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Low battery alarm on Easysolar II GX

Hi everyone.

I've got a probleme wich I don't understand the root cause.

My Easysolar 2 GX (48 volts) was running fine until today.

The configuration is simple. I'm still on testing purpose.

The inverter is ruled with the VS switch dedicated ignore AC input

This morning the battery voltage level was more or less around 49 volts and started accepting AC input to charge the battery bank.

However after a while it stopped since the voltage level reached 51 volts (wich is too low)

As a result I tried to connect my laptopn with the MK3 device to raise this level higher and make sure the battery bank is correctly charged.

Unfortunately I was unable to connect with VE configure since the system must be (my understanding) on (I mean AC input active).

After many tries (connecting/removing the cable from the VE port on Easysolar an alarm occured.

Since then the system won't start (HUB- is off) with alarm: low battery level.

However the batterye bank shows 49, 9 volts.

Could anybody provided advice ?

Many thank's

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Starter battery low voltage alarm, maybe I am not understanding the "Notify after" time

I have setup the alarms to monitor my starter battery to alert me when it goes low. Its the timeout value that seems to not work as I thought it would. I don't want to get notified when it drops low for a few seconds during engine start up. I only wanted to be alarmed if its low for a minimum of and hour, 3600 seconds as I have it set to. What am I not understanding about that setting? Is it possible to have it wait the full hour of it being low prior to it alarming? -Bill


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Multiplus 2 48/3000 unexplainable low battery alarm

Really confused by this issue. I have 52.7 V at the multiplus positive and negative terminals. 52.75 V at the battery terminals. System is using two 24 V 200ah victron batteries, controlled by a lynx smart BMS.

The inverter will not even power on, because it instantly gives a low battery error when turned on. When the inverter is turned off via the switch, the system functions perfectly and as expected. VE bus Cable is connected to the VE bus port on a Cerbo. Lynx Smart BMS CAN bus is connected to Cerbo’s CAN bus.

Can’t figure this one out! Any ideas?

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Solved: False low battery voltage alerts

I have an ESS installation with Multiplus-II 48/5000 and Seplos battery connected via CAN. In low battery SOC (~15%) I see tons of 'Low battery voltage' alerts at rather high voltages (51.25V). DVCC is enabled (with SVS). In the Seplos BMS I don't see any warnings.

In the ESS assistant configuration I have configured the 'Cut off voltage' at 44.8V for all discharge currents. Restart offset is at 1.20V. So I would expect that the low voltage alert is rather at ~46V.

Is there any 'hidden' setting, which triggers the low voltage warning?



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VE.Bus System [288] Automatic monitoring Low battery

Hi, I have been getting increasing momentaneous low battery warnings that last a few seconds My system components are: - VICTRON Multiplus 48/300/35-16 - NARADA Gel batteries, 4 x 200 Ah in series - SOLARMAX 2000s solar inverter, with 2010 Wp of panels (connected to the Multiplus via a VICTRON current sensor) - VENUS OS running on a Raspberry PI - Currently configured for ESS 80% I suspect my batteries may be are nearing their End Of Life, that would explain the alarms @ night when they reach 80% SOC. But today I got an alarm at 10 AM, after a -22,58 A spike that triggered a 48.97 voltage drop. This was when the batteries were being charged. Why did this spike occur, when on mains voltage + solar output? Did the inverter go into boost mode for an instant? How can a reliably test the health of my batteries? Maybe I have one or two bad cells? NOTE: I would like to attach photos and/or screenshots, but can't figure out how

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Pheonix 12/1200 showing wrong/low battery voltage, continuous low voltage alarm/ shut down


I've been running a victron pheonix 12/1200 inverter connected directly to a 100ah LifeP04 Lithium battery successfully for some weeks. Recently the victron app has been showing low battery voltage and immediately shuts down with low voltage alarms, however the battery is completely topped up. My volt meter reads the battery at 13.8volts at the battery and at the inverter however the reading on the victron app shows the batter at 11.8v. The low battery shut down settings are at default (9.3v) and low batter restart & alarm is at the default of 10.9v so why is the inverter shutting off with a reading of 11.8v?

I hadn't managed to connect the grounding in the weeks it was in use but would this confuse the readings? I've also been running a compressor mini freezer which at startup did surge but I had never had an overload warning from the inverter.

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VE.Bus System [276] Low battery: Alarm - drive me crazy

Hello guys,

I can't get a handle on the low battery alarm.

I have checked log files and settings and can not find any error. The alarms just don't make sense to me.

Even when the battery is not charging or discharging, I get this alarm. SoC also makes no difference, charging or discharging does not matter.

