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low battery warning

multiplus does not always turn on

I have a 12 volt 3000 120 multiplus which is brand new and seemed to work fine for a couple hours. Now 4 out of 5 times the inverter will not turn on and the low battery led is flashing even though the batteries are fully charged.

The low battery led is the only one that is flashing and I cannot find what that error means. It is not in the victron toolkit or the manual. The battery voltage is fine at the multi-plus terminals. I am using AGM batteries which are newer and test good.

It does not appear to be an actual low battery alert or a low battery warning according to victron's toolkit and the manual since it is only the low battery led flashing (not solid which would indicate a low battery warning and shutdown). The inverter led does not light up either and the inverter does not turn on so it is not a low battery alert either.

Notes: I'm running the latest firmware. the battery is fully charged. the voltage looks good everywhere. There are no assistance or virtual switches running. There are no loads on the inverter. AES is disabled. UPS is disabled. Multi plus is set up as a standalone. Cut out voltages are set low 12.25 for alert and 12.00 for cutout. batteries are showing 12.8~13.3 at the multi-plus terminals when it happens. This is an off-grid system in an RV. I do have a cerbo GX as well as a victron solar controller 100/30. The RV is not connected to shore power and the generator is not running or connected. There are no ac loads on the inverter when I try to switch it on.

What am I missing any help is appreciated thanks.

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Pheonix 12/1200 showing wrong/low battery voltage, continuous low voltage alarm/ shut down


I've been running a victron pheonix 12/1200 inverter connected directly to a 100ah LifeP04 Lithium battery successfully for some weeks. Recently the victron app has been showing low battery voltage and immediately shuts down with low voltage alarms, however the battery is completely topped up. My volt meter reads the battery at 13.8volts at the battery and at the inverter however the reading on the victron app shows the batter at 11.8v. The low battery shut down settings are at default (9.3v) and low batter restart & alarm is at the default of 10.9v so why is the inverter shutting off with a reading of 11.8v?

I hadn't managed to connect the grounding in the weeks it was in use but would this confuse the readings? I've also been running a compressor mini freezer which at startup did surge but I had never had an overload warning from the inverter.

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Quattro II stuck in passthru: no ESS and default settings [SOLVED]

Saturday, I updated my Quattro II (24/5000/120, 230V) from 4.94 to 4.96 with the VRM/Cerbo remote upgrade procedure. After upgrading everything worked fine.

Because of some maintenance on the system on Sunday, I turned the Quattro on and off several times. But now it starts up with Low Battery LED and stays in Passthru-mode. Charging and inverting is not possible anymore. Tabular plate batteries are in good condition and fully charged (25,5V measured by Quattro battery monitor and Smartshunt).

The Quattro works in a system together with a Cerbo GX, Digital Multi Control and Smartshunt 1000A. All running on the lastest firmware.

I tried the following (with no luck):

- Started system with no load on outputs

- Checked battery connections, measured 25,5V with a Voltmeter on Quattro battery terminals

- Quattro off, batteries disconnected and connected again, Quattro on

- Removed ESS-assistant with VE-configure

- Removed DVCC in Cerbo-menu

- Changed Grid-country and set to 'no grid'

- Activated the Quattro battery monitor in VE-configure

- Set Cerbo to use Quattro battery monitor instead over the shunt

- Set Quattro to default settings with VE-configure

- Started Quattro without Temp and V+ sensors

- Replaced the UTP cable between Quattro and Cerbo

- Started Quattro without VE-Bus-connection (Cerbo and/or Digital Multi Control) **)

Any help, any clou would be appreciated. The alternative is sending the Quattro II to the dealer, but i can't affort to miss the unit for a long period.

**) Some strange occurs while doing the last action: the Quattro won't start at all with the Digital Multi Control disconnected and the Cerbo connected. LED Overload gives a short flash, then the LED LOW Battery is on for a second. Then a multiple seconds no LED's, and then it repeats itself.

So rolling back the firmware to 4.94 isn't possible anymore, because I have no MK3-cable and for new firmware the Digital Multi Control needs to be disconnected.


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Newbie seeking help with "simple" battery backup for sump pump.

Hi, I'm hoping there might be some bright people out there willing to help me out with my project.

I have a 550w sump pump in the basement, which runs for ~40sec every ~10 minutes or so.
It's crucial that we get a battery backup for this system in case of grid failure, which are rare but do happen, I also need a backup system in case of mechanical failure of the main pump.

I thought I had everything figured out when I purchased all the necessary equipment, but just before connecting it all, it dawned on me that the inverter in got only shuts off at a battery voltage of 10v, which would ruin my battery.

