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Which "charge current range" has PHOENIX SMART IP43 charger (12/30 or 12/50)?


I have read the user manual for VICTRON PHOENIX SMART IP43 charger (PSC123051095 or PSC125051095). Now I would like to ask – whether I can "only" select the maximal charge current in the VictronConnectApp between LAW CURRENT VALUE and MAXIMUM CURRENT VALUE - or can I really select the charge current "from" MINIMUM CURRENT VALUE to MAXIMUM CURRENT VALUE - freely?

Here I cite the "illustrated" example from „original“ Victron-user manual (PDF page 28):

I assume - that the example "pictured" (in the original Victron-manual) is a VICTRON PHOENIX SMART IP43 charger (24 volts/25 amps). See screenshot below. The screenshot shows: MINIMUM CURRENT: 6.2 amps. LAW CURRENT = 12.5 amps. MAXIMUM CURRENT = 25 amps. Could I choose (On this charger) the charge current (in the Victron Connect app) myself - between 6.2 amperes and 25 amperes (i.e. 6.2 or 7 or 8 or 10 or 15 or 20 or 25 amperes)? Or would that only be possible “between” 12.5 and 25 amps?

These PHOENIX SMART IP 43 charger models are offered in the original Victron user manual:

24/16, 24/25 | (1+1) & (3)Output | 120-240V


12/30, 12/50| (1+1) & (3)Output | 120-240V

Unfortunately, I did not find any precise information on setting the MIMIMUM CURRENT value in the VictronConnectApp and in PDF-user manual. Could I regulate the charge current between 15 amps and 30 amps (On "12/30" or "12/50" model,) - or 25 amps and 50 amps (in the Victron Connect app)? Or is there perhaps a MINIMUM CURRENT value – from which I could regulate the maximal PHOENIX-IP43Charger.pngcharging current (For example: From 1 Ampere to: 2, 4, 10, 15, 16, 17, 20, 27, 30, 40 50 Ampere)?



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MultiPlus-II stuck with old max charge current setting

Max charge current is set depending on a variety of factors using NodeRed, and has been working flawlessly for months. I recently noticed that it stopped fluctuating as expected, and checked the code to see if it was still set correctly, as well as whether or not it made it into the "remote console" (in DVCC -> "Maximum charge current"). I also checked that there was no interference from the BMS, and that the current voltage wasn't close to any of the limits either.

When disabling the NodeRed code and setting the charge current manually in remote console, this didn't have an effect either.

Ultimately, since I couldn't make sense of the situation and none of the data I reviewed gave any explanation, I decided to restart the VE.Bus system which - as expected - returned things to normal.

The MPs are running firmware 498, I checked the changelog and it doesn't seem that there have been any changes pointing to what I'm describing above (except maybe for "miscellaneous changes"). Is anyone aware of a firmware change that would fix the issue I have described?

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Cummins Onan P4500i Compatibility with Multiplus 12 3000VA

The title says it all. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the compatibility of the Cummins Onan P4500i Generator with the Multiplus 12 3000VA Inverter Charger. Specifically, I'd like to know if this generator can supply enough continuous power to max out the charge current capabilities of the Multiplus 3000VA (about 1500 continuous watts according to the spec). This is of course assuming no additional loads at play, just the generator and the multiplus connected to a 400+ AH Lifepo4 bank. Theoretically from what I can see the generator could easily do this as it will provide a true continuous 120v/30A power supply.

Theory aside I would really love to know if anyone else can report success with this series of generators being compatible with the multiplus (multiplus "one" not "II" series) to reach full charge capabilities. This is of course assuming weak AC is turned off. I've found many reports of people using the onan models with auto start, but no reports of compatibility for providing charge current.

PS: I know all about this FAQ: and I've studied it. Neither the FAQ nor the links within contain any compatibility reports of specific popular generator models. I know the P4500i falls short of the 5 kVa target suggested in the faq, but I suspect that target is a generalization which factors in more than just the charge current.

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tension de charge Multiplus 2 inferieure a 55A

Bonjour a tous , je vous consulte car j'ai une interrogation.

mon installation est la suivante 5Kw de production PV, Un Multiplus 2 5KVA , et 16 cellules lifepo4 280AH en 48v.

je constate que le chargeur du MP n’excède pas les 50-55 A de courant de charge , hors dans les paramètres j'ai 70A de saisi, et je suis en "optimisé sans BatteryLIfe".

la conséquence est que je renvoi au réseau le surplus , c'est dommage

d'autre part je n'ai aucun message d'erreur du BMS pour surtension ou sur intensité.

pouvez vous me dire à quoi cela est due ?

