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Low battery alarm on ve bus system

I have a system with 2 x 10kva quattro's in parallel and 60kWh battery and about 20kW solar pannels with 2 x smartsolar 250/100 and 1 x smartsolar rs 450/200.

Imgettinglow battery alarms on different soc. Sometimes 40% sometimes 20%. The battery voltage is stillabove the low battery alarm setting. If there is no grid the system shuts down above 52v even though shut down voltage is 47v.

The alarm comes every view seconds so its a lot of alarms.

Today the battery voltage went down to 51.5v at 20%SOC no alarm when the battery started charging the errors started at 52.2v.

Checked all connections, battery coms is fine.

See all settings below.

DC Low Shutdown 47v

DCInputlow restart 51v

DC Low pre alarm 50v

SOC Low shutdown 10%

SOC low Restart 20%

Charging voltage 55.8v

ESS Settings

Sustain Voltage50v

Dynamic cutoff

0.005c 48v

0.25c 47.8v

0.7c 47.2v

2c 46.8v

All settings supplied by battery manufacturer.

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VE.Bus System [275] - Low battery: Alarm, No inverter restart.


Had a client run their system battery down to the shut down limit. The next day the solar charged the battery back up to 97% but inverter did not start producing power again until it was finally turned off then back on. Is this normal? Why would the inverter not restart after the battery had recharged?

Easy Solar II 48V 5kVA

BYD LVS 12kWhr

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Low battery warning continuaslly appeare on Quattro while SOC is high?!

Using Quattro 5000 / 120 V with an updated firmware and ESS assistant for a 48V system.

We are facing the problem of while having a high AC load and there are no available solar Energy inputs so we are running purely on batteries "having ALWAYS a low battery warning LED flashing - and of course on the CCGX- even that the SOC of the battery from the BMV is higher than 90% and the voltage is ok as well"

  1. is there a way to avoid this wrong indicator on the inverter?
    • Taking into account that the ESS settings for the dynamic battery control is modified already based on our battery type and the low voltage alarm reseat value for the inverter is set to 3 V (instead of 1.2 V default).
  2. In case we have to live with this fake warning, How can we avoid getting this warning on the CCGX?

Appreciate your advice

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how to get inverter phoenix 12/1200 only restart when battery is full

When battery is low, the inverter shuts down to protect the battery. It restarts when battery is recharged, according to the "low battery restart and alarm". This means that the inverter already restarts when this low battery alarm level is reached.

I would like to wait for the restart to happen only when my batteries are more or less fully loaded. I can adjust the "low battery restart and alarm" level to a higher voltage, but in that case the inverter always will give the low battery alarm! A part from this alarm, and the blinking red led, I suppose everything will work normally.

Is there a way to avoid this - in that case - useless alarm?


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Low voltage light - MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50-230V

System (installed on sailboat):

MultiPlus 12/3000/12/50-230V
Lithionics 550Ahr LiFePo4 battery
Victron Multi Control for turning on the inverter


Over the last week we've had 2 instances where flipping the toggle switch on the Multi Control to turn on the inverter we get the solid red low battery light and the inverter won't turn on. This occurred today at 12.9V, and a few days ago at what I assume was a lower voltage (I didn't check the reading--battery was at 235 Ahr).

Today, when this happened (12.9V), I started the engine to engage the alternator to charge the battery (wife needed morning coffee!! and the solar hadn't started charging). As soon as the alternator began pumping 100 Ahr into the battery, we tried turning on the inverter and it came on, and stayed on when I shut-off the engine. The Low Battery LED is flashing red, there is about a 5 Ahr draw on the inverter. Battery is still at 12.9V.

My understanding of the tech specs are that the input voltage range is 9.5-17 V DC, so I don't understand why this started happening.

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Low battery waring on one of three multiplus-II


What can cause one of thee multipluss-II to show a low battery volt varning (L1). They are cobbected in a thee phase ESS system.

All are connected to same batterypack and SOC is 96% 52,9Vdc. Voltage att dc terminals on Multipluss-II whre 52,8 with the FLUKE multimeter.

All DC connections are checked and re-torqued.

Everything seems to work as intended tho.


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Low SOC Alarm- Battery Level is Fine

Hi everyone.

I am getting a Low SOC alarm from my Lynx BMS, even though the battery levels are well above 50% when the alarm trips. It's happening over and over after I reset the alarm.

Has anyone experienced Low SOC alarms seemingly for no reason?

Is there a way to disable these alarms for my client? He is concerned about the alarm, even though the system is working just fine.

Here's the setup:

Full Victron Power System

  • Victron Batteries (200ah x 3)
  • Victron Lynx BMS
  • Victron Lynx Distributor
  • Victron Multiplus 3000
  • Victron MPPT 30 Amp
  • Victron Cerbo GX and Display

I also have a Wakespeed controller for my dual alternator setup which is connected to the Lynx BMS. I'm wondering if the Wakespeed connection is causing the problem.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.

