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Multiplus ignores AC input when battery is too low - 2

Hi all,

It seems a friend of mine basically has the same problem with a Victron Multiplus 48V/3000VA system (single phase) as @jasonsele described in his post (link),

The battery low light is flashing, no other lights are on or flashing. There's power on the AC-in input, but the Multiplus doesn't seem to charge the batteries (charging light is off).

What state is this Multiplus in? Is it basically switched off? Why is it not using the AC-input to charge the batteries (AC voltage and frequency seem to be ok)? What (if) parameters are controlling this behaviour? How can we restart the Multiplus?

Thanks for any help or insights you can provide,


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MultiPlus-II sudden low battery alarm while battery is full (BSL stubby)

Update 25/11

The battery once again gave a low voltage alarm while about 80% SoC, causing the inverter to restart. There is clearly something wrong. My best guess (based on many informed opinions) is a serious BMS firmware bug or design flaw. It could also be severely unbalanced cells, or a faulty cell. BSL is apparently working on improving the firmware (they're aware something is wrong).

I'm working with the installer to have the battery exchanged for something that actually works reliably. I would not recommend buying a BSL stubby for the time being, at least not until they sort the BMS issues out.



Hardware details:

Setup details:

  • Grid connected to AC-IN
    • Grid feed-in is disabled.
  • AC-OUT-1 is feeding essential loads (no more than 2000W, average about 300W-700W)
  • AC-OUT-2 is feeding geyser (on timer 10:00-15:00) and stove.
  • ESS mode: Optimised (with BatteryLife)
  • The system is less than a week old and has been running perfectly up until a few hours ago.

Issue description:

The inverter suddenly shut down and started up on its own after a minute or two. The battery was about 99% SOC when this happened.

The following alarms occurred:


On VRM I can also see there was a "High DC ripple" warning at the same time.

The system ran fine after that for a while after which the same thing occurred again, but this time it coincided with a grid failure (load shedding). The same alarms occurred:


During both occurrences, the load on the inverter was at most 500W (nothing was switched on additionally when it happened).

Does anyone have an idea what the cause could be? I'd appreciate any input.

VRM images (please let me know if other log data could be useful):





I did also notice on the MPPT daily history, the minimum voltage for the battery today was 44.72V, which seems very wrong:


Usually it discharges to about 45% throughout the evening, and then the minimum voltage hasn't fallen below 51V before today:


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MP2 low battery Anzeige kein Umschalten auf WR Modus

Guten Tag, nachdem ich jetzt so ziemlich alle Postings mit ähnlichen Problemen hier gelesen habe, schreibe ich mal selbst ...

Also, nachdem ich meine Force L2 angeschlossen habe und die auf knapp 100% geladen ist, habe ich mir erlaubt das Netz abschalten um zu sehen, was passiert. Ihr könnt es euch denken - nix :-(

Hat das was mit der low battery Anzeige zu tun? Oder mit dem fehlenden Relais-Test? Oder mit?

Bin für jede Anregung dankbar.


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VE.Bus System [261] - Low battery: Warning but does not find the reason


I switched over to ESS today and get flooded with Low Battery alarm even when I have charged it to 100% this afternoon.

Main components:

  • Smartlithium 160AH - Fw v1.06
  • BMV-712 - Fw v4.08
  • SmartSolar MPPT 150/35 - Fw v1.59
  • Multiplus Compact 12/800/35 - Fw 489
  • Venus GX - Fw v2.80~24




Based on another post to lower the DC low input but it is already low enough. Below teh configuration file.



So no idea where I can still check it or what can be the issue.

