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Why is my Victron Easy Solar unit only drawing half of the usual generator power?

For some reason my Easy Solar (with 48V Lithium BYD Box) is only drawing about half of the power it usually does when the generator is running. The battery temp doesn't seem to affect it, whether 14 deg C or 20 deg C.

I tested the generator supply out by switching on my coffee machine while watching the monitor - Generator Watts jumped up from around 800 W to over 2000 W. Then straight back to around 800 W when I switched the load off. In Console I tried adjusting the max charging amps up and down, but the actual charging amps are still well below this setting.

The generator usually cruises along at about 1450 Watts of charge. Why would it have suddenly dropped to 800W ?

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Model Phoenix 12/24. When the power switch is turned on, it lights up (bulk) and after a few seconds goes into (failure + fast blinking Bulk) output voltage = 0V

when trying to configure settings:

Adjusting maximum bulk current.

Adjusting absorption voltage.

Adjusting float voltage.

- the system enters setting mode, but the output voltage remains zero

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Fonctionnement du limiteur dynamique de courant QUATTRO 8000


Je souhaite utiliser le limiteur dynamique de courant sur 3 QUATTRO 8000 en parallèle et 1 GE de 22kVA brancher sur AC-IN-1 pour 2 fonctions distinctes :

1- ne jamais dépasser le courant max de sortie du GE (32A/phase). Réglages à 30A shore limit AC1? Faut-il cocher le "Déterminé par panneau de contrôle"?

2- limiter le courant de charge de la batterie en fonction de la puissance soutirée par les consommateurs. En cochant le "limiteur de courant dynamique"?


Pouvez-vous m'aider car je ne suis pas sûr des réglages à paramétrer?

Merci à vous.

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Multiplus-II GX and ESS charger settings

Good Morning,
I am running a MultiPlus/II GX, MPPT, 48V Battery bank, controls via LAN/PC.
I dont want the Multi to charge the batteries in case of insufficient Solar power, so I switched off the Multi charger. But how does the system knows the adequate charge curve (voltage), if the MPPT is under "remote control"?
On a second note, section 4.3.9 in the ESS design and Installation manual says: "This setting does not reduce the charge power coming from MPPT Solar Chargers".
The "maximum charge current" settings in the DVCC does not seem to have any effect. When set to 30A, the current easily reaches 40A.


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How to size an MPPT 75/15 to panels?

I have 2 100W panels wired in series . Input: 200W, 24V, 8.3A. When sizing this I had divided the 200 by 13.8V yielding I assumed the 75/15 was sufficient. Someone else suggested I should divide by 12.0 yielding 16.6. which would mean the controller is undersized. Please advise.

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Why does my SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT appear to be limiting the watts I am getting from my system?

I have a 300 Watt solar setup with a 48V battery that I am trying to use the SmartSolar 100/20 MPPT to charge. The setup is designed to have a high enough voltage to charge the 48V battery, around 52-55V, but it appears that the MPPT is stepping down the watts coming off of the panels. When I directly connect the solar panels to the input of the battery, the watt meter reads about 180W coming in. It has read as high as 215W with ideal conditions. However, when I feed the power from the panels through my MPPT, it only reads about 110W. I don't make any changes to the setup except for adding the MPPT. Is there a setting that I have wrong somewhere in the Victron app? Or is this supposed to happen? If anyone knows where the 70 or so watts that I appear to be losing are going I would appreciate the help!



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Multiplus 2 Dynamic Current Limiter. No output power.

If im running off my Generator.

And I enabled the Dynamic Current Limiter. I set the current limit to 10 amps. Everythibng works great with my Generator. ITs pulling about half the capacity of my generator at that setting. If i go to 20 amps. Some of my AC loads shut off. Like my Microwave and such. but the TV stays on. Weird Right. At 20 amp the generator is running at 2100 watts. which is well within the specs. I have it connected to the 30amp RV output on the Generator. Its a 3000 watt HF Predator. The Multi seeing the shore power and load at 2000 watts. IF i drop it back down to 10amps everything comes back on. I can even run the microwave. Power assist kicks in so the Gen load don't spike up. I have a huge battery bank at over 1200Amp hours so i know its not the batteries. If i switch to inverter only. everything comes back on too.

Any ideas??

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How to switch power assist on an off via node-red?

For some years I have controled my Multiplus (I not II) with a raspberry pi via two DAC and the assistants for "Charge current control" and "Input current limit control".

Since now an extension of the solar plant took place, I wanted to use a Cerbo GX instead of the Raspberry Pi and do without the DA converters but regulate this purely via software. More precisely, by means of Node-red on the Cerbo GX.

But unfortunately I miss the possibility to regulate the charging current (of the Multiplus charger) and also the regulation of the power assist mode does not behave as expected.

I have installed the "large" Firmware (V2.82) on the Cerbo GX and I have enabled node-red and I'm using the node-red-contrib-victron node.
Devices are: Cerbo GX, Multiplus 24/3000, BMV-700, MPPT250/60, MPPT 75/15.

