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Battery banks capacity

I have a battery bank made of 6 pcs. ETHERNITY 8PzS-ET 1000-LM C5 2V connected in series. The total capacity of that traction battery system is 12V/1000Ah/C5.

Some producers have informed the capacity of the cell measured with C10 or C20. Could somebody tell me what is the right value to write in my Victron MPPT 150-85 solar charger controller and in my Victron Multiplus 3000 KVA 12V 16A inverter charger? Battery capacity has to be put there in both.

What difference is there to using for example 1000Ah/C5 or 1200Ah/C20 with the same battery?

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Victron Lead Acid Batteries - Failure ?

All Victron batteries must have a manufacturing error after a lot of test and research on around 300 batteries from Victron mainly super cycle 25AH over 250 and 18 batteries Gel Deep Cycle 220Ah.

Most of the super cycle they fail within 6 months to 1 year even if you have them on float voltage and not cycling them, if cycling them on a solar system best you can get is 6 months. 30% got a catastrophic effect of swelling. Other manufacture of batteries with 4 year floating still there and running without a problem the only difference is that is 18Ah instead of 25Ah.

After 1year of using them new ones with serial numbers came out thinking they fixed the problem but at the end they all failed from 25Ah day one measured with a proper load tester they all end up at 3Ah the ones that are always on float voltage , the ones doing cycles are 100% dead. It was a big loss for us and there is no support or guaranty from our local dealer since they are not replying to our calls. They tried at the beginning to help but that didn't help since there is no response.

The 220Ah at a controlled environment at 25-30 degrees Celsius 70% state of charge as a discharge they get a half capacity if not less on some of them after 1 year.

After 1 year and 2 months it was failing cause of some of the cells in series of the 4 was actually close to 50Ah and some on 119Ah on 2 strings parallel of 4 in series.

All batteries show a good voltage like a new graph but with the difference of the capacity instead of 220Ah there new capacity 120Ah or 50Ah, on the small ones 25Ah when new but after 6 months to 1 year 3Ah if not swelling.

Note that internal resistance was measured but it can’t be trusted since it was showing good on a lot of cases but the capacity was not there, most test where done with C20 and C10 when new even C2 was good.

Hope this 2 year test and research on Victron batteries will help.

What is your experience with the Victron Lead Acid Batteries?

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SOC on new install? Capacity seems off. 2 Battle Born Game changers all Victron hardware

When my System was installed I purchased one Battle Born Game changer, they wanted me to spend the night connected to a 50a shore power. In my RV. They had the shunt set to 270AH for the battery capacity. This was correct until I had them install a second Game changer. I changed the AH in the Smart Shunt myself to 540AH before the second BBGC was installed when the Battery was at 100% it said I had 10 days runtime. When the second battery was installed it still said 10 days? Even after I changed the setting in the shunt. I won't have the Dongle to get into the Multi plus II until later this week so I can't see if anything is not set right in the Inverter? Is the 10 day a max limit? Or could another setting be off? The installer did connect a laptop to the system while they were adding the second battery but didn't tell me what he did? I'm trying to get it setup as I want for my Boondocking needs . It's almost like they left everything default from the distributor. I found they but from Battle Born directly for batteries and Victron hardware. Battle Born says they pre program the inverters before shipping. Except for small adjustments like AH capacity etc. Thanks for the help. I would think my run Time should have doubled. After putting a second 270ah Lifepo batteries. The service from this place was not what I expected especially after dropping over $14000.00 on the system.

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Battery monitor multiplus: SOC jumping and not accurate


Hi all

In my setups with a color control connected to a multiplus 12/2000, Victron AGM super cycle 230, MPPT 100/50, i noticed some werid changes in soc. While i only have inverter as load i use the multiplus build in battery monitor . No BMV or smart shunt connected because no need to.

Now and then my SOC seems to change.

