31.45 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 5.31.20 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-04-26 at 5.30.46 PM.png

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Isolating Generator Battery - Orion?

I have an auto start SOC setup for my 5th wheel generator using my CerboGX. The problem is that when the generator kicks on it of course draws a lot of amperage, causing a significant power drop to things like my referigerator, computers, etc. What I want to do is isolate/dedicate a cheap AGM battery to the generator only.

Am I correct in my research that the Orion is going to be the best bet for this? Do you have any other recommendations?

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Himoinsa CTME01 Contoller has remote start option?

This is the controller i am asking about. Does anybody has any experience with this controller? Is it possible to Start remotely the genset? or should i have to change this controller with a remote start one?



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Generator connection to cerbo

We want to connect relay 1 on the Cerbo to start and stop our generator automatically whenever the system decides that the battery bank voltage is too low and the solar panels are not providing enough input on a cloudy day and it needs to charge the batteries.

We also want to have 1 wire for keeping the generator battery charged.

The generator auto start has 1 positive connection, 1 negative connection and 1 for keeping the battery charged.

Can all this be done through relay 1 and if so which wire do we connect where ?

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Victron Quattro 15kVA overload warning genset start setting

Hi Victron

We have a 9 x Quattro 15kVA system. 3 x 33.3kW SE pv inverters and 3 x 450/100 MPPT's system. There is also a 250kVA generator connected to AC 1 with smaller grid supply at in AC 2.

The genset is set to start on overload warning when warning is active for 10s. The problem is that when grid goes off during the day, which happen everyday is SA, the inverters often go into overload warning and starts the genset. The output cuurent over the last few weeks was at 155A, 155A, 168A, once at 172A when the overload warning started.

The 3 x 15kvA Quattro inverters per phase cont output power is 12kW x 3 / 230V = 156A. So the load current is just over the 156A for the 2min while the SE inverters ramp up and take most of the load off the quattro output.

My questions is if we can set the overload warning is active for time longer so that the system can transition when grid goes off and when it goes on again so that genset is not activated. Can we set it to 180sec?

Please let me know.

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Cerbo GX and multiple relay control

It seems to me that the Cerbo should be able to control the relay's of all the attached Victron devices. In my whole system, I must have 5 unused relays that could controlled and managed from a central device and ruleset. You could do a lot between the data available in the system and a complete integration of all those relays. For example, currently to start an onan genset we need a couple extra timer relays, or a genset control unit. But we have all the data and relay functionality we need in even a small system.

Battery below 20%, trigger Genstart sequence

1. Cerbo, close relay 1 for 10 seconds (prime genset)

2. Cerbo, command Multiplus to close relay for 10 seconds (start genset)

3. Cerbo, does multiplus detect input voltage? If no, repeat 2x.

4. Cerbo, battery 95%, close relay 1 for 3 seconds (stop Genset)

This is a very simplistic operation, but a good example of something the system should be able to do. Integrate other devices like the relay on the solar controller and dc/dc converter and all the other devices in the system, and you could do some wild stuff. Especially with a little program that would let you write and upload rulesets.

Anyone have a hack that will allow me to do this?

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General Flag with Generator start stop set to passthrough

Before the latest SW update so to be precise GX before sw v2.93 and inv MultiPlus-II 48/5000/70-48 before V 502 general flag and generator start stop generator worked now after sw update no way to make it go in passthrough mode when conditions are met

hope all settings are visible in the pictures

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg

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Why would my generator all of a sudden not charge my battery

The generator auto starts when the battery reaches 21% but does not charge the battery

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Inverter mini power cut / power loss for seconds / Ups not working

Good day,

I have a 25kva Generator running a 10kva Multipluss II with 10kwh of battery capacity.

the system has been running ok unto Christmas, (4 weeks)

I have tried to replicate it by starting and stopping the generator and under different loads,

however it seems to happen without any 'Trigger'

I have attached the Excel file showing when the power blip happens i have a loss of data on the Logging on VRM Download.

the generator is used to power the home and when the builders come in the site as well,

however it is only connected via a 32a plug, (and its been working with a current limit of 30a set)

i have the issue sometimes were the ac input is not accepted, even when it is at 52hz and at 233v, however i have linked this to when i do a ve config upload, i have to re-set the ve bus to not have this issue.

batteries are bms connected to the cerbo, and they don't have any issues i can see, I have tried to run the system without the bms connected as well. and have no issues except the 15s power blip, which is still random,

any help would be appreciated, (the attached is all i have been able to get to prove it happens, prior to this I didn't really know if I believed the client)

time today 08.01.23@ 15.41

gen snip 1.PNG

gen snip 2.PNG

gen snip 3.PNG

gen snip 4.PNG

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CCGX Generator start/stopp


CCGX is not start/stopping generator after FW upgrade, no changes is made in settings. Someone who has same issue ?

