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48v battery

Multiplus in ESS mode aansluiten op Belgisch net voor thuisbatterij.


Ik heb thuis een multiplus II GX aangesloten op het Net met een 10Kw lithium batterij.

Alles in mooi aangesloten zoals het in de manual beschreven staat en het systeem werkt ook gewoon perfect, Maar nu is de keuring langs geweest om het systeem te keuren en dat wilde hij niet doen omdat de omvormer in serie was aangesloten met het electriciteitsnet en niet in parallel. (Ik vertelde hem dat dit systeem enkel maar in serie kan worden aangesloten en dat alle meet apparatuur vanbinnen in de multiplus aanwezig is, en dat dit toestel aan alle veiligheids voorzieningen voldoet en gekeurd is door Synergrid belgie)

Kan iemand mij helpen met info of voorbeelden van iemand anders die dit ook zo gedaan heeft thuis, zodat ik dit kan voorleggen aan de keurder? Of heb ik zelf iets over het hoofd gezien?

In bijlage de schets van hoe het is aangesloten:



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Where can i find the Low Battery voltage setting?

I've got a system with 400ah of 48v LiFePo4 batteries and I'm constantly getting low battery Voltage warnings. But they seem to be set at 52.08 volts which seems a bit high.

I have an ESS running in Battery life mode. Images of setting below:

I can't for the life of me find the setting that is causing this alarm. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Can I also get a sanity check on my settings? Including recommended settings for the DC Input Low Voltage Shutdown?






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Why so few 48V mains chargers?

Hi everyone,

It does seem a bit strange that there are so few 48V mains chargers available given the fact that there are a plethora of 48V solar mppt charge controllers and 48V inverters. Aside from the large Victron Skylla chargers, there are basically NONE! And I don't just mean Victron, but across the board aside from some awful Chinese offerings that is...


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Multiplus 2 48/3000 unexplainable low battery alarm

Really confused by this issue. I have 52.7 V at the multiplus positive and negative terminals. 52.75 V at the battery terminals. System is using two 24 V 200ah victron batteries, controlled by a lynx smart BMS.

The inverter will not even power on, because it instantly gives a low battery error when turned on. When the inverter is turned off via the switch, the system functions perfectly and as expected. VE bus Cable is connected to the VE bus port on a Cerbo. Lynx Smart BMS CAN bus is connected to Cerbo’s CAN bus.

Can’t figure this one out! Any ideas?

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VE.Bus System [288] Automatic monitoring Low battery

Hi, I have been getting increasing momentaneous low battery warnings that last a few seconds My system components are: - VICTRON Multiplus 48/300/35-16 - NARADA Gel batteries, 4 x 200 Ah in series - SOLARMAX 2000s solar inverter, with 2010 Wp of panels (connected to the Multiplus via a VICTRON current sensor) - VENUS OS running on a Raspberry PI - Currently configured for ESS 80% I suspect my batteries may be are nearing their End Of Life, that would explain the alarms @ night when they reach 80% SOC. But today I got an alarm at 10 AM, after a -22,58 A spike that triggered a 48.97 voltage drop. This was when the batteries were being charged. Why did this spike occur, when on mains voltage + solar output? Did the inverter go into boost mode for an instant? How can a reliably test the health of my batteries? Maybe I have one or two bad cells? NOTE: I would like to attach photos and/or screenshots, but can't figure out how

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How much oversizing is too much?

Hello everyone!

I am a newbie, currently i have an offgrid system in a cabin with 4 320wp solar panels with a blue solar 150-35. 48 volts, 4 x pylontech us2000c.

During 3 months of winter i have bad shading because of a tall hill nearby, so mostly indirect lighting. Unfortunately is the only option, no grid nearby.

I ordered 12 jinko solar 420wp (37.96Voc, 14.01Isc). I want to make 4 series x 3 in parallel.

When i checked "oversize 135%", Victron calculator recomended me my exact charger, 150-35, and it said 253% oversized.

I ll be happy to keep using it, but how good this is for my system? And what charger do you recommend instead?

Thank you!

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VE Configure 3 settings for EG4 48v 100ah


I need help to figure out why I keep getting low battery warning on my Multiplus II, when the EG4 has dipped slightly below 100% SOC?

If any one is using the Signature Solor EG4 Battery 48/100ah with the Multiplus II, and the system is fine. Would you share your VE Configure 3 Settings.


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46 volt battery pack instead of 48 volt posible ??


I have 24 lead-acid 2 volt, 1100 Ah batteries (48 Volt on 3 multiplus 48/5000 in paralel). Now 1 battery is worn out (it goes to 60 degrees as soon as charging starts).

My question:

Can the multiplus 48/5000 work with a 46V pack instead of 48V? Of course I will have to change absorption and float parameters and charging current limits but can it work? I would think it can since the "re-charge" lower limit is set at 42 volt now (the system starts charging from the grid at this level) and it all works fine. I realize that the use range will be reduced but like said, that isn't a big issue for me as such.

The alternative is to replace the old battery with a new one (about the same Ah) but that's not an ideal setup of course.

I don't mind loosing 2kWh of storage with only 23 instead of 24 batteries. In real life it's only 1 kWh anyway but I do mind replacing the complete battery pack because one battery fails ....

Any advise or remark is welcome.



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Can I connect two 12V - 24V DC-DC chargers in series to output 48V?


I'm putting together a camper electrical system and was wondering if anyone has had any success with charging 48V batteries off a 12V alternator using two Victron DC-DC chargers?