While i can control the system by VRM sometimes i have to switch of the inverter to protect from battery drain. While it seems when i set the inverter to off i cant see voltage and amp-usage, i tebd to switch to "charger only" while above mentioned seems visible.

For example:

My battery SOC is 100 % while i charged by generator and solar panel. During midnight battery voltage is.12,9 volts and no amps drawn except multiplus standby amps, around 1 amp.

So SOC seems to be correct. I Leave multiplus on because i need power and slowly battery is draining because of ther is not too much sun and i use more power then solar can breng up.

Battery soc seems to be ok and calculations seem to be in order. After a few days battery SOC reacties 65 percent, Voltage around12,25. While i dont like to damage the batteries and i it is not completely nesacery i turn of inverter and switch to "charger only".

After one hour battery voltage has dropped a bit (also because solar power is less) to 12,15 and battery SOC jumped to 85 percents. 85 percents never matches 12,15 volts, even not without knowing amps drawing.

Build in battery monitor is setup correct with 230 Ah.

Above mentioned happens when i turn inverter off , or to charger only. It seems like build in battery monitor is confused after i switch off inverter?

Is there a solution to this problem?

Best regards and thanks in advance.

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Off-grid configuration for summer/garden house

I'm re-building/upgrading my existing small off-grid system in my garden house.
Please see my expectations first and some basic parameters.

Energy consumption is limited on a daily basis to remote monitoring and alarm systems up to 40W power usage (24/day).
Over the weekends only during the summertime, I would connect more devices for a limited number of hours (up to 8 hours per weekend) like an icemaker (100W), a small tourist fridge (60W), and occasionally a coffee makes machine 1kw (up to 10 minutes).

During winter time I think having as an option little heating system dedicated to the batteries (up to 20W consumption) to keep little higher temperature conditions for them (I found some smart antifroizing system).

So it gives us
monitoring 960Wh
extra limited devices 1280Wh
Coffe high power usage 170Wh (quite a high load for 10 minutes).
so I need 1kW daily basis and an extra 1.5kWh over the weekend.

monitoring 960Wh
extra heating up to 480Wh
so I need 1.5kW daily basis

Currently, I have MPPT 100/20 and one solar panel 330W, a battery 12v AGM 100Ah, inverter DC/AC 230V 1kW.
I'm going to add 1 more very similar solar panel (the same brand 325W) and at least one more the same AGM battery to increase capacity and voltage up to 24V.
On top of that, I consider adding a small wind 200W generator (supply energy in worse weather conditions). It has a dedicated charge 24V controller.

What do you think would be the best option?
Should I replace MPPT 100/20 for more strong one 100/30? Or keep existing or maybe add extra small one 75/15? Should I Add some battery balancers and external temperature monitoring? I found some VICTRON modules for that.
There is a sloping roof in the house (east and west site). My existing solar panel is on west site. But in the late afternoon, there is dark from the tree. I consider adding a new one on the east part. IN that case what kind of configuration do you recommend for the 2nd panel, serial or parallel connection to the MPPT?
I would ask about recommendations on how to connect all sensors, balancer, MPPT together.

Looking forward to your help and response.

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What size battery storage is recommended for a 3kwp pv system?

Hi, I'm currently in the process of building a 3kwp pv system. Im not sure how many batteries I will need. The batteries need to be either 12v or 24v if possible. Thankyou.

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Battery Percentage not showing up on GX touch 50

Hi, i'm hoping someone can help me get my system to display the remaining battery percentage on my GX Touch 50.

My system consists of the following.

Victron Smart Shunt
Cerbo GX

Victron 3000 Multiplus

400Ah Victron Lithium Battery (2x 200Ah )
Victron Ve BMS Bus

The GX Touch will display 100% when it is fully charged but as soon as it dips below 100% it just displays --

The GX Touch does not display the SOC either. Bulk, Absorption, or Float.

I have gone into the GX Touch settings, and activated "Has DC System"

As well as selected the Battery Monitoring to read from the "Victron Multiplus"

I'm sure it's something basic, but can anyone help me out?

