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MPPT RS 450/100 Error 35

Hi there,

Recently I saw an Error 35 for no obvious reason on my MPPT RS 450/100. Configuraiton is 9x 375Wp panels on each tracker, east-west configuration. The short circuit current of the panels is around 11,5A according to the flash-list of the manufacturer with a Imppt of around 10A.

The error did happen when there was sun / clouds in short alternation leading to sharp bumps in solar production. Voltage was around 350V according to the logged data, my battery voltage is between 46V and 52.4V (pylontech battery).

Any clues what might be happening here? The unit is two month old...

lukas asked
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Would it be possible to parallel two RS 48/6000 Inverters?

Can the RS 48/6000 Inverter be paralleled with another RS 48/6000 Inverter to increase capacity?

solarworld-tt asked
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3 Answers

RS450/100 internal error 201 immediately after firmware update V1.05

Are there more people with a RS450/100 that had internal error 201 after the latest firmware update?
Now I have to sent the unit back to Victron.
Unit is connected to 30kW BYD lithium batery, color control and Quattro 15kW.

perry-westphal asked
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Inverter RS Ground Fault Error 42

Off Grid site installed in June 2021 has had two Error 42 Ground Fault events. One 2 months after install and one in the last 2 days. On detailed inspection with (full insulation resistance testing with a Mega tester Fluke etc) no faults could be found on array cables to earth, (and other cables that wouldnt be likely to cause issues). Has anyone else had this Error and could not locate cable faults etc? Or any other suggestions. All JA Solar panels, cables etc were brand new and have been visually checked for damage. No 4G coverage so system is not on VRM

Keen to hear thoughts.


David asked
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RS 450/100 parallel arrays via one pos & neg cables

I am thinking of purchasing RS 450/100 controller which would be 60 meters away from an array of x16 - 330W Jinko panels. I already have a pos & neg 6mm2 cable in place over this distance. As the RS has two mppt trackers my proposal is to split the array into 2 x 8 panels to keep the VOC below 432V as per spec... the victron string calculator says this is fine and I could go up to 2 x 9 panels if I can find a couple more similar. Calculation Here

So, my question is to save on buying another 120 meters of cable can I Y parallel the two arrays in to the existing 6mm pos & neg cable and then just before the RS controller Y them back again to two separate arrays to feed in to the RS? Will this cause a fault or damage the controller?

Any help much appreciated


Here is pic of my proposal


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Inverter RS 48/6000 230V Smart Solar reliability and AC charging version

Doing some system planning for a global voyaging boat. The RS 48/6000 looks like a great solution because I can keep the AC system completely separate from AC shore power. In effect all AC loads will always be on inverter 100% of the time. This will eliminate voltage and frequency issues for when shore power by using separate AC battery chargers in combination with robust solar and alternators.


1- I got feedback from a Victron dealer that "HF inverters" like the RS 48/6000 are less reliable and should not be used for full time. Suggested that reliability was not as good with HF designs and they can't handle extended use. Is this really true? I understand that many "Chinese" inverters are HF designs and may contribute to the opinion but is there something inherently flawed in an HF design making it not suitable for full time use? Any reason why a more traditional larger transformer design inverter may be a better choice?

2- Understand that you are launching a Multi RS Solar 48/6000/80-400/80 charger version in January. This sounds like the perfect solution for my setup. Are specs available for this? Key question is if the 80 amp AC charger is simply that, an AC charger and the AC input is isolated (all AC loads are 100% inverter). There is no relay correct? Reason I would want this is to enable global shore power (using an autotransformer) that is frequency independent. Also, is the MPPT charger output shared with the AC charger or is it completely independent?

robin-wessel asked
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SmartSolar MPPT RS & Inverter RS Smart --> 3 Phase Setup possible ?

According to the Data Sheet and the manual a synchronised Parallel Operation with up to 25 devices connected via VE.Can is possible.

Is a 3 Phase system Setup also possible ?

martin-fi asked
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2 Answers

MPPT built-in Inverter RS 48/6000 doesn't appear on GX Device !

Hi there, my new inverter RS 48/6000 is running now with SmartShunt and Cerbo GX and a Fronius Primo 5.0. Unfortunately, I can't see the MPPT power on screen, and the MPPT doesn't appear in device list of the Cerbo. Firmware on GX is 2.57 (2.60 release candidate was running at first but the inverter doesn't appear with that version !!).

All the devices appear only on VictronConnect.




