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Battery power not stable when battery is full and excess power is fed-in


I have a MP2 and a MPPT 150/35 with 2kWp solar power. I have connected a 14,3kWh battery with Seplos BMS. I charge the battery to 55.2 V and then after about an hour at 55.2V, I bring it down to 54V for the rest of the day. As soon as the battery is full, the excess solar power is fed-in to the grid.

I recognized that if the power is fed-in, the battery power is often not 0W as I would have expected, but alternates between charging / discharing with power up to +-/ 200W instead (charge / discharge cycles).

I use DVCC with voltage sense and already tried to use the MultiPlus instead the BMS as battery monitor.

Are there any suggestions or tipps to become the system more stable if the battery is full?

Thanks and regards





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Bug Venus OS 3.0 Color GX Feed in Grid

I have a problem since i have upgraded my Color GX from 2.94 to 3.00 firmware.

The ESS does not respect the "no feed in excess" option. Now when my batteries are full, ESS doesn't regulate the MPPT to not feed in grid. It continues to get full power from MPPT and so feed excess to the grid. I have no problems with 2.94 firmware, it appears with the 3.0 version.

I found a solution by enabling "feed in excess" on AC and DC and setting "limit system feed-in" at 0W but the absorption sequence seems very strange.

My config :

Multiplus II, MPPT Ve Direct, BMV712, BMS Ve BUS, COLOR GX, Smart lithium Victron Batteries, SMA Sunny Boy 2.0 on ACOut 1.

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ERROR: Max Charge Voltage (52.4V, Pylontech) ignored, when limit Grid feed-in in ESS settings

Hello, there is a bug in the system. My Setup:

3xMP-II 3000, 3xPylontech 5000, 1xMPPT RS 450/100

Victron stops charching above 52,4V with Pylontech batteries. This works perfect until i limit the Grid feed-in in the ESS settings. AC and DC feed-in is activated.

AC inverters (Kostal an Hoymiles) are connected to the AC out1 of the MP-II and are not regulated with the GX-system.

I've got an Overvoltage error from the Pylontechs: 56,7V !!!

Is there a solution for this?


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I am unable to stop feeding into grid

Hello fellow Victron people.

Unfortunately, my installer has gone 'silent' and is ghosting me with support :-(

There is SO much demand for off-grid and grid-tie here in South Africa at the moment that they can't keep up with all their new clients, and are neglecting existing ones.


Be that as it may, over the past weeks and months, my system has steadily increased the amount of power being fed back into the grid, despite every effort and setting to NOT do so.

Over the past couple of days, it's reached almost 20% of power generated :-(

I have three similar systems at 3 different addresses, and the settings are all the same, however, only this one location is experiencing this problem.

I've read the posts, I've tweaked the settings, as far as I can see, it's all correct, yet we're still feeding substantial quantities of power back, and even discharging the battery to do so.

Not what I want to do.


Any pro advice will be greatly appreciated.


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How to correctly configure solar system?

Hi! Can anyone help me to configurate correctly my solar system?

I have Multiplus 48/1600/20, MPPT 100/20, LiFePo4 battery without bms and two solar panels 450W each. ESS with Optimized mode (With BatteryLife) and without feed-in. But sometimes on VRM I see that small amount of energy goes into the grid. The main idea is to make system work like this:

When solar power isn't enough to cover the load - battery will discharge till specified voltage or SOC.

When solar power is enough - extra power will charge the battery.

System can take the energy from grid only when battery rich the minimal SOC or there is no solar power.

I need to survive without the export from grid as much as possible.

Is it possible to configure system like this and should anyone help me with this?

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Limit MultiPlus-II feed-in current in parallel installation


is it possible to limit feed-in current individually in Multis in parallel installation? I want to limit feed-in current to grid to 8 A for each Multi to achieve max. 16 A per phase.

In Grid code settings for Europe there is "Max. AC current xx.x % of INom" desribed as "Maximum AC current for charge and feed in". If I set this parameter to 72.5 % (approx. 8 A) in both Multis, will it work as I expected?


Many thanks for answer.

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MPPT power is limited for DC feed in if battery is full


MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32 / FW: v501
BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35 rev3 / FW: 1.61 with 2kWp solar panels
GX Device / FW 2.92
48V CAN Battery connected to the GX device
EM24 Ethernet smart meter
PV inverter at AC IN

I have configured ESS with DVCC for the system. As long as the battery is charging, the MPPT provides full power (even if battery takes less power than the MPPT provides). But as soon as the battery is full and the excess power shall be feed in to the grid, the power of the MPTT is limited (about the half of the theoretical available PV power.

Battery is charging (MPPT DC power is 1021 W):


Battery is no longer charing (MPPT DC power is limited to 602W)


Do you have any suggestions?

Best regards


This is my configuration:








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Grid feed in


Hi. I’ve got Some strange readings in my display.

It is only feeding back to the grid at one phase. Is this normal?

This is the setup.