FW is now v2.91 , is it a good idea to downgrade to v2.90?


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Generator Automatic Start and Stop, which cables from the generator?

I have a simple question and I didn't find it here in the documentation.
If I want to use a generator with Victron, what must have the generator to start automatically? I mean obviously a starter and a battery. But most of the generators have a key to start. So do I have to disassemble the panel of the key and connect the cables to the relay of eg. an Quattro?
I read the documentation and I know there a are two different types of signal, but do I have to buy a generator which has a kind of signal input connector? Or is it enough if this generator has a key to start?
As far as I understood it right, I can use any generator (size, quality, AVR, settings in VenusOS are different topics) with a starter to start it automtically with a Quattro.

Sorry, if I missed the answer in other existing questions, I couldn't find it.
Thank you !

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Three phase system shutdown on auto gen start


This three phase system connected with a 40/28 Freedom Lite lithium battery recently shutdown and starts up whole system on auto generator start after sensing low SOC. Please what is the possible solution?

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Gestion borne de recharge véhicule en site isolé


Je souhaite acheter la borne de recharge EV Victron pour ma voiture.

Je me permets de vous envoyer ce message avant, afin de savoir si cette borne correspond à mes besoins, pour optimiser le fonctionnement de mon installation.

Mon installation comprend :

1 Cerbo,

1 multiplus2 / 48 / 10 000 (8kw utile)

10Kwc de pannneaux (tous sur la partie DC),

2MPPT 250/100,

1 parc 48v de 4 batteries UNITECK 220A qui est bridé à 55A de recharge (paramètre DVCC).

Cette installation est monophasé et fonctionne en UPS : « site isolé ».

Mais, le générateur sur AC IN : c’est le réseau de distribution public EDF.

C’est le Cerbo qui défini : démarrer/arrêter un générateur.

Voici mes interrogations sur le fonctionnement de cette borne qui sera relié sur AC OUT 1 :

Lorsqu’elle est connectée en wifi au Cerbo, en mode automatique :

  1. Comment va t’elle fonctionner ?

1.1) modulation de la production photovoltaïque = modulation automatique et instantanée de l’intensité de la borne EV ?

Exemple : lorsqu’il y a quelque nuages dans le ciel.

1.2) Augmentation des charges sur AC OUT 1 = diminution de l’intensité de la borne EV ?

Exemple : la maison consomme 5kw / la production solaire et de 8kwc / la SOC du parc est de 100% : il reste 3kw de libre. La borne va t’ elle se régler automatiquement et instantanément à 13 ampères ? (13x230=3kw), puis revenir à 32A lorsque les charges auront disparu ?

2. Peut-on interdire à la borne EV d’utiliser l’énergie du parc de batteries 48v ? Ou définir un seuil à partir du quelle la borne peux utiliser les batteries ?

Exemple recharge du véhicule uniquement si la SOC>90% ?

3. Peut-on paramétrer la borne EV pour recharger le véhicule à la puissance maximum (32A) lorsque le générateur est allumé ? Sur mon installation, au moment où le multiplus2 bascule sur le réseau de distribution public EDF.

Exemple : Terminer la recharge de la voiture la nuit

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Can PWM Light Stay Connected During Generator Engine Start?

I'm curious if my PWM Light bluesolar (for 12v battery) charge controller is okay to stay connected with an autostart feature on the 32kva genset. Or should I keep the generator off until disconnecting the two solar panels before using the battery to start? Normally this setup is for a battery for camping, but the generator batteries usually are dead before I need the generator and tired of having to jumpstart from a vehicle.

I'm currently using the PWM on H (manual) setting, but if there is a recommendation of a different setting for my setup would appreciate hearing. Thank you

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