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Low Battery warning and shutdown with ESS

HI All,

  1. I have 3 sites all giving the same low alarms/warnings and then switching off although the voltages on the batteries are high. The common denominator is all batteries lead acid of sorts and running ESS.
  2. Site 1 - Multiplus 24/3000, 400Ah battery, 150/70 can bus MPPT, BMV700
  3. Site 2 - Multiplus 48/5000, 340aH battery, 150/70 can bus MPPT, BMV700
  4. Site 3 Quattro 48/8000 , 700aH Battery, 2 x 150/85 can bus MPPT, BMV700


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated especially from Victron themselves ( @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) as I see there have been quite a few postings regarding this issue but none have a definite resolution.


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weak battery warning MPII + Pylontech


I have a Multiplus and 3x Pylontech US 3000 as an ESS System with a cerbo running.

configuration: Victron & Pylontech UP2500, US2000, US3000, US2000C, US3000C, UP5000, Phantom-S, Force-L1 & L2 [Victron Energy]

from time to time, I get messages in the console of cerbo with weak battery warning.


does anybody has a clue why this occurs?

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Why is low battery indicator light on Multiplus 3000

I’m using a multiplus 3000 with 3 lithium battleborn batteries wired in parallel. The inverter has a sold low battery light indicator on and I’m not sure why. I haven’t gotten the mk3 to configure the settings yet. I’m getting a good voltage reading of 14.3 volts at the batteries and at the inverter terminals. Is this something that has to be configured to fix?

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What is an appropriate low voltage disconnect with MP 12/3000?


I have 3x 100ah Battleborn batteries in my van and a MP 12/3000 inverter. I monitor them on the BMV-700. I have had a few instances where if my battery dips into the 35-50% range the inverter stops working. I believe this is related to the voltage in the battery bank. When it goes below I'm guessing ~12.5V the MP starts flashing the red "low battery" light.

I cook on an induction stove and also boil water on the 120v outlets. I don't want to push it, but if I know I am going to get in the car and drive and recharge via the Orion or be out in the sun and recharge via solar that day, I'd like to be able to use some of that last 100ah in my bank.

What are your thoughts on adjusting the low voltage auto shutoff for the inverter and how do I do it? Is there a number that is Ok to go down to without hurting the batteries for these instances? Many thanks,


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Multiplus 12v/3000/120v putting out 80v

Need help trying to figure out multi setup. This is my first install of a battery bank with a inverter/charger. There is much to be learned , so thank you in advance. I installed my multiplus 12v/3000/120v with 2 chins 300AH batteries and have a BMV 712 and Ve Bus dongle to read info. First night testing it was running in inverter mode and did not appear to be charging batteries, but seemed to be letting passthrough power through. I check it in morning and it was flashing low battery ( not sure why it was using battery when shorepower is passing though). So when I switch off battery cutoff multi will have a solid low battery light and no passthrough power is present. I test voltage and get 120v on ac in and 80v on the ac out. I am not even sure where to begin.




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Batteries voltage drops quickly when Multiplus switch to inverter mode

Hello Everyone,

Since December 2020, I have installed a backup system to help me to overcome the electricity problems in my offices, and since the commissioning all the system was working properly.the system is composed of 12 gel batteries 12V-210Ah C20 brand Leoch, a Color control and a Multiplus II 48V-5000/70.The installation powers only a few laptops, a few lamps and a small printer, so that our power consumption never exceeds 1200W.

Everything was working well and we had more than 8 hours of autonomy without the SOC of the batteries even reaching 70%, however for the last 4 days, in case of a power cut, after 5 minutes the low battery alarm sounds and the multiplus turns off.

Checking each battery individually in a chain of batteries in series forming a group of 48V, I noticed that the difference in voltage between batteries was enormous, one has a voltage of 9.87V, while the others are at 11.35, the other at 12.35V, this difference in voltage surprises me enormously and I wonder what could be the cause of this because everything was working properly, the settings of the charger well configured in VE configures for a Gel battery, and the room well air-conditioned to optimize the life of the batteries.

What makes it even more complicated is that the Color control mentions an SOC of 98%, but the voltage drops rapidly and the MultiplusII shuts down, followed by a High DC ripple message.

Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance to @Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager), @Alexandra @Thierry Cortassa (Victron Energy Staff) ,thank you also in advance to anyone who can help me find a solution to this problem, because it's already been three days that I am forced to turn to the generator and the fuel costs are starting to weigh on my business, the pictures of the system are here if that can help.

WhatsApp Image 2021-08-22 at 17.16.27.jpegWhatsApp Image 2021-08-22 at 17.16.27 (1).jpeg


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Batteries are at 14.5 v and multiplus says they are at 9.54 and will not start

Hey people. Odd situation. As the title say batteries are fully charged at 14.5 v and the multiplus is reporting 9.54 volts and will not start up. Only the battery low light is on in both inverters. Any ideas!


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Low battery, battery is fine but cant charge, Multiplus ll cant connect to system

For my system,

Victron AGM 4 units of 12V/38Ah = 48V/38 Ah (~3 years)

Victron Multiplus - ll 48V | 3000 VA | Inverter 230 V

CCGX with battery monitor

AC input - connected to grid

AC output - connected to solar panel

ESS - external control through modbus tcp

Previously everything was working fine until only low battery alarm of inverter just shown up (inverter on led is not on) and the system shows on CCGX is Off, battery in idle and no AC input. The battery details shown on CCGX has 43% SOC (19.4V, 0W 0.0A Idle state).

I've checked on the AC input, AC output, they are working fine. Even send the inverter to check in another inverter workshop showing the inverter itself is working fine (inverter on) when 230V is supplied into the AC output and battery is connected to the inverter. In this case, what should I do? I tried to charge the battery from the grid through modbus tcp, it cant work. I cant charge the battery from AC output (Solar panel) because the inverter does not recognised the AC output.

Please help me

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BMV-700 Persistent Low Battery Alarm

I have a Victron Energy BMV-700 Battery Monitor on my solar power system. For quite a number of years the alarm system has very rarely gone off. However since the lead acid battery placement change (originally in 2 rows of 12 batteries but now in 1 row of 24 batteries and only changed to make it easier to see all the battery levels) a couple of months ago I am constantly getting Low Battery Alarm alerts and the system shuts down.. The battery level has normally been between 70% and 90% when this occurs thus making a mockery of "low battery". Sometimes this is happening 4 or 5 times a day (normally it happens at least once every day) & it is driving me demented not knowing why nor being able to resolve the problem.

Any ideas/solutions would be gratefully received. Thank you

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Low Battery and Voltage Reported When Both are High

I have a 1,200-watt, 1,000AH solar system on my RV as itemized below. For some reason, it is giving me a "Low battery" warning, both in the VictronConnect app and on the "vilcron energy BLUE POWER" panel.

When I use the VictronConnect app, it shows that my state of charge is 97%, 13.97 volts, and "infinite" time remaining. At the same time, it has a notification at the bottom portion of the screen that says, "Low voltage."

Doesn't the combination of my 97% state of charge, 13.97V, and 1,000AH bank mean I don't have a low battery or low voltage? If so, where would I begin troubleshooting?

FYI, when I called my installer, he suggested that some of my batteries could have burned fuses. So I bought six replacement fuses and took them to an RV repair facility. The tech advised me that all my fuses are fine. I attached a screenshot of the VC app and my fuses and following is my component list. Any troubleshooting suggestions for a layperson would be appreciated!

- BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor

- 6 x 200-watt solar panels

- 5 x 200 AH Victron Lithium Batteries

- Multiplus Inverter/Charger 12V / 3000VA / 120amp

- VE.bus BMS

- VE.Bus BMS Mains Dectector

- SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/100

- Tr VE.Can

- Skylla-i Control GX



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Newbie Troubleshooting Questions


About two months ago I had a system installed as itemized below and have read most of the manuals so far. I am not an installer and have no prior knowledge or skills in solar systems so please keep that in my mind when responding.