I know my way around the basics, but lack experience and knowledge regarding all the more complicated aspects concerning off grid power.

The setup is as follows: ( I already purchased these items)

  • Additional* 550w, ~220v sump pump. Rated at 1000w max peak.
    (* The main pump is on the grid, so this one is purely for backup and only powered by the inverter, and will be mounted in way so that it only kicks on if the main pump fails)

  • Varta dual purpose 12v 240ah sealed lead acid battery.

  • Ctek M15 charger. 15A max, supposedly rated for lead acid batteries up to 300ah.

Questions and concerns:
How would all this play along with the 12v Victron Phoenix 1200VA inverter?
I hope that the adjustable low voltage shut down would be able to protect my battery from dipping much below a ~50% charge?
Furthermore I trust the dynamic cut off functionality would prevent false shut downs from loads etc?
I do plan to get the VE.Direct to Bluetooth accessory to be able to use this functionality.

I'm also concerned about running into some trouble by having the charger connected at all times, specifically in regards to the protection against high voltage and "DC ripple too high?" The latter being something I briefly read about in another post, so to be honest, I'm not really sure what exactly this is all about.

I must have missed it, but I read the input range on the phoenix inverter as up to 17 volts, which would be within the output of the charger at 15.8 volts? So maybe no reason to worry?
I also just found a section in the specification for the ctek m15 charger, claiming less than 4% ripple, but I'm still clueless as to figuring out if this is within the inverters "safe range"?

Thank you in advance, much love from Denmark.

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Low Voltage Alert on new system

Good afternoon,

*Upfront Disclosure I am by no means even a novice at electrical systems and have been doing this by watching/reading countless videos/blogs. Please pardon my ignorance.*

I've been running into an issue lately with my system stating low voltage when the SOC is at 100%.

This entire system is brand new and has only been running for 10 days.


(3) EG4-LifePower4 Lithium Battery | 24V 200AH in Parallel using 2AWG (35mm) wire. (The Manufacturer, Signature Solar, stated 6AWG (16mm) is recommended and 2AWG(35mm) is ample.)

+ Positive from Battery runs 2AWG(35mm) to 400amp ANL > Master On/Off > Victron Smart BatteryProtect 12/24 220 > (2) Lynx Distributors > (2) Victron 24/3000 Inverters.

- Negative from Battery runs 2AWG(35mm) to Victron Smart Shunt 500 > (2) Lynx Distributors > (2) Victron 24/3000 Inverters.

The system is controlled by a Victron Cerbo GX and Touch.

From what I've read, my 2AWG(35mm) wiring may not be sufficient for the Victron Inverters to work properly and this may be the cause of my problems. From what I've read, I need to up this to 4/0 (95mm)

That being said, the battery terminals are my issue. They are protected by a + symbol plastic shield. I was just barely able to get the 2AWG lugs to work. The 4/0 (95mm) lugs will not fit and removing these covers will void my battery warranty.

Any suggestions on what to do?

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Low battery warning


so I have everything wired to this system, with the dc/dc hookup, mppt solar, 3000 multi plus. And 300ah of lithium battery. when I disconnect my batteries I’m still getting 12 throughout my system, yes the break in the line is to the batteries. Also the victron multi plus keeps showing low voltage. Even when we are in the sun with the solar system charging. What am I doing wrong and how can this be fixed?

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Multiplus ignores AC input when battery is too low - 2

Hi all,

It seems a friend of mine basically has the same problem with a Victron Multiplus 48V/3000VA system (single phase) as @jasonsele described in his post (link),

The battery low light is flashing, no other lights are on or flashing. There's power on the AC-in input, but the Multiplus doesn't seem to charge the batteries (charging light is off).

What state is this Multiplus in? Is it basically switched off? Why is it not using the AC-input to charge the batteries (AC voltage and frequency seem to be ok)? What (if) parameters are controlling this behaviour? How can we restart the Multiplus?

Thanks for any help or insights you can provide,


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MultiPlus-II sudden low battery alarm while battery is full (BSL stubby)

Update 25/11

The battery once again gave a low voltage alarm while about 80% SoC, causing the inverter to restart. There is clearly something wrong. My best guess (based on many informed opinions) is a serious BMS firmware bug or design flaw. It could also be severely unbalanced cells, or a faulty cell. BSL is apparently working on improving the firmware (they're aware something is wrong).

I'm working with the installer to have the battery exchanged for something that actually works reliably. I would not recommend buying a BSL stubby for the time being, at least not until they sort the BMS issues out.