The AC charger node reports "There are no ac charger services available. Please check that a ac charger is connected or try a different node." The "multi control" node has no input for charger settings too.

Question: How can I control the Multiplus charge limit?

The input current limit can be read and writen by "Multiplus Input 1 AC current limit" in and out node but the behaviour is a little bit strange.

From 3 to 16 A current limit, all works as expected. i.e. when I set it to 5 and read it back afterwards, i got 5.
But when I set it to '0' , i got '3' when i read it back, but the Multiplus stops Power Assist mode (as expected). Is this (set to 0 to disable and set to >=3 to enable) the only way to enable/disable power assist?



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BYD LVL 15.4 (120kWh) - I want to increase rate of charge and discharge

Right now I have the following setup

CVL 58.4V
CCL 1944A
DCL 1994A

However when I set grid point to 100kW or -100kW the most the batteries seem to want to take and give is around 60kW.

Im just wondering if I am missing something, as with those figures I would be expecting well over 110kW i/o



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Limiter la charge d'une batterie BYD LVL 15.4

Bonjour à toutes et à tous,

Dans le cadre de l'installation suivante :

* 3 x Quattro 10000 en mode triphasés

* 2 x BYD LVL 15.4 (je sais il en faut 3 pour 3x Quattro 10000 mais je limite le fonctionnement des Quattro à une puissance inférieure à 8000 W par phase jusqu'à l'arrivé de la 3ème LVL)

* Un générateur solaire SMA STP 25000TL

Je souhaite pouvoir programmer ponctuellement une limite de charge des batteries (par exemple à 75 %) au lieu de laisser le système recharger automatiquement à 99 / 100 %

Pourquoi ? Si je dois utiliser une pompe d'irrigation de 11 Kw, avec un fort ensoleillement, c'est le générateur solaire qui va fournir l'énergie à l'installation.

Bien que la pompe soit contrôlée par un variateur de fréquence, l'arrêt de la pompe provoque tout de même pendant quelques instants une recharge des batteries par forcement désirée avant la fréquence ne remonte dans l'installation permettant la baisse de la production solaire.

Je n'ai pas eu d'incident même lorsque le batteries étaient pleine mais je souhaite pouvoir les protéger d'une éventuelle surcharge.

Merci pour vos idées !

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ESS Limit Battery Charge from AC Fronius

Hello i have an question, is there soimewhere a option, to limit the Chargeing of the battry from an AC Inverter (Fronius)

In some cases i would like, to charge the battery only from the DC coupled PV - but i woule like to change these settings (per MQTT)

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Why would a Smart Solar 100/30 and a Orion-TR 24/20 wired to the same battery not output 50Amps??

I have a van with >800W fixed solar panels in series charging a 200ah lithium battery via the Victron SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 charger. I also have an Orion-TR Smart 24/12-20A both wired in parallel to the same 200ah 12 Volt lithium battery.
The Vehicle has a 24Volt battery starting system and the House Battery is 12 Volt system.
I assumed that the max current I could achieve would be 50Amps?
But, after testing I can only ever get a max of 30Amps!
Both have been tested independently of each other and they output their correct respective currents i.e. SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 (30Amps) and the Orion-TR Smart 24/12-20A (20Amps).

Am I missing a software setting here?
(please note I have set the SmartSolar MPPT 100/30 charging limit to 30Amps and no it won't allow me to increase it past the point!)

Thanks for everyone's effort here.

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Parallel Victron Controllers

I have 3 arrays of 12 solar panels each. Each array could produce (12x435watts) 5220 watts theoretically. Each of the 3 arrays are connected to a Victron 250/100 solar controller and subsequently to the Lynx Distributor. My 48 volt system is composed of a total of (8) 206Ah SOK batteries which are connected as follows: 2 sets of 4 batteries (which are connected in series) are in parallel. Also on the Lynx Distributor (with 2 very large 300MCM cables) is a 15kW inverter. My 3 Controllers and BMV-712 are connected by VE Smart Network. At this point, I have connected the first array and all is well.

Here is my question: my batteries can be charged at max current 50amps. Since I have 2 sets in parallel, I assume I can charge at 100 amps. However when I add the other 2 controllers 100amps each, I will be at 300 amps which may be OK for my 15kw inverter but too much for my battery bank maximum charging rate.

When I add the other 2 arrays will the controllers that are networked limit the output to a combined 100 amps?


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Limit Multiplus charge Current using DVCC. Will this also limit current from MPPT?

When I leave my boat for the winter I want to turn off the charger in the Multiplus but leave the pass through working to power some anti frost heating. I also have a BlueSolar Charger MPPT 100/30 rev2 connected to the Venus GX which I would like to still be operational and charging the batteries. If I limit the charging current to zero using the DVCC in the GX will that also limit the current from the MPPT?

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