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Safe distance between inverter and implanted defibrillator

In a previous post, a question was asked at what distance an inverter could possibly interfere with a person's implanted defibrillator.

The answer was that for a short time it shouldn't be a factor. But what about longer time periods?

I'm attempting to install a 2000W inverter in my teardrop camper, and I only have a few options for its location. I could be inside the camper for up to 12 hours a day - sleeping, cooking, eating, etc. My question is, would 5 feet be far enough away to be safe? Or is there some sort of material that I could install as a barrier?

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@Tim Bricker

This would be something to actually as the expert on the device - in other word the Specialist who put it in.

I have a friend who works in a fabrication workshop (who has the implant) and they have to (as in the specialist told them what to do or not to) avoid the welding stations by a certain distance and a few other things. Says he can feel it mess with the device when he ignores the warning and goes to the station. But welding produces a much higher field than the inverter does and hasn't noticed a problem at home with his system. But then also doesn't hug the inverter... ;) - even though he loves it.

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@Tim Bricker

Some further thoughts after this thread came up in discussions with colleagues, there are emissions standards that Victron comply with they can be found on the datasheets.

But really then also the specialist would be the best one to comment on if the device fitted can withstand those same emissions as the standards.


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