Firmware update of the MP2 from 497 to 501 has no influence on the error, as well as update of the Cerbo to the current Beta FW also not.

All contact resistors look good, I checked these with a thermal imaging camera. Nothing conspicuous to see.

My setup:

1x MP2 5000 in ESS mode (FW501)

1x Cerbo GX

1x 15kWh Gobel battery LifePo4 via CAN

Battery connected with 70mm², NH fuse disconnector and the Lynx Power in










Screenshot 2023-02-02 134053.jpg

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MPII Low Battery LED flashes

Hello, because of the trouble with my Daly BMS I disconnected the BMS from Victron OS on raspi and escaped all informations out of VRM and Victron OS. In the same time I did the firmware update of the MPII to 502. Since this time I have battery warning flashing, but the voltage is over 52V. In the VRM and in the Venos OS is no current Alarm present. Only the red flashing LED will displayed and in the Alarm Status of the MPII the battery warning is present. I started everything new for several times, but always the battery warning comes back. What shall I do?

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Low battery alarm on ve bus system

I have a system with 2 x 10kva quattro's in parallel and 60kWh battery and about 20kW solar pannels with 2 x smartsolar 250/100 and 1 x smartsolar rs 450/200.

Imgettinglow battery alarms on different soc. Sometimes 40% sometimes 20%. The battery voltage is stillabove the low battery alarm setting. If there is no grid the system shuts down above 52v even though shut down voltage is 47v.

The alarm comes every view seconds so its a lot of alarms.

Today the battery voltage went down to 51.5v at 20%SOC no alarm when the battery started charging the errors started at 52.2v.

Checked all connections, battery coms is fine.

See all settings below.

DC Low Shutdown 47v

DCInputlow restart 51v

DC Low pre alarm 50v

SOC Low shutdown 10%

SOC low Restart 20%

Charging voltage 55.8v

ESS Settings

Sustain Voltage50v

Dynamic cutoff

0.005c 48v

0.25c 47.8v

0.7c 47.2v

2c 46.8v

All settings supplied by battery manufacturer.

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Low Battery and Voltage Reported When Both are High

I have a 1,200-watt, 1,000AH solar system on my RV as itemized below. For some reason, it is giving me a "Low battery" warning, both in the VictronConnect app and on the "vilcron energy BLUE POWER" panel.

When I use the VictronConnect app, it shows that my state of charge is 97%, 13.97 volts, and "infinite" time remaining. At the same time, it has a notification at the bottom portion of the screen that says, "Low voltage."

Doesn't the combination of my 97% state of charge, 13.97V, and 1,000AH bank mean I don't have a low battery or low voltage? If so, where would I begin troubleshooting?

FYI, when I called my installer, he suggested that some of my batteries could have burned fuses. So I bought six replacement fuses and took them to an RV repair facility. The tech advised me that all my fuses are fine. I attached a screenshot of the VC app and my fuses and following is my component list. Any troubleshooting suggestions for a layperson would be appreciated!

- BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor

- 6 x 200-watt solar panels

- 5 x 200 AH Victron Lithium Batteries

- Multiplus Inverter/Charger 12V / 3000VA / 120amp

- VE.bus BMS

- VE.Bus BMS Mains Dectector

- SmartSolar Charge Controller MPPT 150/100

- Tr VE.Can

- Skylla-i Control GX



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VE.Bus low battery Warning -> false alarm??

Dear all,

I have the following system:

3phase ESS with MP2 5000 Firmware 494

1 MPPT RS450/100 Firmware 1.09

REC BMS with 16s4p LFP

Fronius Symo 6 on ACout

Cerbo 2.92

DVCC active with STS and SVS

The system is running flawless since may this year.

Today I got a Ve.Bus Alarm Low Battery Warning and was wondering why. Voltage was 53V (according to BMS), cell voltages fine, SoC was 70% (min SoC in ESS is 65%).

Alarm Timestamp is 14:58, and now see the difference between BMS, MPPT and VE.Bus concerning voltage readings:

BMS (53,02V):


MPPT (52,39V)


VE.Bus (50,39V)


The Warning was cleared after 30seconds, all three devices are showing again the same voltage reading like it was before.

Does any one have an idea about the root cause?

Thanks i advance



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MultiPlus 2 "Low Battery warning" with full pack

Hey, we've just commissioned a new installation with a Multiplus 2 48/5000. The battery pack is a 16S 280Ah LiFePo4 rack-mount pack from Gobel that is connected over CAN to the Cerbo. The pack has been fully charged by an MPPT before commissioning the MP2 and it shows 52V in the Cerbo. The MP2 has received the newest FW 501 after connecting to the Cerbo as well. Yet, after turning on the MP2 it shows "low battery warning" and flashes the red light after a few seconds. I don't have an MK3 interface and did the firmware upgrade and config updates through VRM. I am planning to use the system as an ESS and have played with a few values already but without success. The default voltage warn levels are already quite low (43V in inverter tab of VEconfigure).