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Victron BMV 700 Important question (for me, anyway!)

Apparently, as part of the setup, you can enter your battery capacity (in my case, 210Ah).

Every time the charging current drops to a low value, the battery is deemed as being fully charged and the charging status is set to 100%.

It sounds as if, even if your battery capacity has dropped to,say, 50Ah, the monitor will still say 100%.

How can you see that your battery has lost capacity?

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1.0 rule battery capacity workaround?


Sorry if my question has already been answered elsewhere. I’ve thoroughly read Victron’s 1.0 rule document and MultiPlus II specs and manual and tried to find an answer to my question in this forum without luck.

According to the 1.0 rule, the battery capacity of an AC coupled ESS should be 4.8 kWh per 1.5 kWp solar installed on the AC out side.

My question is, could a smaller battery capacity be used if the charged current is appropriately configured on the MultiPlus II? If not, why?

For example, Pylontech’s US2000C accepts 25A at 48V continuously (1.2kW), 89A (5.3kW for 1min) and 200A (9.6kW) for 15s. I don’t understand why I couldn’t use it with my 3.8kW PV system if the charge current is well set to 25A. Even in the event of a surge because of abrupt load change during off-grid operation, the battery would accept up to 5kW, giving enough time to the MultiPlus II 48/5000 to raise the frequency and reduce the PV inverted output.

Thanks in advance

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Consumed Ah trending down over weeks

A few months ago I swapped out my AGM batteries for LiFePO4, and set the initial battery settings to those recommended by the manufacturer and Victron. After a couple weeks, I left on a trip that got extended for a couple months. My rig was parked in the sun, with minimal loads, so the solar was hitting float quickly every day. But checking VRM, I noticed a trend where the Ah consumed (and therefore SOC calculations) were trending down never showing a full recharge.


My assumption is that this is an issue with calibration and SmartShunt settings, because the low voltage was not also trending down - never dropping below ~13.28V daily.


Would the community agree this is a SmartShunt settings "issue," and if so, which values would you recommend I try adjusting?


Thank you for any suggestions!

Follow up question for bonus points... :) What do most people do with LiFePO4 batteries when leaving for some time, while small loads will still need to access the power? I assume I'll hear some people concerned about keeping these batteries so close to 100% all the time?

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100AH lithium battery and 1200VA inverter


I have the victron superpack 100AH lithium battery with a phoenix 800VA inverter.

I wonder if I can upgrade to 1200VA inverter? For sure, I will adapt wires and fuses.


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PV power to the battery/consumption from the battery

Hello guys!

I have a three-phase ve bus system with two PV chargers.

I think I have some problems with in/out power calculation on the VRM portal.

If I take one-day data from VRM its looks like the PV to battery power more than the battery to consumption power. So how it's happening? If I take from battery-less then I use where the excess power is going?

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Battery capacity - 8 lithium 100Ah 12V

Battery capacity - 8 lithium 100Ah 12V so about 9000+ watts. Fully charged in the evening 13.5V on the panel. The only consumers are the fridge and freezer, that jointly use 85 watts so by the morning 700 watts have been used and I should have 8300wats of power left but the voltage is now 13.0V -

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5 batteries 3 + 2 or 5?

I am installing an ESS with a Quattro 48/8000/110. I have 5 Pylontech 3000C (3.5kW) batteries to connect via a Lynx 1000 distributor. Should I connect as one big 5 battery bank or as 2 (a 3 battery bank and a 2 battery bank)? And why!

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Cheers ... Manor Farmer

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Syncing Multiplus and Shunt SOC

My Victron shunt and Multiplus are showing 2 different SOC readings. The shunt is showing 100% but the 24/3000/70 is showing anywhere from 70-80% SOC. I have programmed the shunt to know that the battery bank has 412aH @ 24v nominal.

How do I know which reading is accurate, or if either of them even are correct at all?

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