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Starter battery low voltage alarm, maybe I am not understanding the "Notify after" time

I have setup the alarms to monitor my starter battery to alert me when it goes low. Its the timeout value that seems to not work as I thought it would. I don't want to get notified when it drops low for a few seconds during engine start up. I only wanted to be alarmed if its low for a minimum of and hour, 3600 seconds as I have it set to. What am I not understanding about that setting? Is it possible to have it wait the full hour of it being low prior to it alarming? -Bill


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Low battery toujours allumé


J'ai branché mon multiplus 2 avec un cerbo GX et des batteries polyantech. La tension batteries est de 50V, les batteries sont chargées a 100%, pourtant le multiplus détecte un problème tension batteries trop faible.

Si quelqu'un à une idée pour corriger le problème de je suis preneur

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How to solve issue with this Service report for Phoenix Inverter 12/2000 230v progressive low battery warning LED?

VictronConnect_report.logUnable to bluetooth connect (despite following all troubleshooting and can’t locate puk code anywhere) so cant confirm or get specifics of the issue suspected to be low battery warning with green / red LED flashing - have created a service report if anyone can read it to advise on resolving this for us. Thank you.

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10kVA Low batt after setting cutoff voltage

I switched on the 10kVA quattro with 6x US3000C pylontech batteries at about 50% charge.

I later programmed the charger tab, 52V bulk, 51V float, 46V cutoff (AS NORMAL, according to the other 30 odd installs I've done with Pylon)

Soon as I sent the settings and they installed, inverter won't switch on. "LOW BATT"

Voltage was 49.5V

I had to change batteries to switch on again and set low cutoff to 44V, problem "solved".

But not solved. Because Pylon needs load switched off at 46V absolute minimum.

Inverter firmware at 481.

Had the same problem with same Pylon batteries on Multiplus II 5kVA, but the low battery error was constantly showing on its previous set of Trojan sealed floodeds (I believe this inverter to be faulty...) and it would not switch on in first place, before even setting cutoff of 46V. Trojans would have been 37 to 43, somewhere there..

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VE.Bus System [275] - Low battery: Alarm

I am just installing a Multiplus-II GX with 48v LiFePo4 batteries. The batteries have CAN BMS which I have plugged into the CAN Bus socket on the Multiplus-II.

I get the following alarm - VE.Bus System [275] - Low battery: Alarm. The display on the Multiplus-II shows the battery voltage as 49.9v. Can anyone help with this please ? Thanks.

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Multiplus II - prevent low voltage shutdown from momentary surge

I have a Multiplus II on my boat Powered by 5 AGM 12V batteries. If the batteries are at ~70% capacity and I turn on something with a high initial surge such as a coffee maker, I trip the Multiplus‘s low voltage shutdown.

Is there a delay that can be set for the low voltage shutdown? Only a second or two would resolve my issue.

Thank you,


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List of Victron inverters with programmable low battery cutoff voltage

Hi VE Community,

Is there a comprehensive list of Victron inverters which offer a programmable low battery cutoff voltage? This is a requirement for my situation, so all inverters lacking this are automatically ruled out.

I've been looking through manuals, but most don't seem to clearly state whether the cutoff can be programmed, they just say they have that protection feature.

The only one I've found with a very clear answer and some great features I'd love to have is the Phoenix Inverter Smart, which is unfortunately only available for European markets (no 120V version). Not only does it let you program all of this via the wireless Victron Connect app, but it also provides dynamic low voltage cutoff, which I could definitely use.



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MultiPlus-II sudden low battery alarm while battery is full (BSL stubby)

Update 25/11

The battery once again gave a low voltage alarm while about 80% SoC, causing the inverter to restart. There is clearly something wrong. My best guess (based on many informed opinions) is a serious BMS firmware bug or design flaw. It could also be severely unbalanced cells, or a faulty cell. BSL is apparently working on improving the firmware (they're aware something is wrong).

I'm working with the installer to have the battery exchanged for something that actually works reliably. I would not recommend buying a BSL stubby for the time being, at least not until they sort the BMS issues out.



Hardware details:

Setup details:

  • Grid connected to AC-IN
    • Grid feed-in is disabled.
  • AC-OUT-1 is feeding essential loads (no more than 2000W, average about 300W-700W)
  • AC-OUT-2 is feeding geyser (on timer 10:00-15:00) and stove.
  • ESS mode: Optimised (with BatteryLife)
  • The system is less than a week old and has been running perfectly up until a few hours ago.

Issue description:

The inverter suddenly shut down and started up on its own after a minute or two. The battery was about 99% SOC when this happened.

The following alarms occurred:


On VRM I can also see there was a "High DC ripple" warning at the same time.

The system ran fine after that for a while after which the same thing occurred again, but this time it coincided with a grid failure (load shedding). The same alarms occurred:


During both occurrences, the load on the inverter was at most 500W (nothing was switched on additionally when it happened).

Does anyone have an idea what the cause could be? I'd appreciate any input.

VRM images (please let me know if other log data could be useful):





I did also notice on the MPPT daily history, the minimum voltage for the battery today was 44.72V, which seems very wrong:


Usually it discharges to about 45% throughout the evening, and then the minimum voltage hasn't fallen below 51V before today:


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