There are two options I'm considering,

1) Use two 12V/24V B2Bs connected with the outputs in series. I.e. the inputs are connected in parallel to the starter battery and the outputs are connected in series. Negative of one b2b and the positive of the other, connected to the leisure batteries and the other terminals connected.

2) Connect one 12V/24V B2B and one 24V/48V B2B in series. I.e. The inputs of the first B2B connected to the starter battery, the output of the first and input of the second connected to each other and the outputs of the second connected to the leisure batteries.

Would either of these options work or have any drawbacks?



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Quattro compatibility with EG4-LL 48v batteries?

Hey everyone,

This is my first post in this forum, and I'm looking forward to being a part of this community. My question is:

Is the Victron Quattro compatible with EG4-LL (formerly gyll) 48v batteries?

The batteries are available through Signature Solar and have RJ45 ports. They are almost always seen paired with Growatt products.


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Batteries in parallel

I have a 10kva multiplus 2 with 7 bluenova batteries in parallel.The last 2 batteries which i bought does'nt seem to charge at the same rate as the other 5.EG The 5 will have SOC of 78,79.80,78,77 but the other 2 will be 30,32.I have tried everthing As I even change my inverter .So please help

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Motorhome 48v upgrade design feedback

I have a 2015 new to us motorhome that needs the house batteries replaced, so I'm thinking about doing some upgrades in the process. I really like the idea of 48vDC LiFePO4 but most of the good inverters are 240v (really 230v) and that is just difficult in NA. There aren't any great 12->48v DC converter options either. I'm looking for feedback on my design that I've settled on. I'm not sure if I can put DC DC converters in serial like I have to charge the house batteries on the road and the chassis batteries while on shore (I do lose the emergency connection switch between the house and chassis batteries, but I have a jumper that works if the chassis batteries are dead).

I'd design a relay network to detect if there is voltage between L1 & L2 (dog bone on 30amp or less is zero volts) to determine if to connect directly to the Quattro or to route through the Autotransformer (need to figure out how challenging it will be to remember to cut the amps in half for the Quattro input on single phase). I'd also design a relay network to enable the 12 -> 48 volt DC path when the engine is running and swap to the 48 -> 12 volt DC path when the engine is off. After drafting this up I realized that I don't need a 24v DC bus, the units can just be connected directly. I don't have enough space to have two Quattros, but the Autotransformers are small enough that I can locate them in other spaces (and cheaper than a second Quattro too).

Happy to have some feedback on the design to understand what I've got wrong or missing. Thanks!


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24v or 48v


i am pretty new to this. I have 58 x 12v 130Ah AGM batterys.

Looking to go off gird.

I have 20 x 300w panels wired in 5 in series 2 parallel going into 2 x 250/85 MPPT controllers. There is room for at least another 20 panels in the area I am installing.

I have a couple of questions.

1. Can I wire all 58 of these Battery's into a 24v system with a balancer or would it be better to create of 48v system?

2. I have a 24v Multiplus II at the moment doing a load share and is working great but only running on 8 batteries. In the house I have an electric Aga that runs around 21a. This currently is just connected to the mains and rest of the house runs on the invertor. - Could I upgrade to a 48v system and run the aga as well.




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Charging Lifepo 48V with Skyla TG 48 as power supply for a Smartsolar MPPT 150/70 VE can?

Want to put my Multiplus II 5kW (3phase) with 44kWh Lifepo4 48V pack OFF-grid; feeding everything in the house: No more peak-taxes from the grid :) (Belgium).

In summer time the pack is charged from multiple Smartsolar and RS chargers; works fine.

In winter time I would like to charge my 48V pack from the grid, but not using the chargers in de Multiplus (because then I am ON-grid...), so I would use a charger like the Skyla TG 48/25 to charge the batteries (nice and slow with 1450W max, thus making charge of 35kW/day); that way my Multiplus configuration stays OFF grid.

Problem here: I want an absorption voltage of 55,2V and float voltage of 53,6V. The Skyla, not originally designed for Lifepo4, outputs 57V and 53V, and there is no way to control it externaly.

Question: Can the Skyla TG48/25 be used as a power source to feed a Smartsolar MPPT 150/70 VE-can that will charge the batteries? This way I can adapt my absorptions and float voltages, and even cut power on/off to my Skyla using the build in relay. Would this work and will the 57V of the Skyla start the Smartsolar MPPT up? (the +5V story...).

2nd question: can the Skyla be adapted ( internal adjustement?) to 55,2V and 53,6V output voltages? Powering it on/off could perhaps be done with a relay from the Multiplus or Cerbo GX?

Thanks for all suggestions. Would be easier if Victron gave the Skyla the intelligence of the smartsolar chargers....

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LiFePo4 4batteries in parallel


I want to use LifePo4 batteries in parallel.
I will use a Chinese model which are able to "talk" to VE.Can bus. I think they are using the Pyontech protocol.

Suppose I will use 5 batteries with 48V and 230Ah and the BMS can handle 200A charge and discharge.
So the question is: What is the maximum Amperage I can charge and discharge with 5 batteries in parallel?

Kirchhoffs law says that the current is reduced in a parallel circuit:
As all batteries will be parallel, theoretical I could use 5x200A = 1000A, but in reality its too much, isn't it?

One company gave me a formula:
n...number of batteries
n x 200A / 2 = Max A

This would be 5 x 200 / 2 = 500A

What is the experience of the community?

I am happy with any answer!

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