I am thankful for this forum and, like many users, will be consumer at first before I can contribute to others. If I don't thank you when you respond, please know that I do appreciate your responses.

Question 1
Often, when my battery bank is completely charged, I will turn on my inverter to run the air con for a couple hours or other power-hungry devices like the microwave or induction stovetop. Almost immediately after turning on the inverter, my Skylla-i Control GX unit will flash the red, "Low Battery" light then turn off the air con. Then, 10 seconds to a minute later, the light will go off and the air con will start back up. This process will repeat non-stop. Why does the "Low Battery" light come on when my 1,000AH battery bank is fully charged?

Question 2:
I read somewhere that it's not ideal for lithium batteries to always be topped off and in float mode between uses, as mine are. Is that true? Will the answer depend on whether you are full-timing or storing your RV?

Question 3
I read that one of the benefits of lithium batteries is that you can safely discharge them to at least 20%. However, my installer set the "Discharge floor" value to 48%. Does that seem reasonable or can I safely change that to 20% to reduce my costly and noisy generator use?

My 2021 Dynamax DX3 RV solar system the following key components:

- BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor
- 6 x 200-watt solar panels
- 5 x 200 AH Victron Lithium Batteries
- Multiplus Inverter/Charger 12V / 3000VA / 120amp
- VE.bus BMS
- VE.Bus BMS Mains Dectector
- SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/100 \
- Tr VE.Can
- Skylla-i Control GX
- Magnum MS2812 Inverter/Charger

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1 Answer

Says low battery on Victron Quattro 5000 48 volt

Quattro has red light on low battery and will not allow any power from the batteries. It will accept power from my generator that is the only way the system will work.

Lights that are currently lit up on the Quattrro is... Bulk, Absorption, inverter on and low battery.

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1 Answer

Error victron quattro 48/8000, low battery led.
  • Hello, let's see if anyone can help me. In the inverter the red low battery light has come on and the inverter does not work, in the color control screen the battery is at 100% and the voltage is 55.1V. The system has four 2.5KW BYD batteries and each has a voltage of 55V. In the terminals of the inverter there is also 55V. I have checked the CAN network cables from the batteries to the control color and they are correct, but from the CAN to the first battery that cable fails a PIN. I have replaced it but the inverter still does not start. Will I need to buy the MK2 interface to eliminate this fault? Any idea of the problem?
  • Thank you
  • [image]





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1 Answer

Unable to clear “low power” notification from Multiplus/Touch50.

Recently installed all Victron 12V system in my latest van conversion. 2x200Ah Lithium Batteries, 3K Multiplus, Cerbo GX, Touch50, BMS CL12/100, load and charge battery protects & MPPT Solar controller.

At any battery voltage, including fully charged, I receive a “low power” notification from Multiplus showing up on the Touch 50. Multiplus is on, shore power disconnected and no AC load.

The Multiplus however appears to function properly in that as soon as an AC load is switched on (Eg hot water heater) the low power notification on the Touch50 clears and Multiplus inverts the load and all is right in the world. As soon as I turn off AC load, and again at any battery state of charge” the “low power” notification returns on the Touch50. Shore power switching and shore and solar charging all functioning normal as well with or without AC or DC loads.

Letting the BMS manage load and charge disconnect, The Multiplus Inverter DC Input low shutdown, restart & Pre alarms are set at 9.3V, 10.9V & 10.9V respectively as advised by my dealer. So I fail to understand the source of “low power” notification.

I’ve been through all posts, owners manuals, etc and remain without a solution to clear the notification. Any advise would be appreciated.

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1 Answer

Multiplus Compact dead after BMS disconnecting and low battery.

Hello! I had an accident with my system, the negative wire disconnected from my VE.Bus BMS and the battery went very low making the inverter/charger stop working. At least that’s my assumption so far.

The thing is, I can’t make it go back on for nothing. Fuse looks right. AC power is coming in. I’ve even tried to mess up with the dip switch what made it respond at some point with the red light but after connecting it back it stopped responding again. It’s now out of the system, I’m looking for a way to make it respond so I can connect it to my PC. Any thoughts??

