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Un-managed Battery with ESS

Hi everyone! After reading a lots of posts here and watching videos on youtube and going through Victron Professional online videos I do not seem to find a proper answer on how to setup a LIFEPO4 with multiplus 2 and ESS if the battery has an internal BMS in a box with no possibility of communication. Right now It is set as AGM but the fact that it is showing as float when it should be bulk is annoying and I am not sure if there may be other implications.

I have an EasySolar2, SmartShunt 500Amp, 4x455w half cut panels and 48v 15s 100amp Chinese battery with internal BMS. I use 52V for charging and 51 for float. I use AC Output 1 for critical loads, mostly computers routers and stuff. This is mainly for backup because there are a lot of power cuts.

I have another Fronius Symo Gen24 plus 5k with 14x455w panels AC coupled but they do not communicate (no integration with Victron).

I do not want to spend money now for a new battery and I am looking for the best way of making use of what I have.

I read that for lithium when it goes down 0,8 V from the charging voltage is going back to bulk but probably for AGM this is different and this is why it stays on FLOAT.

I can upload the config if anyone wants to have a look.

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Multiplus 2 - 48v set up

I am new to the domestic battery / inverter technology and just need to help on setting up my Multiplus 2.

  1. I have so far connected everything up and downloaded, then uploaded the ESS program to all me to schedule the times it charges.
  2. I want to check a few thinks.
  3. 1. The MP states - “blocked” when I don’t have the MK3 attached.
  4. 2. there is a constant low battery alarm. The batteries are new Plylontech us500 x 5 and 1 x us 3000. Some of the batteries have a red alarm light which I assume is something to do with their balance charge.
  • I’ve set a schedule to charge them, 00:30 for 4 hours and also a test time but that doesn’t seem to start them up. In the VE Config I said they were LIFOs with other BMS, should I have said VE Bus?

I’m going to switch the batteries on to see if they equalise. That’s about it for now.

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Lovato P2MB Double Pole MCB (P2MB2PC100) for Pylontech 48V isolation


Like a lot of people I am looking for a solution to the issue of isolating PylonTech 48V battery stacks. Looking on the victron videos on YouTube they show the Blue Sea 6006 or 9003 isolators with PylonTech, which while they are only rated to 48V DC I assume they are acceptable as they are shown in the official videos (I read somewhere they were actually tested to 72V).

While browsing I came across the Lovato P2MB Double Pole MCB C Curve 100A (P2MB2PC100) which based on the specifications will do 60V DC at 100 Amp. This is below the rated current for the PylonTech cables (120A) so would seem a good fit.

My plan is to have 6 stacks of 2 US3000C battery modules (all connected via the control cable to a Cerbo GX), with a positive and a negative cable to each pair (so 6 sets of cables going via the breakers to a pair of lynx power in modules and then to a lync distributor for connection to the inverter and mppts). Each pair of modules would go via an MCB (6 in total) so in the event of a fault I can isolate just that pair of modules and maintain the rest of my capacity.

With the solar and 8Kva multiplus-ii, peak charge current would be 48V 240Amp which would be split over the 6 sets of batteries (40A per cable) with the current draw from the inverter being <180Amp again split over the batteries (30A per cable).


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48v ESS system. Grid spikes and error light flicker (video)

Hi everyone

I'm having a bit of an issue with the grid going crazy. Here is a video of it in action


This doesn't happen when I set the SOC to 100% and have grid power.

