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Multi RS Solar Hybrid - Self Consumption Optimization

I'm trying to choose an inverter for a PV self-consumption system with LiFePo4 batteries. The plan is to run on battery when SOC is above 20% and switch the loads to grid when SOC drops below 20%. The battery must NOT charge from the grid when the loads are on the grid.

The Multi RS looks like a good fit, but I could not figure out if it has the option to DISABLE GRID CHARGING and keep only PV charging.

I've read the manual but it does not say anything about this.
I've looked in the VictronConnect Demo Library but I didn't find the Multi RS there.

The manual does mention that the "backup generator" output can be configured to switch based on SOC and I think I can use it to connect / disconnect the grid at the AC Input using an external contactor.
But I'm concerned that the Multi RS will try to charge the batteries from the grid at night and I don't want that. It should wait until there's enough PV to charge it.

Does anyone know if Charging from Grid on Multi RS can be disabled?

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Is there an inverter RS with 12V or 24V in the pipeline for campervan use?

It seems the Inverter RS is lighter (and smaller) than Multiplus, which would make it attractive for campervans

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Scalable system with RS 48/6000

I have a RS 48/6000 connected with 1,6kwp Solar panels (4 panels on one string), Cerbo GX and 2xPylontech US2000C 48V batteries. Until I can afford expanding the Pylontech to 5x US2000C and extending the solar panels to 4kwp, I plan to run no higher loads then around 2000W.

I had the idea to secure this with a 10A Fuse between Load and the inverter, in order not to harm the batteries if the load requests more power ...

Is this a useful idea, or do I need to upgrade to 5x US2000C instantly ?

Thanks in advance

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How to connect GX cerbo with Multi Rs Solar MPPT 450

Hello everyone,

my dad decided to exchange the hardware of his solar charger and batteries to Victron. I was not involved but after he realized that he can't deal with he setup, he reached out to me. my apologies right in the beginning for my silly questions, but in fact it's not plug and play and I need help.

The Multi RS Solar is connected to the solar panels and to the batteries, I did also establish the power line from the 230V grid, the output line of 230V is connected too. Except missing settings for the batteries, everything is running well. The wireless connection is established to house wireless through Bluetooth.

So far so good. But now I tried to connect the Cerbo GX with the Multi Rs Solar. The wireless is connected and I can remotely access the Cerbo GX.but there seems to be no connection with the Multi Rs Solar and when accessing the platform it's empty.

When I tried to connect Cerbo and Multi Rs I didn't find any circuit diagrams. I have tested RJ45 cables as well as CAN cable on several ports without success.

Please guys, can someone enlighten me and share details for the connection with me? there are no details and diagrams online that can answer my questions and I go slowly nuts.

thanks on advance

Elmar from Germany, Lower Saxony

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Help with 3 phase grid tied solar system

We have a grid tied 10kw pv system... to date we have used just whatever produced power was available at the time without any storage or harvesting.

Due to the horrific jumps in energy cost we would love to harvest the energy to batteries, also we thought to take the low night rate available to boost the batteries while we sleep.

Is there an AC connected device that we could use without going to the large expense of a Powerwall or similar... I was struggling to find a device on here?

Also just to add to this.... I have a stack of little used motive batteries (lead/acid) left from a job, I know these don't compare to Li-ion but I have them so essentially they are free gratis... will any of the inverter charges be able to link to them?

Many thanks, Craig

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MultiPlus 24/5000 not inverting from battery.

My MultiPlus 24/5000 has stopped inverting from the battery. Connected to shore power, all is fine, but unplugged, I get a low battery alarm, and the system immediately shuts down. The battery tests fully charged – actually overcharged at 28.2v, The same voltage enters the Multiplus, but nothing comes out.

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RS48/6000 an VRM mit LAN Kabel zum Heim-Router anschließen

Wie kann (mit welchem Zusatzgerät) diese Funktion lösen ? Global Link 520 möchte ich nicht nutzen

Kann jemand helfen ? DANKE

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RS48/6000 MPPT-Fehler ?

Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem mit meinem RS48/6000:
Seit zwei Tagen morgens, wenn die Sonne schon aufgegangen ist und er eigentlich laden sollte, liefert er nicht mehr als die Grundlast (ca. 150W). Wenn ich alle Verbraucher einmal ausschalte und wieder einschalte fängt er auch das laden der Batterie an(morgens bei uns 7:30 Std. / ca. 1200 Watt). Für mich sieht es so aus, als ob der MPPT nicht richtig funktioniert.
Den Rest des Tages arbeitet er ganz normal und lädt die Akkus bis sie voll sind.
Hat jemand eine Idee?

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Rs 48/6000 Alarm bei niedriger Ausgangsspannung ?

What does the alarm mean and how can I fix the? When I start the inverter comes "Error 54 Inverter Wrong Account Level"

The battery is fully charged (this is also shown on the display) I switched loads off completely.
The inverter tries to restart all the time but always the same.

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Inverter RS 48/6000 USA 240V Power setup.


I am looking into the possibility of using an Inverter RS 48/6000 in an off-grid use-case in the US.

My thought is that I can pair the RS with an autotransformer to provide a neutral for split-phase 120v - 0v - 120v power. I have a couple of questions.

1. Can the voltage on the Inverter RS be adjusted (from 230V to 240V?)
2. Can the frequency be adjusted from 50 - 60HZ?
3. Can anyone else see any downside to this configuration (if the above two criteria are met?)

It appears from the app demo that the above power settings are possible. But I can't confirm with any spec sheet data that I could find.


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Multi RS Solar AC IN Relais Problem
Hello to the Victron community, I have decided on a Multi RS Solar and run it with an Lto memory with 123BMS Gen3.

The problem, the AC IN relay sometimes goes haywire or switches on off, on off, on off etc..
since this can of course not be good for the device, I ask for technical advice or could it be a software error?
But it doesn't always happen.

With best regards
Schroeder Daniel

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Question about MP2 with on-grid inverter

How to display a negative power out on the overview as this photo shows? I'd like to display the AC output power instead the AC loads, which as shown cant be negative.

Thanks a lot in advance.



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RS Inverter and DVCC

Does the RS Inverter 48/6000 support DVCC ?

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RS Inverter 48/6000 + Cerbo GX + Pylontech US2000C

Is this a supported configuration ?

The RS Inverter 48/6000 is not in the Pylontech compatibility list.

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Inverter RS 48/6000 + 4xPylontech US2000C + CerboGX + MPPT 150/35 High Voltage Error

I use the above configuration and I have two issues:

1) I get Battery Monitor [512] - High voltage alarm: Alarm, the battery voltage is 52.41 V, SOC 100%

Do I need to adjust settings on the Inverter RS ?

I have activated DVCC and limited the charge current to 100A , all other options are disabled.

2) The MPPT 150/35 is connected to the Cerbo with VE.Direct and it shows up in the Device List but not on the dashboard of the VRM instance. Why ?

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