Thank you!!

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Low battery alarm

I have a Victor on 3000 multi plus where to AGM batteries hooked up every once a while I’ll try to just turn on the inverter and it has a low battery indicating light I’ll check the voltage on my AGM batteries and I’ll be at 12.85 V so it should be essentially 100%. I checked the connections are all tight. I’ll plug it into shore power and then the inverter will turn on and starts charging the batteries again. So why am I getting low battery alarm when I’m essentially full. It’s getting frustrated since it was expensive system and it’s new it’s only three months old

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Quattro shuts off with low battery alarm error despite being at 100% SOC

Despite being at 100% SOC( Pack voltage was around 61V), the inverter is throwing a low battery alarm error and shuts off. When the SOC drops to 99%, low battery error goes off and works completely normal.

I even checked the DC input pre low alarm and DC input low shutdown voltages which are set around 45V in VEconfig.

Please explain the reason

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Low Battery alarm on 12/2000 shutdown

I installed Victron Multiplus 12/2000 in my trailer. It was running fine, but I did try to run AC while connected to 15A shore power and inverter shutdown. Low Battery comes light comes up and I cannot make inverter run again. Batteries are fully charged. How to make inverter run again? Will AC work when connected to 30A shore power or it will trip again.

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LBCO Time Delay Setting

It appears my Multiplus 3000 inverter is disabled immediately upon reaching the Low Battery Cut-Off setpoint, which does not account for the voltage lag when I turn on my toaster oven.

Xantrex inverters allow you to set the time delay and Magnum inverters have a one minute time delay.

I can't find an equivalent Victron setting.

Am I just not seeing it? If there is no time delay, is there a reason Victron does not have one?



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Multiplus low battery although voltage is good


i just transplanted my Multiplus 12/3000/120-50 (xxx4) for quick and dirty testing purposes from my old rv to my new one. But the low battery led is illuminated constantly although the measured voltage on the battery connectors is like 14.xV. I know that i have to reconfigure the battery types but for quick testing it should be fine. What might be wrong? Could it be that the old system was shut down by the bms because of a low voltage alarm? If so, how can i awake the multi whithout having shore power? the mains connector ist still connected but whithout bms it makes no sense, right?

The old rev had lithium batteries with victron bms, color control gx. the multi was controlled via the remote panel and everything worked fine.

Thanks for your help!


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3 Answers

Inverter RS 48/6000 inaccurate history

The data for the past days is showing up incorrectly. The last two days it went through both float and absorption cycles but this is not reflected in the record. Instead all the previous days are wiped by default to bulk only. I am wondering if something is triggering this inaccuracy. I see a low battery voltage notification. This doesn’t make sense because the last 2 days for sure I did not run the battery below 49v. Has anyone else had a similarly puzzling inability to get an accurate history? Why might the low battery notification be triggered if the battery never actually was low?


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Multiplus 12/3000 low battery warning then shutoff under high AC load.

I have a victron multiplus 12/3000 inverter with 2x 150ah lithium batteries from Ohmmu wired in parallel. The batteries and inverter are wired with 4/0 cable.

When I try to run a high draw appliance (in this case an espresso machine), the low battery light comes on, and the inverter shuts off.

What might be causing this issue? Everything I have found on other forum posts here is related to wire gauge, but I don't think that is my issue. Is there anything else that might be causing it?