This is the setup

UK Mains power

1 X Victron Energy Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100 230V VE.Bus Inverter/Charger
1 X Victron Lynx Power-In
1 X Victron Lynx Distributer
1 X Victron Lynx Smart BMS 500 (M8) Battery Management System Bluetooth
1 X Victron Cerbo GX
1X Victron Touch 70
1 X Victron Interface MK3 - USB
1 X Victron SmartSolar MPPT RS 450/100-Tr

8 x Victron BAT512120610 LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/200Ah Smart (for 48V 400Ah –
20KWh) (4 in series then in parallel)

Does anyone know what I can do? Thanks

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Smart Shunt broken on 48v system

I have commissioned a new system:

800ah lifepo4 cells custom build

2x Quattro 48/10000

3x MPPT RS 450/100

~14kw solar

After plugging in the smart shunt (correctly… I’ve done many) it works normally and adjust settings. Then within an hour or so it disappears altogether! Tried unplugging and RE-plugging power. The fuse in the positive wire is blown. I’ve replaced it numerous times. Finally I thought maybe just I had bad luck. Then I replaced the smart shunt and same problems!

I even replaced the smartshunt with an older one because I heard there’s been some manufacturing issues (like with the Cerbo).

I really need a solution for monitoring battery capacity integrated into the Cerbo. This should work but from what I can tell there’s no solution yet like with the Cerbo + capacitor.

Please help! I only deal with 48v systems. This is critical!

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Victron + Pylontech setting - understanding


a company is designed a whole system for me and I would like to check/understand whether it is ok or not.

The setting they are going to install in my house:

  • 3x Multiplus II 48V/3000
  • 1x MPPT 150/100
  • 12x Sunpro 450Wp
  • GX monitoring (I expect Cerbo GX)
  • 3x Pylontech US3000C

I've read many articles on the internet, countless topics in this forum and facebook community and I'm still not sure how to understand some things (I'm not an electrician :) ), so I'd like to ask you for a help/explanation or just confirming that I understand it correctly or not.

From the Victron calculator I know that the MPPT with those panels will provide max 100 A.

1. Baterry + MPPT

Each US3000C can be charged by 37A - 3x US300A in parallel can be charge by 111 A total. 100 A < 110 A - so it is OK. And even if I add another MPPT (when I add another panels in future) and the current will be higher then 111 A, the inside BMS connected to GX will manage the current and it still wont be a problem. Is that correct?

2. Battery + Multiplus

This is where I get a bit confused. I've read (for example) this thread https://community.victronenergy.com/questions/127799/question-about-sizing-battery-and-usage-the-batter.html

and this article


and I'm not sure, whether the 3x US300C is enough or not. According to datasheet, the bartery can provide 48V*37A = 1776 W (3 batteries 5328 W). So if I have 3x multiplus, where each has 2400 W, the batteries cannot provide sufficient power if there is a 100% load. So I would need at least 4 (better 5) batteries for 100% power. Is that correct? Or am I missing something?

Thanks a lot for any explanation.


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Quattro compatibility with EG4-LL 48v batteries?

Hey everyone,

This is my first post in this forum, and I'm looking forward to being a part of this community. My question is:

Is the Victron Quattro compatible with EG4-LL (formerly gyll) 48v batteries?

The batteries are available through Signature Solar and have RJ45 ports. They are almost always seen paired with Growatt products.


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Efficiency 16s, 17s, 18s


Currently I'm using pylontech US3000C batteries with a Multiplus II GX 5000. The cells are 15s inside Pylontech. Nominal Voltage 48V.

I plan do make a DIY Batterie with at least 16s. But could also make the battery with 17s or 18s. I will never charge more than 3,55V per Cell.

Will the Multiplus be more efficient with the higher voltages or is there no effect?

Thanks so far.

Bye Dirk

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What's the lowest inverter operational DC input voltage of a 48V GX controlled ESS?

After several issues with a firmware update stopping my ESS working with a connected 40A sensor, I am finally getting the system work work as intended but one sticking issue is the voltage will not go below 41.2V, regardless to any settings I adjust.


41.2V happens to be the minimum inverter restart voltage set out by the ESS assistant and is the only thing I can think is the issue, but why does the inverter cut out at the voltage the inverter should be restarting at, if my assumption is correct. If the DC input low shut down is 37.2V, why does it show down at 41.2v?

