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Busbar vs fuse holder

I am wondering why we should use 70v/250A busbar instead of a 70v/250A fuse holder ?
The busbar is usually twice the price and I don't understand why.
Any advice there ?
Thanks a lot.

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EM24: 250mA fuse for neutral connection


for a planned grid-connected PV system with a MultiPlus 2 I am about to install the EM24 Ethernet after the official energy meter.

Now I just found in the EM24 manual, that a 250mA fuse is necessary in the connection to the neutral wire.

I found almost no information about this fuse? What kind of fuse do you normally use that fits on a DIN rail with only 250mA?

Or does nobody use a fuse for the EM24?

Best regards David



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Fuse for BMS balancing/controling wires( 16s chanel)


does any one knows, if i can /should add fuses to the 16S wires? if yes how big should the fuss be? 5A is ok?

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Connecting Smart Lithium batteries in Parallel, fusing

I purchased 3 x 200Ah (12V) Smart Lithium batteries to replace the AGMs on my boat. Also purchased the VE Bus BMS v2, Lynx Distributor, and already have Cerbo, Multiplus, etc. The batteries are to be connected in parallel.

Section 4.6.4 of the Smart Lithium manual has a schematic showing connection of parallel batteries individually to busbars with a fuse on the positive cable (for cable protection). Question: could this be a MRBF fuse on the battery post? Would a MRBF fuse be better than using a Mega fuse (has much higher Interrupt Capacity)?

Further, this section also states that "connect the cables diagonally to ensure equal current path through each battery". This arrangement would be far easier (than the busbar method) in my constrained location. Is this equally acceptable for paralleling 3 batteries? And can/should I place a MRBF fuse at each positive terminal post (I have never seen a schematic or video of this!), or simply connect the cables post-to-post, and then have a T-fuse (or ANL fuse), very close to the batteries, on the cable to the Lynx Distributor (for DC Loads & Chargers)?

Thank you for feedback and suggestions.

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Small fuses for Lynx Distribuor

Hi All

Would like to add some smaller loads to lynx distributor and 48v system. Some are 30A and some are 10A. Anyone know where I can get these, or if they even exist?



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Will the Fuse LEDs on Lynx Distributor illuminate without the 4-pin cable supplied with unit?

Trying to use the Lynx Distributor (and Power In) without the Lynx Ion Shunt or BMS (using BYD batteries). I had assumed the Fuse LEDs would illuminate with a working fuse in place and powered, however a line on the old Victron Live page for DC Distribution Systems suggests that this small data cable is used to power the LEDs (rather than taking power from the busbar itself). I cannot get the LEDs to illuminate - are the LEDs useless unless using the Lynx Shunt? Because Lynx Shunt uses CANbus, it cannot be used in conjunction with BYD on a CCGX (though I think VGX would support it).

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3.8kw Offgrid: Victron EasySolar 2 48v.35 with mppt 250/70 3000w Design + Fuses

Is the below correct before I go further? Thanks in-advance

PV 3.8kw Offgrid: Victron EasySolar 2 48v.35 with mppt 250/70 3000w

  1. Panels = 10 x JA SOLAR JM60S20 380/MR 380W VOC 41.62 V VMP 34.77 V ISC 11.47 A MP 10.93 A CLASS II MAX SYS 1000V, MAX AMP 20 TOTAL 3,8KW

  2. two strings 5 x 2 in series and wired series parallel, only one mppt and costly for another so all panels same direction height etc.PV Wiring = 6mm x 10m to inverter from shortest end 17m from last panel. 2 shocty diodes inline on each string + 1000v/20a to prevent reverse polarity. Then 32a 1000v disconnect before going to inverter

  3. Storage Pylontech 3000 and 3000c with 2m pylontech victron cables of correct size with 2 x 120a fuses on each pole.

  4. AC As this is not mains connected I am wondering what sort of consumer unit as have a few given to me but only need one ring main - .2 at the most for garden tools, But note easysolar has 2 ac outputs, does this mean no consumer unit is needed?

Does this configuration sound ok?

Andrew asked
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Connecting two Victron distributors


I want to connect two Victron distributors, but with the connections coming in from both sides. (see the attached picture)

So the top on have wires coming ind from the left and the bottom one from the right.


If I connect it as shown on the picture, I will be fusing the negative wire on the top distributor and the positive on the bottom one.

Do you see any problems with this approach?

kent2ben asked
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Fusing Victron Solar panel arrays

Hi everyone,

I have a question about fusing solar panel arrays. My understanding from reading online is that you have to fuse individual panels in a situation where your arrays short circunt current is over the maximum series fuse rating. Also the fuse for each panel should be the same size as "maximum series fuse rating". However I couldn't find this information about Victron Bluesolar Mono panels (googled and looked through the datasheet). Is the information somewhere else or should I use somekind of different logic.

My previous experience is only with connecting panels to series so haven't had this problem before.

