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I have 2 systems one offgrid 3kw easysolar II GX 48 and a hybrid system which needs changing as i need 32kw of pylontechs charging - this is a growatt 5kw and luxpower hybrid, would prefer it to be offgrid and use the pv - water heating etc rather than waste it at this time of year. Am in Kettering area if anyone would like to quote swapping inverter charger, or even a better hybrid system.


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Inverter Not Working on MultiPlus 12/3000/120

Bought MultiPlus 12/3000/120 10 months ago for my boat. Has been working great! Really like it. About a week, we had a shore power outage and the inverter would not turn on. Very strange. Always worked perfectly. Got the manual and did the reset of turning off the shore power and the unit power button off for 4 seconds and then back on again. Nothing. Is there a way to reset? I've seen similar questions to this one, but no answers... Any help appreciated Anthony

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Rs6000 inverter charger with pylotech battery

Hi can any one help wired up rs 6000 inverter to cerbo gx and pylontech 5000c battery.

Updated everything now rs showing disconnected and sometimes disappears from. Cerbo gx.

Pylontech with victron cable to inverter. 500 kbits

Rj 45 cable to rs 6000 setting 250 kbits


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Multi rs solar - Warning#59 acin1 relay test fail

Hi everyone.

Yesterday I have turned on my solar installation, and one of the problems showed up.

When inverter is working without grid connection everything is working perfect. No problem's at all. But when I turn on grid supply the warning #59 ACIN1 relay test fault.


Sometimes it's also showing warning #43 ground fault detected.

All this problems are when inverter is connected to the grid. Without grid all working perfect.

I have traced wires checked connections 10 times, polarity is totally fine, all grounding is fine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Phoenix VE 12/1200 Remote not working

I have just installed a victron VE 12/1200 inverter and the remote connection doesn't appear to be working.

For example. If the inverter is On or ECO, the inverter remains on regardless of the remote switch position.

Even if I remove the green connector, the inverter remains ON.

If I have the main switch in the OFF position the inverter remains off regardless of the remote switch position.

Can you advise the correct switch position and how the remote wire should work?

Can't really see here as flash from phone make it seem like green LED is off, but it is on and both configurations still provide power to the microwave.



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Multi RS Solar uses Grid instead of PylonTech and Solar panel

Hello Everyone,

in my father's house I have installed the Multi RS solar on PylonTech barltteries. thanks to other users in the forum I have managed it to make it running. if there is consumption on the deducted AC output, unfortunately the system prefers to switch directly to the grid and ignores the full batteries. only if ACin is switched off and the system is disconnected from the grid, it switches to the batteries.

I can imagine that this mode makes sense in mobile homes or in a boat. In my parents house it makes no sense this way and I have to put down the fire manually each time I want to use the batteries.

is there a setting that I haven't seen in the software? can someone please give me a hint?

thanks again to the community!



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