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Global Link data to grafana (or other)

Hi community,

is there any possibility to feed the data from my global link to a service like grafana to have extended visualizations? I love the VRM portal, but I need more flexibility, the excel export option is my current work around. A direct data flow would be much better.

Thanks for your input!

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GlobalLink 520 custom polling interval


please add a custom polling interval to the GlobalLink :)

I recently installed one and the general idea of the product as a low power consumption, works out-of-the-box system is nice - however I would very much appreciate a 5min polling. Of course with extra charge (or just reduction 5years-> 5/3 -> 1,5years for 5minutes) for the internal sim or even replacement with an own sim.


cfreak asked

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Global Link 520 change owner

Is there a way to change the owner of the product some how?

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VRM map - Globallink 520 - static unit relocates itself on VRM installations map - GPS fix?

Hi, got 12 static sites with Globallink 520 and MPPT 75/15 and for some strange reasons, 2 of the units keep on relocating their map location to another fixed location compared to where I save them in the map. It's only the same 2 units this happens with, to the same fixed common location, time and again. Must be a bug or something. Tried various ways to save the location, but no luck.

Any ideas?

I now see what happens.... every now and then, these 2 units seems to pick up a GPS location that's somehow put forward by the one of the LTE providers (Telia) I believe, so the Globallink sees it as a GPS fix.

It seems like these 2 Globallink units with VRM ID staring on 807d3a...... picking one (Telia) of two providers and this happens. Other Globallink units with VRM ID starting on 3c71bf....... using same provider (Telia) seems to be fine and don't do the GPS fix.

Once that happens, I noticed the widget in Advanced also display the GPS possibility...


None of the other 10 units display the GPS possibility under widgets.

Is there any way to tell the Globallink not to use that LTE position data, as its all wrong compared to actual location??

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Global Link 520 VRM Data Display

I just spotted the new Global Link 520, aside from the obvious negative that in the UK we will have to wait for network support, I was curious as to how the data would be presented in VRM.

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GlobalLink 520 Uk coverage

I’ve just ordered a GlobalLink 520 for remote monitoring of my boat solar but can find a difinitive map coverage for the uk. Mainly Gloucestershire.

Has anyone got one in the uk?

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Self consumption global link smart solar and bmv shunt

I have a system with smart solar 100/50, bmv-712 smart shunt, lead carbon 212ah (12v in parallell) and a global link 520 installed with three 330w solar panels in different directions, two on the roof and one on the wall (for winter sun, daylight only three ours in december). All cable wiring is done with 35mm2 cables. The + is connected to a bus bar for consumers in the cabin e.g lights. The victron components are connected directly to the battery and the minus side of the battery to the shunt.

I have a breaker to switch off all consumers in the cabin. When leaving the cabin for winter, only the victron equipment are running. I noticed that the reported amperage drawing is between 0.09 to 0.1 amps during the night when solar panels are not producing. When reading the specifications of the smart solar 100/50 the draw is 30mah, for the Bmv 1mah and the global link 20mah which would lead to a self consumption of 51mah or 0.051a. As it seems from the reported self consumption my system consumes between 90 to 100mah which would lead to roughly 2 amp draw each 24 hours during winter time. I'm concerned this might cause my batteries to be drained if bad weather for long time period.

I also noticed that the RSSI signal of the Global link to be -93db, could this affect the power draw to increase due to low signal, for the globallink trying to increase the signal and draw more power? The temperature in the cabin can be below -30 degrees in winter, and I'm concerned the batteries may be discharged or freeze if the self consumption is to high.

Any feedback is appreciated!

aspn asked

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CerboGX and GlobalLink520

Can I use the CerboGX and the GlobalLink520 toegether ( connected via VE.Direct) ?

This is for a situation where no Internet ( only Intranet) is available.

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Global Link 520 Relay stopped working

Tried out the relay function on my Global link 520. It was working good, I could hear the click and could measure the circuit open and closed as expected.

Then it seems it is not working any more, I try to open and close it using the VRM app, with blue tooth connection but there is no difference, no click and relay is open all the time. I read in another thread that the relay is rated for 3A. What happens if you exceed that? Is there any internal fuse or is it permanently broken?

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Inverter RS 48/6000 Smart Solar + GlobalLink520+Pylontech US2000C + SmartSolar MPPT 150/35


Can I use the following components:

to build an island charger/inverter system ?

The Pylontech Stack (4xUS2000C) would be connected via the appropriate cable to the BMS/CAN input of the RS48/6000. The GlobalLink520 and the RS 48/6000 would be connected via VE.Direct and the Smart Solar MPPT 150/35 would be connected to the GlobalLink520 with VE.Direct as well.

The GlobalLink would then be added to the VRM.

Will this work ?



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External antenna Globalink 520


I would like to install an outdoor antenna on my Globalink 520. I have difficulty to find a lte-m (1.4 mhz) antenna.

Maybe someone knows of a good one?

Can Victron recommend one?

Thank you

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Digital input problems with Globallink 520

I have connected my Globallink 520 to my boat bilge pump by using an automotive relay in parallel with the bilge pump circuit. I have jumpered both digital inputs together for trial purpose, so when the bilge pump is activated both digital inputs are shorted to the GND digital input port. I am trying to count bilge pump cycles and trigger an alarm, but also just trigger an alarm when the bilge pump cycles.

Here is what now happens:

1. The digital inputs increment by 2 or 3 per bilge pump cycle, and digital input 1 increments differently from blige pump 2.

2. The device reboots itself regularly so the counts revert to 0 on a random basis - every day or so. The device is reliably connected to a battery which is on a charger monitored by a smart shunt, so I don't believe this is due to power outages.

3. I am unable to reliably trigger an alarm when the bilge pump goes off.

When the digital state goes from High to Low is that saved by the Globallink 520 or does the digital state have to be Low when the device is polled by VRM? This would mean I need some kind of latching relay to trigger an alarm to VRM from the 520.

John Haley

jhaley100 asked

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GlobalLink 520 digital inputs increment by more than 1

I am bench testing my global link 520, with the objective of using it to count bilge pump cycles. Initially I am shorting digital input 1 and 2 to ground to simulate a relay closing for the bilge pump (input 1) and another relay closing for the high water alarm (input 2).

Digital input 2 is creating an alarm email as expected, but the counter on digital 1 is incrementing by 10-20 each time I short the wire to gnd. I would expect it to increment by 1. I have tried all the possible settings: pulse counter, bilge pump, etc.

What am I missing here? Shouldn't the digital input be incrementing by 1?

John Haley

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