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MPPT Max Charge current not using BVM Battery current

I have a BVM712 Smart, that is transmitting Battery Voltage and Current sense. And I have a Smart Solar MPPT 150/85 that is receiving Battery Voltage and Current. The are in the same VE.Smart network. Firmware of the BVM is 4.12 and the firmware of the MPPT is 1.61

I have set the Max Charge Current in the MPPT (settings menu: Battery) to 26 A to make sure my battery is charged at 1C (my battery bank is 260 Ah).

When I look what happens now, is that when I have a load of 10A, the battery wont charge higher than 16A. With a load of 20A, only 6 A is charged into the battery.

This means that this setting is limiting the charger output instead of the battery input as provided by the BVM712.

I think this is a bug in the MPPT firmware.

As the setting clearly says "Max CHARGE current", and the charge current is provided by the BVM - the current measured by the MPPT itself is the charge current + load, so it should use the BVM value instead.

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Can you select different current settings for Blue Smart AC-DC chargers? IP22 and IP65

I am interested in the Blue Smart AC-DC IP22 and IP65 chargers. I need to make sure I don't draw more than 15 amps in some scenarios. I believe the IP65 has 4A and 15A settings. Does the IP22 30A charger have a similar setting? Ideally, I would have 10A and full current options. I'm flexible on model, but need this low current functionality, and 10A as a low current option would be perfect combined with a full current (30A or more) option. Can anyone say if this exists in any model?

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Multiplus II 48/5000/70 charge limited to 50A


I have a Multiplus II 48/5000/70 connected to a 14kHw 280Ah 52V LiFePo4-Battery with JK-BMS and Venus OS on RaspberryPi. A 6kWp photovoltaik system is connected AC-coupled on the AC-IN-side. Everything is working great except during sunny periods, the maximum battery charge current seems to be limited to 50A.


I checked all settings in VenusOS, all charge limits are set to 100A. VRM portal is also showing these limits:


DVCC charge limit is switched off, BMS CCL and DCL are also set to 100A.

I also checked with dbus-spy for any secred 50A limit but found nothing. Checked DC charge limit, but also showing 70A...


Downloaded Multiplus II configuration via VRM / Device list / Remote VE Configure and checked settings in VE Configure 3:


Settings seem to be correct here (Weak AC input = off, Charge curreng 70A)

Does anybody have any idea what else to check? Would be nice, if I could use the whole 70A charging current in specific situations (short sunny periods) to quickly charge the battery...

I already tried to search other questions about this topic but didn't find a good answer. The limit of 50A seems to be a fixed barrier.

Any help is appreciated.

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Quattro limiting charge current

I have installed a Quattro, it is set-up with DVCC. For some reason, it always limits the charge current to the batteries at around 16A, this happens when the source is either the generator or shore power. It is not the charge current limit set in the Quattro or Cerbo, as it is much higher than this. It does not matter the SoC, it always limits the current.

I can prove that it is not the batteries limiting the current, as if I start one of the main engines, the alternators will pump in 50A or so, which is their max capacity.

What would be causing the Quattro to limit the charge current?

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over voltage

I am a new solar user with a new system, I am getting a high voltage alarm from the cerbo and the batteries confirm there are multiple high voltage protects enabled, 191 times. the problem is occurring when the batteries are at 100%. the system starts doing a push pull effect on the batteries, every couple seconds it changes from charge to discharge and then ends up in a overcharge. I have 2200 watts of solar peak. it's pushing 200 volts to the MPPT 250/60 which is charging two 48v SOK server rack batteries. the batteries are connected to a MultiPlus-ll 48-3000-35.right now I am having disconnect the pv input when the batteries are full to stop the overcharge. help please:-)

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Incorrect behavior with CCGX and Multiplus 12/3000/120

The CCGX and the Multiplus are not behaving as expectied. This is system is on a sailboat with a Multiplus 12/3000/120, CCGX, SmartSolar, SmartShunt, 2 300ah Relion lithium batteries in parallel. There are two propulsion engines with 80a alternators each and a 13Kw AC generator.

The Victron components replaced the AC Charger (no inverter), PV charger and added the CCGX and the SmartShunt. Originally AC was only available via shore power or the generator. I have no documentation of how these components are actually wired into the system. I have suspicions that it isn't quite right, but I can't figure it out.

I'm an electrical engineer so provide as technical answer as you wish.

1. Charge current is only 30-50 amps. I set the DIPs to allow 50a AC in and 100% chare current out. With the engines running the alternators can deliver 80a. With either charge source the system never reaches absorption voltage (14.4V). The highest voltage I've seen is 13.9V.

2. The currents/energy displayed by the CCGX don't make sense. With the generator on AC loads displayed are ~1000w when there is no such load. This system has a breaker between the gen and the MP. This is really odd: when I turn off the breaker leaving the gen running the AC loads stays at 1000w. If I turn off the generator the loads drop to a reasonable quiescent 25w.