Hardware details:

Setup details:

  • Grid connected to AC-IN
    • Grid feed-in is disabled.
  • AC-OUT-1 is feeding essential loads (no more than 2000W, average about 300W-700W)
  • AC-OUT-2 is feeding geyser (on timer 10:00-15:00) and stove.
  • ESS mode: Optimised (with BatteryLife)
  • The system is less than a week old and has been running perfectly up until a few hours ago.

Issue description:

The inverter suddenly shut down and started up on its own after a minute or two. The battery was about 99% SOC when this happened.

The following alarms occurred:


On VRM I can also see there was a "High DC ripple" warning at the same time.

The system ran fine after that for a while after which the same thing occurred again, but this time it coincided with a grid failure (load shedding). The same alarms occurred:


During both occurrences, the load on the inverter was at most 500W (nothing was switched on additionally when it happened).

Does anyone have an idea what the cause could be? I'd appreciate any input.

VRM images (please let me know if other log data could be useful):





I did also notice on the MPPT daily history, the minimum voltage for the battery today was 44.72V, which seems very wrong:


Usually it discharges to about 45% throughout the evening, and then the minimum voltage hasn't fallen below 51V before today:


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Low voltage on the master inverter only


We installed three Quattro 10kW for a three phase system with lithium battery storage. The master inverter's low battery light is on, while on the other two inverters the light is off. Also, on the color control as well as on the battery's display, the battery voltage is 50V (70% SOC).

Can anyone advise the reason for this warning?

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Ve bus low

My syestem went offline for two weeks because of internet issues but when it came back i found low battery alarm. The system has only the fridge and the battery bank is big (2X 25.5 200Amphrs victron batteries). I don't expect any problem with this bank even for a week. But can anyone help me to interprete what happened on this days using the screenshot bellow


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weak battery warning MPII + Pylontech


I have a Multiplus and 3x Pylontech US 3000 as an ESS System with a cerbo running.

configuration: Victron & Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, US2000C, US3000C, UP5000, Phantom-S, Force-L1 & L2 [Victron Energy]

from time to time, I get messages in the console of cerbo with weak battery warning.


does anybody has a clue why this occurs?

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ESS not inverting when grid fails

I have configured the following components in an ESS solution;

- Quattro 24/8000/200
- Victron lithium battery 25.6V/200Ah Smart-a
- VE.Bus BMS
- Solaredge SE5000 on AC-Out L1

Everything works well, however the Solaredge has not been able to charge the battery in recent days due to too little sunlight and the low battery message is now visible.


The SOC value is around 73% and when we disconnect the grid the inverter does not turn on, this should not be possible with an ESS configuration when the SOC is higher than the minimum specified value of 30%, see overview of set ESS values.


The following values are set in the ESS assistant.


Can someone explain why I get the low battery warning while the VE.BMS still thinks it's all good and why doesn't the inverter turn on when the grid goes down?

Thanks in advance

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MP2 low battery Anzeige kein Umschalten auf WR Modus

Guten Tag, nachdem ich jetzt so ziemlich alle Postings mit ähnlichen Problemen hier gelesen habe, schreibe ich mal selbst ...

Also, nachdem ich meine Force L2 angeschlossen habe und die auf knapp 100% geladen ist, habe ich mir erlaubt das Netz abschalten um zu sehen, was passiert. Ihr könnt es euch denken - nix :-(

Hat das was mit der low battery Anzeige zu tun? Oder mit dem fehlenden Relais-Test? Oder mit?

Bin für jede Anregung dankbar.


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VE.Bus System [261] - Low battery: Warning but does not find the reason


I switched over to ESS today and get flooded with Low Battery alarm even when I have charged it to 100% this afternoon.

Main components:

  • Smartlithium 160AH - Fw v1.06
  • BMV-712 - Fw v4.08
  • SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 - Fw v1.59
  • Multiplus Compact 12/800/35 - Fw 489
  • Venus GX - Fw v2.80~24




Based on another post to lower the DC low input but it is already low enough. Below teh configuration file.



So no idea where I can still check it or what can be the issue.

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Low Battery warning and shutdown with ESS

HI All,

  1. I have 3 sites all giving the same low alarms/warnings and then switching off although the voltages on the batteries are high. The common denominator is all batteries lead acid of sorts and running ESS.
  2. Site 1 - Multiplus 24/3000, 400Ah battery, 150/70 can bus MPPT, BMV700
  3. Site 2 - Multiplus 48/5000, 340aH battery, 150/70 can bus MPPT, BMV700
  4. Site 3 Quattro 48/8000 , 700aH Battery, 2 x 150/85 can bus MPPT, BMV700


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated especially from Victron themselves ( @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) as I see there have been quite a few postings regarding this issue but none have a definite resolution.


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