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Victron inverter RS for 12/24V


I currently have a Multiplus II 3000/12-120-32 installed in our camper van. This inverter is really heavy and also the humming noise the transformer is doing is not that nice.

I just saw that there are the RS inverters for 48V available, which are using high frequency techniques. Is there any information if there will also come RS inverters for 12/24V installations?

That would be nice, because the Multiplus I have weighs about 19kg for 3000VA power. The RS has 6000VA and only weighs 11kg. So a 3000VA RS inverter could be <10kg, which would be great, because weight is all time an issue with camper vans, especially in Europe.

Thanks, Tobias

Multi RSinverter rs
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No information and i doubt it would be planned, the start up voltage is simply too high to be practical for lower voltage.

A 250/100 is only 4.5kgs by the way. So even lighter and produces the same amount and is smaller in dimensions. Much more suited to camper van environment.

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I'm talking about an 12 or 24V RS Inverter and not about an 250/100 MPPT solar charger.

I just want a lighter 3000VA Inverter with integrated charger like the Multiplus II.

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Ah right. Sorry. Wires shorted there. And half baked addition to the answer with the 250/100.

But for the same reasons as the RS MPPT voltage ratio start up would be impractical for 12v. (Since it is basically the MPPT with an inverter section.)

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