3. The SOC jumps from 60% to 100% when I switch off the breaker controlling input to the MP. The generator is on in this situation. Switching off the generator does not reset the SOC.

4. The DC in/out display is wrong the the generator on. With the generator off the DC loads are ~180w. When the generator is on the DC jumps to 5-700w.

5. Do the DIPs override settings made with VRM?

6. I'm assuming the CCGX displays the following:
AC in as measured by the MP
AC out as measured by the MP
PV in as measured by the SmartSolar with it's own shunt.
Battery in/out via the SmartShunt
DC in/out must have a charge current measurement by the MP. Therefore DC in/out = MP charge current + SmartShunt charge current - SmartShunt current.

7. Can I access all settings with only the CCGX? Or do I need to use VRM? If so I have a laptop, a phone to tether with and maybe the right USB cords: can I configure the VRM?

Thanks in advance,

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How to control Battery charge current with ESS + DC coupled feed in

Hello community, i have a very interesting Question from my side because no one can answer me this. Also not my Victron parts seller.

  • Standard ESS System with 3 or 6 Multiplus. 48-54V System!
  • A Few Victron MPPTs
  • Cerbo GX
  • Shunt

Over the DVCC there is a current Limit for Battery. If the DC coupled feed-in is OFF, then everything is working fine and you can limit the current for the Battery with the DVCC Limits.

But if the DC coupled feed-in is ON, the cerbo-gx ignore the DVCC settings accordings victron manual and also tested in reality. The MPPTs need to be always on full power, to be able to feed in.

But how can i control now the Batterie current? Also the DVCC Voltage Limit doesn't work. This was my second idea, to adjust for example 45V Limit, then the Multiplus should move the MPPT Power into the grid, but it doesn't?!

I want to prevent overcharging the Batteries, so activate some current or Voltage Limit, that the Batterie will not rise up more and more. Doesn't matter a few amperes in or out, but should be around +-5A. So the MPPT power should be used for the house + grid if the shunt shows 100% and then the multiplus should control the shunt current to 0A.

Is there any parameter to write in Node-Red to Limit the battery shunt current? Normally DVCC, but system doesn't listen to it with DC-coupled mode! Thank you a lot!

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balanced battery charge

did anyone get a good setup of the DIYBMS with Venus?
For me, it is discharging around full charge, charging again and doing so at high power.... instead of pulling the current at sufficient PV power from the MPPTs.

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ESS ET112 current limiting

Hi guys I need a little help and understanding when it comes to the ET112. So I get this is part of the ESS system is this the limiting device that the DNO talks about as they talk about software or hardware limit?

What do people that have the ET112 set to? as the DNO ask for An import or load limiting device is a piece of hardware and/or software that limits the demand (i.e. the amount of current drawn) of a premises. The device must monitor the full demand of the premises. Please ensure that the Maximum Demand entered on this form reflects the fail-safe setting of the load limiting device.

Is the inverter also a load limiting device as it can only 50amps when no battery storage is there. I’m not totally sure what they are requesting this? if someone could explain so I can get a better understanding I would be grateful. The system that I have in mined would use two ET112’s one for solar PV which I don’t think they are interested in as the solar is already up and running G98 the other ET112 would monitor the hole incoming mains after the CU main switch so whole house like they ask for but I’ve shed two circuits from the Victron that run directly after the ET112 and don’t go though the Victron as they are too power hungry so dryer and washing machine is grid only and not on crit load I’ve left a blank so a future EV setup could also go grid side. Thank you in advance

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Chargings AMPS to battery and to my loads

I have an Offgrid system with a Victron Multiplus II 5kva and with a 250/100 Mppt charge controller and a 150/70 charge controller conected with plumb - Acid batteries which have a charge limit of 50 amps. The solar panels have more power so we thougt to charge either the batteries with 50 amps and cover the loads with the rest.

Also if how i can avoid that the generador charges the batteries with the max allowed of the 50 amps and also the mppt charge controllers with another 50 amps?

Which settings should i use either for the Multiplus and the Mppt´s to get cover this funcionality we need?

Thanks a lot

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charge current limit of the battery is ignored


i have a 48V system with Cerbo,Multiplus, MPPT (450/100) and battery.

At the moment the battery is full and the battery sets a charge limit of 0A. I can see it in the cerbo menu (CCL = 0.0A).

But the MPPT is charging the battery with full current. Only if battery sends an error message, the charging will be stopped for a few minutes. After 3-5minutes charging starts again until next error message.

I tried to reduce the current with activating DVCC and set a current limit of 0A. But this will also be ignored.

Are there any other settings which could affect this behavior?
Thanks in advance

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