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Temperature from Smart Battery Sense not in VRM via Globallink 520


I added a Smart Battery Sense to my installation and is connected w/the smart Bluetooth network. i also enabled the Smart Sense on my GlobalLink 520. I see data on the VRM portal, but not the most important one :) the temperature of the battery. Why is it not showing it? Bug?

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Globallink 520 dead?

Last night, at AM 05.43 my Globallink unit stopped working according to VRM monitored from a distance.

I went over to the cabin to see what was going on and saw no LED's blinking on the unit at all.

I disconnected power and plugged it in again. Nothing.

So I checked the DC input with a multimeter: it read 12.8V (after fuse). Hmmm. I have no idea what's going on here. Anybody ever had their Globallink die unexpectedly?

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Will Globallink 520 read via BT from BMV-700 with dongle?

Will a Globallink 520 read data via Bluetooth from a BMV-700 equipped with a VE.Direct Bluetooth Smart dongle?



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Globallink 520 & VRM solar and battery data widget

Last week I added a Globallink 520 to my (small) solar setup.
I want to use it to monitor remotely solar and battery levels.

Hooked it up, added both my SmartShunt and MPPT 75|10 controller via bluetooth and I was online in a few minutes.

I could see the data from both the devices and both battery charge and solar was shown on the widgets on my phone and on the VRM's dashboard.

After a few days the SmartShunt was no longer seen by the Globallink.
I posted about it here:

The battery charge indicator on widget disappeared from my iPhone and from the VRM's dashboard.

All my devices are within one metre from each other and doesn't seem to be too much interference.

I bought a VE cable, just to be on the safe side and connected the shunt to the Globallink directly.

I could see the battery data flowing in, but still no widget.

I removed and re-added and renamed the Shunt and the battery charge indicator came back, but now solar disappeared.

Removed and readded/renamed solar, but still no indicator on the widget/dashboard.

I tried restarting the globallink to no avail.

Current status:




Devices seen in the VRM, the names are correct:


Advanced view, you can see data from shunt and mppt:


But on dashboard, just battery:


Anything else to try?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger Instant Readout / GlobalLink 520

I purchased a Phoenix Smart IP43 Charger, and connected it to my smart Bluetooth network. It communicates w/the temperature sensor, smart shunt, mppt etc.

But it does not have instant readout, thus not compatible with a GlobalLink 520 via Bluetooth. Why? @Victron will this come in the future over Bluetooth? Very hard for me to connect the devices with a VE direct cable.

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GlobalLink 520 Uk coverage

I’ve just ordered a GlobalLink 520 for remote monitoring of my boat solar but can find a difinitive map coverage for the uk. Mainly Gloucestershire.

Has anyone got one in the uk?

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Smart Solar 75/10 no PV Voltage and Current through GlobalLink 520

Hi Community,

new here and here is my first question. I have a Smart Solar 75/10 and this one is bluetooth linked to my Globallink 520 to see values remotely. So far I see most of the values EXCEPT for PV Voltage and Current.

In the Victron Connect app I see the values when connected to the MPPT via Bluetooth.

Firmwares are all up2date.

What am I doing wrong?

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Globallink 520 and smartshunt via Bluetooth


I have tried to use Victron Smartshunt 500A with GlobalLink (beta software) via Bluetooth This works only on beginning, but after it will be lost. I can see Voltage but not SOC.


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Global Link won’t connect to Smart Shunt, but MPPT will

I just installed a smart shunt on my sailboat battery bank. The shunt is in the center of the boat. My MPPT smart controller and Global Link 520 are mounted on the hull less than 2 meters away, right next to each other. MPPT controller sees the smart shunt and is connected to it. The Smart Shunt does not appear on list of devices for the Global Link 520.

The Victron connect app connects to the shunt and displays Instant data. I need this Bluetooth connection for monitoring. Because of the wiring path, a wired connection would be very difficult to achieve and would probably exceed the wiring distance limit.

Is there anything else I can try to achieve a blue tooth connection between the Global Link 520 and the Smart Shunt?

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Global link humming, but no lights showing or connecting

We have a Global Link with power to the unit. No lights are visible, yet the unit is humming. It has a 2A DC breaker, not the inline 1A that is supplied. (I understand it can take 3A??) There is no connection available and seems like the unit is dead. Any thoughts anyone, or have you experienced something similar???

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Globallink 520 power consumption

Has anybody checked the power consumption of his Globallink 520, when connected to 12V? How much is it? I have recently installed the Globallink 520 at my boat and the installed BMV 712 batt monitor shows 0,11A with only the Globallink connected to the batteries. The manual says the 520 should only consume 20-40mA, dependening whether the integrated relay is open or closed - so 0,11A IMHO seems way to much.
I will check with a multimeter later when I'm at the boat again but maybe one of you meanwhile can give me some figures to compare....

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GlobalLink 520 digital inputs increment by more than 1

I am bench testing my global link 520, with the objective of using it to count bilge pump cycles. Initially I am shorting digital input 1 and 2 to ground to simulate a relay closing for the bilge pump (input 1) and another relay closing for the high water alarm (input 2).

Digital input 2 is creating an alarm email as expected, but the counter on digital 1 is incrementing by 10-20 each time I short the wire to gnd. I would expect it to increment by 1. I have tried all the possible settings: pulse counter, bilge pump, etc.

What am I missing here? Shouldn't the digital input be incrementing by 1?

John Haley

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How can i send GPS position to VRM through Globalink 520?

I have a globalink 520. How can i see the position of that globalink on VRM or what device do i need to connect to the globalink to seet that position? N2K network is normally sitched off. Can i link a bluetooth GPS puck to the globalink?

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GlobalLink 520 NL coverage

I've installed a GlobalLink 520 for remote monitoring my boat but having connection problems.

Installed using the original Victron outdoor antenna, placed on the railing of the boat, free from any abstacles.
Sometimes it is able to make a connection, most of the time not. Part of my alarm log.


Would like to find a solution cause sending back is not possible any more. I had to cut the connector and threw away packaging.

Boat is locatad at Oranjeplaat/Arnemuiden. 51.51, 3.70. According to the covarge map this should be no problem.

Any suggestions?

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Blue Smart IP22 Charger and Global Link 520

Will the BlueSmart IP22 charger communicate with GlobalLink 520 over bluetooth?

I don't see it on the lists, but seems odd because it supports Bluetooth Instant the same as the rest.

Pre purchase qualifier in my case.


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