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GlobalLink 550 Time Zone

Setup went well but the 'Local Time' is actually GMT. Have looked through manuals but can't find where to change to Australian EST. Thoughts?

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Load curve displayed on GlobalLink VRM portal shows faulty time stamps/how to set time properly?

Hi! I am getting the load reading you can see in the attached picture.
I can assure you that there is no solar panel input after about 3 o'clock (15.00) in the afternoon, as the picture is of today´s data and it has been cloudy/raining all day.

I get the same type of graph every day, showing some load input at way too late in the day to be factual.

What could be wrong, or where have I missed to get the setting correct?


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Victron Global Link 520 Water Tank Sensor

Hi - I have an off-grid shack in Australia with a Victron power setup including a Global Link 520. I would like to attach a water sensor (10k litres / 1.8m tall) to my tank (which is about 5-10m from the GL520) to alert me when I need to fill up my tank. Can anyone recommend a decent water tank sensor for this purpose? Thanks!

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Bug: VRM dashboard solar yield accumulating

Hi I just switched from lora to Global Link 520 as vrm gateway for my RV 150/100 and BMV. I deleted the old installations and created a fresh new one. The dashboard is showing wrong solar yield, it seems to be accumulating the orange bars. With the previous lora setup, I would get one orange bar per day with the correct daily solar yield.

The widgets on the advanced page look correct.

I WISH I was getting 26kWh from my 1000w array that outputs at best around 600w. And generating at 20:00 lol.



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MPPT widgets in VRM (can't toggle "on")


Very pleased with my Globallink 520!

It beautifully shows battery stats from the BMV712. I just can't seem to toggle "on" the widgets for the MPPT that is also showing up in the same network (pic 1)


I noticed that it says the serial number of this MPPT is "false" (pic 2). Could this be related?


I checked the serial number, and it it seems to be right...

Anybody got any suggestions?

I'd appreciate it!


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Globallink 520 nb-iot

Is it possible to provision the globallink 520 with a Nb-Iot sim , or even a standard 3G or 4G sim. Can it be bought with no sim ?

I know the sim is user replaceable but will the unit work on a standard 3 or 4G network , I can easily get m2m sims

I am in Greece and cosmote has decided to deploy NB-Iot not Lte-M have I any options ?

Love the product but picking a poorly rolled out specialised Iot modem over a standard 3G or 4G modem was seriously misguided , m2m sims can easily be got for standard 3G and 4G networks , I know cause I have them.

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Globballink 520 relay, but how?

Have a question about the relay function of the Globallink 520. I have basic knowledge on electronics. I know for instance the positive side of a battery is the side with the "knobby" thing on it's end. My question is: since the Globallink relay cannot be fed more than 3V (otherwise it explodes) am I right to assume I should get a (another) relay that has 3V on the one side, so it will trigger it's relayswitch so that I can switch on a bigger load? Or, if I am mistaken, how do I switch a substantial (10A, 12V) load with the relay onboard the Globallink 520? Please take me through this step by step and bear in mind my complete and utter ignorance on the matter.

westen asked

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Bluetooth connection on Global Link 520

Hi there,

I added a Global Link 520 gateway to my configuration. Very simple basic architecture on a sail boat. I've got solar pannels charging batteries with a MPPT 100|50 controler which is running just fine. Also is a Smart battery sense. Both devices MPPT and the battery sense are successfully connected using Bluetooth and the MPPT controler receive infos (Temp and Voltage)

Now is the issue I am facing:

The global Link gateway is up and running with a good connection to LTE-M network. However for some reason which I don't understand the Global Link gateway will only see the smart battery sense using bluetooth. Nothing else. It can"t see the MPPT device. What is more the Global Link is installed 15 cm away from the MPPT !

I tried to power down/up the gateway .....same isse

I tried to remove (in the Global gateway setup) the smart battery sense ...... same pb it still will not see the MPPT controler.

I double checked the firmware version ...I am up to date and running V 2.06

The user guide mention we can have up to 10 Bluetooh device connected with the Gateway ...I won't have 2 ....only 1

Any clue ?


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GlobalLInk 520 will not connect in Central Oklahoma USA, even with external antenna.

I have two smartsolar 50/100 that my customer wants to monitor through the VRM Portal. The blue light is blinking then turning to red, then this same cycle repeats itself. The light is never turning green and connecting. I have mounted an external antenna and it is on the roof of the house affixed to the gutter outside and it still will not connect. The zip code in the US where the install is is 73010. Would appreciate some help. Thank you.

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GlobalLink 520 digital inputs increment by more than 1

I am bench testing my global link 520, with the objective of using it to count bilge pump cycles. Initially I am shorting digital input 1 and 2 to ground to simulate a relay closing for the bilge pump (input 1) and another relay closing for the high water alarm (input 2).

Digital input 2 is creating an alarm email as expected, but the counter on digital 1 is incrementing by 10-20 each time I short the wire to gnd. I would expect it to increment by 1. I have tried all the possible settings: pulse counter, bilge pump, etc.

What am I missing here? Shouldn't the digital input be incrementing by 1?

John Haley

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GlobalLink 520 polling period unreliability

I have recently installed a GlobalLink 520 on my boat in the UK. LTE-M provider is Telefonica Europe, which is O2 in the UK.

It’s connected to a BMV712S and a SmartSolar 150|45. Everything works fine. I have a really good signal (-65dBm reported) utilising an external antenna.

However….. whilst most of the time the whole system works perfectly, some days I experience large time gaps in the transmission of information. Instead of 15 minutes, there can be a gap of 2, or even 3 hours. This can happen several times a day, on some days. I’m convinced it’s not my antenna setup as the GlobalLink reports a very strong signal.

Any ideas what is causing this, and is anyone else experiencing the same phenomenon? Any solutions? Or is it a polling problem with Telefonica Europe?

PS: For the avoidance of doubt, my boat has been continuously moored, in the same place, since the GlobalLink was first installed about 10 days ago. ie: no movement is involved.

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Global link 520 and MPPT not connecting

We have a global link 520 connected to a Bluesolar 100/50 controller via the VE Direct cable. When go onto VRM to find the device, there is no device available. Even though the lights are blinking green and yellow which indicates that 1x device is connected. Anybody have thouights on why the MPPT can't be found?

We have tried to power off and on, and also tried a different ve direct cable.....

Solar charger is working fine.

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VRM installation map - Globallink 520 - map won't center in full screen mode / add terrain mode ?

When using the VRM "All installation" dashboard and press the full screen map button and go full screen, every time you hover a site in the map with your mouse cursor, the sites jumps to the top part of the screen and "adjust" the map to center as it was still in window mode / dashboard with map on the very top part.

It won't center the site to the center of the full screen page...

Very annoying as you always have to drag the map down, again and again...!!

Screenshot below is hovering the site with the red arrow...



And can we add the possibility of "terrain" mode of the map?

The terrain map is much better for static sites with more details etc.


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Global Link 520 alarm type settings in VRM for pilge pump counter

Hi, I'm using Global Link 520 with latest beta and VC+VRM. Now wondering how to set alarm for pilge pump monitoring. Idea is to shortcut digital input (1 & GND) with relay that is controlled by pilge pump, and have a control. Now, to be able to follow when and how many times the pilge is running, I need to find correct alarm parameters. Does anyone have experience on this?

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Global Link 520 digital input problem

Digital input only reports once. Is there any way of clearing the report so further events can be reported? We see the other posted items on this but keen to get a status update on the fix or work around. Love you work


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