I am attaching a screenshot of the warning in the Cerbo and the current config file.

Any thoughts on this?



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Voltage difference MultiPlus-II and BMV-712 causing early low voltage cut off

It seems like the voltage measured by the BMV-712 and Multiplus-II are different:

  • When discharging, the BMV-712 reports a higher voltage than the Multiplus.
  • When charging, the BMV-712 reports a lower voltage than the Multiplus

This also results in the Multiplus-II (VE.Bus System) cutting power too early, as it thinks the SoC is dropping below 50%, while the BMV-712 is reporting a higher voltage and a SoC which seems to map on the Ah consumed vs the capacity of the battery bank.

The battery bank is a Landport AGM (16 x 260 Ah, configured as 4s4p. So +- 1000Ah 48V battery bank).

See screenshot for an example of such voltage discrepancy.


The system is configured to use the BMV-712 as battery monitor (see screenshot below). Which doesn't seem to have any impact on the MultiPlus-II detecting low SoC and cutting power.


Any advice?

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Low SOC Alarm- Battery Level is Fine

Hi everyone.

I am getting a Low SOC alarm from my Lynx BMS, even though the battery levels are well above 50% when the alarm trips. It's happening over and over after I reset the alarm.

Has anyone experienced Low SOC alarms seemingly for no reason?

Is there a way to disable these alarms for my client? He is concerned about the alarm, even though the system is working just fine.

Here's the setup:

Full Victron Power System

  • Victron Batteries (200ah x 3)
  • Victron Lynx BMS
  • Victron Lynx Distributor
  • Victron Multiplus 3000
  • Victron MPPT 30 Amp
  • Victron Cerbo GX and Display

I also have a Wakespeed controller for my dual alternator setup which is connected to the Lynx BMS. I'm wondering if the Wakespeed connection is causing the problem.

Thanks in advance, any help is appreciated.

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Parallel LiFePo4 batteries SoC occasionally jumps from 30% to 0%


I have a system with two BSL 7kw LFP48 125Ah batteries wired in parallel on a bus bar, with two Multiplus II's working together. There are two MPPTs connected to the bus bar, and a Cerbo GX to handle ESS. The system is grid-tied, and configured to use the batteries' built-in BMS.

Being LiFePo4 batteries, my understanding is that they should have a higher DoD and so I have my minimum SoC set to 20%. What is odd is that occasionally the SoC will be somewhere between 30% and 40% whilst I am discharging from the battery, and it then suddenly drops to 0% triggering an alarm and causing the Multi's to start pulling from the grid. When I physically inspect the batteries, I can see from the charge LED indicators that one of them appears to have drained completely whilst the other still has charge (~2-3 out of 6 charge LEDs lit). Whenever this happens, it was the same physical battery that appeared to have drained.

My installer has tried a few things to rectify the problem, none of which have worked:

  • battery firmware upgrade on both batteries
  • tweaking the position of each battery's connections onto the bus bar
  • rewiring the batteries so that there is a single bus bar connection with the battery terminals themselves connected in parallel
  • replacing the suspect battery

I'm going to chase my installer again, but wanted to see if anyone here might have some advice. Obviously it would be good to fix the issue completely so that the battery doesn't get damaged, but I also found it a little odd that this triggered the entire system switching to the grid. Is it not possible for the system (I guess the BMS) to know that the one battery is depleted and to serve up power from just the other battery?

I've attached two screen grabs from VRM showing an example of the sudden drop in SoC, and also one showing the BMS min/max cell voltages. The latter in particular clearly shows something wrong as the min cell voltage falls off a cliff yet the max cell voltage is reasonably stable. I've also attached a recent image showing the two batteries when this happens - the top one has two charge LEDs lit, whilst the bottom one has none.

One thing that is maybe relevant is that I tend to see this behaviour 1-2 days after having had a patch of bad weather (and therefore poor solar PV). On these days my ESS configuration will tend to keep the battery stable & draw from the grid, occasionally directing grid energy into the batteries to ensure there is enough to deal with the rolling blackouts we experience in South Africa. Some of the advice from BSL via my installer has been to make sure that the batteries "float" at least once a week - we get good sunshine more often than that & so typically the SoC hits 100% by about 11am, with the MPPTs then scaling back power production to match household loads for the remainder of the day.

This isn't a major problem for us, but it does make me a little nervous that I can't trust that my batteries will definitely have power when the system shows ~35% SoC. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!






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