Thanks a lot!

kampingvan asked
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60A 58vdc (48vdc) MEGA Fuse. Do they exist??

Need a 60a mega fuse for 48vdc system but can find them anywhere. Meant for Victron SSCC 150/45. Can't find any 70Vdc ones either. Anyone know where in the US these unicorns can be procured?

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DC 32a Disconnect correct voltage setting / wiring?

Easysolar gx 2 48v

3800w (10 panels on 2 strings of 5 x 380w) mppt 250/70 35a

i have fused inline with 15a on the phase on both and schokty diodes after the fuses, these goto y branch connectors. Then a disconnect dc breaker, SPD then easysolar gx 2 inverter 3000 48v.

If the datasheet states voltage max 30 A per MC4 connection and have the 2 inlines @ 15a and then combined 32a disconnect is the voltage 250v x 1.2 combines or two strings combined x 1.2 ?

The datasheet stated 250v coldest conditions. I also have a z beny rotary disconnect which is somewhat puzzling if anyone knows how i put phase and neutral in and out of the disconnect (for 2 pole I cannot see how I can wire through image 2




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MPPT 75/10 - Internal fuse - why did it blow?

I've got a simple solar charging setup on my 12V boat battery. It's controlled by a MPPT 75/10 which worked fine for 2 years. Recently battery was dead and the guy who does my electrical work said a fuse inside the MPPT had blown.

What could cause that? What investigation should I perform? Should I install a fuse elsewhere in the system to protect the MPPT's internal fuse?


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Using 500A Busbar with MEGA fuse holders and ANL fuse holders


I'm finalising my schematic for moving from AGM to Smart Lithium 3 x 200Ah (12V). System also has Multiplus 2000, Cerbo, SmartShunt, MPPTs, additional Phoenix charger, etc. I'm looking how to best create the Positive Main Busbar. Here is the current plan and questions:

- 3x200Ah Smart Lithium connected via individual ANL fuse holders (CIP106100000) to the Victron 500A busbar (CIP100400060). Three connections.

Question: can I fit the 500A Busbar over the bolts of the ANL fuse holders (as Victron shows for the "Modular fuse holder MEGA fuse (CIP100200100))? To avoid a squeezed fit, could use holes 1, 3 & 5 of busbar.

From this Busbar, I would also connect (possibly on the opposite side):

- Multiplus via a 250A or 300A MEGA fuse (max continuous current for Multiplus 2000 is 160A) using the "Fuse Holder for MEGA fuse (CIP100100001)" .

Question: is this OK, or must/should I use instead the (blue interlocking) "Modular fuse holder Mega fuse (CIP100200100)"?

- DC Loads via a Smart Battery Protect 220 - same question as for Multiplus on the use of the fuse holder.

Second Busbar (mainly for Chargers) would be also the Victron 500A busbar (CIP100400060).

Question: can I use the "Fuse Holder for Mega fuses (CIP100100001)" with this busbar?

Last question:

Can I inter-connect both Victron 500A busbars (CIP100400060) using the M10 bolt (i.e. both busbars 'join' at M10 hole and then use the provided M10 stainless bolt or a slightly longer one).

I have considered in some detail using the Lynx PowerIn or Distributor, but I do not want/need any of the negative busbar connections as my boat already has an extensive Negative Main Busbar and I don't want to be cutting and re-crimping over 20 cables!. And the Lynx only has 4 (max 5) studs for Mega fuse connections, and I need more.

Thank you,


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SmartSolar MPPT 75/10 fuse blows repeatedly

I've recently installed a new Charge Controller MPPT 75/10 to my fairly basic van system (see wiring diagram), and after a few teething troubles, succeeded in getting it all up and running (see screenshot from VictronConnect app – it was dull day). A few hours later, however, the Controller was cycling every couple of seconds between Bulk and Off states. A little exploration on this community pointed to a blown fuse in the Controller, and that seemed to be the problem.

I've now replaced the fuse four or five times, but as soon as the breaker between the Controller and the battery is closed, it blows again. I've tried disconnecting the PV panels at the breaker switch on the right, and opening the breaker between the leisure battery and the DC to DC charger. I've checked all my polarities are correct and looked for potential shorts, but everything seems in order. The fuse still blows every time I close the breaker. Everything connected to the fuse box is working.

There's a page on the Victron support site that suggests the unit may be faulty, but before I send it back, I wondered whether anyone here might shed some light on this?

Many thanks



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Which fuse is needed for a 48V 560Ah Lifepo4 battery for protection in the event of a short circuit?

Which fuse is needed for a 48V 560Ah Lifepo4 battery for protection in the event of a short circuit?
The Megafuse has an ICU of 1000A at 58V and is therefore not suitable.

Welche Sicherung wird bei einem 48V 560Ah Lifepo4 Akku zur absicherung bei Kurzschluss benötigt?
Die Megafuse hat einen ICU von 1000A bei 58V und ist daher eher nicht geeignet.

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