To test my assumption, I have set every voltage I can adjust to its lowest setting so see if there is any change, and still no change. Dynamic cut-off all set to 36V & sustain set to 36V in the ESS


assistant. DC input shut-down set to 37.2V, DC input low restart set to 41.2V (the same voltage the inverter cuts out at???) My ideal minimum is 38V to maximise the useful energy within the battery whilst maintaining battery longevity.

I have even turned off Battery monitor in the remote console, as well as setting th minimum SOC to 0%, Ive turned off BatteryLife (set it to Optimized (without batterylife), DVCC off, Low battery voltage alarm disabled, still it will not go below 41.2V

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Smart Solar MPPT 150/85 MC4 charging 12V, 24V, 36V but not 48V

Hi everyone!

I've got a 16S 48V LiFePo4 system with a Smart Solar MPPT 150/85 MC4. ~80V OCV with 4 ~300W panels.

Been having issues with the MPPT charging intermittently. I switched BMS a few times thinking that was the issue.

Now the MPPT is not charging more than 0-10W/0-0.1A while in Bulk. I've connected the MPPT directly to the battery pack (without BMS) for troubleshooting to eliminate any other issues.

The MPPT charges perfectly when:

- connected to another 12V battery

- connected to any 4 connected cells of the 16S LiFePo4 assembly (set to 12V)

- connected to any 8 connected cells of the 16S LiFePo4 assembly (set to 24V)

(only charging for very short time and same time to avoid imbalance ofc)

As soon as I connect it to all cells at 48V it stops working.

I've checked battery continuity, individual cell voltages, cell connector bars. PV strip continuty is perfect, been charging a Bluetti unit at 750W without issues.

I've scoured this forum and tried everything remotely applicable.

The MPPT is configured with standard LiFePo4 settings. Charger is on, jumper connected and ofc it charges at <48V.

Is it possible that only the MPPT 48V charging circuit broke? Am I missing something?


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What’s the best way to join 48vdc & 12vdc Systems

I’m considering installing a 48vdc system (48v 100A second alternator, Wakespeed WS500 Ext Regulator, 48v 200A LFP battery bank, & 48v Multiplus 230ac inverter/charger) to power the living space in my VW Crafter Camper Van. Of course, I also have the original 12vdc factory installed system (12v 180A alternator, 12v 95A starter battery).

I would like both alternators to charge both the 12v and 48v battery systems. So, when I’m driving, and the 12v starter battery is full, the charge then goes to the 48v battery, and when the 48v battery is full, the charge goes to the 12v battery, or all charging stops. I’m simply wanting to extract every amp. I intend to use both 12v & 48v systems to power loads.

I’d appreciate your design suggestions. How do I design this system? At some point I need a crossover between the two systems.

Is it best to leave the alternators charging their respective batteries and introduce a bi-directional converter between the batteries? Is it best to use chargers between the batteries instead? Are converter/chargers available?

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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I have a Quattro 48/5000 would like suggestions for a generator

I have a Quattro 48v/5000 I will be installing next spring at our off grid cabin in Northern Ontario . I am planning to start with single phase and a second Quattro later for split phase.

I am not sure if I can use a split phase generator for this or would it be better to go with a 48v generator?

Can anyone using this inverter please recommend a generator that they have tested that works well to receive a start signal from cerbo gx?

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Can Multiplus II charge Ni-Cd batteries??

I have more than 40 1.2v Ni-Cd cells for make an 48v battery.

Can I charge it with Multiplus II ??

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Options for battery balancing 48V bank of 8x 6V batteries

The Victron battery balancer works with 12V batteries. Handling a 48V bank would take 3x balancers.

But, what about a bank consisting of 8x 6V batteries ? Our bank is 8x Crown CR-430 430AH batteries ...

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Multi reset on Error 276

Inverter reset itself when the below error popped up, but 20.0v is impossible as it's a 48volt battery system, after resetting Battery voltage is sitting at a healthy 50.9v. What is the cause.of this error. Comms loose, maybe?


Image Caption


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