Stef asked
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3 Answers

RS48 / 6000 switches off the charging process in the morning

It has happened a few times now that the charge regulator no longer charges in the morning. It is now already cold in our region in the morning and my first suspicion was that the PV modules produce an overvoltage and the SCC switches off. However, no error message is reported in the app . Sometimes I have to repeat this until it continues to charge normally for the rest of the day. What can be the reason?
I also have to say that my PV system is very slightly below the maximum permissible open circuit voltage (VOC); hence the suspicion of overvoltage on cold days. But I miss the warning for such an event.

gartenruhe asked
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Inverter RS 48/6000 Smart Solar mit Pylontech Kopplung


Wie kann ich den Insel Wechselrichter mit Pylontech US2000/3000 sicher koppeln,

das auch die Ladung / Erhaltungs der Batterien sicher ist?

In der Demo Version ist immer ein BMS gefordert?

Ist das mit der Kopplung im GX Device über VE.CAN oder VE.Direct erst möglich?

Gibt es eine Anleitung zur Kopplung RS mit Pylontech?


svwalter asked
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1 Answer

Connexion entre Cerbo GX et Onduleur RS 48/6000


Dans la liste des appareils reliés au Cerbo GX, j’ai le SmartShunt et les batteries Pylontech, mais l’onduleur RS 48/6000 n’apparaît pas. Il est écrit « off » sur le graphique du GX Touch alors qu’il est allumé. Je l’ai relié au Cerbo GX d’un port VE.Can à un port VE.Can, avec un câble UTP RJ45 cat6, standard.

Avec le Cerbo GX est fournis deux embouts RJ45. J’en ai alors mis un dans le VE.Can inutilisé du Cerbo et l’autre dans l’onduleur. Ça ne change rien au problème. À quoi servent ces embouts au juste ?

Voyez-vous une solution ? C’est une nouvelle installation.

bosti asked
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12 Answers

Can the inverter RS smart solar work without battery ?


My question is can the rs smart solar 48v/6000 invert power from the solar panels to the grid without a battery pack connected ?

second question, how does this device know if your house needs power or it needs to store the energy in the battery or sell power to grid ?(gx device with current clamp ?)

kind regards bram

bramo0 asked
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1 Answer

RS 48/6000 battery SOC discrepancy between CCGX & Inverter

System is including:

  1. RS 48/6000
  2. CCGX
  3. BYD LVS

RS 48/6000 is connected to the CCGX via VE.Direct

Problem: CCGX shows 49% SOC but Inverter shows 98%

Dose anybody know how I should fix this problem?



aydin-1 asked
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1 Answer

Quattro and Inverter RS in the same system?


I was wondering if it is possible/supported to run both quattro and Inverter RS together with a GX device and a batterybank?

Kind Regards

ehsab asked
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1 Answer

Cant see solar yield on VRM from my RS 48 6000

Do you have a tip or solution to solve this issue ?

i only can see it on the Bluetooth App.....



pv-garage asked
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4 Answers

Can the Inverter RS be used with BMS-managed batteries

Is it OK to use the Inverter RS plus a GX interface with BMS-managed batteries like BYD?

alkyra asked
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MPPT RS 450 /100 voltage limit confusion

The Victron Excel MPPT Calculator ( ) gives a Max voltage for the RS as 432V and not 450V as given in datasheet and online MPPT calculator. What is the correct value

merlepeter asked
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Inverter RS 48/6000 USA 240V Power setup.


I am looking into the possibility of using an Inverter RS 48/6000 in an off-grid use-case in the US.

My thought is that I can pair the RS with an autotransformer to provide a neutral for split-phase 120v - 0v - 120v power. I have a couple of questions.

1. Can the voltage on the Inverter RS be adjusted (from 230V to 240V?)
2. Can the frequency be adjusted from 50 - 60HZ?
3. Can anyone else see any downside to this configuration (if the above two criteria are met?)

It appears from the app demo that the above power settings are possible. But I can't confirm with any spec sheet data that I could find.


the-master asked
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1 Answer

Overload Peaks with RS48/6000

When charging with the Victron RS48 / 6000, I observed that there were brief overload peaks.

The Victron is set to an end-of-charge voltage of 54.1 V and today I noticed a peak of 58.05.
I use LiFePo4 cells

Is that normal?

gartenruhe asked
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2 Answers

Mettre neutre à la terre de l'onduleur solaire RS Smart

Bonjour à tous.

Je viens de recevoir l'onduleur RS Smart 48/6000. Étant totalement isolé du réseau et disposant d'un coffret de répartition avec 2 rangées qui débutent par des interrupteurs différentiels de 30mA, je dois réaliser une liaison du neutre à la terre.

Le manuel dit ceci : L'onduleur RS est équipé d'un relais de mise à la terre qui raccorde automatiquement la sortie du neutre au châssis. Cela permet le fonctionnement correct du commutateur de fuite à la terre et d'un disjoncteur différentiel interne connecté à la sortie.