3x multiplus II

4x pylontech us2000c

1x solaredge pv inverter 3phase, connected at the multiplusses output

Running on ESS assistent

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ET340 energy meter AC loads disappear and exporting to grid

Hi all,

I am having a scenario where I can note that my AC loads are "disappearing", and the value of the AC loads are being exported back to the grid between 20 and 30 seconds as noted in the image below, this occurs every 30mins so. Feed-in is disabled and grid point set to 150W but still an unexpected amount of feed-in happens.

The only factor that I could think is an issue is the distance from the ET340 energy meter and the Venus GX - ~47M. I have used the RS485 with a shielded Mylar cable extension (as recommended after failing with CAT5 and CAT6), this seems to have had improved but his still happens. I have contacted my distributor as well as asked a few local experts but there is no definite reason why this would happen, I have also had a look at numerous issues related but tried and no success, I have tried the 3,5mm audio jack hack as well. Feedback to the grid is an issue since in Cape Town, South Africa importing excess power requires an additional meter at a cost which is not a feasible solution.

The system is running ESS as well.

Any help or suggestions or at least a point in the right direction would be appreciated. Let me know if additional information is required about the site.


It seems to be related to phase rotation issue, we have traced the phases from the main kiosk and ensured L1 = L1; L2 = L2; L3 = L3. (red, white, blue). This is consistent right through, however then the phase rotation warning message appears and only when swapping around L1 and L3 does the phase rotation message disappear, this only seems to be a work around and the below image is still relevant. We have found no issues during blackouts, only when running normal ESS.


Phase rotation has been eliminated as an issue. The energy meter seems to "disconnect" at this point in time. I have tried new data cables and new RS485 cable, but the issue still remains, a new energy meter has been installed as well.


Site summary:

  • 3 phase house with ET340 energy meter.
  • Venus GX
  • 3 X 5KVA multiplus 2
  • 3 MPPT (2x 250/100, 1x 150/45 - 2 x connected VE.Direct and 1 connected USD to VE.direct)
  • Freedom won 20/16Kwh LiFePo4 module.
  • RS485 to usb with extension (47M)

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Limit battery usage with no GX device

I will be installing a new system, but the proper battery install will delay for a bit. Same for the Cerbo installation.

So, the system will get online using a 48V LFP battery with no communication, that has a limit of 100A constant discharge current, charging from solar. Math works out, but I also want to limit battery usage (system will be connected to the grid as well).

Is there a way to limit battery usage in this case? If I went li-ion, I would have been able to set low voltage limit on the Multiplus and it would stop inverting at that point; however, the LFPs have a very flat voltage curve, and I don’t think this trick will work, as it does on another installation of mine.

In other words, I want full inverter power when solar is available, but when there is not enough solar, I’m trying to find a way to limit battery discharge percentage. No GX communication at the moment.

Any ideas?

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Victron Multi + Fronius Primo Hybrid system!


I am having the Fronius AC Coupled at Multi's AC Out1, and trying to set all for Grid Feed-in limited to a given value.

Should it be the Fronius discovered on the Modbus TCP device list? for me is not there. Scanning not helps.


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Grid Feed-in max limit sometimes exceeded

Hi Guys,

running a 3-Phase Multiplus II in ESS with limited grid feed-in to 1500W and observe a lot more (up to 3000W) from time to time. This always happens when the load/critical load is particularly high. Can someone explain why this happens?

Thanks for help and ideas.

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Multiplus 2 powerlimited to 600W: Critical load power limiting behavior?

I have an Multiplus II 48/3000 GX as the core of my ESS. All the PV is DC coupled with SmartSolar. The Multiplus is connected grid parallel. The EM24 is used for energy metering. Due to german laws, I have limited the inverter power to a maximum of 600W.

Recently I added a possibility to connect devices to the AC Out of the MP2. When I have a full battery I disconnect the MP2 from the grid and run it in inverter mode to supply loads with more than 600W like the dishwasher.

The thing I can't get my head arround is the behavior of the MP2 in the case I leave the grid connected and run a critical load at the output with e.g. ~2000W. Then the MP2 runs with a power of something between 1000W and 2000W and i still use 300W to 900W from the grid, althought the MP2 is not running at full power. It is not a transiant behavior. I would have expected the MP2 either to

  • stay at a limited power of 600W since it is still grid connected or
  • to fully supply the cirtical loads and limit the AC IN power to maximum of 600W. (In this case run at full power with 2400W)

Has someone experience with this scenario and can explane this behavior to me?


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ESS DC Coupled Solar Export Issues


The feed in limits don't seem to work for my ESS.

The AC coupled solar is metered by a Energy Meter ET112, it's not a fronius, it's just generic. The grid meter is also an ET112.

If I allow any DC solar to be exported it doesn't know how to limit production, it's either all or nothing.



DVCC is currently off. I tried with it on, and it didn't seem to fix the issue.

Battery is LG Chem RESU 9.8kWh x 2.

It's been like this forever, I'm just trying to fix to to maximise the Auto EV charging mode.

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Multiplus-ii feeding to the grid when floating and caurses my grid meter to trip



I need help with my multiplus-ii feeding power to the grid even when my grid set point is 70w. Everyday when my battery is at 100% and my multiplus-ii goes to fload mode it tends to feed to the grid and causes my grid meter to trip. I have a current transformer conected to it. Please see below picture.

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