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Lifepo4 capacity and lynx shunt calibration

Hello from sunny south florida,

I an Electrician and my company assigned me that task of building out a camper van for a client. After some research I ended up using a multiplus 12/3000 with a CCGX, the lynx shunt 1000a, a 45amp mppt solar charger with ~250w worth of solar panels on top of the van(I wanted more panels but customer wanted more storage)and 2 renogy 170Ah lifepo4 batteries in parallel, and an alternator charger. The equipment seems to be operating as it should with the exception 1 thing that just popped up last night. The load on the system is roughly 20w to power the ccgx and the cellular internet (according to my CCGX).



with the rating of the batteries at 2175w each i estimated the system should run for ~200hrs +/-with no charge, ive been monitor the vehicle through VRM and it all has checked out until yesterday..the customer has had the van parked not in use all of last week. We had good weather all week with the exception of friday when it was cloudy all day and the solar didnt produce much.

To get to the point though the batteries died after ~ only 24-32hrs of no input am i mis-calculating something here or do i need to look into the current calibration of the system?

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Multiplus ignores AC input when battery is too low

I have two multiplus 24/3000/70-50 and two MPPT 250/60 with 300amps of 24v lithium batteries and a color control . It's a 50amp RV with a each multiplus connected on L1 and L2. I have an issue that only happens when I am connected to shore power and run the batteries too low.

A few times I've overloaded the AC input by running too many appliances including air conditioners and that trips the shore power breaker. This usually happens when I am on 30amp shore power, even if I set the input current limit to 30amp max. Because the system works so well it switches over to my batteries and I sometimes don't notice. It eventually drains the batteries and shuts off the system with the low power alarms. Once this happens I can't get the shore power to charge the batteries any more. I reset the breaker so that there is power AC in 1 but the multiplus won't accept the power input. At this point usually the multiplus is off and the switch for "on/off/charger only" won't do anything. I have to use a jumper cable on the terminals of the multiplus to power it back on. Once it is on it still does not accept the AC shore power input to charge the batteries and I have to wait until the solar panels charges them enough that it will allow AC in again. Even with both multiplus on, resetting the switches, and seeing main on, the color control still shows AC input at 0 and state is off. However, the solar input works fine and once the batteries get recharged to a certain level it accepts the AC input again.

I assume that the batteries have to be restored enough for the system to return to normal but why would it accept solar in and not shore power in to charge them? Obviously this creates a problem when it happens at night because I have to wait until the sun comes up in the morning to charge the batteries. Shore power, generator or any input on AC in 1 will not work until the batteries recover.

So two things I'd love to fix. 1. How can I get the multiplus to stay on when I have shore power but batteries are low? Why would I need to jump it? 2. How can I get the multiplus to accept AC input when the batteries are dead? Shouldn't AC input work all the time?

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REC-BMS for Victron / Multiplus 24/3000 / Control Load busbar


I'm pretty new to LiFeYPO4 (coming from normal batteries) and I want to build a Victron system using Winston LiFeYPO4 batteries with REC SI BMS for Victron. I intend to build a 2p8s system which is connected to the BMS.

REC BMS communicates with Victron via CAN and CCGX will be configured with DVCC to let the BMS decide the whole charging thing.

My issue is regarding the LOAD:

In all Lithium Victron diagrams (e.g. here) a Smart Battery Protect is used to switch loads on and of. SBP is controlled by VE-BUS BMS via the load disconnect signal. But with REC-BMS I have no clue to accieve this...

Is it possible to use the alarm relay of CCGX? REC BMS also has an optocoupler but the manual says this is only for charging...

My questions are:

Is it correct that in case of undervoltage the inverter of the MPII is switche off via CAN?

Has anybody an idea how to switch of all 24/12v loads in a Victron environment using REC BMS for Victron?

Any ideas appreciated.


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Sudden low voltage disconnect LifePo4

The 100Ah Lifepo4 battery in my camper has suddenly disconnected itself due to low voltage.

The BMV 712 however still shows a SOC of nearly 100%.

(A couple of days before the BMV got an update, which “failed”. The SOC showed by the BMV after the update was 100%, while it was 97% before the “failed update”.)

I don’t understand what might be wrong. How is it possible that the BMV still indicates that the battery is (nearly) fully charged? Can it be explained by the prevailing low temperature of mines 4 degrees of the battery?

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