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Bug? Quattrtro II (Gen) Algorythum too Aggressive

Hier I think is a Bug! Generator is running @3kW on a Quattro II. Should be 5kW. The genny needs a less radical ramp-up time. If I set the input @10A input and gradually bring it up to 23A all works as designed(5kW)! Set the Quatto II to auto it throws the generator out >20 times and get only 3kW! after sync.

System: 3Ph MP2, RS450/100, Quattro II (Genny) All FW' up to date.

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3 phase generator not charging battery properly

I have a 3 phase Victron system (3 x Quottro 8kVa), with a Freedom Won 30kWh battery

I have integrated a 30kVa 3 phase generator (Generator on AC Input 1 and Grid on AC Input 2)

When Grid is lost and battery goes down to 40%, the generator starts automatically, but it is not being accepted by the inverters, and it keeps on trying, but fails, probably because of high loads

I have made a test, and with all other loads off, the generator kicks in, but only ONE inverter charges the battery, at 3000 watts, the other 2 inverterss only kick on briefly, for just about 10 seconds, then they stop charging

The generator is 30 kVa , so it has 10kVa per phase

On VE configure, AC 1 Input current limit is 35 amps (for generator)

On the "Charger" tab, max charge current is 60 amps

Are there any changes that need to be made?

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AC input connection delay when using a generator


Is there any good way to delay the connetion of a generator to a Multiplus, so that it can warm up for 5 minutes before the AC input connects and start loading the generator?

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Trigger Relaise immediately on grid (mains) failure


I have a system - multiplus 24/2000, Cerbo GX. Its a UPS system. Grid is on all the time ( unless it fails .. )

I would like to trigger a relais on the Cerbo immediately when grid power fails, use that as signal for load shedding.
I have been trying to use "generator autostart"

So far, I am getting the "grid lost" alarm

"Auto start functionality" on the Cerbo is on - the conditions are all default.

Am I missing something?

Any hints are highly welcome

Thanks and greetings from cold Colorado


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Is it possible to restart Quattro automatically using a generator after an overload?

In our three phase Quattro system, we have both grid power and generator power available. Sometimes when the grid power is connected, the power being used is more than the capacity of the inverter. When the grid switches off, the inverters can go into overload if the power being used is close to or exceeding the capacity of the inverters. The generator is automatically started in that situation, but the inverter will not restart because the error must be manually cleared. When it does restart, it starts in inverter mode and then changes to generator. Is it possible to configure the inverters to restart automatically in passthru mode after the generator has started? As it is, the generator is started but because the inverters cannot restart it just burns fuel doing nothing until the system is reset.

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Stop generator with color control gx when enough solar

I have my color control gx configurated to start/stop my generator. The only thing I can't find back is how to stop the generator when the smart solar mppt charger puts enough power in the batteries that the generator is actually not needed any more to run. Don't like to waste diesel when batteries can get full with the sun.

Cant use battery voltage as with a SoC of 50% and pulling a load out of 60A the voltage drops to 48.2 . And with a SoC of 20% battery has 48.6V without any load. So then the generator will start with 50%.

So this is no option.

Relay of Mppt i use for night lights.

Would victron see it valuable to add "solar charger voltage" as a parameter in the color control to shut down the generator when active due to battery SoC?

Any other suggestions?

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Connecting Benchmark 11,500w Generator to Cerbo GX for auto Start/Stop

I have the Benchmark remote start 11,500w generator and need to connect the auto start/stop to the Cerbo GX. I have never connected a generator to an inverter or Cerbo. I have the wiring schematic so I need to know which wires to connect to which area on the Cerbo GX to get this to work.

Do I need to purchase a relay to wire it to, like in the attached graphic, or can I do it just with the wires from my generator?

Please can anyone advise?




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Multiplus generator setting

Hello, I am setting my multiplus II 48/5000 with AVR generator. How to set settign to not hook up load at the generator and use the source only like a charger meanwhile the load will go only from batteries?

Second question, I have remoted power on on the generator, how to set the relay to turn it on while the SOC will be 20% and turn it of on lest say 90%. Hopefully I am not duplicating.

Thank you all for help

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Connexion prise ATS contact sec


Je recherche quel sont les 2 pin de la prise ATS à connecter au relais contact sec sur mon onduleur chargeur Victron

Sur une prise 3 pin je sais que c'est le pin 2 et 3

Mais ici sur ma prise ATS il y 6 pin d'où ma question ?

Merci d'avance à vous




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AUX1 and general flag not working

Hello, I have one multiplus 48/3000 and I'm trying to disable the grid and go full on batteries when the grid is not needed, the grid will be enabled only when the load is above 1850W and I want to charge the battery during the night from 22:00 to 7:00. Unfortunately with the standard ESS I cannot get it work so I used the programmable relay, the general flag and the generator start/stop.

the multiplus correctly switch to the grid when the configured load is above the value, when the load return to normal values he switch off the grid. this part works properly.

But when I try to close the AUX1 relay (both manually and both using the Cerbo relay port) the multiplus did nothing.

Do you think my configuration is correct?

thanks in advance


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Honda EM6500SX generator + Cerbo GX

Hi all, dear Victron community, could you please help me settings up auto start/stop my Honda EM6500SX generator from Cerbo GX. Do I need to buy a remote kit:(something like this


or just the Remote Start Control Connector Kit and run the wires to Cerbo GX:


I also attached the generator manual and wiring diagram (it is too complicated for me)

Honda EM6500SX generator.pdf


Appreciate all your help!

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CCGX Generator start/stopp


CCGX is not start/stopping generator after FW upgrade, no changes is made in settings. Someone who has same issue ?

FW is now v2.91 , is it a good idea to downgrade to v2.90?


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Unsure what I need for RV setup

I have a 2003 Fleetwood Expedition 37U. Due to issues with the existing power system I have decided to replace the Inverter and batteries. The RV has an Onan 7Kw Diesel Genny. I am replacing the AGM batteries with a set of 4 Chins 12v 300Ah lithium's. I ordered a Victron Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus and am expecting it Monday.

First off, did I order the wrong Victron? From the brochures, it seems like I should have gone for a Quatro for switching between shore and genny power. I will mostly be off grid with the RV.

My second question is what other components would I need for this system. I'm a disabled vet so keeping the cost down as much as possible without endangering the system (esp the batteries) would be best.

Thank you in advance


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I have a Quattro 48/5000 would like suggestions for a generator

I have a Quattro 48v/5000 I will be installing next spring at our off grid cabin in Northern Ontario . I am planning to start with single phase and a second Quattro later for split phase.

I am not sure if I can use a split phase generator for this or would it be better to go with a 48v generator?

Can anyone using this inverter please recommend a generator that they have tested that works well to receive a start signal from cerbo gx?

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Assistant for generator cooldown

I will soon be installing 2 MP2 2x120 in parallel and a cerbo gx along with a few other components. I intend to use the generator start stop function on relay 1 in the cerbo and am contemplating using the relay from the cerbo in series with the aux input on the master mp2 in conjunction with an assistant using flag to ignore ac input to provide generator cooldown before shutting down. MP2 master Aux relay output would be controlled by the assistant to start and stop the generator based on the mp2 aux input value being switched by the cerbo relay. My question is...would I need to load the assistant on both the master and slave mp2's or would the slave unit simply follow the master in regards to the ac input switching on and off as the assistant specifies state? Hope that makes sense.

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