Comment faire avec mes interrupteurs différentiels externes ? De plus, un petit câble de terre pré-dénudé se trouve dans la boîte. J'en fais quoi ?

bosti asked
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3 Answers

Inverter RS 48/6000 , programmatically shutting off charger

I have a well with a solar pump. When the sun is out and the float switch is tripped in a tank, a 3kw / 240v dc pump starts using power via a controller.

Most of the time though, like 95% of the time, the 4kw / 240v dc array is being unused.

I'd like to hook an RS 48/6000 up to charge batteries and create 240v ac for a nearby cabin.

So I *think* I'd like someway to tell the victron controller "hey, stop using power when the pump wants it."

Worst case I could do some serious electrical engineering with high capacity relays and arduino but I'm hoping there's a simpler technique via built-in victron functionality.

nevada asked
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RS Smart Solar 48/6000 problem after firmware update

Hi all!

I'm new to the community, this is my actual configuration:

-2 strings of 6 x 250W Poly Total 3 KW

-48 V 320Ah C5 lead-acid traction battery

-RS Smart Solar 48/6000

After updating the firmware to the version 1.03 for connecting the > USB interface, the inverter sometimes go in fault condition, with the alarm codes 53 (Inverter internal DC level) and 29 (Overcharging protection). Moreover these alarms are not included in the alarm list site. If anyone knows if there is a list of specific alarms for this Inverter, please let me know, Thanks!

federico asked
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1 Answer

RS 48/6000 motor starting ability

This is to the minds at Victron (@mvader @johannes). I am considering a move from dual 3k multiplus to the 6k RS or a 5k multiplus 2. I have read all the data sheets but I want to know what the brains at Victron would choose if they had to start two motor loads (air conditioners)? I know the RS is a high frequency design that may not start motors as well as the LF designs, but it has other benefits I would like to have. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

pganguet asked
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Kann ich eigene LiFePo4 Zellen an RS48/6000 verwenden ?

Kann ich eigene LiFePo4 Zellen (keine Victron Zellen) an RS48/6000 verwenden ?

Wenn in der Software der Inverter auf Lithium gestellt ist , braucht es da zwingend das smartBMS von Victron um das On- und Off Laden der Batterie zu regeln ?

gartenruhe asked
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4 Answers

Victron 12V / 2000 Multipass Compact - Red Alarm flashing, turns off

Description of failure:

I have a Victron Multipass 12V / 2000. I am using a induction range that pulls between 60~85amps. It has tripped the inverter and the red flashing (slow flash) alarm light is on all the time. Eventually the inverter shuts down all together. When reset, it will work again for a period of about 5 minutes once reset (power cycle down). With shore power no issue. WIth engine on same situation where it lasts about 5 minutes then when using induction range it will trip the inverter again red flashing light. WIth engine on eventually all comes back on operable, but then after use same situation - trips off.

Took the unit into a auto repair shop. They stated that the alarm parameters are "too tight" and the unit is shutting down as a result.

cannen asked
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Rs 48/6000 really 2 indpendent MppT ?

In this video from Victron on YouTube ( ) in minute 3:26 the guy says that the RS48/6000 has 2 independent MppT tracker for two independent PV-strings.

In this Manual i found ( ) under 2.2 it say that ....."Two strings can be connected to the inputs. Both are wired parallel to one tracker, therefore the two strings must be equal in number of solar panels and type. The total allowed input current is limited by the device to 18A .

What's right now? Does he have two independent Mppts ?

When the PV String internaly connectet in parallel there can`t be two trackers , right ?

Please help me for the correct information because I am about to buy the RS48 / 6000 and this information is important to me.


gartenruhe asked
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What happens if total power of PV is more than 4000 W with the Inverter RS?

I'm going to test a RS 48/6000 before deal it ; but I'd like to know some technical details :

– what happens if total power of PV is more than 4000 W ? Other Blue Solar MPPT's accept less more than nominal power on PV input.


Stef asked
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1 Answer

Help identification parts in an rs 48/6000 inverter

I manage to blown up two tranzistors on an RS 48/6000 inverter and i am looking for replacements. If anyone can help with some parts number or a schematic of the inverter i will apreciate it. On the mother board they are marked as T123 and T124.

stancu-cristian asked
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RS 48/6000 inverter VRM data (Solar yield and Consumption)


Would be great if anybody can comment if RS inverter is expected to have "Solar yield" and "Consumption" tabs at VRM Portal anytime soon.

As is apparent from here these tabs are only available for Multis and Quattros:

Currently RS data looks rather dull...

Would be grateful for any suggestions!



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